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  1. Boy do I agree with this, it's annoying to not be able to use the hub just because Bill is retired.
  2. Using Photobucket to host pictures? READ THIS

    That is super cute!
  3. An RV/boat is that a good Idea?

    There you go Jen, what an idea!
  4. WTF?*

    Being able to see the MK fireworks on the 3rd is a treat.
  5. WTF?*

    Very nice! Thanks. We were in Epcot and could see some of the high fireworks from the MK. We love Epcot because that is where the WWIII barge is located now. Love the BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMS of it. You can feel the sound all thru your body. During the last booms the sky is full of little red and white explosions. To me it looked like the area over the lake was filled with confetti.
  6. Did they really include the fort?
  7. I need a raise!!

    Cool. I know these will be Christmas gifts or maybe even a birthday in August.
  8. Christmas reservations

    We are on Jason's list for Halloween :)
  9. New Photos Released on DVC Villas and Cabins at Wilderness Lodge

    Love this head board. Wonder if any other rooms have this type.
  10. An RV/boat is that a good Idea?

    It's cute, but can't see 6 people in it either.
  11. Fort camping in June?

    Yes, usually. But we are in drought conditions and have been told not to count on showers too soon. Hoping weather guys are wrong and the rains start soon. If the storms happen too early in the afternoon it feels like a sauna when they stop. However, when the rains come late in the day it sure cools things down.
  12. Picking up the new rig...

    You need to paint a Mickey on Florida and California too.
  13. Picking up the new rig...

    That is cool!
  14. Picking up the new rig...

    Yes, that is a beautiful home away from home. Love your little touches.
  15. Complete Fire Ban at the Fort

    If you don't have sprinklers the grass crunches when you walk on it we might get some rain tomorrow.