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  1. That will probably make your posts vanish and account banninated
  2. Several years ago I had a "friend" who is a font elitist as well and would rage at Hulk level if he saw Comic Sans on anything. So, naturally when I found that out, I sent all replies to him in that font. After two weeks of that I've never heard from him again. :)
  3. Travel Day Recipes.

    It was after hours and there was lots of alcohol involved :) plus, have you ever ate hardtack? It's a wonder both sides didn't quit because of that.
  4. Travel Day Recipes.

    interestingly enough, back in 1999 a bunch of us were reenacting/camping at t he sight of the now demolished tower in Gettysburg. Someone bought one of those non frozen pre made store pizzas that you just throw in the oven and a baking stone. Put that baby on top of my freshly built engine in my 84 Monte Carlo SS and let the car run for about 25 minutes. It wasn't bad. That's my one and only cooking food on a car engine story.
  5. Travel Day Recipes.

    I wish I could use the microwave while on the road
  6. I'm picking up the Companion Hitch in 11 hours from a local dealer. It is heavy, but in 2 pieces it's way lighter and more manageable then the Reese Slider Hitch that I still have and need to sell. I don't remember seeing that particular Grand Design either. Good luck on whatever you decide on! That 320mks is pretty sweet.
  7. This was the first show that we went to that we were "left alone". Not one sales rep bothered us first or even ask us if we had any questions, nor did anyone of them even say hi. Maybe we were dressed poor or my robotic knee brace (which set off the metal detector) intimidated them....I don't know...it was weird. I liked that I had a chance to actually look at and lift the B&W Companion 5th wheel hitch and know that is what I'm going to purchase for my new to me truck. No more rails in the bed for me.
  8. That stuff bothers me way less then the cranberries, walnuts and other froufrou stuff that is polluting the food these days.
  9. ....and have dogs that are too neurotic to send to a kennel.
  10. Sometimes you just have to roll with it.
  11. 007 Returns to the Fort

