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  1. My company use to provide discounted tickets to WDW and Disneyland through the Magic Kingdom Club. I seem to recall some other discount percs for showing my company id while at he parks. My company stopped in the 90's when they contracted employee discount programs to an outside firm. The prices from the current provider are not as good as you can get on Undercover Tourist so I no longer use them unlike back then where they had the best price.
  2. When it comes to lease negotiations Extra Magic Hours are a cheap give away to keep rates up.
  3. Based on what I've seen for US Census statistics the top 25% would have annual household incomes start around $100K. Top 30% around $90K. The median about $59K. That will vary some as to where you live. In my area the median income is around $71K base on 2016 numbers so our top 25% will likely be somewhat higher than the national range. I'm sorry you don't care for my statement but these are exactly types of conversations that we would have internally when discussing how to design our software products to help our customers tap into this demographic. Our customers were having these same discussions as well and using the same terms. Pricing of fees is very much done with the mindset that they have to be an innocuous amount such that they aren't really noticed when the statement comes out. I might have been a bit course in the way I worded it but when you're looking at a $200/night or more then adding in the taxes and other trip costs that $13-$25 parking won't be noticeable. While I don't like fees, I don't think anyone wants to pay more, I accept them as normal part of doing business. As an investor I expect companies to find ways to increase revenue and fees are one of those means to do it. By the way to me $25/day is a drop in the bucket when included with all of the other costs. I've paid more for hotel parking in some of the large cities we've traveled to with similar rack rates to WDW.
  4. Investors want to see continual increases in revenue. Fees are a great way to do this when you can't grow revenue by other means. Disney has a finite number of rooms and adding more is expensive. Charging for things like parking allow them to increase revenue on the cheap utilizing resources they already have. I'm not saying I like it but that is the way it is. Disney isn't alone in this regard. Just look at banks and how much of their revenue comes from fees these days. Disney like many other companies tends to target those groups with the most disposable income. In the US this is typically those in the upper 30% of household incomes. To them a $25 parking fee or 10% room increase is a drop in the bucket so companies know they can get away with it.
  5. River Country

    Will there be a Fort Fiends discount?
  6. I've been thinking this might actually be good for the Fort if it stops the folks with more than one vehicle from parking halfway out in the road.
  7. That looks good and I will probably try it if I can find it locally. However it still isn't ice cream.
  8. If they could do something like either of the Harry Potter rides at Universal with Mary Poppins I think they would have a winner.
  9. But none of those call the product ice cream . They use some iteration of dairy or nondairy frozen dessert.
  10. Instant Pot

    The ingredient listing of Welch's grape juice makes me think of Maddog not something high quality.
  11. It can't be ice cream if it is vegan friendly as there would be no cream or other dairy in it.
  12. Marceline, MO

    That's cool. As a kid I use to go through Marceline on the Santa Fe on my way from Chicago or Fort Madison, Iowa to Kansas City.
  13. I have no issues with a 6 gal tank. Our new trailer is a dual gas/electric and seems to heat up about the same on either one. In prior years our trailer came with an Atwood on demand and the reports on it weren't very good. As to recovery times may I suggest Navy showers?
  14. Camco 30amp extension cord... under $16!!

    At that price it doesn't surprise me that they would go quickly. I've been thinking about getting an extension. That is a good price and I can save shipping by sending it to the store for pickup. Thanks for posting the link.
  15. We were there for brunch. Not only was there Tater Tots but mashed potatoes, gravy and fried chicken. All of which made it onto my plate in one trip or another. However it was the smoked slab bacon at the carving station that made it onto each plate. It's only once a year and my doctor wasn't around to see so what the heck, right?