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  1. Golf cart parking...

    Along the same line, why don;t they have mufflers on those gas carts. If you can make a V8 car quiet, why can't they make a 1-2 cyl engine quieter. Some golf carts rattle the windows from a long distance away.
  2. I agree, don't remember one on Labor Day, but I have only been here a little over 70 years.
  3. Manatees

    That is because they are meat eaters, manatee is a plant eater, therefore they taste more like gophers. My grandfather used to tell me about eating them. Gopher stew tastes like beef, have had it in times past before they were protected.
  4. Manatees

    Not really, I under stand it is more like beef or green turtle, since they feed on grass.
  5. What is the measurement allowed. Where I come from, you not dressed if you don't have a knife in your pocket. I have carried a knife for over 60 years and even have a Sunday Knife to carry to church with me, It is very small, about a 2" blade.
  6. While you don't need a passport, I suggest getting one, we had a problem this past trip because one of our group had a birth certificate issued from a hospital and it was not acceptable, resulting in an expensive solution of having a travel agent from the state where they were born making a trip to pick up a copy from the state records and faxing it to Disney before they could board. I think it ended up costing several hundred before it was all over. Getting a passport is fairly simple and if you only get the card it is not expensive.
  7. Halloween 2018

    I have a reservation, so maybe this year, last year got canceled due to illness.
  8. What do they consider a weapon, how about a knife in your kitchen, or a screwdriver in your tool box, either and many other things can be weapons, baseball bats, hammers. ect
  9. I can not think that anyone would travel especially in a motor coach and staying in different places without some kind of protection. I would assume everyone would be armed in some way.
  10. looking forward to your good times.
  11. My $.02 worth, I think part of the problem is a lot of us can no longer go to the Fort often, it might be sickness, distance to Fort, having to take care of family members, older age, or money. I know I have had to cut my trips down, I have 1 reservation for next year and my have to cancel it like I had to last year. We would get our Fort fix from some who could make multiple trips a year and give good reports with photos and updates on what was happening at WDW. While we still have some who can go often, trip reports and updates have really gone down. We still enjoy the ones we get, but sometimes they are far between and since photos are harder to post we don't get as many. Also we do not have any active CMs posting that I know of so we do not get as good info as before. I still check in several times a day but a lot of times there is nothing to read that is new. Tom
  12. There are several small bat houses around the Fort, one I noticed for sure is in 2100 loop behind the last site next to canal. Have noticed other, but can't remember just where. There is not much danger from them if you don't handle them and they consume a lot of bugs every night. I have started to install them around my property. It might take 3-5 years before the bats move in, but when they do the bugs will decrease.
  13. Weather Alert

    I have a question, since I have lived in Florida for almost 74 years, maybe some fiend can answer it for me. Why does anyone want to live in a place with that kind of cold weather? My father always claimed they were just yankees and just didn't know better, but there must be a better reason, somebody clue me in on what it is.