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  1. I might even be persuaded to buy an annual pass.
  2. If you see me walking while staring down at my phone, it means I've finally had a mental breakdown. That is just stupid. Sitting on a nice bench, standing under a shade tree or stopped in a long non moving que creates a nice opportunity to check MDE
  3. Spring Break 2018

    You sir, are an artist with words.
  4. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    I don't have anything to add but to agree with everyone else. The quality of your photos are outstanding. Thanks
  5. I envision a human sized frogger type game getting across I4. Think of the feeling of satisfaction for those that actually make it across.
  6. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    Smores toolkit......awesome! That is integral to any good Fort trip.
  7. Thanks for TCD on the scene reporting. I think that's plutos paw print on the do not disturb hanger. We should probably get the snark forensic team involved to verify.
  8. Thanks for the update.
  9. I-4 Named the Most Dangerous Highway in America

    Not surprised. Think about the concentration of exhausted out of towners trying to navigate, text and deal with crying kids all at once. Couple that with construction that has been going on since the early 1920's.
  10. Golf cart transportation

    Well said. I agree
  11. Pics of your Pet

    Chap is one cute pup!
  12. Thank you veterans!!!

    On this, Ray and I wholeheartedly agree. Our Vets and their support circles are the best. Thank yo7 for what you have prvoided us all.
  13. Security Bypass for AP's?

    Unfortunately, sarcasm is noted
  14. Day Trip to White Sands National Monument

    I think you need to drop the "rookie" part. That is a great TR. Thanks
  15. Hollywood Studios.

    Fantastic Carol. Thanks for posting. I'm sad I'll miss it this year