    It's a SRW....still hoping I'm fine :)
  12. 007 Returns to the Fort

    Nice, I'm hoping I won't need them though with the new to me truck. I've hooked my 24' car trailer up to it and you couldn't tell it was there on the suspension. I have to wait until I buy the Andersen Hitch to hook up to the B&W Turnover Ball Hitch so I can hook up my 5er. Can't wait to see what happens. I need to install the 7 plug harness in the bed first though ;(
  13. For the sake of brevity I didn't go into the whole story. Part of the treatment I received was a result of my own actions. Simply put, I went into Ahole mode on the Service advisor since he technically steered me wrong by telling me it was ok to go to that size wheel and tire and he fully knew well I was buying the wheels and tires from a shop that specializes in all of that. When I inquired about buying 18" Chevy wheels, he wasn't interested in ordering them and stated that I can buy wheels aftermarket much cheaper. As for the call to Chevy, "Monica" who I had the displeasure of speaking to twice didn't appreciate me raising my voice to her. The dumber the words were that came out of her mouth, the louder I got. Especially when she refused to escalate the call to a supervisor. The reason I have her name in quotes is because I'm 100% positive that wasn't her real name as she was obviously sitting in India. What apparently sunk my ship is when I demanded to speak to someone whose primary language was English. Yes, I said that. Most of you all have thought the same thing in similar situations. Later, speaking to my salesman at the local dealer (who got fired a week after this) he told me that I have a file as "Belligerent, troublesome and xenophobic". I've had some issues with this dealership in the past but it's the closest and unfortunately most convenient. The day before my transmission issues started, the truck was in there for a problem it had before (battery dying which they replaced last year and before it died, the speakers would buzz when I opened the door. It started buzzing again recently) and when I dropped it off, I asked, "How much will this goose chase cost since I have no warranty now" loaded with snark. Two hours and $65 later, they found nothing. Next morning, I conveniently have tranny problems. The truck sat for several days and when I attempted to take it to Virginia to the GMC dealer I find out I have a dead batter. So, I hook up my booster pack and get it running to take down to the dealer who said they would try get my truck fixed under warranty. I explained to them the story over tho phone. I get down there and they look at it and figure out what is wrong with it. They try to run it through as warranty and it's denied and the Service Manager says to me that I must have really pissed in someone's cheerios as there are notations about me attached to the vehicle file. Needless to say, I just basically surrendered there and just walk out onto the lot deciding it's now time to finance another truck instead of putting money into this one. The whole purpose of going to the 18" wheels/tires was for the added weight capacity similar to the 3500s as my 2500 already had the same rear leaf springs since we were planning on buying a larger 5er. Now, I've said before, I like diesels, but I will not own one as a daily driver. And since I have a 5er, if I was to have a diesel it will only be a Dual Rear Wheel Diesel truck because of the amount of payload the diesel engine eats up. No way am I going to use a DRW Diesel for a daily driver. The main reason is I make several small trips of under 2 miles every day. That will not bode well for a diesel. I did not choose a Ford for lots of reasons, the 2 main reasons are the small size of the crew cab and the crappy rear suspension. I cannot put our dog kennels in the back of the 2016 and older Ford Super Duty Crew Cabs unless I remove the back seats. They do fit in the new 2017+ Super Duty Crew Cabs though. The kennels fit in the GM twins and Ram Crew Cabs with no issue. I've gone over several times about how my 2500 is used for the heavy tongue weight loads at work vs the Fords because of how well it can handle the weight. For the standard loads, they get loaded onto the Super Dutys and then my boss brags about how I got out towed as he has the 6.7 Diesel and I'm just the Gasser. Don't kid yourself about Ford customer service and warranties Lone Star. We're having issues with getting the Gasser F-250 fixed and fixed correctly and free. It's on it's 3rd ECM. Also, I don't like the ride in the Fords, my 2500 was a smoother ride then what we have at work. I also don't care for the dash of the Super Dutys either, but that is just me. Another reason is Fords were a main factor in why I decided not to be a mechanic anymore, that and Snow slush dripping down the back of my head/neck in the winter time. *shiver* As for the Ram/Dodge, I've had 4 of them. All four had tranny failures and none of them were conveniently covered under warranty. I couldn't get Dodge to cover anything under warranty at all! I seriously thought about a Ram but in the end, none of them I found had the Aisin in it. That's the only way I would buy one. Hell, when we bought the 2017 Challenger less then 4 months ago, I wouldn't sign the paperwork until I confirmed that the 8spd transmission in it was not a Dodge built piece. When I found out it was the ZF 8HP built by ZF Friedrichshafen (Supplier to BMW and Rolls Royce) i was finally at ease and signed the financing papers. So, after searching on my phone for Rams and GMs, I walked around the lot and I found the 3500 I ultimately bought there at this dealership in Virginia. Since this new to me 3500 has an intact warranty, plus the extended one I purchased, I've learned my lesson about the wheel and tire size. I'm going to leave good enough alone. This truck now has a 3905lb payload capacity vs the 2831lbs I traded in. It's also an 8' bed so I won't be clinching any butt cheeks as I'm backing in the driveway with the 5er and wondering if I'm going to break my back window. What sucks the most is I just paid the 2500 off back in April. ugh.
  14. 007 Returns to the Fort

    Does that 2500 have coils? Sounds like it might. That's a good price on those bags.
  15. 007 Returns to the Fort

    You spelled Ford wrong. :) Possibly the IFS is what makes you think it's sloppy. Certainly not the best choice for installing a plow, but much better but much better handling and stability and ride comfort. Post 2011, GMs handle payload and towing much better then Ford. At the auction and storage rental business my now recently departed 2015 2500HD got all the heavy tongue weight loads hooked up to it because it handled the weight much better then all the Fords, meaning it hardly squatted while the same year Fords had the headlights up in the air. One reason I never bought a Ram 2500 beside my track record with Dodge Truck transmissions was because all of the 2500s I looked at had Rear Coil springs. Leaf springs are where it's at for towing/hauling heavy loads. If it wasn't, Ram would have coils on the rear of the 3500s. Glad you got the truck fixed and for free! Kudos to that shop.