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  1. Don't forget that all of the Disney buses, including the internal Fort lines, handle wheelchairs and ECV's so if you have a specific destination you could always split up with one group using the cart and the other taking the bus.
  2. Doesn't the sun wash it out during the day?
  3. They'll also be a lot hotter sitting in the full sun. Wood is a much better choice IMO.
  4. I think they need to add in a cart and let him apply the rules in a fair and consistent manner. It'd be first for sure.
  5. We can't have them spend the money of Magic Band readers for the pool know can we?
  6. The rooms look like they went shopping at IKEA.
  7. Looking at the fee's it is obvious they don't want you to drive it with a 100 mile per day limit before the $1.79/mi charge kicks in. Of course anyone who can afford to rent one of these probably doesn't care.
  8. The owner might not be but I'm sure the truck is.
  9. Good point. They still could have come up with something more aesthetic though.
  10. That's what I thought at first too. The plate towards the front appears to be used for fastening. I don't get why it even has the back section. There are much better ways to cover the back door and I'm sure the weight more than offsets any potential aerodynamic improvements.
  11. I just noticed my other link to the Progressive Industries surge protector was missing. This is the one with the lifetime warranty and I would recommend. Let's try this again:
  12. I own the 30A equivalent of this one you posted and it has worked well. I would not go with the less expensive one as it doesn't cover as many fault conditions. I would recommend this one over the Technology Research. While it has the fault coverage as the Technology Research it has a lifetime warranty. So if it ever needs to be replaced due to a power hit it is free. The TR surge protector is only a year as I recall.
  13. We always leave on a Saturday morning so I know there is at least one site available for Saturday night.
  14. He's Jason!
  15. Makes me think the vineyard didn't have time to harvest all of their grapes on time and that selling them as raisins was just too common.