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  1. Definite Newbie Question

    Thanks to everyone. I have looked through multiple posts and I am glad there are people out there with a wealth of knowledge and the willingness to share! I look forward to our first stay at the Fort, the first of many!! Erik
  2. Definite Newbie Question

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the information. We have our first trip booked for next Spring Break so we will recounting down the days! We will give the loop maps a look and make our request. BTW, what is the earliest you can make a loop request?
  3. Hey guys, We are former APs who just entered the world of the RV with a Tiffin Allegro 38 QBA. A couple of quick questions... 1. What premium sites would be best for that size RV and a family of 5 with one small child (5) and 2 pets (dogs)? We would prefer to be within a very short walking distance of the boat launch, if possible. 2. Are there non-pet friendly loops or sites? 3. Is it necessary to reserve a premium lot for a 38' RV or would a regular site do and what are the advantages/disadvantages? Sorry to ask these as I am sure they have been asked a million times... Erik and Alicia