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  1. Disney buying Fox UPDATE 12/14

    I think it was Family Guy that had an episode called "The Simpson's did it first". After all of the years they've been on I don't think there is much they haven't done.
  2. Disney buying Fox UPDATE 12/14

    The Simpson's first predicted it 20 years ago.
  3. The location would give you a good excuse to get in a quick shake down trip to the Fort.
  4. I hear you. My wife won't allow me to go around and offer a piece of rope to the saggy pantsers until they can find their belt.
  5. There are times I swear we've become nothing more than a country of voyeurs.
  6. Disney buying Fox UPDATE 12/14

    It could come to pass but we also don't know what types of conditions or restrictions the DOJ might put on any merger. I think getting Hulu would be good for Disney given the poor way in which they handle IT implementations. I'm also not so sure it would be as negative on Fox TV as the article states. Disney still will need an over the air outlet for the TV shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy assuming the show's producers want to work with Disney.
  7. Meadows Pool refurbishment

    Too bad it won't be closed the following week when we will be there and hopefully in the 1300 loop on the canal.
  8. Reading the chip is useless as it is very hard to counterfeit the chip to the point it is mainly researchers who have the funding and time to attempt it. There's a difference between in person transactions and phone or internet transactions as far as liability. With the advent of chip enabled cards any merchant that accepts a chip enabled card by the magnetic stripe or hard copy becomes liable for any fraud. This was done as a means to encourage merchants to migrate to chip based transactions. Internet and phone transactions are still covered by the credit card companies. However unless the physical card is stolen the CV2 code should prevent fraud as it is not located in the chip or stripe. The problem is too many merchants don't require this for every transaction so if someone can get the card number they can frequently use the stolen number to buy goods. Personally I don't think the card companies should allow any transaction to complete without completing all of the security steps regardless of the type. It would go a long way to stopping fraud and should lower costs which the card user ends up paying in the end through higher prices to cover the losses.
  9. I think it has to do with other dogs that are at the dog park. No telling how an unknown dog might react to the smell or sight of food. I know the miniature dachshund we had when I was young was very protective of any food or animal product chewy to the point it would attack another dog if it were too close. On the other hand the German Shepard I owned in high school could have cared less.
  10. So did they put you in a dog cabin loop or non-dog loop? I'm just curious to see if they will enforce the pet rules any better than they did when they still had designated pet camping loops.
  11. In that case it should be pretty straight forward to add a direct link to a credit card with reasonable security. You bring up the weakest link in any security plan and that is the employees. Whether through ineptitude or dishonesty it only takes one to screw up a well thought out security design.
  12. In the case of credit/debit cards the PIN is cached in the card itself and is verified locally in the reader. I have never used the MB to charge items but if it relies upon the same reader that is used for credit cards then PINs wouldn't work without a change to the MB itself. If it has its own reader then it would depend upon the point of sales terminal as to whether the existing reader could be used for the PIN. None of it is insurmountable but the potential cost could be high. Another thing that comes to mind is how to handle a lost MB. With direct charges fast disablement becomes more important than with charging to the room. Also who would be responsible for the losses Disney, the CC company or the guest? I suspect legally it would not be the CC company since it isn't their device. Charging the guest, even though they are culpable, would be bad business and probably bring lawsuits (valid or not). In the end I think Disney would have to eat the costs something I'm sure the bean counters and lawyers would be against.
  13. It shouldn't be very hard to add a credit card to the MB. It would just take some coding. Not having the MB details one security problem I could see with a direct credit card link is people having RFI chip readers and stealing the MB information. By charging to a room the band owner gets a chance to review their statement for fraudulent charges before paying. Even if the fraudulent MB charges went through with chip enabled cards I believe the liability shifts to the merchant if the chip isn't used for in person transactions. For Disney that could add up to a lot of money.
  14. Welcome Home Sweepstakes

    Registered and playing the additional videos for extra chances.