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  1. SW 2018

    Nacole, you are making me want to head to Texas.
  2. SW 2018

    Waco, it was never on my want to see list until the shiplap gal. Thanks for the info about the restaurant, looks like those breakfasts would last all day. I love the braid in your daughter's hair, beautiful.
  3. SW 2018

    In too :)
  4. Dragon caught fire today

    Aww poor dragon bravely still moving his head, trying to do his part even as he burns. That is one dedicated cast member!
  5. Disney Alaskan Cruise out of Vancouver

    If I ever get back to Alaska, I'll tour a few racing dog kennels. Have even heard that one of the cruise lines has a musher giving talks aboard ship. It wasn't Disney, however.
  6. Not really a trip report just a few thoughts on a recent trip

    I'm liking this no pics report. Thanks.
  7. Your car, your rules. Maybe one day a week for the phone, the other days for the driver and herself to live chat!
  8. Very nice and congrats.
  9. First time at the Fort March 19-22

    Thanks for the trip report. You got a lot done in a short time. Love the Stich hoody.
  10. Found this in the report!!! :) :) :) Nearly the entire southern leg of the project also includes a rail corridor along the middle of it, thanks to that amendment in our state constitution meant to build a high-speed rail line. Rick Scott rejected the voter-approved high-speed train, along with $2 billion in federal funding for it, but the amendment mandating it is still in our state constitution, and that means this I-4 project must abide by it. HA!
  11. Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Very nice, love that sky.
  12. An Easter Weekend Trip on the Wonder with (most of) the TCD Gang

    We were on the weekend before that, I think. DH's cousins booked it and we were told that cast cvouldn't get the discount on 3 night cruses. And now I read about your wonderful trip. Your girls are able to access the Hub which retired cast can not read.
  13. And no thought or plans for a light rail between Orlando and Tampa, that the voters said YES for. thanks Scott
  14. An Easter Weekend Trip on the Wonder with (most of) the TCD Gang

    We were on the Wonder last year in February. Tianna's was our second night restaurant, it is my favorite one of the three. It is a lot of fun besides the good food.