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  1. 3000 Loop Update

    Sorry for the loss of your friend. Yes, I think you are here at this time to offer support and comfort.
  2. Local restaurant recommendations...

    We like Perkins not only for breakfast but lunch and dinner too. Prices are reasonible and food is good. Breakfast can be busy but usually dinner is walk in and sit down. What I am unhappy about is they have taken the meat loaf and the pot roast off the menu. That pot roast was so good. Perkins near corner of 535 and I-4.
  3. Iger to Leave Disney in 2019

    And all that money going to the top people is made off the backs of the lowly hourly workers. I worked there when WDW first started doing fire works every night at MK. Of course our wages were frozen at the time. Was real insulting to me that my nickel or dime raise was blowing up every night.
  4. Beach play?

    You are just a kid in grownup clothing you and the boy WILL have a blast!
  5. IRMA

    I have a friend who teaches in a preschool with 1 to 4 year old kids. Some of them start school not even knowing how to turn a page in a book. They swipe at the book because that is what they know. These kids learn how to be students and when they go to kindergarten are ready to learn.
  6. RVing with a hot tub?

    You could use a crock pot and/or a microwave to heat water, pour in tub, then add enough cool water to get it to right temp.
  7. IRMA

    So frustrating when rules are followed to the letter and no common sense is allowed.
  8. IRMA

    Checking in and glad to report we are all OK. Because we live in a mobile home we weathered Irma at the Wyndham hotel. Lots of debris in yards, one screen room lost by a neighbor and roof damage top another. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts about everyone in the path of these big scary storms.
  9. IRMA

    Thanks Gwen, I'll send this info to them also.
  10. IRMA

    Good idea, thanks. I'll text them this idea.
  11. IRMA

    Was in the MK this morning with friends from N.C. Got to ride the Mine train with very little wait, yay. Very quiet in the park, felt strange. The NC friends plan to head home oh dark early tomorrow, 4am. Hope the roads aren't so clogged by then.
  12. Boy do I agree with this, it's annoying to not be able to use the hub just because Bill is retired.
  13. Using Photobucket to host pictures? READ THIS

    That is super cute!
  14. An RV/boat is that a good Idea?

    There you go Jen, what an idea!