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GOLF CART RENTALS - Disney Fort Wilderness and Off-Site Rentals

With thanks to all the Fort Fiends that have posted their first hand information to the forums, this page will consolidate all the information on renting a golf cart for your stay at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground into one place. This page is a work in progress and will be updated with changes, new vendors, reviews, etc.

(@3/16/11 - handout below dated 12/10)

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An excerpt from the same handout pertaining to the TYPES OF CARTS ALLOWED...

Private carts approved for use in FW

- Must be golf style carts with maximum speed not to exceed 20 MPH
- Must have seating capacity for all passengers on board cart.
- Passengers are not permitted to stand while the cart is in motion
- Must be equipped with head and tail lights to operate after dusk
- Please obey all posted traffic signs, rules, regulations, safety precautions and operational usage grid printed on the back.

NOT PERMITTED - Off road, ATV, Utility or Construction-type carts.
Golf cart privileges at FW may be revoked from those not abiding by the above rules.
All drivers must follow the cart safety precautions.
Large, noisy, or utility type vehicles are not allowed. Must be a golf cart style cart only.

UPDATE: As of 1/08 leashed pets are now allowed on golf carts except in the following areas:
Settlement area
Comfort Stations
...and other areas posted "no pets"

  • since the security changes to the overflow parking lot, you should contact the rental company to find out what they need to do in order to deliver your cart.
  • off-site rental carts are considered "personal" carts and must have the same equipment as the rental carts, incl. windshield, front and rear lights
  • you do not need to notify Fort Wilderness that you will be bringing your own golf cart or renting one off-site
  • there is golf cart parking which can be used by any golf cart (personal, Disney and off-site rentals):
    • On the driveway at your site
    • Near the marina
    • Near Trails End and the Hoop de Doo
    • Near the Meadows Recreation Area and Campfire/Movie
    • Near the Outpost Bus Stop
    • Near the Settlement Bus Stop
  • there are a limited number of recharging stations (plugs) in the golf cart parking areas near Trails End; the Marina; and near the Settlement bus stop
  • there are no recharging stations (plugs) at the Outpost golf cart parking area
  • all cabins/campsites have their own accessible plug to recharge your cart
  • you cannot drive golf carts on any roads outside of Fort Wilderness or on the road/path to Wilderness Lodge
  • 4 seater carts are large enough to hold 4 adults comfortably, but it is possible to squeeze in extras - particularly smaller kids - depending on size. Capacity limits are not posted/enforced. 6 seater carts are available through some outside vendors (see below)
Disney cart rentals are located by the Fort Wilderness Outpost. Advance reservations are highly recommended and accepted up to one year in advance.

Phone: (407) 824-2742
Carts available: 4 person / 6 person (limited number, photo below)
Reported rates: (confirmed as of 1/3/14)
$59 plus tax for 4 person
$79 plus tax for 6 person
Note: Pickup for golf cart rentals starts at 1pm, return time is 11am.
CALL FOR CURRENT RATES *no discounted rates for longer rentals
Includes: windshields
Minimum rental: daily
Cancellation: call

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The vendors noted below operate in the Orlando area and have all been used or recommended by Fort Fiends. FortFiends.net does not officially endorse any of the vendors noted below.

9/16/14: It has been reported by multiple sources that Disney is no longer allowing ANY outside golf cart rental companies to deliver carts to the Fort. It has been further reported as of yesterday, that camper rental companies may no longer be allowed to include a golf cart as part of their rental package. The situation is fluid and more changes and confirmation of changing policies may be forthcoming. In the meantime, we recommend that you discuss any specific rental arrangements with your vendor.

IMPORTANT - please be sure to let these folks know that you found out about them through FortFiends.net. :)



Contact: Rich & Matt
Phone: 813-634-2278, 813-766-7138
Fax: ?
Website: www.golfcartsuncity.com
Facebook: The Golf Cart Shop Sun City
Carts available: 2 and 4 passengers
Rates:Call for current rates.
Includes: call
Minimum Rental: daily
Cancellation: call

Notes: Be sure to tell them you saw them here as The Golf Cart Shop Sun City is a sponsor of FortFiends.net

Reviews & More Info:


Contact: Kenny
Phone: 407-276-0809
Website: www.teetimegolfcarts.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook....183001445132187
Carts available: 4 & 6 passenger

Call for Details

  • Tee Time is a small operation and you may need to call a few times before you get through. That said, all reports are that once you've made your arrangements with Kenny, his customer service is excellent.
  • Tee Time books quickly, especially during busy times of year. Make your reservations early!
If anyone gets updated information on what's here, including current rates, photos, etc., please PM BradyBzLyn12
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Just reserved our Kenny cart for Christmas week and he qouted $35/day
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Has anyone rented from Kissimmee Golf rentals?
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To All,

Remember you can rent from a outside cart company. Keep in mine out side cart company's are not allowed on WDW property. It is OK to pick it up and bring it in and then return it all off property. That means the entire WDW property. If the cart company's are caught they will be tresspassed from WDW not just the Fort area.
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This is true on paper. However, like most large corporations, what is enforced and what is not depends on who is working and what shift. Thank you for your public service announcement though.
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Kenny has always provided excellent service every time we have rented from him. Our cart was delivered directly to our site last time.
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First off, thanks for all the info. Using this board and all your great info allowed my to rent a golf cart for our upcoming trip for 9 days in June at less than half of what WDW wanted. I would have preferred to rent from Disney and would have even done so if their prices were only slightly higher, but not when I can get it for less than half. We rented it from TeeTime golf carts. The gal told me they will call the day before to make sure we are arriving on the day originally planned and then when we get our site# to just give them a call and they will deliver it to the site. I questioned her becuase of the above posts. I asked if I had to meet in a parking lot etc. She said no, they can get on site and deliver right to your spot and pick it up as well. That was as of 3 weeks ago.
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I rented a cart from Kissimmee Golf rentals and am having problems getting ahold of them. We arrive inb 2 days and when I called their number; it said there was no one to answer the phone right now but they didn't have a way to leave a message. I also emailed them and still haven't heard anything. I gave them my phone number in the email. I'm worried as I have health issues that make it hard to get around the fort...Has anyone dealt with them recently? I got their info from FF. Thanks
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Made a reservation with Kenny four months ahead of our 2/6/13 arrival for a week rental of a golf cart. Got a text from Kenny the day before we arrived said to text him when we arrived. When we arrived in Orlando and turned my phone on there was a message from Kenny saying he could not deliver on the promised cart due to one got smashed and another was broke waiting on parts. He said he would refund us in full, after many calls with no answer and no returned calls from messages we have to file a dispute with the credit card company to get our money back. This isnt a good way to run a business he had to know the day before he would not have a cart for us, we had to scramble and find another cart for the week.
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Does anybody have any updated news about off site rental companies? Mainly updated rates and how they are getting carts to the Fort. We are hoping to get a few days in at the fort on our next trip and want a cart for about four days and would rather it pay Disney prices.
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Some of the off site rental folks (namely those we list here) have actually requested keeping those kinds of details off the internet so that they can continue to keep a low profile and avoid any difficulties with Fort management.  Best bet is to contact them directly with any questions concerning rates, availability, etc.

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Just called Kenny but he's all booked.  Bummer.  Guess we'll have to rent onsite.  Yikes! 

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Just booked through Kenny for my upcoming stay. Looking forward to it!

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I use Kenny every visit and he is fantastic. Book Early

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I used kenny a few years ago, the schedule is tight. We extended for two days at the fort, kenny not so flexable. We had to go the last two days without a cart. I discovered once you are locked on the schedule there is not much of a chance of adding additional days.

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