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  1. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    Doesn't matter where he his if he's hungry. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    Originally we kept the Friday free as my wife's cousin was meant to be joining us. With one thing and another that didn't happen, so we moved our planned DS trip forward a day to check out the Black Friday sales. Stores were open early so we got there around 9. Walked past stance on the way from the buses and got dome novelty star wars socks. Then to the lego store. There was a lot of playing before we even started shopping my daughter was a bit bored but picked out some Minecraft lego on sale. Didn't spend enough for the Nutcracker set but did quite well. World of Disney next, it was busy. My daughter got a bit overwhelmed and struggled to find something she wanted with the money she had left on her gift card. I took both kids out for a pretzel(on sale!) while my wife paid. For the last couple of trips, we've given my daughter a Disney gift card on the understanding that with the exception of meals she had to use the gift card to buy what she wanted. Mostly its worked well, but she struggled this trip. I think she spent more in the fort stores than we had thought. In fairness, we had tried to budget using gift cards this trip as well and ended up going over. The giant Jenga kept them amused while my wife braved the checkout line. We were almost worn out by that point and realized that we weren't doing much else. I took my daughter to Trend D while my wife looked at dresses. At that point, I realized I still had to get the magic bands we are giving friends as Christmas gifts. We are doing Disney with them after Christmas. Unless we can get booked at the Fort we are staying off-site, so getting them bands as gifts. World of Disney didn't have many so checked the park shop app. One of the ones I wanted they had in pin traders, so picked that up. I'd booked Raglan Road for lunch. The loud music outside put my son off, so it was just my wife and daughter. I'd forgotten to give them the TIW card so ended up popping in and it was quieter inside so maybe next time. We ended up in cooks of Dublin next door. Ordered a children's fish and chips and adults. Found a table in the back and quite happily looked out if the window at the rain. I had been wanting to try the fish and chips here for a while and they were good, nicer than the rose and crown in Epcot. Back to the bus stop after this, reading the Lego catalog while we waited. My daughter picked out a plush baymax in the end as she needed a cuddle. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    Yeah good point about the rain. After the carriage ride we debated hanging out on the beach but kids wanted to do the movie, got to the campfire part way through the the sing along. Didn't have the smores box with me. Did consider going back for it and cycling over with it, but considered it was easier to buy a kit this once. Got a smores kit, popcorn for my daughter and chicken nuggets for my wife. Lots of spare seats. Once we'd had smores, and the movie Dinosaur had started. I went back to the food truck to get myself something to eat, and chicken nuggets for my daughter who now decided she was hungry. First time I'd eaten at the food truck, got the pork belly burger, very nice. Also got a beer. Didn't stay for the whole movie this time. Had quite a wait for the bus back to 2700, getting yo and from the camp fire is probably the one thing that made me regret not getting a golf cart. If we did cabins again I'd probably get one. Snapped some photos of done decorations on the way back from the bus stop. Then put our feet up the with ginger bread. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Legoland has a kids New year's Eve party from the 27th to the 31st at 7pm. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. No I didn't realize that, that works well then early fireworks and then back to where ever we are staying. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    First time we'd done the BBQ, think I actually prefer it to HDDR certainly for younger children. Yep was expensive and no TIW discount on Thanksgiving. My wife said it was like no Thanksgiving she's had before which was kind of the point of the trip. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    Before I start talking about Thanksgiving I feel that I should mention despite celebrating Thanksgiving for the last 13 years (strangely most of them outside of the US), I'm not American and it wasn't something I grew up with. The plans for Thanksgiving probably changed the most. Originally we had Raglan Road booked and had to have breakfast while resort hoping. Resort hoping got dropped in favour of the Thanksgiving activities and Raglan Road got cancelled as I was able to get a reservation at Backyard BBQ. Started off the day with cinnamon roll Turkeys cooked in the cabin. The oven may too small for a real Turkey but perfect for these. After breakfast no one was interested in the scavenger hunt so I took my daughter down to the corn hole game after walking down to the outpost to get our tickets for lunch, she then lost interest so we shopped. I decided to walk back to the cabin rather than wait for the bus, even cutting through the group camping area I got complaints of my feet hurt. My son was happy doing crafts. We headed to the pool to soak tired feet, my wife and son joined us after doing crafts before we got dried off and headed to the settlement. Kids played for a bit while I shopped. Then to lunch, this was the 2.30 seating my prefference would have been earlier do I was hungry. I stuck to the Turkey, Ham and sides with a but of salad and some beer of course. My wife started about the same before getting a plate of Mac N Cheese and ham. The kids, well one had a burger and Turkey. The other one had Mac N Cheese and Turkey with gravy. I think I got both kids up for to dance once but they weren't that keen. We jumped a bit when the trick roper came on but that was fun to watch. Mickey Ice Cream bars and pumpkin pie before we left. We had a carriage ride booked so later so we killed some time taking the boat to the contemporary. We got the monorail to the Grand Floridian This was mostly just to buy gingerbread Back on the monorail. Taking the MK boat this time. We let the kids play on the beach for a bit before getting our carriage tour. This is a really nice way of looping. I got what photos I could but it was dark I was using my phone and moving. Quite a few of these inflatable Turkeys. We had a few people come out of their campers and wave. My daughter said she felt like a celebrity. I did see a Fort Fiends sign but couldn't make it out. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. Still trying to get the fort booked for dates to cover this, at the moment I'm planning on being at MK on the 30th and Epcot on the 31st although not sure if we'll stay there long enough to watch the fire works.
