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  1. Welcome Home Sweepstakes

    Me 3. Beckers can stay in Joisey.
  2. Discovery Island little known fact

    Magic mushrooms would be my guess
  3. I have seen in 2 different Lowes just west of us a sign that read "All Dogs Welcome".
  4. Rollerblades?

    Where do I turn mine in at? Before knee, ankle and hip problems made it too painful, I used to use inline skates to keep my ankle nimbleness up to par for ice hockey during the not so icy months.
  5. That will probably make your posts vanish and account banninated
  6. Several years ago I had a "friend" who is a font elitist as well and would rage at Hulk level if he saw Comic Sans on anything. So, naturally when I found that out, I sent all replies to him in that font. After two weeks of that I've never heard from him again. :)
  7. Travel Day Recipes.

    It was after hours and there was lots of alcohol involved :) plus, have you ever ate hardtack? It's a wonder both sides didn't quit because of that.
  8. Travel Day Recipes.

    interestingly enough, back in 1999 a bunch of us were reenacting/camping at t he sight of the now demolished tower in Gettysburg. Someone bought one of those non frozen pre made store pizzas that you just throw in the oven and a baking stone. Put that baby on top of my freshly built engine in my 84 Monte Carlo SS and let the car run for about 25 minutes. It wasn't bad. That's my one and only cooking food on a car engine story.
  9. Travel Day Recipes.

    I wish I could use the microwave while on the road
  10. I'm picking up the Companion Hitch in 11 hours from a local dealer. It is heavy, but in 2 pieces it's way lighter and more manageable then the Reese Slider Hitch that I still have and need to sell. I don't remember seeing that particular Grand Design either. Good luck on whatever you decide on! That 320mks is pretty sweet.
  11. This was the first show that we went to that we were "left alone". Not one sales rep bothered us first or even ask us if we had any questions, nor did anyone of them even say hi. Maybe we were dressed poor or my robotic knee brace (which set off the metal detector) intimidated them....I don't know...it was weird. I liked that I had a chance to actually look at and lift the B&W Companion 5th wheel hitch and know that is what I'm going to purchase for my new to me truck. No more rails in the bed for me.
  12. That stuff bothers me way less then the cranberries, walnuts and other froufrou stuff that is polluting the food these days.
  13. ....and have dogs that are too neurotic to send to a kennel.
  14. Sometimes you just have to roll with it.