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  1. A little late but I second Teppan Edo. Last trip we did the Maya Grill at Coronado. It was good as well. We are loooking forward to getting back to both at Thanksgiving.
  2. Went to book a week in August this morning and couldn't. There was a message on the reservation page saying reservations were unavailable due to a system update. No big deal. Got home tonight and went to book my week and got to the page you have to pay. Put everything in and got an error that my payment couldn't be processed with no error on the top. Scrolled down and under my credit card expiration date was a message saying I needed to put in my 3 or 4 digit secure code. Funny part was that there was no box to do it. Called the reservation line and the lady on the other end was able to process it through with no problems. Has anyone else experienced this yet? Seems like a missing credit card security code input box would be a pretty big thing for Disney to screw up.
  3. I have never heard of the one in Ohio and I have scoured the state looking for good places. And First Landing SP in Virginia Beach would not have been my first pick either. Other than the beach being right there we saw nothing else that would have drawn us to that location.
  4. We purchased it once post trip after we relaized how much we used it (think you have like 10 days from the date the pics were taken to do this). For us it was worth it at the time and that was about a year ago. When we purchased our season passes back in May, well after our photopass expired, it somehow pulled all of our old pictures back into the portal. Thought that was odd for Disney.
  5. If you are having issues getting bugs off the paint you can use a product that is sold in Harley shops called S-10. Spray it on and keep it lightly misted/wet for about 10-15 minutes (dont let it dry) and just wipe it off with a sponge when you are done. Quickest way I know of to address cleaning bugs off vs finding a way to pretreat to make them easy to come off. S-10 is made specifically for this purpose for Harleys and I used to use it all the time to get bugs off of the bike and my cars. It wont damage the finish.
  6. I like 1325 and most of 1300 for that matter. Like1200 as well. I am not a fan of the idiots like most of you but our society has gotten so far out of hand it is sad. Its no wonder the rest of the world looks at us they way they do. At least us fiends get along. As long as that is happening then there is still hope for the other fort idiots.
  7. Friggin awesome.
  8. Morning 1 of our last trip. Cant wait to go back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I figured someone would get it or heckle me about how many phones are at WDW. It was a great guess.
  10. You got it. When we were there a while back there was still an AT&T payphone down by the bus stop somewhere with instructions on how to use it. Not sure of that is still there.
  11. You got it. When we were there a while back there was still an AT&T payphone down by the bus stop somewhere with instructions on how to use it. Not sure of that is still there.
  12. Dave and TCD are very close. TCD is much closer with one of his references. It is at Epcot but not those 2 areas. So the hint I should clarify. I dont think the phone gets much use based off of its location at Epcot.
  13. Nope. Good guess. Here is a hint.....its at a park and I bet the location sees very little use. I would be surprised if it has been used in recent times.
  14. This may or may not be easy. Any takers on where this was snapped? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. We like 1200 and 1300. Problem is with some sites in 1300 you can back up to the canal and some sites in 1200 can backup to the road. They are really close to a playground bit both loops share a single comfort station and it can get busy in that comfort station in the mornings and at night. 1100 is a nice loop but you have to walk across the road to get to the same playground by 1200/1300. I am not a fan of 1400 but that is because some sites back there seem to be on top of each other with little privacy compared to the 1100/1200/1300 loops. Overall any loop at the Fort is going to be great. It is the Fort after all. Good luck and have a great trip.