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  1. That's probably because they are using the Hotel software, I think it also still shows a " Near elevator" request.
  2. Just about.. and yes, much more behaved than smaller groups.
  3. That group has been doing that for the last 4/5 years when we were there.
  4. As was mentioned they had the stand at the Marina,which is one if the busiest spots at the FORT with people going to the boat, and it apparently didn't generate enough business, even with selling beer. I think some people complain, then when management adds something, the complainers lock their wallets.
  5. I wish I could find the thread, but when they reworked the pool snack bar it was mentioned that eventually a new quick service was in the works. As we all know the wheels turn slowly at the FORT.
  6. JASON! who's that?
  7. Contact JASON, he's been known to make it happen. [email protected]
  8. The article I saw talked about a fly over for guests going to the Resorts WL, CONT, SHADES, POLY, GF and the FORT. Still have to wonder why they don't use the existing road, on the right, for FORT guests.
  9. I think we need to vote on that one......
  10. On the local news and in the Orlando Sentinel. Permit was filed by DISNEY and REEDY CREEK together.
  11. As of the noon news they were still tied to the dock.
  12. RCL Majesty of the Sea prohibited by Coast Guard to leave Port Canaveral. News reports say there were safety concerns over life jackets.
  13. Glad to hear your trip was "Magical"..
  14. PM Stacktester (Donnie) I think he used to move units and he may know where to store too.