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  1. New Beverage Stand

    Didn't there used to be a drink machine at the end of the building?
  2. I don't drink..... yet, but this here is funny!!
  3. WINNER WINNER, Crab Leg Dinner!! One of our favorites... It is a buffet, but like Dave mentioned for the Biergarten, its a table service experience. You may have to stalk that lady or man in front of you in the line for the "special cluster of crab legs that you have spotted a few feet away. Or hang back and wait for the steamer to open for the next fresh batch, but none the less, lots of other good choices on the bar to choose from.
  4. Ahh, the good 'ole POR Food Court... The Miller Clan's favorite "What do you want to eat?... I don't know, what do you want to eat? Well, how about (fill in any place imaginable)? No, I don't really want that, but I'll go anywhere you want to go.." type of place. There is always something for everyone in the party. The "meat and 2 sides", or the made to order salads is usually what I get... The "made to order pasta" and the Magic Cookie Bars are my daughter's favorite. Whether we are camping or DVC-ing, we always seem to find our way over here at least once per trip.
  5. The Edison Opens

    Did I read somewhere that one of these new eating joints was going to enforce some sort of dress code?
  6. Bluetooth Keys

    Hilton uses something like this now in most of their properties... They call it Digital Key. I open up the Hilton app on my phone and when I get near the door, I either shake phone, or hit the unlock door button on the app. I always opt in for it when I check in the day before arrival, but have found that I still need to get the "old fashioned" plastic key card (as opposed to the extra old fashioned door key), as this new service is sometime spotty at best.
  7. "Welcome to Disney's highway in the sky. Please remember to keep all hands, feet and bodies inside the car at all times... Have A Magical Day!"
  8. An here I thought you were locked up all this time in that backstage room of Pioneer Hall with Melvin the Moose! Oh, by the way... I am in as well!
  9. Loop 1400 site info

    Take a look at the 800 loop as well... Although its a bit larger than the 900 loop that TCD mentioned, the bath house is located at the entrance to the loop. The bath house for the 800 is located inside the "circle of the loop" and is accessible from both sides. The 800 loop does back up to a canal, but that is only on the right hand side and where the loop circles back toward the main road. There is some distance between the campsites and the canal. In other words, they are not directly behind the campsites like they are in the 1400 loop. I hope that made sense...
  10. This all sounds like 10lbs. of "you know what" in a 5lb. bag...
  11. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Hey Gwen, same here, what Andrew said... I have been coming and going since you have posted your pics hoping to see what everyone else has been raving about... I too thought I would try one more thing to view the pictures and Chrome turned out to be the ticket! I have went back and re-read everything just to get caught up! For some reason, I am still having major Disney withdrawals and your pictures have really helped me to get past some of it. It is so awesome that you got to get away even if it was just for a few days. I'm sure that helped more than words can describe. And for Jean Ann to invite you, that is the mark of a true friend. I'm sure your company meant as much to her as it her's did for you! Next time you go to the Polite Pig, try the wings, they are awesome. We tried several other apps when we were there back in October, and I think this is my new favorite at Disney Springs. I hope there are at leas 20 more pages of pictures and I look forward to seeing each one of them! Hang in there and keep the faith!!
  12. Welcome Home Sweepstakes

    Me too...
  13. While this may not help you now, but last night as I was making a reservation request online for next September, there was a question whether or not I needed to be placed near someone else on another site. It asked me the name the other reservation was in and what their check-in date was. Of course is asked me all of the other information such as length of RV, how many slides and about awnings... Funny thing it still asked if I required to be in a "pet-loop" or not. I guess Disney has not gotten around to removing that question, or they are just leaving it in if they ever decide to return to having dedicated pet loops.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! No matter where you are camping today, whether it be in some remote campground, The Fort, or in your living room, we all have a lot to be thankful for! I hope you all have a fun, safe and relaxing Thanksgiving day!!