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  1. How big is to big?

    I'd have a note added to your reservation asking for 1600, 1700 or 1800 due to your length. 1900 is the tightest of the 4 loops. You might do OK in the new 2000, but those sites seem a little smaller.
  2. Secret Menu

    Where's DIT when you need him?
  3. You will probably also find a "gathering of FIENDS" on one site handing out candy together.
  4. Did I miss something?

    But this kind of repair (underground utilities and roadway) is one very big reason why their up keep and maintenance costs for the FORT are not cheaper than a resort. Once you start digging these issues can multiply, you don't actually know what the problem really is until then.
  5. DCL most preferred by "child free" adults

    Exactly...and nobody has DCL's service.
  6. DCL most preferred by "child free" adults

    DISNEY most preferred cruise line by "child free" adults. courtesy YAHOO: https://www.yahoo.com/news/cruise-line-most-child-free-180000117.html
  7. Things I saw camping

    Body shops will tell you that is the #1 repair for FW owners.
  8. Ok all you singers and dancers get in line. Courtesy Yahoo and Disney Parks Blog https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/08/american-idol-bus-tour-visits-disney-springs-for-open-auditions/?ref=yfp
  9. Laws or no laws, I'm double towing
  10. Was almost ready to pull the trigger...

    Not really true. JAYCO works with numerous RV repair centers and mobile service providers, Camping Connections on 192 in Kissimmee being one of them for warranty work. They also have a facility in Myrtle Beach.
  11. Was almost ready to pull the trigger...

    It's like any product you only hear the bad. Just like cars you always hear from the guy who got the "lemon", but rarely from the guy who got the " rose". You have to look at the brand's and the dealer's reputation. A bad dealer is usually worse than a bad unit because they don't care about service after the sale.
  12. Was almost ready to pull the trigger...

    That video has been sped up to fit a certain time constraint by a competitor and has been debunked. I've toured both the FW plant and the MH plant and it is nothing like that. We're on our 3rd JAYCO since 2001(put ovet 50,000 miles on each mh a 2001 and a 2008) and have about 15 000 on our 2015 FW. My problems have been caused by common components (Coleman, Carefree, Norcold ). JAYCO gives you a 2 yr warranty and had an A/C repaired AT THE FORT in 48 hrs, never had to move. Before those 3 had 5 STARCRAFT units since 1977 (now owned by JAYCO) and would gladly do it all over again.
  13. Castaway Cay named best " private cl island"

    Courtesy Yahoo. https://www.yahoo.com/style/just-named-top-cruise-line-120503181.html
  14. Planning for 2019 Yellowstone/UT/AZ/CO roadtrip

    Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone is outstanding and less than a mile from the park entrance. I highly recommend using the tour services they find the wildlife know when to hit Ole Faithful and you don't have to fight traffic. Buffalo Bus Touring Co. https://www.yellowstonevacations.com/tours-activities?utm_source=googlemaps&utm_campaign=buffalobus&utm_medium=local
  15. Campground close to Disney

    As Rita mentioned, Lake Magic also Thousand Trails and Citrus Valley off of 27 just N of 192. If you use any of these you can go in and out of WDW the back way on Western Way.