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  1. We went for 4th of July one year and I read recently they enforced the wristband rule a few 3 days weekends ago. I thought it was great. You could only be in the pool if you had a wristband. CM's approached us and asked what campsite we were staying at and they checked it against their roster. I thought it was great. As a paying guest at the Fort I thought it was a great way to keep the free loaders out.
  2. Do we think there is no mention of ToT due to the "outsiders"? Maybe possibly making them confused as to when to show up? I mean, I am down with not letting the free loaders in, but I still really really want my kids to ToT. We have never been to the Fort for Halloween on a Monday, so I am just curious and hoping some of the veteran Fiends can possibly shine some light on this. I think I may place a call today. I don't understand why they just don't do wrist bands like they do for Fourth of July weekend.
  3. Epcot minus kids

    Oh, that all sounds so nice! I am gonna enjoy this trip. Thank you!
  4. Epcot minus kids

    I don't know how this is gonna pan out, but I am excited about having 5k vs the entire park opened. Really hoping I can get into Frozen. Besides that think I am planning on margarita's (as long as I am off of the pain meds by then) and desserts around the world.
  5. Epcot minus kids

    That's an idea!
  6. Epcot minus kids

    I planned on Soarin' and depending on the line might venture to see the new Frozen ride in Norway. Other than that, I didn't want to be stuck drinking margarita's alone in Mexico.
  7. Epcot minus kids

    I am so excited! On Thursday the company I am affiliated with is kicking off Opening Ceremony at EPCOT. We're having a dessert reception and the park will be exclusive to us for 2 hours! "For the first time in forever" I will have no kids. And might I mention I just had surgery so Test Track is not an option. What do you guys recommend to do from 6pm - midnight at EPCOT?
  8. Pirate Adventure Cruises

    Yeah! It's so expensive to eat out with the kids. Figured we can put the littles on a boat and go grab a fancy drink and some grub at Tambu Lounge at the Poly.
  9. We have a 2003 Coachman Clipper Model #107 pop up and just now in need of some MISC repairs. And we have no idea where to go for advice/instruction! There are millions of places on the interwebs, but can someone just direct us on a trusted place to go for instructions on how we can fix the following..... We need to replace some rotted wood where the spare tire is hanging and some rot where the exterior locks go. We also need a new exhaust fan on the ceiling. TIA
  10. Pirate Adventure Cruises

    Yeah, I was thinking the one from the Grand Floridian due to location. Hoping to catch a lunch with the hubby while the kids are on cruise!
  11. Pirate Adventure Cruises

    Well that's good to know! Thanks!
  12. Pirate Adventure Cruises

    Well, that's good to know. Thanks!
  13. Pirate Adventure Cruises

    I am getting a feeling that this adventure is not real popular.