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  1. Dapper Dan Days

    Thanks for all the reply's. The website was very instructive. I have a hat and t-shirt that says "remain calm and be Dapper." As for who told me I was going, that would be DW and DD. I have a very important task of pushing the baby buggy around with the grandson in it. I am much relieved that I will not have to sing.
  2. I've been told I will be participating in Dapper Dan Days at the MK or Epcot. Does anyone know what this is like when and is a costume required? I think I'm being scammed and don't want to be the only one in a striped vest and Boater hat. PS, I can't sing either.
  3. I went last year in the last two weeks of August. Florida Kids go back to school so it is less crowded with the exception of the pool at the Fort. Everybody staying at the Fort is in the pool in the after noon. I hope you like people because it can get a little tight. While the water is wet, it is not cooling. I would also suggest that you bring a hat for everyone in your party and wear a cheap T shirt at the pool so you and yours don't look like that guy who glows in the dark when the sun goes down.
  4. Talking Mickey getting the boot

    My son in law does a prefect mickey voice, lives just north of Orlando and once worked at the Magic Kingdom as a trumpeter in the parades. He would be perfect for this job if they allow Mickey to be close to 6 feet tall. Hm, maybe not.
  5. Wekiva Springs State Park has camp sites with up to 50 amp service and full hook ups. The springs are a constant 74 degrees. The only problem is getting in. Its always crowded. Its off I-4 north of Orlando and west of Lake Mary
  6. I'm one of those people who don't post much but I read this forum every few days. So I hope this site has a long and prosperous future. This forum figures into my near future plans to sell my house next month and move to the fort for a month or two while I look for a house in the area. Discussions about how hard it is to get a reservation concern me greatly. I've noticed that I've become a thread killer so I don't post much to keep the discussion going.
  7. We were there in October and asked for chef TJ because we had two vegan children and one adult in our group. He was busy with the Food and Wine at Epcot but the chef that was on duty was still a big hit with everyone. It seemed that the chef on duty was trying hard to develop his own reputation and everyone left very pleased. I did not know that vegan food could be so good looking and tasting.
  8. Disney potty training....

    My daughter was 3 when she potty trained herself at the Magic Kingdom. I guess the toilets seemed like an adventure to her. After she did it once she was excited to use every porcelain facility we walked by. She's 40 now and will try to potty train her youngest at MK in December when she comes down from NJ. I hope you have the same kind of luck. It sure makes life easier.
  9. IRMA

    The Governor of Florida is limited to two terms. He is in his second. He no longer has a target constituency so I don't think he is pandering to anyone. He is finally just doing his job. If he does it well enough he might get another job in the federal government. They seem to be having trouble filling vacant positions. Any one who has stood in a line for anything in the days before this hurricane can attest, some people are not handling the stress well. Cutting in line, arguing with other drivers about anything unimportant 7 days ago and making snippy comments about others, whether it is the clerk behind the counter or the Governor are just some of the panic attacks I've seen and I've seen a Tesla S in a line at my local Mobil station. Cranky behavior is just one of the unseen effects of a hurricane bearing down on you. Courtesy and compassion will prove much more valuable to you than trying to find someone else to blame. Lets take that to the Debate page. P.S. In the history of the world I have never heard anyone complain about not having to pay a toll.
  10. IRMA

    The only thing you can control in this life is your attitude. I am assuming that my motor home will not be in condition to go to the Fort on October 9-20th. I will let this group know of my cancellation as soon as I can get out to the storage lot after the storm. I am also hoping the damage is enough to total the unit so I can buy a new one. Either way its a win-win for someone.
  11. IRMA

    There are a few people on this thread who must be biting their tongues reading some of these comments. While I am no fan of our Governor he was told to suspend the tolls because they cause massive traffic jams during an evacuation. Hurricane Andrew proved that. If you try to evacuate a metropolitan area just prior to a hurricane you are planning for a disaster to happen. Today it took a friend of mine 6 hours to drive from Homestead to Palm Beach County. It should have taken two. The Florida Turnpike is now impassible at certain times of the day. You encourage people to evacuate early so that they can go to friends and family outside of the hurricane zone. Plains and trains leaving south florida are now at capacity. You can't get a ticket for love nor money. The Dade States attorney is now investigating the airlines for price gouging. No one in their right mind would allow a loved one to go to a hurricane shelter. With no electricity and running water the restrooms become open sewage pits. While some now have electric generators many still do not. No A/C in a gym with several hundred people is not to be believed. I also policed Dade County during Hurricane Andrew. As fotofx steve can attest, the actual storm will not be the worst part; its the months and years it will take to get things back to normal if that is possible. Courtesy and compassion will be the best tools you can have in the months ahead. The lastest hurricane advisory has the size of the hurricane being much wider than the Florida peninsula. Perhaps we should all be concerned.
  12. Tire blow outs

    RV tires rarely wear out. The sun and weather will age the sides of a tire and that is what causes blowouts. Under inflation and overweight can cause a blow out. None of these conditions can be prevented by nitrogen inflation. Just keep your tires properly inflated, keep the weight of the cargo in your trailer evenly distributed and inspect the tires for age and cracking on the sidewalls. If your tires are more than 6-7 years old start saving up to replace them as a set.
  13. You don't buy an RV as a investment. Everything goes down in value. Some more than others. While I agree with much of what the article writer described in his article, his recommendation was a Casita. No way will that be comfortable for more than 1 person. There are a few manufacturers that have an excellent reputation for quality but you will find that you will still have to do maintenance on all of them. You will also have to recognize that you will pay for what you get. There is one very large manufacturer that claims 80% of the RV market. That is based on price not on quality. The quality manufacturers do not have problems with delamination because they build a quality product using quality materials. While an EPDM roof is guaranteed for 12 years it should last 20. It will tear if you let a tree branch scrape across it. Don't ask me how I know. Many quality companies use fiberglass roofs and fiberglass front and rear caps. The quality manufacturers for Class A's are Newmar, Tiffin, Winnebago and Fleetwood. The next time you go camping look around and see what everyone else has. The new ones are going to be different from the old ones. The units still on the road after 10-20 years will most likely be the ones I mentioned. But there are always exceptions. The writer found a few really bad pictures and used them to slam the entire industry. In most cases that's fair but not in all cases. My current RV is a 2007 Newmar Baystar. Its built on the same assembly line that their $1 million dollar Essex's are build on by the same people. My unit is an entry level Class A with a Ford Chassis. I never had a leak and the quality of the components are generally good but I still had to fix the hot water heater, the refrigerator and the automatic steps over the years. If I had to do it all over again and I just might, I would stick with a gas Class A with a full body paint job, Fiberglass Roof and a residential refrigerator. But units from those manufacturers with those features are not cheap. rv*& market
  14. Planning for 2019 Yellowstone/UT/AZ/CO roadtrip

    I loved Cody. Like I said, timing is everything. If it is possible to check with the chamber of commerce find out when the Plains Indian Pow Wow is being held on the Museum grounds. You will not see anything else like it. Take lots of Pictures. The wild west show outside of the Irma is a little cheesy but maybe the kids will like it. I wish I was going back.
  15. Planning for 2019 Yellowstone/UT/AZ/CO roadtrip

    I just thought of another thing to consider. Timing. We went in the early part of June. Still lots of snow and ice on the ground but the roads were clear. The waterfalls were roaring and the rivers were fast. The bears and other wild life were just coming out of hibernation and came down into the lower areas so we saw bears of all kinds, every day. I would imagine that the closer you go to summer school vacation times the more crowded everything will be