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  1. That was our issue - MK closed at 11, Castle show was at 8. We hit a few rides then did a monorail crawl. never made it past the Poly. We weren't sure the buses were available at midnight, but our friendly neighborhood Minnie Van driver was.
  2. She did ask which resort we were staying at, but did not check my magic band. Trader Sam's closed at 12 so the 12:30 curfew was fine for us. I'd assume they have the 12:30 curfew in place to limit the exposure to the crowds at Disney Springs? It seemed kind of arbitrary, although I'm sure they have data that tells them the best hours to operate. It was definitely the way to go after closing down the bar. If I had a character breakfast first thing or was hoping to hit a rope drop early i would definitely consider it. We actually almost took it the next day from AK to Epcot Center but it would have been a wash time wise with taking the bus as there were no cars in close proximity. Our driver said they were planning on expanding the fleet again but didn't offer a timetable for doing so. Just an FYI I believe the cars (Chevy Traverses) can take up to 6 riders, but don't quote me on that. It might be 5. Not sure if the 3rd row seated 3. There was a Lyft/Minnie Van pop up in MDE several times during our stay. I already had the app loaded, but you can get the Minnie Van availability added directly through the MDE app somehow as one of our traveling party was able to do that. However, I don't know if it was because we were all staying at the Yacht & Beach Club and it was in the MB/MDE system.
  3. I meant to comment on this the other day. We took a Minnie Van last week from the Poly to the Yacht Club. The service runs from 6:30 AM to 12:30 AM, and the information from TCD above is correct. I went to the concierge at the Poly and they were able to have a code sent to my phone that activated the Minnie Van option within the Lyft app. $20 flat fee anywhere on property with unlimited stops. The driver was a CP CM and was very pleasant, he said the service was very popular and they had expanded the fleet already. I can tell you that it was worth every penny for 4 of us to get back to the Yacht club at midnight after a few drinks at Trader Sam's. I wouldn't use it every day, but for a quick ride I think it's worth it.
  4. It's official the new Avatar land is coming!

    On another note, I finally had the opportunity to ride Flight of Passage last week. We skipped the Navi river ride, even though we had fast passes for it. We arrived about 15 minutes before rope drop (say 8:45) and were on the ride by 10 am, including the walk and wait in line. Honestly, I wouldn't wait any longer than that. It was great, pretty much like soarin' but on an individual ride vehicle and with really ill fitting glasses. I pretty much have an iron stomach, but this ride made even me a bit nauseous. All in our party felt the same way. By the time we exited the ride wait was 150 min. As I've said before, the land itself is really well done, and the wait really didn't feel like one since there was so much to see. I've never seen the film. Net/Net, I'd still rather ride Everest than this again, though.
  5. Food and Wine 2017

    Yes! I forgot about the cheese trio. It was all good, especially the blue cheese with the honey. We, like you, passed on a lot of items in 'quotations'. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  6. Food and Wine 2017

    All I can say is that the last two days there have been unbelievably hot. Glad to be back in cooler temps. Mo, it's not on the literature but the Refreshment Port has a 'Stow Away Mary', which is a Bloody Mary with blue cheese stuffed olives and a couple of chicken nuggets on a skewer. Was a great way to get rolling in the morning. Not as good as the Bloody Mary at the Dawa Bar in AK, but good nonetheless. Also, skip the dole whip w/ rum; wait and get the Spiky Pineapple at Trader Sam's instead, or get the 'Extra Spiky' version with the 151 floater... And if you like the Grapefruit Hefeweizen beer in Germany, be sure to try the new Pomegranate version. The only place we saw it was at the Brewer's Collection beer garden next to Germany.
  7. Food and Wine 2017

    Make sure to hit the 'Flavors from Fire' booth over by innoventions west. They had some tasty stuff, although not super spicy as mentioned above. The pancake there was probably my favorite. The Indian and African booths were also very good. So was the lobster roll at the Hops & Barley Pavilion.
  8. Food and Wine 2017

    All I can say is wow, we didn't have many misses in the dishes we sampled, and there were a few things we wanted to try but never made it back around to try. I'll try to make up a list later.
  9. Moana update of Tiki Room?

    ding ding ding ding - that seems like the winner....
  10. RIP Jingle Cruise?

    Jungle Cruise does show as open on MDE today.
  11. IRMA

    Any word on the Cabin loops? I heard there were trees down on some of the cabins, just wondering if anyone has had a chance to loop through there.
  12. RIP Jingle Cruise?

    FWIW I use Flickr, with no problems once you figure out the bbcode.
  13. RIP Jingle Cruise?

    Such a bummer. Well, three bummers. One, first and foremost, is the damage to the Jungle Cruise. We will be making a quick trip down and back next week and I'll try to poke around a bit to see if i can get any info on the closure! Not that I know anyone, but it never hurts to ask around. Second, that's sad to hear about the Jingle Cruise! I know the overlay was pretty thin, but it certainly added to the holiday spirit and festivities of the park. Main Street aside, it seems like MK is the least decorated of the WDW parks - we don't get any of the overlays that DL gets for Halloween or Christmas - so that was a fun way to celebrate. Third, I totally get it about the trip reports but I'm sad to hear you say that you're done with them. It's always been fun to follow the TCD gang and their adventures (and amazing luck) in the parks and to hear your stories. But, the kids are grown up now and I'm sure your focus has shifted elsewhere. I've only done a couple of trip reports and I can empathize a little with not only the work that goes in to the narrative, but also the thought and planning of photos that you have to do for a good report. The TCD reports have always been the benchmark!
  14. If anyone has one to spare, our family collects these cards as well. Happy to pay for shipping!
  15. IRMA

    I've also heard they may be staggering the opening as some areas/loops have more damage than others. Lots of speculation still, but from some of the photos I've seen there's a lot of flooding and trees down, as well as some infrastructure damage.