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  1. Wow. That is the week we are there. We will get to see both hopefully.
  2. So what you are saying is that you don't want to pay $400 a night to stay in a polished dust bin with the free mold upgrade and a prime view? It sounds like they went all out with the free upgrades.
  3. I was typing that as you replied. Did it before and added a day to some tickets but not all. Gave us access to setup those fast passes for everyone and the few that went in the extra days just stood in the lines when they were short. It worked out well.
  4. Well put. I don't know a lot of women that care to understand all of these things like Nacole does. Heck I know a lot of my male friends that don't care about this stuff either. As they say if it works who cares. Some people don't get a safety issue until they become the statistic.
  5. Thanks Ray. If we get down in May we would probably do a 3 day non hopper if it was just one trip this year. However we are scheduled for 2 weeks at thanksgiving and would probably pickup a 6 or 7 day with water park option so the annual pass starts to make sense on 2 trips. Now if I could only convince my wife to let me go down on my birthday in 2018.
  6. We have used both Walker Mobility and Buena Vista Scooters. The scooters from Buena Vista were newer and more reliable. The one we got from Walker had to be swapped out 2 times while we were there for not charging and not turning on. Both companies were easy to work with but the convienience of Buena Vista at the fort was easier than waiting for the 2 hour window with Walker. Next time we may try Scooter bug if the prices are comparable or just use Buena Vista again.
  7. I remember a few of Carils post on this. I will dig them up and check them out. Thanks abyone else going to be there the week of 5/7-5/13?
  8. Thanks Jason. Do they ever offer the annual on a discount? Knowing Disney probably not but figured I would ask.
  9. Must have overlooked that link you tossed out there. Thanks for that info. Knowing that I may plan to go the first week if we can swing it. Was looking at annual pass info since we will be down there at thanksgiving. May cost me a little more but in the long run I think it may be worth it. Does anyone use the discount on food? That alone may cover the roughly 50 more per annual pass vs buying tickets for both trips. I am assuming the annual pass includes the hopper or is it one park per day? Couldn't find that info on a quick look. Thanks, Ryan
  10. Thinking about trying to get down to the fort in May if possible. Looking for some feedback on this. My sons bday is 5/11 and would love to go down 5/7-5/13. My mom is trying to get me to go over memorial day so we would be looking at adding an additional day and going 5/26-6/3. I am leaning towards the first option for smaller crowds. It may just end up being my son and I and not the whole family. The wife doesn't want to go down 2 times in one year and we would be back a thanksgiving. I hate to leave my daughter at home but she isn't old/tall enough for all of the rides and my son would get bored with the smaller ones. Any feedback would be appreciated from those of you who are more experienced.
  11. That's an interesting twist to the story. Really you could give me the coke syrup and I would drink it strait. Who needs water and co2? :D
  12. I smell a new generator in someone's future.
  13. We have the furrion observation camera as well. Really helps with backing up. Got a really good deal on ebay new in the box. Think I paid $250 for it. Our TT was also already wired for the camera. JMSisko is right that most stores that carry it charge a lot for it. More for the furrion than others if I remember correctly. There are some differences with the backup vs observation. Biggest thing I remember Ryan being the angle of the camera. Observation will look a little further behind the trailer while the backup points more towards the ground. We have traveled from OH to FL and back as well as a few other long trips with it on the entire time and never saw a blip. Ours is on our 35' TT.
  14. Last time we were there my mom spent a lot of time talking to random Disney employees...and a few for a while. One of them told her that Disney pays nothing to Coke for their product and Coke gets the free advertising. If that is true, which I doubt it, then Disney is making a crap ton on just soda sales.
  15. LOL...christmas at the fort is horrible. Let me tell you, every present that was opened was a drumroll followed up with a "trip to the fort" ending. The closest thing was some Disney gift cards which is perfect for my next trip to the fort.