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  1. Thanks for the wonderful photos. I am looking forward to checking out the Wilderness Lodge this summer. Wish they would do something this great for the "rest of us."
  2. Excellent point!
  3. We had a squirrel find its way into our screen room once and was unable to get out. When we tried to open the zipper, his buddy became confrontational. Not the sharpest tools in the shed....
  4. I find it interesting that thrill rides are necessary for Disney to compete. In my mind, they should compete because they have a different product and aren't just another amusement park. One of the things that I found disappointing about the Harry Potter lands in Universal is that they did not choose to theme all of the attractions and that the ones that were themed were so busy tilting and twirling me ( except the Hogwarts Express which I loved) that I actually had more fun waiting in line. For me, I wish Disney would be Disney and stand alone instead of trying to be Disney and everyone else, too.
  5. Glad to here that...
  6. They did last summer. Hopefully, this summer, too. I'll have to wait and see.
  7. I could not agree more. The price doesn't not change the way I feel pulling through the Magic Kingdom entrance, hearing "Welcome Home" at the Fort gate, or getting 'it's a small world" stuck in my head. I think we carry some of the magic with us always.....
  8. We are looking forward to riding Journey Into Imagination on our upcoming trip and enjoying the jumping fountains. I wish Disney would bring some of the "edutainment" back to EPCOT. It was a great concept for fun learning. I think we assume that today's kids are so caught up in the thrills that we forget to give them other options.
  9. I found it interesting that the three hand prints take the same shape as the three circles of a hidden Mickey. I have really enjoyed the report - it sounds like a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Please forgive me, as my 17 year old says, I am a tech neophyte. Can I charge a tablet with a fuel rod? We are in the process of upgrading my son's communication device to a tablet for our upcoming trip and battery life is our biggest concern - the tablet seems to eat power when using the communication app. Thanks.
  11. It's seems unfathomable that the soundtrack would not work for the fireworks - it's not like playing it is something new, the system has been in place for a long time. That's like having a CD player that only plays one disc. I have seen the entire Avatar movie, but clearly the language made no impression on me because I can't decipher the pronunciation graphic either.
  12. Not sure if SOS is a regional breakfast choice, but many diners, especially on the Eastern Shore of Maryland serve it for breakfast. Perhaps it is our version of sausage gravy.
  13. Besides Eggs Benedict (which I rarely get), SOS is my favorite breakfast. Yours did not look anything like my Mom's or what I've had in a good diner.
  14. I'll jump on the Artist Point bandwagon...