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  1. Marceline, MO

    Very cool, nice friend you have.
  2. Has anyone seen one of these contraptions yet?

    After I clicked on the above address An ad for them popped up on the bottom of my screen, they are called stroller wagons. And I see that name is in the address. So, if the company making them named them wagons...then they are wagons.
  3. Well now Rennie, you have me thinking about this ride. What with vertigo these swing rides are not as much fun as they use to be. Was even considering taking a motion sickness pill ahead of time as a preventive. I'd do the ride for sure if younger.
  4. Awwww Puck.... The Goons Take Disney!!

    Slowly catching up on trip reports. This one has a great start but I can see or rather not see what the photo bucket problem is doing to TRs. Good descriptions of the photos however and since WWW was mentioned thought I'd chime in here. I hope you are going to join the Wild Womenz this year.
  5. New baby hippo at AK

    I've heard there are tiger cubs also but don't know if they are out for public viewing yet.
  6. 1973 Magic Kingdom Home Movies

    Those strollers were great for little ones. The foot level could be lifted so it was level with the seat and the seat back laid back, a kid could get a great nap in one of those strollers. Of course, if one of them was behind you, you had better watch out, because they hurt when your ankles got hit. I'm still leery of strollers behind me. Some of the drivers are so unaware of people around them. Do you think they were replaced by the smaller strollers because they took up more space?
  7. Maybe a New Rig Next Spring

    Looks better than brand new, good job.
  8. Golf cart parking...

    add some cinnamon!!!!!!
  9. Maybe a New Rig Next Spring

    Looking good. Great to know how to fix problems, even better to go ahead and do the fixing!
  10. Weather Alert

    I understand how you feel Ray. We've had temps in the 80s and it wasn't even half way through Feb. I know it's Florida but it is still February people. I've resisted turning the AC on, but was sorely temped a few days ago.
  11. Wilderness Lodge trip 2017 - Upgrades, Tours and Backstage, Oh My!

    My oldest godson is such a Disney fan he goes to every Dapper Day he can. This past one he and his wife were dressed as explorers with a spiel to go with their story line. The young lady was more ready for the hot weather but gs was into the whole costume thing. I understand they were a hit on the Jungle Ride. It was too hot for me to stay long and crowds are not my thing anymore.
  12. Four resorts, one long weekend, and a birthday to remember!

    That is a neat little trailer with the tent addition looks roomy. Good for you thinking of your fellow campers (barking dog) and of the dogs. I wonder if there is a way you could get the little guy use to being left in the trailer? Maybe set him up at home in the garage, do often enough for him to stop the yapping. Then move camper to driveway, then farther out to a shopping parking lot. Has anyone dealt with this problem and solved it?
  13. Another New Mega Developement

    Well rats! There goes a good way to avoid some of the traffic in the LBV area. I always knew that road would be built up, but still boooooooo Little secret, it's a good back way to the Outback and it avoids I-4 535 traffic. Good for now at least.
  14. Finally made it from Wisconsin

    No fun having truck troubles while on vacation, but isn't today beautiful?!