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  1. I agree with you that it isn't but it looks Photoshopped on my screen as well. For the second sign you'd think they could have at least had Brown Paint guy come over to give it a fresh coat of paint before mounting it.
  2. I suspect it was kids doing the dumb things they do. On a trip of ours a few years ago we came back to the trailer and the smell of gas. I found that the grill had be turned on without lighting it. Our neighbors said "Oh yeah we smelled gas" and left it at that. My assumption was one of their boys, they had three about the ages of 10 to 15, was playing around with it while we were gone. I didn't think it was anything malicious just kids being stupid. What did bother me somewhat was why the neighbor adults didn't shut the gas off at the tank or let Disney know but I guess expecting common sense is too much these days.
  3. If it's just a coating that would be worked around pretty quickly. Just paint the item before the scan. The only way I can think of to really stop it is to come up with a standard for some type of digital rights management for the figures. Something like an RFID chip and the reader in the scanner. Even this isn't fool proof but would likely stop the common counterfeiter that makes stuff to sell at flea markets.
  4. And they all speak with New York accents.
  5. It depends upon how the contract is written. It wouldn't surprise me that it is limited in some way to be specific character properties. This would have allowed Marvel to negotiate for more money on newer releases.
  6. I'll bet you however that they keep lunch size portions at the higher prices.
  7. The same for us however we usually forgo reservations and eat at a table in the lounge for the California Grill.
  8. That might work for those of you with your spacious house on wheels and oodles and boodles of space. For the rest of us with tiny houses we have to share with the spouse it would be great to not have to leave the property for that meal or two that won't fit in the builtin freezer (need to give the wife all of the space she wants).
  9. That is where a well designed app would come in handy. The app could parse all of the dining plan requirements for them and only show what they are eligible for. Less time for them to hold up the line. It still boggles my mind how Disney being essentially a technology company does it so poorly.
  10. I know nothing about it but it sounds like a good idea.
  11. My guess is some person at the end of the line is tripping the alarm to improve their line position.
  12. Oh yeah. Imagine if you were at the front of the line and very next to get on the ride. I don't see an FP as any real compensation.
  13. It shouldn't be that complicated to ensure entrance for FP's. Unless Disney's IT folks really screwed up on their database design it should just be a column or two in some table/s that tie the two together and indicate status. When the ticket is used at the entrance activate the FP's.
  14. We have never used this before but I was considering it for this next trip. I'm not so sure now.
  15. How could anyone allow an expired ticket to be used for anything related to the parks? This is just poor programming but I guess that is par for the course at Disney.