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  1. Canes also has biscuits, Krispy Kreme gives them a donut hole. I'm starting to understand why we spendon't so much time at the parks exercising.
  2. We don't stand on formalities like you southerners.
  3. Boy, I hope Jedi and Rocks friends don't get jealous. Bandit and Thor go everywhere with me that rules allow. They especially like the occasional trip through Starbucks drive thru. They get pup cups.
  4. I don't need no sunscreen!

    I can't believe that's your first trip report.....EPIC JOB! Thanks for all the work and taking us al9ng for the ride.
  5. 3000 Loop Update

    Sorry to hear that FWG
  6. $5 delivery charge

    This past Christmas was the first time I had food shipped from a local grocery. I'm not sure what the fee was, but I didn't care. Not having to hop in my truck and fight through the super walmart......priceless
  7. Fair enough. We can have a difference of opinion. In fact, I enjoy discussing the Fort on this forum, and have been doing it awhile. However, I still contend that the laws of supply and demand will always trump a couple of guys chatting on a forum. Maybe I'm wrong and too simplistic.
  8. Drop anchor Ray. I NEVER said "don't talk about it". Those are your words. It's your choice as to how the economics of the situation are ingerpreted. Whether you choose to believe it or not, it is that simple. If typing on a chat forum makes you feel better, by all means.
  9. They Call it Labor Day for a Reason.....

    That magic pic with the ghostly hitch hiker is a keeper. That is such a cool idea that someone came up with.
  10. Decorating for Christmas

    I saw a beautiful Christmas tree last year!
  11. It's pretty simple. If you don't like their rules don't go. Does a business, that relies on profits, try to cater to a large group of people like dog owners. Or do they try to make allowances for the much smaller universes of "phobias" or "severe allergies"? This is not a philosophical, philanthropic, or humanitarian decision. It's about profitability. If the company loses money, it won't be around for anybody long. It's amazing the number of complaints before anyone actually witnesses the implementation. I will reserve judgment until then.
  12. Star Wars: Episode VIII

    No sir. No fail at all. When you get extra fun family time.....it's a win
  13. Seriously though. If they combine Groot and Chewbacca, I'm in
  14. Star Wars: Episode VIII

    I'm with MO. My first thought was "why are the girls with the hightech new star wars costumes hanging out with gandolf?" Lol