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  1. Fort Wilderness Food Truck?

    Maybe Shady Point is the shoe tree? lol.
  2. Menu Changes at Cali Grill?

    I'm guessing there was a glitch on the menu site and there was some overreaction. However, I have heard that the food quality has dropped off a bit since the head chef left (not the service).
  3. Rumors are floating that the menu at Cali Grill is changing to buffet type stations. Anyone been there lately that can confirm? If so, that would really change the value of the meal.
  4. Rumors, Disney and Non Disney

    It's debatable.
  5. We just booked a down-and-back one night trip for Food & Wine, but we'll miss this offer. Not that we'll have any room left after noshing around the world...
  6. Yep, agreed. Rumour I heard about that is the parade floats are too big for the MK, but who knows. Totally agree.
  7. 2017 D23 News

    Yeah, I think you will see some more announcements coming in the next year about EPCOT. I still believe you will see a new country in World Showcase, plus an overlay on The Seas of the Marine Life Institute. There are so many rumours about the Imagination pavilion (inside out! phineas and ferb! Figment!) as well. Plus, what is really going to happen with innoventions east and west, the old wonders of life pavilion and the Odyssey? EPCOT's 40th isn't until 2022, so I'm sure we will hear more. Also, no mention of a new night time parade for the MK?
  8. Using Photobucket for image hosting? READ THIS

    That's why I use flickr.
  9. Is Brazil the New Country Coming to EPCOT?

    This one's for TCD. I know HE wants to find out what FUEGO tastes like. I'm sure these will be for sale there.
  10. FW Campfire Sign on Ebay

    I believe they went ebay only and just closed their storefront location, but I could be mistaken.
  11. RUMOR:(CONFIRMED) Tron Coaster Coming to MK?

    Mwomp mwomp mwomp. :D
  12. What?!?! They're getting a Brazilian home base over there! What more do they need? Now they can have the EPCOT Carnivale Festival! Flags! Vuvuzelas! GooooooooOAoOl!
  13. FW Campfire Sign on Ebay

    I would think it would also read 'Please be mindful OF other guests' anyway.
  14. I don't know if I would call this as 'confirmed', but it sure seems likely to be announced at D23 this year. http://wdwnt.com/blog/2017/07/confirmed-tron-lightcycle-power-run-rollercoaster-replace-tomorrowland-speedway-magic-kingdom/