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  1. Got a paywall and the "complimentary" view button doesn't work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah, OJ getting parole is probably more likely to happen :)
  3. CNC carved sign

    I don't think you're overstepping your bounds going by the quote above yours. P.S. She's one of the ones in charge :) Nice sign by the way.
  4. Not sure if you set up sub-albums in your library, but it will not let me download any albums if there are sub-abums in it.
  5. I have almost 1700 pics there. It took me 30 minutes just to download 1 album of 20 pics. I think everyone is participating in a mass exodus and the downloading is crushing their server(s). About half of those pics only exist on photobarf right now as my 2 external hard drives died and my 64gb flash drive was chewed up by our former puggle Landon. So, it's imperative I get these pics.
  6. Should someone tell her the name of the flamingo up in the top left corner? :)
  7. Here is the reply in my email: Dear rhall_monte, Hello, COA picture has been added to the listing. Thanks for your interest -annabelles-attic-signs And if you check the listing, there is a picture of the "COA"
  8. I think I found the source image for his sign. https://www.disneyclips.com/imagesnewb/mickey-minnie2.html
  9. Absolutely. Why I'm curious to see the COA
  10. Will have to wait for an answer.
  11. I already messaged him or her for it
  12. If it's not legit, at least they got the FW phone number correct.
  13. Looking for restaurant suggestions

    Can't go wrong with Artist Point.
  14. Picking up the new rig...

    Looks Great.
  15. Picking up the new rig...

    See that spotter in the pics and the hand never moves out of that one position. That's exactly how my wife does spotting for me! *I hope she doesn't read this.... *even though it's true....