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  1. You mean you actually take yours down?
  2. Or maybe this fall? We are heading to the fall RV show next weekend. I think I'll be able to resist but you never know. Yes I know it is still summer. Don't ask me why the RV association is calling this a fall show.
  3. As people said it varies. The last time we were at the Fort around Halloween the people across the road from us had your more ghoulish decorations including a noise activated popup skeleton hidden next to the garbage cans. Thankfully they turned it off at night or when they were away. The rest of the loop were your typical blowup stuff you see at Walmart or home improvement store.
  4. Isn't the main issue with the full hookup loops is the roads are narrower than the newer loops are making it harder to back into a site? So while the sites are big enough it might be harder to get into them.
  5. River Country

    I can't tell from the pics but could it be a conveyor? If they are doing demo work they could be crushing concrete and rock to remove it. It would also work to move fill into an area where dump trucks can't go.
  6. Secret Menu

    It made me remember when I was a teen and would go out and grab a pizza with my best friend on a Saturday night. It was a double crust, double sauce, double cheese, double Italian sausage and sport peppers. The owner of the pizza place weigh it once and it was 11 lbs precooked. We would still be hungry when it was gone yet didn't gain a pound. Seeing the nachos made me think we probably wouldn't have had any problem finishing it off on our own but no worries, we wouldn't have had the $90 to be able to afford it.
  7. Secret Menu

    After watching the video in Mo's post that looks like it would be fun if you had enough people, or a teenage boy or two, to eat it.
  8. Menu Changes at Cali Grill?

    I hope not. Edit: I just looked at the menu and the one for Brunch shows self serve items in addition to order at your table. The dinner menu still shows everything as order at your table. It makes sense to me that brunch would be buffet style.
  9. River Country

    I wonder how many ticks he picked up walking through all of the vegetation?
  10. Express Transportation to Be Discontinued

    Unless for an extra $45/child and $75/adult you get dessert on your ride to the next park.
  11. Express Transportation to Be Discontinued

    I'm not sure that the patterns of park hopping would fit buses anyway. I see park hopping as a lot of small groups of people spread across the full day. This wouldn't work well for a large vehicle like a bus. As has been mentioned I think they would have better results if they had used passenger vans and dropped the price some.
  12. 007 Returns to the Fort

    Nice to know. If we can't get our preferred site in 1300 I'll make sure to tell them I have it on good advice, NOT 1333.
  13. 007 Returns to the Fort

    There is a bus stop across the canal/field from the 1300 loop if you don't mind the walk over to and through the pool area. I don't remember what loop it is nor the line color but could see it when we are in site 1318.
  14. I can understand your feelings. As Ray said there is always being able to rent a trailer or if you prefer there are the cabins. I'd say keep the Mickey light. You can always put it out on a balcony or a window at one of the resorts. Also if you decide to rent a trailer at the park nobody will know the difference. Don't forget X-mas decorating.