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  1. As with other things there has probably been abuse so now they want "chapter and verse" before you get to reserve a seat on MDE.
  2. As I understand it Mears does link/check Airlines and flight numbers for MDE.
  3. But now it may get you in trouble if you don't pay it. Failing to acknowledge having a dog would be ""Defrauding an Innkeeper".
  4. They still refill buckets that are a couple years old.
  5. They are all on DISNEY property and probably paying a little more in rent.
  6. BEN will be back as six bits

    You must be a
  7. BEN will be back as six bits

    Planning a return trip?
  8. It may very well cover any vehicle over 1 though.
  9. What was the magic kingdom club?

    They mention all that in the article along with travel packages. They call it one of the first loyalty rewards programs.
  10. What was the magic kingdom club?

    Here's a link from webz..... http://www.yesterland.com/mkc.html
  11. What was the magic kingdom club?

    Any company, credit union, military group etc could join "The Club" and it afforded employees/members discounts and special benefits. I had an employer and credit union that both belonged and you would get a special ID card that HR or member services would issue. In the mid and late 70's early 80's one benefit was, in the off season when a,b,c,d&e ride tickets were used, members would get books of all "e" tickets for the same price as the general public's assorted ticket book. We would buy the tickets and keep them for summer visits since the tickets never expired. Then they switched to regular discounts as shown on your freinds brochure. Don't remember what else we got it was too long ago. Club was good at both DL & WDW.
  12. Article on Yahoo calls it brilliant. Courtesy Yahoo & Motley Fool https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/disney-world-apos-greedy-move-195400848.html
  13. It's been on the news in Orlando and in the paper. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/theme-park-rangers-blog/os-bz-disney-world-hotels-parking-fee-20180314-story.html
  14. River Country

    No, they were on the side towards 1100.
  15. 12 yrs ago when our daughter lived in Chicago her 2nd child was born and we went to visit. The Hospital in downtown was charging $16.00 an hour for parking.....