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  1. Well, I gave in..

    Going with too heavy spring bars can make for a rougher ride in the Tow vehicle. Looks great but my wife would never go for it. She refused to ever go anywhere again in my truck camper as it was too small. The truck camper had two slides and weighed over 5,000 pounds. It was huge for a truck camper. So I sold it and got a Momentum toy hauler.
  2. Arriving at the Fort this Saturday. What is the Pine pollen looking like? Do I need to bring a medicine cabinet full of Claritin?
  3. Google Maps Street View of Disney

    I still have not been able to figure out how to post pictures. Here is a link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fVKWRb80rstuH27Z2 If that works.
  4. Google Maps Street View of Disney

    There was a street view of the magic Kingdom in the past that had a floating foot and nothing else. The rest of the person was cropped out of the picture. I have a screen capture of it somewhere, but since the Photobucket debacle, I may have lost it.
  5. Halloween 2018

    They don't get much bigger than what we got now, a toy hauler with a 12 foot garage.
  6. Halloween 2018

    We have reservations. Shardi is already looking at patterns for carving more pumpkins for this year.
  7. I heard a report that the golf cart parking at the marina has been changed. Anyone know the scoop?

    I will never use PhotoBucket....ever.
  9. Sam's Club Closures

    Good luck staying warm. It is going to be very cold, but at least the campground there is blocked from the wind coming straight down the lake, a little.
  10. Does the 3 extra passes include 1 top tier ride or 3 top tier rides? It would be an easier pill to swallow if it included 3 top tier rides and let you get them 70 days out instead of 60 days. That would sell like Main Street Cinnamon Rolls!
  11. Sam's Club Closures

    I thought you lived close to Lafayette. If so, there is a Costco there now. Been open for 6 months or more. There is also a Costco in Baton Rouge.
  12. Manatees

    About like seal, walrus, and whale. Greasy.
  13. Trip to the SW...

    The other route is to go from Birmingham to Memphis but I-40 across Arkansas makes I-10 across Louisiana appear smooth.