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  1. The ones we've had in the premium sights were four sided square tables and I would guess 4 ft for the table top itself.
  2. Don't forget the 1400 loop basket ball court near the entrance sites.
  3. That is good to know. Thanks for the info. For the moment as we don't have any on sale around here I'm going to stick to my trusty old Lodge griddle. It fits the trailer cooktop well and it also works great on our Coleman stove that I use outside when cooking something I don't want in the trailer. The regulator is part of the gas bottle adapter that is removed for transport or storage. Here's a link to a picture on the company website. You can see the regulator on the right hand side. The brass fitting is a quick disconnect of some sort.
  4. I figured it would go through the little bottles fast. Since the regulator is not on the grill itself I was planning on adapting it to run off the trailer's external gas line we use for the grill.
  5. At least it looks a lot better than some of the fire traps I've seen in the long term seasonal campsites.
  6. We stay in the 1300 loop. As TCD said there will likely be pets but the only noisy pet we've ever run across there was a Cockatoo that the owners kept outside all day long. We've never heard any barking from those people with dogs.
  7. We've had rain since Sunday and it has been nonstop all day. According to the weather folks it should go into tomorrow along with the flash flood watch. We really need the rain as it has been very dry this winter and spring.
  8. I can't answer your questions about ease of getting into the various preferred sites with your RV but others will be able to chime in. Transportation is not a problem. The internal bus service has plenty of stops that are close by loop entrances. There is also a good network of sidewalks. If they aren't already, I would tie your reservations together. This will ensure Disney knows you are traveling together. About a week before you go use this draft form to FAX request a particular loop with your sites next to or as close as you can get to each other. The FAX number is in the update. Scroll past the links at the top of the page. You can also put this info in the online check-in. Just keep in mind it is a best effort thing and not guaranteed. You can drive to the parks but I would highly recommend taking the boat to the Magic Kingdom. We also like to take the boats to the Contemporary and then use the Monorail to get to Epcot. Taking the Monorail might be a bit harder with a large crew but still doable. You can catch buses to Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom but driving is usually the most efficient. All parking is free for resort guests. Just use your Magic Band. On the upgrade talk to Jason from mousecounselors or your travel agent if you used one. Jason can answer your questions and you get great service at no additional cost. We stay in premium sites and I will say they are quite large and easy for us to get into. If you upgrade the 1200/1300/1400 loops are all close to to the Meadows Trading Post which is where the big pool is. They are also close to the campfire singalong with 1400 being the closest. Just be sure to say you don't want a site near the basketball courts in 1400. Here is a link to the campsite app. Again scroll down to find info. From this link you can get to more accommodation and loop info.
  9. We've noticed this as well. We've always liked to take last minute trips and it has become all but impossible around here during the normal camping season. Nowadays we need to plan weeks ahead of time so we can get a weekend reservation. The sad part is some of the larger state parks we go to will be mostly empty in the large tent loops. It would be nice if they could convert some to RV use but the state just doesn't want allocate the funds. We're loving many of our parks to death. I don't know how much longer it can keep going on the shoestring budgets the parks get these days.
  10. I've embedded my responses above. Let the corrections begin.
  11. We like the California Lounge. We don't even bother with reservations and just go to the lounge and eat there. The full menu is available and it has a great view of the fireworks.
  12. Nah. That was their new valet parking offering.
  13. I like that. In fact enough to run over to our local WalMart and not a one to be found. I even risked asking and getting that "You've got to be kidding. Me help you?" look. I'm kind of jealous y'all seem to get these deals yet they never show up around here.
  14. I'd try it once but I know some folks who are real Star Wars fanatics and wouldn't be surprised if they would do more than one visit.
  15. It all depends upon how you look at it. Bored, hungry kids can cost a business a lot of money. So I look at the hoops as a proactive way to save money although it might show up as a reduction in loss column as opposed to an addition to the revenue column.