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  1. Toad trailer question

    We use a tow dolly to pull our car down and have always left in the overflow lot. We have not had an issue since we bought the MOHO and dolly in 2009.
  2. IOS 11 upgrade!

    Our IT Department sent out this message last Wednesday shortly after the IOS 11 update became available... Do not install iOS Version 11 on iPads or iPhones Issue Apple has discovered an issue with iOS Version 11 (which was released yesterday, September 19) that may prevent some users from sending emails from iPads and/or iPhones. For that reason, JLL strongly recommends that JLL users with iPads and/or iPhones should NOT upgrade those devices to iOS Version 11 until further notice. User action If you have already installed iOS Version 11 on your iPad and/or iPhone, it is recommended that you wait until Apple issues an update that fixes the issue. Until that time, do not use the device for sending or replying to emails. If you have not yet installed iOS Version 11 on your iPad and/or iPhone, it is recommended that you wait to do so until Apple releases an update that fixes the issue.
  3. IRMA

    IRMA? I think I knew an IRMA at one point in my life....
  4. Do we have the same daughter?! That made me laugh!
  5. Another set of stop-over points...

    Aww this warms my heart... another "Roadie-Dad" coming down to set things up before the "Rockstars" show up to enjoy the fruits of your labor! I have done this many times... its almost like having 2 vacations in one!
  6. I think the first step to getting folks back on the right track is to somehow remove the phones/screens from our lives... I feel one of the main reasons folks are no longer nice to each other is that they don't know how to deal with each other face to face. We as a society are losing the skill of face to face communication and personal interaction.
  7. High airline prices for Christmas

    I have to throw a "plug" in for SW. I fly them regularly and have consistently been on their A-List Preferred status for the last few years. I have never had any issues with them and welcome their no "airline BS" way of doing business... If you know and understand how their operation works, then that is half the battle.
  8. When fall rolls around, they will just substitute the orange flavoring with pumpkin and sell it as the "Pumpkin Creamsicle Cupcake"
  9. In the past when we have played the game of having to make multiple reservations to piece together one consecutive vacation, I have always called back a couple of days later and had the agent combine all the "pieces" into one reservation.
  10. "WINNER WINNER Cheese Food Dinner!!" LOL!
  11. I'm surprised there is not an Option 5... "Click here to apply for your very own Disney Chase Visa credit card. Once your card is approved, any funds remaining in your Disney Vacation Account will be transferred into your Disney Rewards Account with Chase."
  12. One of the many "eating establishments" at Capital One's Richmond, VA campus serves something very much like this, and it tastes AMAZING!
  13. Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, CA

    Doug, I was out in SFO week before last for work that straddled the weekend and I visited the Walt Disney Family Museum for something to do. This was my second visit in over a 3 year period. To me, it was worth the visit as it details Walt's life from before he was born until he died. To get the most out of it, there is a lot of reading and its pretty much laid out in chronological order. This is the primary reason I have to visit museums without my wife and daughter. They refuse to go because I actually read and study the exhibits. There are some interactive exhibits, especially as you get toward the end. There is a scale model of Disneyland as well as the engine and a few of the cars that Walt built for the Carolwood Railroad he had in his backyard in California. You can easily spend 2 to 3 hours there. It's located in the Presidio, which is very close to the Golden Gate Bridge and the other touristy things that SFO has to offer. The price is $30 per person (adults) and am not sure if there is a reduced rate for kids. There used to be DVC discount, but they have discontinued that.
  14. NC has already changed the look for their drivers licenses to begin alignment for this new program. There was an insert placed in with my license plate renewal notice that detailed the new "Real ID" that they will begin to make available in the near future. Although it will not be a requirement to get the Real ID, if a person wants that designation, which amounts to nothing more than a gold star placed in the upper right corner of the drivers license, they have to provide some additional documents that prove who they say they are...