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  1. Your best bet would be to book full hook-ups, 1600-1700, much closer to the pool than preferred. As to getting sites together have your reservations linked and also fax in a loop/site request 5 days before arrival with both reservation numbers on it. Driving to the parks is not an issue since you get free parking. However going to the MK just take the boat from the Marina.
  2. Interesting article in RV TRAVEL. No wonder why CG rates are going up, simple case of supply and demand.
  3. The two I had Thursday were wonderful. Also, tables still on the MAGIC, actually 2 on our customary "little" verandah.
  4. Should be cheaper. Just sayin..
  5. I only remember Yuengling at the BYBBQ.
  6. As FWG said, perfect week to go. If you used a travel agent for your reservations have them link the two together. If you made the reservation yourselves, call back and have them linked and also have note added that you want to be together. Also five days before you arrive fax a request in also with both reservation numbers attached Fax #: 407-824-3508 Here is the standard form many use to fax a request to the Fort...
  7. Me 3
  8. Your site might be vacant and ready, but yes you can go to the overflow if not.
  9. Fixed it.
  10. You drink????
  11. Lake Magic is $70 a night for a gravel site and you pay for internet.
  12. On numerous occasions FIENDS have congregated together to pass out candy and enjoy the commaraderie. Maybe even enjoy a few adult beverages. :)
  13. Much depends on what loop you're in. One year we went through almost 800 pieces.
  14. Very true, but it's my bed, my recliner and my germs, not somebody else's. We also have our kitchen, fridge etc. We can really relax in the FW, something I find very hard to do in any Resort Hotel.