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  1. And everybody's driving at that speed.........
  2. Don't forget the train also went into a major refurb the same day. The change could be as a result.
  3. You mean like the fellow that was in 212, who took his dogs out the back door and hurriedly went through the trees over to 300 to walk them?
  4. I doubt you will get a 1-2 day rental from one of the outside vendors anyway.
  5. Maybe it was a "shill" purchase to help keep Disney's anonymity. Or was he required to buy it as part of a package of groves? It is really far from everything else
  6. Some feel elec is better since each slide is independent. With hydraulic, if you loose the pump non of the slides work. Every unit we've owned had elect, just the way they came wasn't part of our decision.
  7. Wimps......
  8. Truly part of the problem, but guests also lie and say they have no pets when checking in.
  9. You better rush to the store for bread & milk.
  10. We did, but our ressies were on both sides of the cruise. It does take a manager's OK however. I also think it will depend on the "season"..
  11. Also tell them about your son (if your willing) they are very accomodating when it comes to "special needs".
  12. We all know why.....
  13. HI-Macs is another option for the counter, looks like granite, but is actually a lighter weight acrylic.
  14. If it's a new FW did the dealer mention warranty? Many manufacturers will void any warranty on the frame and possibly the entire unit if a gooseneck adapter is used.
  15. Article about Christmas Decorations at the FORT in RV BUSINESS: Taken from Orlando Sentinel. DISNEY'S own park lights up.