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  1. Me too. I forget who said it, but it was great advice. invest in what you know to be a good product. That's why Disney has been a part of my portfolio for decades. But it's getting tougher to respect their model.
  2. I typically defend Disney's decisions as part of a "For profit" capitalism existence. This one feels a bit over the line. One of the reasons I vacation with Disney (parks or cruises) is that I know I'm paying top dollar up front for a top notch inclusive experience. They are slowly moving to the airline model of nickel and diming. That being said, I don't see changing my vacation habits.....For now.
  3. Just upgraded to 50 amp service / 10 gal tank. Looking forward to less cycle time being able to leverage electricity and no worry about AC and microwave blowing a breaker. I know a guy that would carry extra black water hoses. He would hook them in line with city water to his rv. Then move the hoses around to get the most sun on them throughout the day. He insisted that it worked to improve the shower quotient at the end of each day. Solar heating I suppose.
  4. I like the idea of putting some old school Disney classics in the PENDING box. UK tie in is fine, but wouldn't the MK be a more thematic fit?
  5. WBI went on a cruise and all you get is a video report!

    Holy cow! I've only watched the first one and am amazed at your mad post production skills. Thanks for sharing. Coats on sail away day is crazy. Your sons close inspection of broccoli......priceless
  6. Camco 30amp extension cord... under $16!!

    Yikes. I've never had to replace a 50 amp cable. After looking at the prices on that page, I hope I never do.
  7. I bet all the neighborhood cats unionized and filed a complaint. Their contention was that the rocking chairs posed an enormous tail risk.
  8. Cable update?

    Nice "Fiend on the scene" reporting.
  9. Congrats. Now with the work mostly done, the FUN begins
  10. Still unprecedented long waits for Flight of Passage

    I have a bin full of souvenirs that supports this thesis too.
  11. Speedway Renovation

    Gotta be honest, never been there looking for diesel.
  12. Speedway Renovation

    That could be a big inconvenience
  13. Golf cart parking...

    Agreed. Great on the scene reporting folks. Thanks
  14. Finally made it from Wisconsin

    Thanks partner. Worth a shot