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  1. That's an interesting twist to the story. Really you could give me the coke syrup and I would drink it strait. Who needs water and co2? :D
  2. I smell a new generator in someone's future.
  3. We have the furrion observation camera as well. Really helps with backing up. Got a really good deal on ebay new in the box. Think I paid $250 for it. Our TT was also already wired for the camera. JMSisko is right that most stores that carry it charge a lot for it. More for the furrion than others if I remember correctly. There are some differences with the backup vs observation. Biggest thing I remember Ryan being the angle of the camera. Observation will look a little further behind the trailer while the backup points more towards the ground. We have traveled from OH to FL and back as well as a few other long trips with it on the entire time and never saw a blip. Ours is on our 35' TT.
  4. Last time we were there my mom spent a lot of time talking to random Disney employees...and a few for a while. One of them told her that Disney pays nothing to Coke for their product and Coke gets the free advertising. If that is true, which I doubt it, then Disney is making a crap ton on just soda sales.
  5. LOL...christmas at the fort is horrible. Let me tell you, every present that was opened was a drumroll followed up with a "trip to the fort" ending. The closest thing was some Disney gift cards which is perfect for my next trip to the fort.
  6. Wow these are awesome.
  7. Looks great. I am going through camping withdrawal and am really missing the fort. Only 11 months until we are back. I would love to be there at Christmas but I doubt that will happen while my kids are still young. I have to live through you guys while we enjoy Christmas here in cold and dreary Ohio.
  8. I am laying here on my couch watching YouTube videos of the Fort at Christmas. I still have not convinced my wife to let me leave to head down. It would be a long drive and I would probably have to sleep in the parking lot but hey....i would be at the fort. Was curious how things were down there this year. Anyone on the scene that can help feed my addiction? I need my fix.
  9. We were in that position when we got ours. We only use them at one campground and we don't take them with us when we go to campgrounds with power. If the campground looses power we have enough battery to run the fantastic fans on full for a few hours. Anything past that we would probably have an issue but we would deal with it. Our last trip to the fort we couldn't get into our site and we wanted to sleep. We parked in overflow and flipped on both fantastic fans and cooled the TT down into the high 70's. While still hot it would have been over 100 in there without them. We both said the generators would have been nice then but we got into our site about 4 hours after we got there. First thing we did was hookup the power for AC.
  10. Cabelas is selling the Champion 2000w inverter generators for $400 a piece with free shipping. This is a killer deal for these. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Champion-Watt-Inverter-Generator/1149997.uts?searchPath=%2Fbrowse.cmd%3FCQ_page%3D20%26CQ_search%3Dgenerator%26CQ_st%3Db%26categoryId%3D734095080
  11. Nacole, If you are still looking this is a killer deal on the champion 2000w. $400 with free shipping is really good for these. 2 of them and the parallel cable will get you going in you TT. Not sure how long they will be on sale for. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Champion-Watt-Inverter-Generator/1149997.uts?searchPath=%2Fbrowse.cmd%3FCQ_page%3D20%26CQ_search%3Dgenerator%26CQ_st%3Db%26categoryId%3D734095080
  12. I am holding a site along with my sister and brother in law. Hope you can snag one. Being a year our I bet you will get in there. Jason can help you out.
  13. Economy mode will allow the generator to adjust itself as needed to save fuel and keep the generators quiet. If you don't run the AC most of the camper can run off of economy mode. You will hear the generator ramp up when you turn on something and ramp down when it stops. Some inverters can run on economy with the AC and others cant. Mine can go either way but it is hard on the AC of the generators are not running at full. It is the initial startup of the AC that it struggles with. Once the AC is running they ramp down some if economy mode is on. You can make it a little easier on the generator by putting a hard start capacitor in your AC unit. I caution though that this could reduce the life of your AC. Hard start capacitors are for compressors that are older in age and need a little more juice to get going. Many people put them in the AC if they are boondocking a lot on small generators. All you do is move the risk of burning up the generator to doing damage to the AC. With that said, I put one in my old TT's AC (dometic 13.5) and it really helped with the generators. The new TT's AC (coleman 13.5) seemed to be fine with the generators so I have not put one in. If you start getting into boondocking I can give you a lot of info about proper battery maintenance and getting water/waste water to/from the TT quickly and efficiently. We did a lot of research because we like Elkmont at the Smokies but there is nothing there but restrooms and fire pits.