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  1. One day solo trip help!!!

    I would skip rivers of light. It was good but not great and there is so much better things to do with all the holiday stuff. Just my opinion though.
  2. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2017

    Thanks for the report really enjoyed it!
  3. November 25th is my birthday say hi to the fort from me. Have a great trip!
  4. Halloween in August Trip Report

    I also love frozen cokes and chai latte. Thanks for the trip report!
  5. Day Trip to White Sands National Monument

    Wow that place looks so cool! Sledding on sand is looks much better than snow! No wet freezing mittens, no boots falling off kids feet, no frost bite, everyone can put there arms down lol! What a great day!
  6. Got there early and stayed late

    No one looks happy in your boat on pirates why so serious everyone?
  7. Got there early and stayed late

    Two years ago we went with my then four year old Nephew his favorite ride was it's a small world we rode it three times in one day!
  8. Got there early and stayed late

    My son also does not hate Beverly. Great report thanks for sharing your son is super cute!
  9. New 2017 Fort Wilderness Merchandise

    I got the grey ladies I love camping shirt when we there in August.
  10. Total gridlock in the hub

    When we where there this summer I said this is the last time we will watch in front of the castle. To us it just isn't worth all the stress it brings.
  11. Site confirmation

    I did express check in I had to get number at check in.
  12. I don't need no sunscreen!

    Next time maybe I can figure out pictures. My son does all tech things for me I'm terrible.
  13. I don't need no sunscreen!

    Yes, I usually don't burn I think it was the combo of the sun and water that did it. Thanks for reading along!
  14. I don't need no sunscreen!

    Are last morning in the camper. We all got up and got ready for breakfast. Up at the ranger station they had a waffle breakfast for 4 bucks a person. We had very little food left this was perfect. I started a load of laundry kids got ready for the pool. My husband and I then started to pack up. We would not be going in the camper again till we got home and we needed all my Nieces stuff and a over night bag for us. I finished up the laundry and we closed up the camper. It was still warm out but much less humidity from down south. We parked up at the front and found the kids. I had bought a extra pizza the night before so cold pizza was for lunch. My husband joined the kids in the pool and on the waterslide. They where having a great time! Me not so much my sunburn was the worst today! After a couple of hours we all played mini golf. There was a women there from the local magazine who took are picture we are famous. The kids got a slushie we took a couple of photos and it was time to leave. We had a 4 hour drive to southern Illinois to visit family. We arrived just in time for dinner we went out to a Asian Buffet. We had a nice visit and both kids where tired and went to bed early. The next morning My sister in-law made us a big breakfast before we hit the rode for the last time. We had a 6 hour trip a head of us. We made it back with no problems and I took my Niece home. I was sad to see her go and I think she was a little sad to leave us. All in all we had a great time and the weather wasn't to bad. The kids got along great! We did not get to do everything we wanted but, that's what next time is for. My son keeps asking me when we are going back. He says once a year isn't enough we are raising him right lol! I have learned my lesson with the Florida sun and the water. I will never again say I Don't Need No Sunscreen. I have never had such a bad burn and I hope I never do again! Thanks for reading along to my first trip report!