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  1. Thanks for the report I really enjoyed it. You have a beautiful family!
  2. Finally made it from Wisconsin

    We also are from Wisconsin and drive straight down. Glad you made it safe! Don't worry it looks like the cold is not going away anytime soon. You can still enjoy it when you get back and snow is coming tonight it should also still be here when you get back!
  3. What a nice thing for your daughter I'm sure she loved having all the attention!
  4. Three trips to Disney can make a year good!

    Thanks for the report! I also liked the frozen ride more than I thought.
  5. Three trips to Disney can make a year good!

    I'm reading along thanks!
  6. One day solo trip help!!!

    I would skip rivers of light. It was good but not great and there is so much better things to do with all the holiday stuff. Just my opinion though.
  7. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2017

    Thanks for the report really enjoyed it!
  8. November 25th is my birthday say hi to the fort from me. Have a great trip!
  9. Halloween in August Trip Report

    I also love frozen cokes and chai latte. Thanks for the trip report!
  10. Day Trip to White Sands National Monument

    Wow that place looks so cool! Sledding on sand is looks much better than snow! No wet freezing mittens, no boots falling off kids feet, no frost bite, everyone can put there arms down lol! What a great day!
  11. Got there early and stayed late

    No one looks happy in your boat on pirates why so serious everyone?
  12. Got there early and stayed late

    Two years ago we went with my then four year old Nephew his favorite ride was it's a small world we rode it three times in one day!