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TCD's Flippin' Awesome July 4 2011 Fort...

Jul 11 2011 06:56 PM | AuburnJen in Trip Reports

Here it is! TCD's Flippin' Awesome July 4, 2011 Trip Report. And I have my work cut out for me. There have already been several great July 4th Trip Reports posted. And, a lot of the things I took photos of have already been seen and dis...

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TCD's Kickin' Off Summer 2011 @ The For...

Jun 28 2011 09:56 PM | AuburnJen in Trip Reports

Just what we need around here. Another trip report! But, this is a TCD trip report. From the Fort. And, finally, it is being posted in the same month in which the trip occurred. I am almost caught up. Almost. This is the TCD Kickin' Off...

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That's How We Roll! A Day in the Life...

Jun 24 2011 08:57 PM | AuburnJen in Trip Reports

Yep. It's another TCD trip report. This will be a brief one. Then I have a longer one coming up. And then maybe, just maybe, I will be caught up. So what's this one about, you ask? This is a report from a one day visit to the World. We d...

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Spring Break 2011 @ The Fort By TCD

Jun 06 2011 08:33 PM | AuburnJen in Trip Reports

Yes. This is another TCD trip report. A month ago, you missed TCD. Now, you are sick of TCD. Isn't it funny how that works? Things sure have picked up around here in the past month, haven't they? Before TCD came along on May 5, 2011, no t...

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It's An Old Dog; New Tricks; Pop And Fort T...

May 23 2011 05:54 PM | AuburnJen in Trip Reports

I told you that there would be another trip report coming along. And, here it is! This one is a bit different. The TCD gang slummed it on this trip. We stayed in a hotel! Disney's Pop Century Resort. Why, you ask? Well, the TCD twins...

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TCD's Weekend Update- May 14, 2011

May 16 2011 02:46 PM | AuburnJen in Trip Reports

Part of the TCD gang made a one day blitzkrieg visit to WDW on May 14, 2011. Naturally, there are photos to share and news to report. As some on you may know, I have been working on a trip report from a visit three months ago. It is a bit difficult...

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February 2011 Trip Report From TCD

May 05 2011 03:45 PM | AuburnJen in Trip Reports

Yes. I’m back. It’s really me. I was just taking a break. For those of you who are not familiar with me, I do that from time to time. In this case, I have taken a permanent break from the place where I used to post. That’s right . . ....

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Memorial Day Madness At The Fort

May 31 2011 04:19 PM | AuburnJen in Trip Reports

Just spent 5 beautiful days at the fort. It was HOT and it was CROWDED. We left on Wednesday the 25th, which was my sons 21st birthday. Him (Nathen) and his girlfriend (Amanda, a.k.a. Salamander) would be joining us that evening. Loaded up and ready...

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11 Days of Fun for Disney First Timers

Jul 15 2011 05:37 AM | AuburnJen in Trip Reports

I have wanted to go to Disney my whole life. My siblings out voted me when my parents asked us if we'd rather have an above ground pool or a Disney trip. I was disappointed but I do love the pool and we swim everyday during the summer. My husba...

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My Wife Left Me....And I'm Defeated

Jun 25 2011 03:17 AM | AuburnJen in Trip Reports

There have been a rash of non-Fort trip reports lately, and I've personally enjoyed the heck out of them. So, I figured, it was time for me to jump into the fray. I haven't written a trip report since last October, over at Voldemort. And I...

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