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  1. An Easter Weekend Trip on the Wonder with (most of) the TCD Gang

    Sweeet. A tcd trip report
  2. Trails End Gatekeeping

    We sat down at 730. We were a little disgruntled because we wanted to go to the sing a long at 8. The manager apologized and gave us 40% off. Our waiter was awesome, and of course the food was great. So after we got over being starved we were fine. Missing the sing a long just gave us more time to loop. So we still had a great night
  3. Trails End Gatekeeping

    Well tonight is 7pm and they still haven’t sat the 6:15 reservations. They can only tell you they are running behind
  4. Will this be the next decorating trend?

    Which loop
  5. They Got Us This Time

    We are here this weekend. We decided to just stay at the campground. Getting our energy up for the easter scavenger hunt. Lol
  6. More Water Line Problems at the Fort

    We checked in to loop 500 on Thursday. Didn’t have any water. We went to trails end for dinner when we came back after 9 we had water back.
  7. Hollywood Studios.

    What’s open at Hollywood Studios, and is it worth going. This used to be one of my families favorite parks. We loved the street performers. We haven’t had our passes the last year, but just got them as birthday presents for the family. Last we heard most everything except tower of tower, rockin roller coaster, and toy story were closed. So we are trying to see if we should plan a whole day there on our upcoming trip, or maybe just shoot over for half a day.
  8. We finally got it after trying a couple times a day. Yesterday my wife was down in bed all day. She kept checking every 15 minutes and it finally popped up around 630 pm
  9. I can’t even get nov 2nd - 6th. Much less halloween
  10. Has Anyone Seen This?

    He was at the beach bash. He came out more than once and walked around for about 20 minutes at a time. They also cancelled the campfire and sing a long at the theatre location the same night
  11. HDDR- Holiday show?

    We did it for thanksgiving dinner this year. They had Christmas clothes on , and sang 1 or two Christmas songs. It wasn't much added to here clothes for Christmas
  12. Disney fantasy

    Thank you very much Jason. I forgot to thank you
  13. Renovations Coming to Fort Wilderness - 2100 Loop

    Yep. Vertical short take off and landing. It used to be written on the runway.
  14. Disney fantasy

    Just found it on the other boards. Probably wouldn't have time to really get that involved anyways.
  15. Disney fantasy

    So we got lucky, and will be going on Disney fantasy again this weekend. We just did our sons make a wish trip in October. My mother in law decided that the last two years we have been stuck in hospitals she would surprise us with an anniversary cruise. The fact that we have to manage our sons care she decided to book a cruise and she would go with us to watch him as much as possible. We got cabins next to each other so we can give him his medicines, and he can sleep in her room. Of course he helped her plan the trip. So we got the Disney fantasy just western Caribbean this time. We're fine with it, because we love Disney. We had one big question. Last time we were on the fantasy we saw some crafts hanging from doors where you can put stuff in them. We thought it was just something someone made to receive there excursions with. As we walked around the ship we saw more and more. We realized there must be more to this. We didn't think we would be going on another Disney cruise for years, so we didn't think much of it. Last night my wife started googling them. She saw that it's something called fish finder I think. Does anyone know what this is, or has anyone participated in it