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  1. Just tell the front desk you have to leave a day early. There has never been an issue when we've done it.
  2. Did you have an actual "Smart Trailer". The reason I ask, is when I talked to them they said only to use their 3 wheel version for a GC on the back of a 5er and that FL considers it a trailer and it was illegal since it would be triple towing. That was one reason we never bought it.
  3. Glad all is well, thanks for the update.
  4. The only one I would ever consider is the 3 wheel Smart Trailer unit made in Lakeland, puts little if any weight on the back of the FW.
  5. Rental Details Reservations are not required; rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis
  6. We actually referred to SOS when it was made with ground beef. Dinner made with chipped beef was affectionally called Creamed f--e sk--s on toast.
  7. Olivia's at OKW
  8. You will love that cruise. Highly recommend the whale watching trip out of Juneau that is combined with the Mendenhall glacier. Also do the Whitepass Railroad trip out of Skagway. When you get to Ketchican stock up on some of the smoked salmon.. yummmmy .
  9. These aren't cheap, but we've got the NORCOLD version that we bought in 1977 and it's still going strong. You can get bigger ones too. They aren't much bigger than a cooler
  10. Yep, he definitely needs something to do to keep him out of trouble.
  11. That's about right, but you said an hr from the FORT on the last day that is why I commented.
  12. Your almost 575 miles from the FT at that point, plus you have to go through Atlanta. Don't think you'll do 500 miles in 7 hrs.