  9. Did this as well, think we had a discussion about how 'Florida snow' tastes different and you shouldn't try and eat it.
  10. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    Waited a while for a bus but got back to the Fort around 3. I walked to the cabin while my wife and kids moved the car. I think they may have gotten lost in overflow given I beat them there. First time in a cabin. Was nice using my magic band to open something other the the comfort stations. Unloaded, got the stuff from the cooler in the fridge, is it just me or does anyone else feel that the size of the fridge is out of proportion to the oven. Kids explored I poured myself a beer, the cabin only had mason jars. Then I set up the decorations, yeah should have brought more will next time. Once we settled I ask if anyone wants to go back to Epcot, when we left it was with the intention of going back. Logistically this had to involve at least one child. Nope, ok maybe its not wanting to wait for a bus, what if we upgrade to park hoppers and do MK. Nope both kids tired. This is where I wish we went often enough to justify APs since I really wouldn't care then. Well my daughter wants some snacks and we need milk(Next time we're putting milk and soda in the cooler but it was the first time we used it). So she and my wife get the bus to the trading Post. My son wants to go to the pool, initially he was wanted to go to the meadow pool for the slide. But he decided to try the pool by the cabins rather than wait for a bus, so he rode his bike over. I walked he still needs some help which I can't provide if I'm cycling. He was glad he this did pool, it was almost empty. Rows of sun loungers empty and you could actually get in the hot tub. Mostly people staying in cabins judging by the towels. My only gripe would be the cost of the vending machine, my son actually told my wife it only took card. Not true I just find it easier not to carry cash when swimming. Headed back to the cabin for a discussion about dinner, originally thought we'd eat in Epcot so not much planned. Son wants hot dogs cooked on the camp fire. My daughter on the other hand doesn't want to go out at all. I comprise and cook burgers and hot dogs on the cabin BBQ grill. Now I had put my BBQ tools in the car but didn't really think we'd use them. The charcoal I'd bought from home was meant to be easy lighting and explicitly states not to use fire lighters or lighter fluid. However I had issues the last time I used it, and have been using the road trip at home recently. Didn't bring the road trip as was unsure about using near the cabin. I will say one thing I didn't need was the grill brush, was nice and clean. By the time my wife and son get back with supplies I have about 4 coals glowing. Fortunately they bought lighter fluid. If we do this again I'm putting more stuff in the cooler trading Post is a bit limited. After dinner I did smores over the grill. I offered to take the kids to see the fireworks but my daughter was tired and ran her self a bath and went to bed. My son just flopped on the bed. We let the kids have the bedroom and took the couch. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    We headed out about 8 am Wednesday morning and made fairly good time, getting to the fort around 10. I received a text saying our room wasn't quite ready do we parked in over flow and got the bus to Epcot. We hadn't intended on doing parks at all this time, but added in Epcot because of the Christmas stuff. We had to stop at guest services to activate our tickets. Had a trip planned for the end of the year so split a four day ticket between the two. While we were there got my son's DAS pass set up, lines a lot shorter than for guest services inside the park. Will still have to go to guest services on the next trip to add the rest of the party onto the DAS though. This was the day before Thanksgiving and it was busy, we did encounter a couple of rude people but for the most part everyone handled the crowds well. After stopping to watch the Muppets we tried to get into Fountain View for the Mickey Christmas cupcakes, but it was heaving. We went to club cool instead to try the Beverly. I can imagine it would go well with gin. Headed into the world showcase to to a Perry Mission. We'd done the mission in Mexico before so did the one in China. It's a fun way of getting the kids around the countries. Was approaching lunch time so ate in the Lotus Blossom Cafe, hadn't eaten here before and was impressed although the kids would have preferred noodles to rice they ate some of mine so they were happy. Too busy eating to take photos, the Tsing Tao was nice though, been a while since I'd had one. Wondered around world show case after that. Stopped for ice cream while the kids drummed for a bit. After this the kids started getting tired and we'd gotten a text that our cabin was ready around 11 so we decided to head back the fort. Walked through some more of world show case stopping briefly to watch the Matsuriza show in Japan and a couple of photos in Canada before heading for the bus. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. I've walked from Wet n Wild to universal. That was the closest I Trolley stop the last time I stayed on I drive. Universal Blvd crosses I 4, wasn't that bad a walk maybe about 20 minutes onto city walk. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    While obviously a bit of a novelty purchase, I must say I liked it. When assembling smores for two children in the dark knowing where everything is, is nice. Also means it all goes back in the box without my bag getting sticky. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  14. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    We got it from BJs, it's basically an empty toolbox to hold the smores supplies. There's an insert that holds the chocolate and crackers and the marshmallows go underneath. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  15. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    Didn't take the pedals off this time may try it next time. I did pack my bike tools in case I had to adjust the height of anything on my son's bike. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk