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  1. GDF Visits the Dark Side

    I'm in.
  2. That stinks... Ctrl+A,...Crtl+C... Then Submit.... Doing this always make the post or email go without a hitch. Forget one time and that's the one that gets lost.
  3. Reunion Station at Wilderness Lodge

    Pay $40 to learn how to take pictures with your phone....... It won't be long before Disney figures out how to get people to pay for driving past the Disney exits on I-4.
  4. I watched how they got the camper off the bridge. I can't believe the police let him drive the rig away from the scene let alone all the way to WDW without having the TV and the trailer inspected. They put a strap on the back of the trailer and picked it up off the rail and used the TV to drive forward and swing the back of the trailer back onto the roadway. This had to over stress the TV hitch and the tongue of the trailer. Hopefully it was not as bad as it looked. Glad no one was hurt.
  5. Well if they only charge for parking in the overflow lot you are going to see campsites so crammed with extra cars and trailers. Not to mention the guest PO'ed that their site is not long enough to hold their big rig and TV. As far as offsite resorts doing charging for parking resort fees. They don't have sky high rack rates like Disney.
  6. For a while you could use street view to loop around the campground and even some backstage areas but now you an only go through the check in line and out the side bus entrance. It was nice while it lasted.
  7. They also used to not repeat movies. There would be a different movie every night for a month. Only repeating a movie if it was a new release. I thought they always played a few Disney shorts before the movie. They don't do that any longer apparently.
  8. I saw a post on FB a while back and was hoping that BPG just took them back to his lair for a new paint job but maybe not. Even BPG could get it done in less than a week.
  9. Great report Dave. Thanks for taking the time to do the report. I know they are a lot of work.
  10. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2017

    Great to see another TCD trip report. Also great to hear that you thought the party was worth the hard ticket price. We have not been to a party since about 2004. It was a very cold night for Florida that required heavy coats, hats and gloves. We had a blast. Realy hope the plans work out for another TCD Fort Thanksgiving.
  11. I saw that too. But I4 is only about 133 miles long and runs through 2 of 4 the most populated cities in Florida. Most interstates are hundreds and even thousands of miles long. They go for miles and miles out in the middle nowhere. This artical is bassed on deaths per mile. I-4 can be a zoo no doubt. But I don't think it's that much worse than other places. I would drive I-4 all day rather than 75 through Atlanta or some of the interstates in southern California.
  12. Instant Pot

    Yes time is the same. I have done 2 to 20 with the same time. You just need to watch the time for the natural release. I got distracted one time and let them go 9 mins. before I did quick release and cold soak and the whites were grey. They still tasted ok but the color was off.
  13. Instant Pot

    The IP is also great for hard boiled eggs. I have done 20 at a time. It is so fast because it only has to heat 1 cup of water. High pres. for 4 mins natural release for 5 mins then quick release. I pull the incert out, put in the sink and fill with cold water to stop the cooking. But the best part is you will never peel an easier egg. The shell just falls off. Do not over cook or the eggs whites will be grey.