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  1. A high school sweetheart of mine was 2nd generation Swedish. Not identical to Norway but very similar in cuisines. I would go camping with the family and the thing that sticks out in my memory is several different types of pickled fish at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thankfully they had food suitable for a teenage American kid otherwise I would have starved.
  2. There was a time that it was common for campgrounds to have a separate metal ash cans for folks to dump their charcoal grills and campfire ash into. I don't recall seeing one in years now that I think about it.
  3. I-95 through SC has always been a mess. I try to drive in the left lane as it is smoother but rarely is the traffic light enough to be able to do much of that. It has gotten worse due to the hurricane flooding damage not being repaired well. But SC sure is proud of their low taxes.
  4. WOW. TCD is right the blog is all over the place and says very little. For the most part though it is just a lot of things are going to pot and Disney is going to spend money to fix it. I do agree with her opinion that it would be logical to retheme Mission Space to Guardians of the Galaxy but logic and Disney frequently don't ride in the same car. I have mixed feelings about the World Showcase rumor of more rides. I've always liked that Epcot was kind of the adult park. The World Showcase in particular. I'm not trying to insult folks with younger kids, mine were young once too, but it is kind of nice to not have so many little ones and their strollers all over the place and have things that are more oriented towards grown ups. My fear is adding rides back there will just increase the crowds and over time Disney will remove the more cerebral attractions that aren't considered thrilling enough.
  5. Going through O'hare one Sunday morning their so called random in-depth checks wasn't random at all. It was very easy to see he was picking every third person. My guess is he could only count up to three. Told the officer testing my computer for explosives about it and he could do was laugh. He added something to the effect his job was to make passengers feel the government was being proactive regardless of how ineffective the process was.
  6. My understanding of the group areas though is they don't have hookups and such to support RV's or other high utility users. If they were more like traditional loops with hookups and CS they would work better than the old scout style camping areas.
  7. At places that allow free refills a smaller cup would likely reduce the total number of gallons dispensed. It could also reduce the waste for partially drunk drinks that are thrown away.
  8. Rene and I will frequently do the same thing by ordering two or three apps for a meal. I like noodle dishes and this one looks good. We are in the process of scheduling our next trip and are planning to eat at the Skipper Canteen as it looks like fun.
  9. This is where I think it would do the Fort good to have a dedicated group camping loop isolated from the other loops. When it isn't reserved and to keep it free for being reserved they could make the sites first come first served for short term stays. It shouldn't be any harder and might even easier to manage than their current method.
  10. What do you expect the texture to be from something that looks like a rubber band before you cook it?
  11. One thing to keep in mind about offsite cart rentals is Disney no longer allows them to drop the carts off at your site. They arrange to meet you nearby offsite and you hookup and drive the cart to your site. The prices still beat Disney but if you are only looking at a cart for a day or two the time to pickup and drop off might offset the cost savings. Just something to think about.
  12. This is one of those very personal things but you can frequently get shorter lines if you go to some of the more popular rides during parades or bigger shows. It all depends upon what you want to see and experience more.
  13. Not everything you throw up against a wall will stick.
  14. I can't speak to Garden of the Gods campground but our daughters used to camp at a Girl Scout camp inside the park. The scenery is great and you can get a good feel for most of the attractions in a day to day and a half. If I had limited time I would rather spend the time down around Colorado Springs than RMNP. To me RMNP is more the type of place where you need to camp in the park for a few days to really get a feel for it. You can do a drive through on the main road but miss a lot if you don't hike to the various destinations. Also none of the campgrounds in the park have hookups so you will be dry camping. Another thing that can come into play is the limited RV size for some of the campgrounds which are as short as 30 ft.