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Getting To Universal Studios without a Car

With thanks to FortFiends.net member mouseketab for putting together this information...

There are several options to get to Universal/IOA when you don't have a vehicle of your own.

Depending on how many in your group and your needs, one of these options may fit.

1. - Rent a car for one day. There are a couple of rental places on Disney property.

One is Alamo at the Care Care Center, Another is Alamo/National at the Swan/Dolphin. Just check online for rates. The location at the Car Care Center will pick you up from your resort, you rent the car, then when you return it, they will return you to your resort. You have to call in advance to schedule the shuttle.

Alamo/National at the Swan/Dolpin. They don't have pickup or dropoff, but you can get there easily by taking a bus to the Studios, and then walk/boat over there. You can even drop off the car with the valet after hours.

When you look at the cost, consider you have to refill the gas tank, and pay around $15 for parking at Universal.

2. - Taxi - This is quick, direct, but probably most expensive, but takes no planning. Just go to your bell services desk at your resort and they will call you a cab. When you leave, go to the taxi stand at Universal, and you will get the next cab in line.

3. - TownCar or Limo - There are several towncar or limo companies in town that can take up to 5 guests in a towncar or more in a van to Universal for a set rate. The last company I used was Tiffany Town Car. They did a great job.

4. - Mears Shuttle Service $19 Round Trip Per person. - Cash only to the driver OR purchase a transportation voucher with a credit card at any Mears desk at MCO.

This is a shared service. You need to call them the day before you wish to go to Universal and arrange a pickup time. The easiest way to do this from Disney is use your resort phone, or any Disney house phone and dial "0". Once the Disney operator comes on the line, ask to be transferred to Mears.

Once Mears comes on the line, tell them your resort, number in your party, and approximate time you want to leave for Universal. They will give you a list of pickup times to choose froom.

The next day, be at the pickup location about 10 minutes before your departure time, pay the driver in cash or give them your prepurchased transportation voucher.

You will be delivered to the Universal shuttle lot.

About 2-3 hours before you wish to return to your Disney resort, call the phone number on your return ticket. Tell them your approximate departure time, number of guests in your party, and the Disney resort you wish to go to. (You DO NOT have to return to the same resort) For example, you have dinner reservations at Magic Kingdom, you can be dropped at the Contemporary and just walk over to MK from there.

Then proceed to the location where you were dropped off that morning, and a shuttle will arrive shortly to take you back to your destination on Disney property.
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