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  1. "WINNER WINNER Cheese Food Dinner!!" LOL!
  2. I'm surprised there is not an Option 5... "Click here to apply for your very own Disney Chase Visa credit card. Once your card is approved, any funds remaining in your Disney Vacation Account will be transferred into your Disney Rewards Account with Chase."
  3. One of the many "eating establishments" at Capital One's Richmond, VA campus serves something very much like this, and it tastes AMAZING!
  4. Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, CA

    Doug, I was out in SFO week before last for work that straddled the weekend and I visited the Walt Disney Family Museum for something to do. This was my second visit in over a 3 year period. To me, it was worth the visit as it details Walt's life from before he was born until he died. To get the most out of it, there is a lot of reading and its pretty much laid out in chronological order. This is the primary reason I have to visit museums without my wife and daughter. They refuse to go because I actually read and study the exhibits. There are some interactive exhibits, especially as you get toward the end. There is a scale model of Disneyland as well as the engine and a few of the cars that Walt built for the Carolwood Railroad he had in his backyard in California. You can easily spend 2 to 3 hours there. It's located in the Presidio, which is very close to the Golden Gate Bridge and the other touristy things that SFO has to offer. The price is $30 per person (adults) and am not sure if there is a reduced rate for kids. There used to be DVC discount, but they have discontinued that.
  5. NC has already changed the look for their drivers licenses to begin alignment for this new program. There was an insert placed in with my license plate renewal notice that detailed the new "Real ID" that they will begin to make available in the near future. Although it will not be a requirement to get the Real ID, if a person wants that designation, which amounts to nothing more than a gold star placed in the upper right corner of the drivers license, they have to provide some additional documents that prove who they say they are...
  6. There will be no shaming or judging here! If you feel the need to pay $50 for a snow cone, then go right ahead and let it go (your money that is!)
  7. Bugs

    Nacole, are you planning on carrying a ladder with you so that you can reach the front cap of the 5-er when you have to "de-bug" or are you gonna reach it when the truck is still attached or just backed under the pin box?
  8. How long to do you think it will be before Disney rolls out another "fleecing scheme" like: "For the low price of $59.95 per person, you can relax in an air conditioned lounge while waiting for your pre-assigned ride time to experience the wonders of Pandora. You will be treated to local beverages and snacks while you wait."
  9. Renovations to the All Stars Level Resorts

    I am seeing and thinking the same thing!
  10. Andrew, it seems like (naturally) all the folks trying to gain entry to Pandora are going there by way of the front entrance. Was/is there a way to enter from the path that you guys exited by the Lion King theatre? Also, since the Florida heat is really getting ready to bear down on Pandora, did Disney install misting fans along the queue lines for these new attractions? Oh, I'm following along by the way...
  11. They could turn it into a "Star Wars for Dummies" ride... For the few of us who are not Star Wars savvy, and can't understand and keep the movies in the correct order, Disney can re-do all of the current scenes and remake them into Star Wars scenes that place them in the correct order. The stand-by line for that would probably be out by the Starbucks.
  12. For $8.89 seems like this will get you the same result!
  13. All vehicles are neatly parked on the pavement, nothing to see here. Move along.
  14. That was a great TR! Make sure to sign up for next year's conference so we can all "come along" again!
  15. Someone would have to be "raising the dead" for me to stand in all of that!