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  1. River Country

    007 is first on the scene!!!!!
  2. Disney Projects by Black and Decker

    Very cool. Thanks for the link. I have that set of tools. They are light and easy to use.
  3. 007 Returns to the Fort

    Seems like a pretty mild mannered day compared to your start.....things are looking up.
  4. Express Transportation to Be Discontinued

    Not sad it's ending
  5. 007 Returns to the Fort

    Wow, that is a bummer about your truck. Thanks for sharing the narrative. I always leave house assuming a breakdown. I guess it's a eastern philosophical bent. I have the requisite phone numbers and alternate plans. My truck is over 6 years old, so the assumption grows stronger. :)
  6. 007 Returns to the Fort

    Greathe start! Althought the truck problem foreshadowing has me a bit concerned.
  7. Mission Space Refurb Extended

    I guess change is inevitable Walter Cronkite Michael Jackson Ellen Alex Tribeca Lt Dan Found memories of all their contributions.
  8. Did I miss something?

    Yep, and some of that infrastructure is 40-50 yrs old. The demands of campers have changed slightly
  9. Sounds good to me too. Love seeing the investments. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Did I miss something?

    I like seeing the company spend money on the Fort. Just hope it doesn't mess up any bodies vacation.
  11. Unless you've discovered a utopian existence (fully funded retirement, royal inheritance, pharmaceuticals,etc), "Wish" is probably not the best word. I "wish" I could spend all my time vacationing at disneyworld. Until I find a way to do that for free, I "have" to trade my time / skill set for renumeration. That r enumeration in turn allows me to do things I "wish".
  12. My problem is the DVRV. We have roku, appletv, Chrome cast, Netflix, and 40 AIR channels. But not having a dvr or consolidated program guide is I convenient. There are solutions, but they are piecemeal and not as eloquent. Once I retire, and my time is once again my own, I will probably think d8fferently.
  13. Fresh water sanitizing

    I use 32.95793 micro liters with 566.3552 quarts of water..........just kidding. I have no idea. I put about 3/4 of an inch in the bottom of an old rv antifreeze bottle, then fill with water. Dump it into fresh water tank and fill fresh water tank. Then use pump to run it through all lines and hot water tank. I let it sit in the lines for "awhile", then flush with fresh. It's all very scientific.
  14. Fresh water sanitizing

    Fill the fresh water tank with the bleach mixture, then use the pump to run it through all the lines. Do it every time I dewinterize. Why not?
  15. Thanks for sharing TCD. I can never see the Fort Christmas tree too much. Although, chip and dale look a little ominous hovering around the fire