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  1. River Country

    I am going to guess it may have been the sidewalk that runs behind of 1200 but that is a guess.
  2. Pollen at the Fort?

    It was all over. Around 10:30 on the 2nd they were spraying between my sisters site and the next site over in 1300. Shortly after they were working on 1200. We also saw them in the full hookup loops putting fresh sand down on some of the tent pads.
  3. The bacon is good from the carving station but the turkey I usually eat 4-5 slices of. I prefer the brunch over the daily breakfast. They are both good but the brunch is better. Although it just dawned on me that the snowflakes may be out because it has been cold the past few nights. Once it warmed up they left.
  4. Most of the breakfasts that we have had in the past 2 years they have had tater tots. I like brunch when they have the brown gravy to dip them in.
  5. Pollen at the Fort?

    Our truck and camper are in 1212 at the moment with very little signs of pollen. It is around but doesn' appear to be massive amounts like we have experienced in the past. 2 days ago they came through the Ft and was spraying down the grounds. No idea why but wondering if it was to help keep the pollen down.
  6. Thats probably true. My wife was saying that they probably would crap a brick if they knew the potatoes were not 100% organic, not shredded and processed in a factory powered by sunshine and rainbows, deep fried in some of the best lard Crisco has to offer, and not served up on some of the finest recycled paper plates comprised of paper from the bottom of the Chicago landfill right beside of Jimmy Hoffas body. Snowflakes......
  7. I normally don't post things like this but the Dave in me is coming out. We are sitting here at trails end and there are 2 snowflakes at the table beside of us. We have been here about 20 minutes and these 2 girls have been complaining about the tater tots being called hashbrowns and it is offensive. Now this isn't just a 30 second discussion, this has been going on for 20 minutes. They keep talking about how they are vegan and vegans know how to properly identify potatoes. The best part is they are both munching down on some bacon and dipping those hashbrowns in the sausage gravy while the Mickey waffles suck up the blueberry syrup. What has our society come to?
  8. I stand corrected. We are on our way to the boats and they are back. I swear they were not there last night but they are there now.
  9. We just got back from MK and I can 100% confirm there were no chairs there about 15 minutes as ago. Unless they were moved down by the arcade door I didn't see any up there.
  10. Been here a week and a half, not sure why I didn' post I am in site 1212 and missed TCD again (kids wanted to say thanks to the mystery spike guy). I can confirm no chairs at the Tavern the entire time. There are however 2 chairs at the meadows. I know it' not the Tavern but there are 2 at the meadows and they have gone mostly u used that I have seen.
  11. Cable update?

    Came back from Epcot to this tonight. We don' hookup to the cable so not sure what has changed.
  12. I agree, switch to an LT tire. We had the same issue with our Ram 1500 when we put tires on it. We had a small 24' hybrid at the time and I replaced my P tires with another set of P tires (General Grabber P tire and not the LT). Shortly after that we upgraded to a new trailer and before we knew it our P rated tires had collapsing sidewalls. They had about 7500 on them and they couldn't handle the added weight of the new trailer. We pulled them and put LTs on in a slightly larger size. Night and day difference. We put a Michelin LTX A/T tire (they now make this as an LTX A/T 2 and I have these on my 2500) on. One of the best tires I have ever owned and we got 48000 out of them. There was about 1/4 tred left when we traded the 1500 in for a 2500.
  13. Yes. This time it was a tire. Starting to question if I have a curse.
  14. The wife had one. I had a sangria. It was good. Love the atmosphere in there when the guy is walking around playing guitar.
  15. The tires have been replaced. I now understand the crappy quality the stock tires are. The new ones are load rated e but the wheels are only good to 2150lbs. I called Goodyear and they said that keeping them under the max pressure is fine and recommended 50psi which matches the wheel load rating. They also have this on their website and they sent me a link to the psi/load ratings for their tires. Only issue was that it took them most of the day to get there. Not a big deal since we had a ft day planned. Took him about 2 hours to swap them out. With that out of the way we are now enjoying the atmosphere over at the Maya Grill at Coronado.