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  1. Yes they do. A friend of mine who has a small breed stock ranch in Texas even goes so far as to name the culls after the cuts they will become in her freezer.
  2. GDF Visits the Dark Side

    And then some. It gets crowded with those getting in line and those coming off the ride.
  3. Not really a trip report just a few thoughts on a recent trip

    We ate at one in Winston-Salem one afternoon when we were out and around. We did like the food and the beer was decent as well. Not sure I would go to the one we visited with children. There was snow on the ground and I told the wife we should have brought a couple of extra coats for the waitress as I couldn't believe they had them dressed (undressed more like) like that when it was below freezing.
  4. GDF Visits the Dark Side

    You end up inverted when flying around Hogwarts there is also turbulence on that and Gringotts ride so they don't want anything loose in pockets including change. I was wearing cargo pants with velcro pockets and kept my phone and wallet in those. Everything else like keys, hats and change went into a locker. They way they work is you go to the display where you are lead through the process and assigned a locker. The used a finger print for the key. Yes. The inside windows that face the hallway are frosted as well. Animations appear on them during the ride and are different based on which direction you are traveling. It's done well IMO not to mention it has about 4 minutes of good air conditioning.
  5. Dragon caught fire today

    It just proves that Maleficent is a real hothead.
  6. This is good advice that a lot of folks don't think about. With this in mind we went with an entry level trailer for our first one and kept it about 3 1/2 years. We might have traded sooner but the first trailer was also sized to fit our tow vehicle at the time and had to ride the transition to the F-150 we have today. Without breaking the bank it allowed us to determine if we liked the RV thing and how we would use it. It also gave us the opportunity to determine what things we needed, wanted or could do without in our current trailer which we intend to keep longer term.
  7. Hersheypark

    The lights out is also part of the Mammoth Cave tours. We were lucky in regards to cell phones that nobody was using them or flash photography.
  8. Rene and I have talked about going to a Class C and towing a car as well. Based on ones we have looked at and liked we would have similar space to our current trailer which is plenty for the two of us. Since we go to state parks quite a bit it would also be less hooking and unhooking as we could leave the toad at home.
  9. River Country

    Depending upon the soils in RC they might need to remove soil and replace it. The airport site would allow for both removal and new soil. It would also let Disney control the heavy truck traffic better so that it is out of the way of visitors.
  10. New Monorail Fleet ordered?

    Just by a box of Band-aids and open it when you want that Monorail smell.
  11. Living in an RV

    That's why you hang out here. Right?
  12. Star Wars Resort

    My guess is it will include gingerbread Ewoks with gumdrop buttons.
  13. They Got Us This Time

    I understand the feeling. On our trip this past February while not as crowded as when schools are out we still saw waits of +2 hrs for many of the big attractions. HS and to a lesser degree Epcot have so much closed down that I hesitate to even call them amusement parks. Our biggest surprise was when we went to AK. We arrived shortly after extra morning hours opening, went straight to Flight of Passage and the line was already over two hours long only to get longer as the day wore on. Even trying to get FP's for the ride was a fail as it was fully booked by the time my notice that the FP window had opened arrived. Rene and I have discussed the crowded nature and come to the conclusion that there isn't really an off time anymore just crowded season and more crowded season. While we really like the Fort we've decided there are too many negatives to a park visit and we likely won't be back until Disney can manage to make them enjoyable again.
  14. A few years ago we made a trip to the Fort solely for the purpose of hanging out and spending a couple of days at Universal.