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  1. Trauma at UF Shands? Makes me wonder if you had a hand in saving my son back in 2013. BTW, we live off 247, about halfway between Lake City and Branford. Howdy neighbor! To the OP, my son lives in a Keystone Cougar on our property. We've been very impressed by the quality. Only complaint is the stickers peeling off the outside.
  2. I went to the pdf link provided and was able to read the fine print better. It says no movie or campfire on the 30th due to alternate activities scheduled. Since I found out what Beach Bash is, that's great with me.
  3. One more question - for the Halloween tie dye, how much does it cost? Do you bring your own shirts? Thanks again.
  4. Thank you!!! Yes, the beach bash sounds like fun! My grandchildren are 4,5,7, and 8 so I think they may enjoy the beach bash more than the movie and campfire anyway! I totally missed that on the flyer, as I was reading it as just a place where winners of contests were announced. I may never have realized what it was, so glad I asked about. Looks like we have fun stuff planned for the kids for both days after all. They won't be doing the parks, just the Fort, so wanted some fun lined up.
  5. Thanks for posting! Our first Halloween and been anxious to plan for the grandchildren. I don't see a movie listed for Monday October 30th. I wonder if they will still have the campfire that night? It's disappointing because my grandchildren will only be spending two nights with us - 30th and 31th. Obviously trick or treating on the 31st, but leaves the other evening blank. What is the route of the golf cart parade?
  6. NOT happy about the potential for thousands of non-paying folks to converge on the Fort during Halloween. I have heard of homeschool groups actually planning to do their trick or treating there. Pool hopping seems minor in comparison.
  7. Okay, thank you! If you end up with extras, I will send a SASE with a card sleeve to put it in. And my eternal thanks.
  8. That would be amazing! Thank you so much!
  9. I didn't jump to any conclusion either. I read it. We will be at the Fort for Halloween this year, and better not encounter anything like this. Guests do not rent the entire loop, just their site. Nobody has a right to extend their childish games past the limits of their own sites. There are lots of children who may be upset by this sort of thing as well. Family friendly is not = jumping out of the dark and scaring the crap out of people.
  10. Their intent is irrelevant to me. Staging a haunted house on your own site, where people can voluntarily enter, or not, is fine. Hiding at various places around the loop, where they could encounter someone just heading to the bathhouse, is absolutely unacceptable.
  11. I'd be kicking ass and taking names. It's Disney, for goodness sake! What if they jumped out and scared someone with a heart problem? My son has PTSD, along with traumatic brain injuries, but looks like an average adult. If someone were to scare him and make him fall and hit his head or something, they may end up with similar injuries. I wouldn't even be playing with people like that.
  12. I'm excited about it. I don't play the game, but my adult son does. Some years party cards have been repeats of other years, so great that it was a new one. We will be there Halloween, but no parties, so he is going to buy one from eBay before we go.
  13. IRMA

    Stuck here in Florida because there is no gas to leave. Although I have a full tank, and a 5-gallon can filled, sitting in traffic will eat that up in no time. Because we are in northern Florida, I'm not overly concerned, but not looking forward to being without power for a week or longer. Once the storm has passed, if it looks like power will be out for an extended period, will probably take our dogs and head to Alabama or the Carolinas for a week of camping. All the stores are out of everything. Gas has not been available since early in the week. When a stores got water shipments this past week, the police came before they would bring it out. Our entire town closed down at 5:00 pm today and nothing scheduled to reopen until Tuesday, at the earliest. Curfew in effect of 8:00 pm to be off the roads.
  14. Just want to introduce myself.

    Welcome! I also have a child (young adult) with, what used to be called Asperger's, as well as OCD and bipolar. I also have a brain injured adult son. I jokingly say my son doesn't have Asperger's anymore since it no longer exists. Well, that pesky condition was sure easy to eliminate, by the medical community, anyway. As far as mosquitoes, they are not usually out in November. I live not too far from the Fort, and I think early October is about as late in the year as we see them. Even in the summer, they tend to keep them well under control at the Fort, and hand out free repellent. I have only met one person here face to face, when he brought me my sweet baby girl, a German Shepherd that we dearly love. I hope to meet at least one more, since we will be at the Fort for Halloween. I know our TA, Jason Adams will be there that week, not sure who else. Hope to meet you, too, one day. November is the time of year we tend to spend lot of time at Disney. You never know what next year will bring.
  15. I saw this on facebook the other day. I was honestly shocked that it was happening to begin with. Who thinks this stuff up? Sometimes, when I read things like this, I wonder why I'm not that clever. Then I get my senses about me and be thankful my parents didn't raise me to look for ways to be a cheat or a thief.