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  1. This all sounds like 10lbs. of "you know what" in a 5lb. bag...
  2. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Hey Gwen, same here, what Andrew said... I have been coming and going since you have posted your pics hoping to see what everyone else has been raving about... I too thought I would try one more thing to view the pictures and Chrome turned out to be the ticket! I have went back and re-read everything just to get caught up! For some reason, I am still having major Disney withdrawals and your pictures have really helped me to get past some of it. It is so awesome that you got to get away even if it was just for a few days. I'm sure that helped more than words can describe. And for Jean Ann to invite you, that is the mark of a true friend. I'm sure your company meant as much to her as it her's did for you! Next time you go to the Polite Pig, try the wings, they are awesome. We tried several other apps when we were there back in October, and I think this is my new favorite at Disney Springs. I hope there are at leas 20 more pages of pictures and I look forward to seeing each one of them! Hang in there and keep the faith!!
  3. Welcome Home Sweepstakes

    Me too...
  4. While this may not help you now, but last night as I was making a reservation request online for next September, there was a question whether or not I needed to be placed near someone else on another site. It asked me the name the other reservation was in and what their check-in date was. Of course is asked me all of the other information such as length of RV, how many slides and about awnings... Funny thing it still asked if I required to be in a "pet-loop" or not. I guess Disney has not gotten around to removing that question, or they are just leaving it in if they ever decide to return to having dedicated pet loops.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! No matter where you are camping today, whether it be in some remote campground, The Fort, or in your living room, we all have a lot to be thankful for! I hope you all have a fun, safe and relaxing Thanksgiving day!!
  6. They have opened up the new lanes that lead to the Fort from World Drive. When you approach the toll plaza, make sure you are in the far right lane. You no longer are required to (or can) travel through the MK toll plaza and make that right turn to head to the Fort. In fact, if you do end up in the toll plaza thinking you can get ahead of the traffic back up and make that right turn, think again. They have it walled off. You will either have to proceed to the MK parking lot or bear to the left to an exit that dumps you out right at the Car Care Center and the Speedway gas station. And we all know what a pain that becomes at that point... When I was there on Thursday while on Monorail over to Epcot, the traffic seemed to back way up World Drive because there is still a traffic light the WL, PVR, and CR have to stop for, as they are required to make a left turn. The Fort traffic just has to slow down and merge onto Vista Drive. I'm sure as the "fly over" and the other traffic features come on line, this pattern will most likely change. Just wanted everyone to be prepared and not get caught in the toll plaza.
  7. I completely agree! For the last 10 or so years we have avoided traveling I-4 through Orlando to the Fort. We ALWAYS take 417 from Sanford to 536 in LBV. On Thursday morning when driving solo to get the motorhome from the shop, I thought I would give I-4 through Orlando a try.... Boy was I ever glad that I wasn't driving the motorhome or any other vehicle of size. The road was a total mess! If they doubled the tolls on 417, I would still pay it just to have a peaceful and easy drive to the Fort.
  8. The 800 Loop seems to be our favorite so far, but have been wanting to try the 12 and 1300 loops for some time. To me, at least for the "insides" of those loops seem to be the most private. I'm with you on the 600 loop. My least favorite of all! Especially the left side of the loop as you enter. You get full sun for most of the day, and for a motorhome with all of that windshield, creates a lot of heat build up that the AC struggles to keep up with. Oh and WELCOME to the group!!
  9. Instant Pot

    There are also things you can smoke and enjoy somewhat quickly... I have smoked chicken wings, small pork loins and boneless chicken breasts with great success. As you already mentioned, if you are talking about a pork shoulder or boston butt, then clear your calendar as you're gonna be there a while. I still want to try smoking a beef brisket, but just haven't pulled the trigger on that one yet.
  10. Instant Pot

    Christmas is coming, so you need to remedy that not having a smoker thing.... Get one for the family, you'll love it. I have an electric one that we use at the house and a portable one that stays in the camper.
  11. 500 loop advice

    Plus with the 500 loop, you will be just across the road from the dog park...
  12. New 2017 Fort Wilderness Merchandise

    I hate to say it, but this year's "Fort stuff" doesn't wow me... Its hard to explain, but I think all of the shirts are too "non-descript" Like the designers came up with these from on-line printing company...
  13. Does your mini-van have a roof rack, and if so, have you investigated placing the bikes on the roof? That way, your back gate operation is not hampered and you don't have to worry about messing with the glass.
  14. Four Seasons and Trees

    I was just looking at the street name of "Golf View Dr." from your last map pic. Its almost as if they are trying to make the name really stick! When I first saw this, my mind (what's left of it) went back to the time when they were building that monster...
  15. Four Seasons and Trees

    Here are three pictures that I borrowed from the "I Love Camping at Disney" Facebook page. Hat tip to Patricia Heil for the pictures. If you look beyond the backhoe, you can see the building on the golf course that I mentioned yesterday