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  1. Well that's better than the NC Zoo price of a $500 for 1-6 people to go behind the scenes with the elephants. Of course theirs does include feeding.
  2. I agree with this. I think they should turn the existing group area into an improved group loop complete with full hookup and a CS or two. When there isn't a large group they could rent the sites out on a nightly basis to locals or other short term campers.
  3. While the concept of having food and beverage service near the dock might work at one of the hotel resorts I can see it not working out at the Fort. With most of the Fort guests having access to their own food and drink I would expect many to bring their own if they want something while out. I also expect most eat at their site unless they are at the parks or out for a special meal like the BBQ or Hoopty Doo Review. I know when we go down to see the fireworks and electrical water pageant we take our own beverages and snacks. For something like the campfire/movie we would eat at the truck but I more or less put that under the special meal category.
  4. I'd expect one door for the pool equipment and one for the hot water heater. I don't see any obvious indoor closet for the furnace so wonder if the third door could be for that or storage.
  5. I can see them. Even in your quote.
  6. Pigeon Forge is about a 45-60 minute drive from Knoxville. Heavy traffic can make it even longer. If you don't want to backtrack to Knoxville it is a another long drive to pickup I-75 again heading south.
  7. Welcome. You can hear road noise from the buses pretty much in any site. We like the 1300 loop but with small children you probably do not want a site that backs up to the canal. The sites that back up to the canal are 1314, 1316, 1318, 1321 and kind of 1322. 1308 and 1310 backup pretty close to the road. The remaining sites are about as far away as you would get as the Fort goes. The sites closest to the Meadows Trading Post area and campfire are 1324 - 1334 (inside and outside loop sites). However the loop isn't huge so being at one or the other isn't much of a difference walking wise. A warning about the 1300 and 1200 loops. They are pretty close to the pool area which has a pool party most of the afternoon. This goes on until around dinner time. It can be quite loud with the music and announcements. It is no big deal to us but if you are bothered by loud sounds it is something to consider. We've never stayed in the 1200 loop but consider it our backup loop. Here are some links to the site loop videos and Google earth of the campsites. Scroll down a page or two to find the information:
  8. I'd prefer that to an overhead cable cable car. I just wonder if the gondoliers would sing or if we would be stuck listening to recordings of Dean Martin singing That's Amore?
  9. I surely hope not as I was looking forward to trying some of the menu when we head there next February and would rather walk to the campfire than have to hike over to WL. To keep positive thoughts all of the stickers are just to advertise and entice Fort folks to join the DVC.
  10. Story, Shmory. I've lived in and visited the Pacific Northwest. Those cabins aren't the Pacific Northwest no matter what type of backstory Disney wants to invent. The only place I remember seeing buildings like that was retirement communities going up everywhere in SoCal during the late 70's and early 80's. Well as I will never pay $2K/night I guess I'll just leave it to the DVC members to decide for themselves whether they are worth all of the trees. I can always look Discovery Island when we go by the WL area on the boat.
  11. I realize they cabins aren't finished but from what I can see of them they don't fit the look and feel of WL. For two grand a night I would sure want more atmosphere of a real western cabin than a something that looks like it came from an immobile home factory.
  12. Being a brand new restaurant you would think they could have put in an RFID locator system for the table numbers.
  13. The See America is part an old series of US Travel Bureau posters from the 30's to encourage tourism. The National Park Service had a similar set of posters during the same time frame.
  14. In this day and age of sue everybody for anything considering your customers and liabilities can be prudent. You could always tie the punishment into the attractions. Flogging and keelhauling at Pirates of the Caribbean, having to sit through Stitch's Great Escape for a full day, in Frontierland it could be dragged behind a horse.
  15. That's what we have been working on for our next trip complete with the coonskin hat. With your comment about the rain I might have to figure out some type of cover like a mini Fort.