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Fort Wilderness - Loop Classification Map

Fort Wilderness Loop Classification Map

This map "appeared" from a reliable Disney source in February 2012. No one has a recollection of seeing it anywhere prior to that. However there are some discrepancies noted by Fort Fiend members...
  • I can't remember seeing an official Disney product emphasize no anything like this shows "NO RVS" for the tent loops
  • I don't ever remember seeing Disney calling the 1600-1900 loops the "cloverleaf area"
  • The new icons (pet friendly and circles) obstruct other items in several areas (AED, CS icons)
  • The printing date is 2001
  • The loop designation descriptions in the upper right and the FWR&C in the lower left are where official Disney maps describe the loops (names) as well as identify the numberered items on the map Meadows, bike barn etc.)
  • It has the Orange and Purple bus routes wrong. There was a time, but it has been at least two years ago, when they briefly had the Purple route come up through the main part of the campground- that is what this map shows. At that time, the Orange route continued to just go down the middle of the campground and not through the cabin loops. That is what this map shows. At present, and it has been this way for a couple of years now, the Orange route goes through the cabin loops, as does the Purple. But the Purple route no longer travels through the center of the campground.
  • When the 600 loop was upgraded from a preferred to a premium loop, it was extended. This map, if it is supposed to be up to date, does not show the extension.
  • The dog park is shown on this map as being on the wrong side of the canal and across from the 1400 loop entrance. That is wrong.
  • I have never heard of the designations FP, FD, FA and FB.

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Why would someone mess up the map like this? What's the point? I can see a few white boxes where things were added or taken away.
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It's a map used internally by Fort CMs. It wasn't ever released to the public.
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