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  1. I don't need no sunscreen!

    Yes, I usually don't burn I think it was the combo of the sun and water that did it. Thanks for reading along!
  2. I don't need no sunscreen!

    Are last morning in the camper. We all got up and got ready for breakfast. Up at the ranger station they had a waffle breakfast for 4 bucks a person. We had very little food left this was perfect. I started a load of laundry kids got ready for the pool. My husband and I then started to pack up. We would not be going in the camper again till we got home and we needed all my Nieces stuff and a over night bag for us. I finished up the laundry and we closed up the camper. It was still warm out but much less humidity from down south. We parked up at the front and found the kids. I had bought a extra pizza the night before so cold pizza was for lunch. My husband joined the kids in the pool and on the waterslide. They where having a great time! Me not so much my sunburn was the worst today! After a couple of hours we all played mini golf. There was a women there from the local magazine who took are picture we are famous. The kids got a slushie we took a couple of photos and it was time to leave. We had a 4 hour drive to southern Illinois to visit family. We arrived just in time for dinner we went out to a Asian Buffet. We had a nice visit and both kids where tired and went to bed early. The next morning My sister in-law made us a big breakfast before we hit the rode for the last time. We had a 6 hour trip a head of us. We made it back with no problems and I took my Niece home. I was sad to see her go and I think she was a little sad to leave us. All in all we had a great time and the weather wasn't to bad. The kids got along great! We did not get to do everything we wanted but, that's what next time is for. My son keeps asking me when we are going back. He says once a year isn't enough we are raising him right lol! I have learned my lesson with the Florida sun and the water. I will never again say I Don't Need No Sunscreen. I have never had such a bad burn and I hope I never do again! Thanks for reading along to my first trip report!
  3. I don't need no sunscreen!

    Found a place Pine Oak Creek about 9 miles from 6 flags.
  4. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    Wow what a couple of stories!
  5. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    You should be proud of your daughter!
  6. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    Thanks for sharing. We have a weekend balloon fest in our town in July. This year there was 15 balloons it was really something seeing them all lit up at night.
  7. I don't need no sunscreen!

    Yes,this just happened to me today. We want to camp by 6 flags in St Louis next weekend the Jellystone is already closed for the season. Now I'm on the hunt for another place to stay.
  8. I don't need no sunscreen!

    After a nice night sleep we are up. My husband and I sat by the lake for while and relaxed. Kids where up but still in bed on their phones of course! We all hit the comfort station which wasn't bad my niece didn't like her creepy crawly thing in there with her but it's camping. Breakfast was slim pickings today but, that's ok we have the dinning pass at 6 flags and, that's where we are headed. Kid's seem better today with each other no mention of the fight. We pack up and head out. We are all excited and hungry! All the way there we are telling Niece about the rides they have and what we are going to eat. We start getting close I start getting are bag ready. Tell kids to grab their drink cups. We get free drinks with are dining pass. I hear my husband say do you remember how to get in here? I look up and see barricades and no cars I say it's closed. I grab my phone and look it up yup it's closed only open on weekends. For those of you that live there is it because of school starting? I didn't even think to look at the hours before we left major fail on my part. We just sat there now what we had a brief thought of the movie Family Vacation. My husband makes the decision we will drive to Kentucky and stay at the Jellystone Park. We are visiting his sister in southern Illinois and this would make us close to her and we can still have some fun. I call for a reservation they don't make reservations for one night. Great, we start driving and eat what is left of the snacks all the time thinking about what we would of been eating. We hit traffic and construction. I start to worry we wont get a spot and look up other campgrounds near by just in case. We finally arrive a little after 6. I go in the office others wait in the van. I got the last spot I can not believe it! The kids hit the pool husband and I set up. By now we are starving and we have no food. Husband and I leave and drive down the rode we get Pizza Hut and BBQ. Get back call kids back and we have dinner. After dinner we walk around for a bit kids hit the movie for a bit and we get ready for bed. I'm so glad the kids got to have some fun I felt really bad!
  9. A Disneyland Flickr album ... TR (kinda)

    Great pictures thanks for sharing!
  10. Halloween in August Trip Report

    We love doing the pirate map game! When my son was little he loved getting his hair done in the barber shop. They used to make a hidden mickey with colored gel on the back of his head and lots of pixie dust. Sadly I think they stopped doing the colored hair gel now.
  11. I don't need no sunscreen!

    Leaving day is not fun! Where did the time go? Today we got everyone up I got my aloe on with help from my husband. We started to pack up and had a quick breakfast. When we where close to done we went for one last bike ride to soak it all in. We went down to the marina took some pictures and walked on the beach. We went into the settlement and looked around in there for a few min. Next we rode over to meadows my son pin traded for a Duffy pin to remember him and his cousin getting all those stamps. I got a Fort shirt and I love it! We walked around for a bit and I could not stall any longer it was getting late. We rode back and finished packing up and rolled out at 11:03. We stopped at the entrance to take our customary Fort pictures. See you real soon! The plan was to spend the night in Georgia and go to 6 flags the next day. We are season pass holders we can go to any 6 flags. We did this last year and it was fun way to end our trip. If you live near there you might be seeing a problem with this plan? We stopped a few hours later got some sub sandwiches and Starbucks again. We decided to stay at Stone Mountain park for the night. We arrived right after the office closed. We just picked a site on the map put money in the drop box. When we got to the site we picked it looks like they where putting up tents you could rent. We moved down a couple of spots no big deal. I walked up front to change our spot on the map the rest of the family started to set up. When I got back I found out that my Son and Niece got into a fight and where not talking. This was the only fight they had the whole time. I chalked it up to tired, hungry and, no more Disney. We quick finished setting up and went out to eat. We found a little diner about a mile away. Food was good and, reasonable. Kids are still not talking. We got back got ready for bed I got more aloe and we where out. Traveling sure makes you tired.
  12. Travel Day Recipes.

    We make BLTs I buy pita pockets, pre shredded lettuce, tomato and I pre cook bacon before we leave. Pack in a cooler with a small jar of mayo. Easy to make on the road.
  13. Halloween in August Trip Report

    We used the free ice water at the Starbucks a lot. It's nice not to not have to wait in line. It seems day time is better to visit Disney Springs. When we where there we where packed in the elevator like sardines at the coke store. And every table was taken and the order line was nuts. We looked around and, got the heck out of there. Your right it was very loud!
  14. I don't need no sunscreen!

    Thanks for the tip! I did read that when I was looking for relieve.
  15. I don't need no sunscreen!

    Yes, that is one of the reasons why we wanted to try something new. We got lucky it was later in the day around 4 when we got there so we got a spot in the lot. If it would of been earlier I think I would of talked the Kids into staying.