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  1. Spring Break 2018

    Aren't the wildwomenz camping in April? That's as good an excuse as any.
  2. Hopefully a New Fiend From my Neighborhood :)

    Nice to have them for neighbors!
  3. Medical Care while at WDW

    Sure is an ouchie. And of course it hits everything, even with the bandage it hurts. But getting better, just not fast enough for him.
  4. The FORT will never be the same

  5. Medical Care while at WDW

    Had to make use of the Centra Care last night. My husband managed to almost slice the meaty part of his left pointer finger off, another quarter inch and there wouldn't have been a flap to sew back. It took 5 stiches and the doctor was very good, hurt him like hell but it will be mended soon. They are very good there, when we can't get to our family doc we head over to Centra Care.
  6. More Water Line Problems at the Fort

    Next time a hurricane shuts down the fort, fix the plumbing!
  7. More Water Line Problems at the Fort

    Good idea. Never a dull moment huh?
  8. Christmas reservations

    Of course.
  9. Christmas reservations

    Jason you can stop looking for us for Halloween.
  10. National Parks Price Increase $$$$$

    I grew up in Arlington, VA so my Dad took us on lots of day trips to Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah NP. I loved the park so much that I went to work at Skyland . I really miss the Virginia mountains.
  11. looking for loop for 32 ft class C and small tent

    Hi mamapapa, welcome to the fiends. You will soon have a lot of answers but the one I hear/read most often is to let Disney know what you want/need because then they can find a spot for you.
  12. Trick or Treat 2017

    Congratulations on the Fort stay! And welcome to the fiends.
  13. Total gridlock in the hub

    Do any of you remember years ago when the MK would be closed to more people entering? I think it was because the main parking lots were full. That was back in the days before any other parks were built and fewer hotel rooms were available on property. Now so many rooms with transportation included so the main parking lots don't fill up. Cram as many $$$$$ oops guests in as possible is the way it works now.
  14. Food and Wine 2017

    Makes sense that the discount is not on Friday, it's pretty busy anyway. As to the crowded area, I bet you are correct.
  15. Food and Wine 2017

    I wonder if the countries need to agree to the discount.