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  1. If it's like most hotels/motels they only use certain rooms for pets, because of allergies.
  2. 3000 Loop Update

    kunga" lush"......
  3. Decorating for Christmas

    ⬆️ What they said....see decorated cabins all the time.
  4. Online check-in Answered

    No, because the site's never been ready until after we arrived. Even though I knew what site, the CM at the gate wouldn't even confirm it. Best we ever got is "it will be one of the two you mentioned".
  5. Online check-in Answered

    I only had that happen once and that was before they started texting site numbers, with that said, we always requested specific sites.
  6. Online check-in Answered

    If the room is ready. Remember most people make specific loop requests for the FORT and sites are assigned by rig size too. You can't really make a fair side by side comparison in my opinion.
  7. Online check-in Answered

    But sites aren't "technically" ready until 1pm. So if it wasn't cleaned at 11 they would have gone to the overflow. They do the same at the hotels, you don't get your room number until it has been checked off the housekeeping list.
  8. $5 delivery charge

    I was just looking at Choice Hotels in the WDW area and guess what COMFORT SUITES MAINGATE has on their website. "We are happy to receive and store packages for our guests up to 20 days before arrival. Please know beginning 3/15/17 there will be a $5.00 USD fee per package. " so it's not just DISNEY.
  9. The DisCamp Podcast

    And if you mention FORT FIENDS "poof" you're gone from over there.
  10. Star Wars: Episode VIII

    A little "Greecian Formula" under the hood would have helped.
  11. Silly question but...

    Nope, you need to bring your own. Too many would probably "find legs".
  12. Trick or Treat 2017

    Flyers on the bulletin boards requesting you to register your site at the Bike Barn if you were participating. And you know how many actually do that..
  13. Trick or Treat 2017

    Last year they didn't "officially" announce it until a couple days before.
  14. Maybe Good, Maybe Bad?

    And when you call the CC companies they say it's the petroleum company and/or station owner.