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  1. I have done multiple trips with split stays. Without a car, it makes it more difficult, but it is nice to be able to see the different resorts. We have even stayed in different room types, in the same resort. As for a favorite resort, it just depends. Overall Theming - Beach Club Closeness to Magic Kingdom - BLT Closeness to EPCOT, DHS - Beach Club Being able to get last minute - Saratoga Springs(SSR) The size of the rooms - Old Key West(OKW) Liked the least - Boardwalk Pool - Beach Club Not point happy - SSR, OKW I own points at BCV and SSR. I have stayed at BCV, SSR, OKW, VWL(Now Boulder Creek), Poly, BLT.
  2. Temperature Monitor in RV

    We use Marcel. It has a monthly subscription, mainly because it uses a cell network to text/email us. We use it for Power Loss/Temperature(High and Low) setting. You can set it up to email/text multiple people. My wife has set it up for me to get text messages and for her to get email and text messages.
  3. Pics of your Pet

    Thanks, all of our animals need to be named after a Disney Character. So, he is named after the Hyena in the Lion King. It helped that he has bred in California and had a surfing litter name. So, the Banzai Pipeline was also a help in his naming.
  4. Pics of your Pet

    This is my latest pup, Banzai, a Miniature Australian Shepard at 5 1/2 Months. We got him in October.
  5. A TCD Easter at The Fort Trip Report

    I think it was, it would have been Saturday around 8:50AM. It was at the 4 way stop sign, you were coming from the 2000 loop area, turning towards Meadow Trading post. I was turning to leave. I was there for a week. The 8th through the 15th. I will be at Disney, staying at SSR for one night on May 1st, then moving to the Swan on May 2nd through the 6th for a conference. Then I come back and stay at SSR for the opening of Pandora.
  6. A TCD Easter at The Fort Trip Report

    I knew this trip report was coming. I was behind the TCD girls when they were getting to device for the TVs, then I went to galatic nights and saw TCD with his camera. I was in a rush to get to Toy Story Mania. The Rock N Roller Coaster was cool. They changed the lightning and the music. Then, as I was bringing my Kenny cart back on Saturday, I saw TCD and girls driving their cart. I was the one in the uhaul truck, since I had to borrow their truck. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  7. For my family, this was a bust. The food was mediocre, the best thing on thw buffet was the Caesar Salad. Even the Mac and Cheese was bad. The characters will sign and take pictures, but you have to wait in line for them. Now, if you have a child that is outgoing and likes to dance, this maybe for you. If you have any questions about this, please ask.
  8. We ate here for lunch on Saturday, April 8th. The food was still excellent and my daughter loved the mac and cheese. We will be going back in August with friends.
  9. Offsite Golf Cart Rentals

    Had to have batteries replaced over Christmas 2015 and they came onsite and did it. Do not know how Tee Time was able to come on property and do it. I have rented for Spring Break week with him and will see how it goes.
  10. Is The Grand Floridian Going to be gutted?

    Duane, how was the food at Paddlefish (same or better than when it was Fulton's)?
  11. Ladies Drive Too :)

    My DW does drive our RV, even pulling the Honda Pilot behind it. We do not go many places that require us backing in.
  12. Bay Lake Tower

    You are correct the pools at Beach Club, Boardwalk and Wilderness Lodge Villas are considered Quiet Pools. Even Saratoga Springs and Old Key West have some pools that are considered quiet pools and some that are feature pools. The only thing I can think of for BLT, is that A. they had the space and B. with the Monorail, they did not want people just going to the pool. With it just being BLT guests it was fairly busy. However, there were always chairs available and you were not bumper to bumper people like you are at the fort. It would be nice if they gated the Fort People so only Fort guests could use it.
  13. Bay Lake Tower

    Technically, NO, but it is the only one that has Gate Access that is exclusive to that Resort. Beach Club Villas has a small pool that is restricted to Beach Club Villas guests, but anyone can get to it. Same with Wilderness Lodge. Grand Floridian, do not know, but I do not know since I have not stayed there and I do not foresee Polynesian creating a separate pool. Boardwalk has its own pool, but same thing anyone can get to it without a key. AKL I do not know since I have not stayed there, but I do not recall them building a pool at Kidani Village, they built the Savannah instead. As a DVC Member we are allowed to pool hop to the other DVC pools and main pools at the resort except BLT's and Storm-a-long bay at the Yacht and Beach Club. Storm-a-long bay, they do check the keys and I assume MB's now to allow access into the pool area. They have been doing that since we became members in 2002. During Holiday seasons we are not allowed to pool hop at all.
  14. Bay Lake Tower

    You are correct. The Pool is exclusive to BLT guests, but the Grilling area, Corn Hole, Ping Pong, Bocce and Shuffleboard are not. However to use most of those you need to be able to check things out from the Community Hall. To get back into BLT from the pool/entertainment area you need to use your magic band or you could walk around the building to the front. BLT guests are allowed to use the Contemporary pool. There are no gates around it. I think the only thing shared at night could be the campfire and the movie, however there was a firepit at the BLT pool.
  15. Bay Lake Tower

    This post contains some of the common areas of Bay Lake Tower like the grilling Area, Corn Hole, Shuffleboard, Ping Pong and Bocce areas If you were not looking for the grilling area, you probably would not find it. It is off of the pool but is kinda hidden. Which is nice, I think the grills are far enough away that the smoke does not get to the pool area, but you never know. I never noticed the area until the day before we were going to grill out. Grilling Area At BLT alone they have 4 grills that you can use. You need to provide the charcoal, but you can check out Grill Utensils, which does include matches, from the Community Hall. 2 of the grills Grill 3 Grill 4 Water Fountains Pavilion to sit at to eat or while waiting for food to cook, there are two picnic tables under the shelter Emergency Phone View of BLT from pavilion You must scan Magic Band at gate in order to enter the pool Shuffleboard, there are two courts. Equipment can be checked out at Community Hall. No cost. Bamboo Ping Pong table, looks like paddles and ping pong balls are left at the table. Corn Hole or Bean Bag Toss, Bags most likely checked out at Community Hall, no cost. Fountain Fountain looking at the lobby indoors Bocce Courts, once again equipment can be checked out at Community Hall Next some interior photos and some pictures at night.