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  1. Golf cart transportation

    Here is a picture with it cross loaded. Cross Loaded Golf Cart
  2. Golf cart transportation

    I have done it 3 different ways. On the back of the tow vehicle, cross loaded, that always draws a crowd when I unload. Towing a small utility trailer behind the 5th wheel, which made for a nerve racking drive worrying about being pulled over for breaking the low by double towing. Finally the best way, in the back of our Toy hauler, bought to not have to worry about double towing again.
  3. halloween

    This year was rather quiet. Being a Tuesday Night played a big part in that, I believe. The most rowdy Halloween's are the ones that fall on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night. At first look for this year, it appeared that the Fort management tried to downplay "Camp-or-Treat" as they named it, this year. But then on Halloween night they closed down the main road, Fort Wilderness Trail, from the intersection with Peacock Pass to the 4 way stop at Frontier Way and Big Pine Trail to turn the small meadow at the Hitch/Unhitch area into a parking area complete with porta-pottys and a hand washing station. They then laid out tape arrows on the roads to try and direct the flow of "Camp-or-Treators" through the various loops. We were in the 1700 loop and saw an estimated 400-500 kids this year. 2 years ago we saw over 1,000 kids in the 500 loop with that being a Saturday night. We sat out last year and missed it so much that we made sure to go back this year and will be there again next year as well. Come on and have fun and don't let a few rowdies scare you away.
  4. Christmas reservations

    Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You. I am holding out hope that December 1st, things open up.
  5. Christmas reservations

    It has been 4 months now. I hope Jason is still working on these request for Christmas.
  6. Dream need Maaco

    Does the port Pilot control the docking maneuver or does the ships pilot? I wonder if strong winds caused the impact? And How dare they scratch up my boat like that!
  7. Moana update of Tiki Room?

    Did the fire really happen or is that the cover story they used to cover the fact that they removed Lago due to Gottfried Tweeting very tasteless jokes about the Japanese Tsunami. Or did his Tweets cause a CM to destroy Lago?
  8. Star Wars Update

    Do you think that once the Toy Story land is finished, that the crews from that project will speed up the finishing of the Star Wars land?
  9. IRMA

    I saw a picture of a Grand Design Imagine set up this morning in their site. Nothing looked out of the ordinary in the picture.
  10. IRMA

    I see reports that I-75 is expected to be shut down due the flooding of the Santa Fe River. http://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2017/09/13/flooding-from-irma-could-close-i-75-stranding-thousands/
  11. Pandora without fastpasses

    So the trick is to make a dummy reservation for 10 days prior to my intended arrival date to cover my actual dates? Not 30 days? yep that's it. I'm not proud of it but I've used that trick once or twice.
  12. Pandora without fastpasses

    FastPasses are almost impossible to get. I was only able to get FP's for the day we check out and that was trying to get them at the 60 day mark first thing in the morning. By 9 am there were none available. What is the trick to getting them? Make a dummy reservation for 30 days at a value resort, make the FP's and then dump the value resort reservation 30 days out?
  13. Our last visit for Halloween, our son was 9. He started out trick-or-treating through 3 loops. He quickly saw that he was traveling with the same group of kids, moving in one blob. He decided he would rather go back to the camp site and give out candy, so that he could see many more kids in their costumes. He had way more fun passing out candy than he did while trick-or treating. So much so that he emptied his treat bag into the bowl to pass out to trick-or-treaters. Keep that in mind. Be sure and stick to one piece of candy per child. Do not just hold out a bowl and let the kids grab. My wife loves to keep doggy treats to pass out for the four legged fiends and also a small plush baby toy for the wee ones. Those two things have been major hits. Mainly just relax and have fun. Hopefully we will see you then. We will be somewhere at the Fort for the whole week.
  14. Campground close to Disney

    I was looking at Lake Magic and for the winter season, their website states that reservations have to be no less than 30 days. Do they do reservations for a week to ten days during the Christmas holidays?
  15. that is the first time I have seen the CM's decorate and ride in a golf cart parade. They looked like they were having fun.