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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    I've always wondered the same thing, they have to be in good with a long time managers or Fort worker that helps them out. Someone mentioned before that they get there early and wait for the site but that wouldn't work out year after year. WBI
  2. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2017

    I really like MVMCP so thanks for the report, glad to hear they have new treats too! I used to hurt myself on the cookies. WBI
  3. Halloween in August Trip Report

    Looks like a great trip! I would love some Ohana right now or the Hoop!!!! Thanks for continuing to share! WBI
  4. Where in the World??

    Epcot, Norway Bakery? I think we played trucks by that once, lol What's the official name.....Kringla? WBI
  5. gingerbread houses

    I got ya, that makes sense. I didn't think about it only being one house per room. Hopefully they'll help you out since you have a special situation. WBI
  6. gingerbread houses

    Tom, I was under the impression that a ticket was good for the whole family/room? I haven't done this but I'm planning to in December so I really don't konw. Did you see something different? Thanks, WBI
  7. Artist Point bone in ribeye for 2

    Same here. We've talked about going but it's hard to make room for a new place on the list when there are so many that we have to go to each trip. I'd say we'll try it one day but I need to get back to Califorinia Grill and we still have to try the number 2 resturant in the world, Victoria & Alberts! WBI
  8. Allow Extra Airport Time

    Ok I'll stop complaining about the whole airport and limit it to Terminal G, lol. WBI
  9. Allow Extra Airport Time

    I just realized I haven't flown in/out of Tampa since 2009, crazy. WBI
  10. Allow Extra Airport Time

    Good point I forgot they were like that. But at least the spokes have a few more choices, but the hub is where the action is at in Orlando. Fort Myers has the spoke design also now that I think about it. I guess I'm spoiled with Houston, once through security in any terminal I can get to all terminals via train and it's fast. Same goes for Dallas, Atlanta, Denver and others. WBI
  11. Allow Extra Airport Time

    I too have had lots of good experince when interacting with TSA agents when flying with our young kids with bottles, they did just what you said and explained everything as you were doing it. On the other hand I've also observed disgruntled or bossy TSA agents at some airports, but there's all different types of people everywhere...What can you do. WBI
  12. Allow Extra Airport Time

    I was on United so I kind of figured we were in a secondary area since Miami is a AA hub. My main complaint is that the terminals are not connected beyond security. I thought this far past 9/11 the airports would be updated by now. WBI
  13. Allow Extra Airport Time

    I flew from Miami to Houston yesterday. First off the Miami airport is horrible, the crappy terminal I was in was not connected to any other terminals on the secure side so unless you want to go back through security you're stuck eating at Pizza Hut. But I digress. The TSA agent was telling people to remove their food and place it in it's own bin. I had a couple granola bars in my bag but did not take them out and was not questioned. I did remove my Surface Pro 4 and put it in it's own bin (some agents call it a laptop some don't). I also took out my bag of liquids and always do. My wife on the other hand never does and has never been held up (she did not fly yesterday). I did withness a woman have her bag pulled after going through the belt and they took her big sunblock. So I'm assuming the rules is as long as they are less than 3.4 ounces and packed together you are ok and don't have to pull it out of your bag.. If the bottle is big they'll do a double check and throw it away. WBI
  14. All Run Disney Events at Disneyland Cancelled?

    Out of curiosity I just pulled up Disneyland on Google Earth and it looks like they are working on the parking garage near I5 and on Star Wars Land. Star Wars land has a lot going on, with half of Rivers of America filled in. Nothing else looks to be started. If you go to Google Earth (not Google Maps) you can toggle on different aerials and they actually have one from October 2017 on there. WBI
  15. WDW Ultimate Christmas Trip "Deal"

    This is very surprising considering how busy the fall is now days. On a side note is this website new https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/gift-disney-vacation/ ???? I ran accross it yesterday for the first time. I forget where I read about it but they said it had a special offer for WDW, here it is: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/special-offers/gift-disney-vacation-package-magic-band/details/ the valid travel days are all of 2018... WBI