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  1. 007 Returns to the Fort

    Enjoyed reading along. Sounds like there was loads of fun despite some problems.
  2. Did I miss something?

    It is the main road that runs straight from the settlement to the outpost.
  3. Did I miss something?

    We were told that the problem they started digging for in June is larger than they thought and taking much longer than anticipated. It is also causing issues in other locations as well. We had some "water" regurgitate through the manhole next to our site during our July-August trip. The smell was not pleasant, but it was addressed and resolved quickly at our location in the 2000 loop. The staff told us that the problem was related to the roadwork. We heard of similar things happening in other locations. Don't know much about infrastructure, but it sounded like the problem is getting bigger and harder to solve.
  4. We found the the cuts were starting to affect the "attitudes" of some cast members. For example, one night at the Animal Kingdom when the Fort was sharing a bus with Disney Springs, guests were given wrong information about where to line up for which (signage said one thing, not too clearly, and castmember said something else). Consequently, folks thinking they were in line for the Fort were actually in the Disney Springs' line. It was late and there were far too many people to get on one bus. Two parties got in to a very heated argument about which of them would get on the bus when it came. The argument escalated and seemed to be headed toward an actual fight, so my DH walked away from the bus stop to get a castmember's assistance. The castmember did not solve the problem, but gave my DH an earful about how understaffed they were. This was a first for me. Never heard someone employed by Disney complain while the were on duty. When the bus came, the two groups got on the bus still arguing. We opted to wait for the next bus
  5. New Disney Lego set?

    I was tempted by the castle, but would probably be unable to resist the Haunted Mansion. I miss the days when my son's life revolved around legos...
  6. Air conditioned comfort stations?

    It has been a great improvement. Thanks.
  7. Air conditioned comfort stations?

    I am a little surprised myself.
  8. Air conditioned comfort stations?

    Just wanted to let everyone know - that we finally found some reasonable answers to our questions. Engineering is working on the AC, but needed parts were delayed and unfortunately, they do not have a time estimate for the repair to be complete. Not a wonderful scenario, but at least one that let's me know that I don't have to waste any more time trying to figure it out. Good news is that today they were able to rig something up and the temperature in the comfort station is cooler. For me, the larger issue is informing all cast members of repair issues. If the first person we spoke to had provided this explanation, we would have wasted a lot less time looking for answers. Having to ask the same question on multiple occasions seems to open the door for inconsistent answers. It may be hot, but we are still having fun!
  9. Air conditioned comfort stations?

    Perhaps that is the theory on which the decision has been based. Fortunately, I have AC in my little camper...just not able to shower in it.
  10. Air conditioned comfort stations?

    We have never had this problem in the 2000 loop before either. The only thing anyone has done so far is adjust the temperature from 50 degrees (changed we assume by campers hoping for AC) back to 68 degrees (which is totally pointless when the thermometer says 89 degrees). Still keeping my fingers crossed for some improvement, but it is starting to feel like I'm wearing rose-colored glasses.
  11. Air conditioned comfort stations?

    Today, we visited the front desk after investigating the status of air conditioning in other loops. This morning we learned that the air conditioning is on and cooling to either 72 or 68 degrees in all the the loops with full hook-ups, but that there is no air conditioning on in any comfort stations in the tent loops. We spoke to a very kind front desk manager and were told that there has not been a policy change to stop the cooling in just the tent loops. She has promised to speak with the appropriate parties to rectify the problem. I have my fingers crossed for a solution...showering in a building that is 89 degrees is not refreshing.
  12. So, we have been at the Fort for about 2 weeks and have yet to have air conditioning in our comfort station. The compressor ran on only one day of our stay so far and it dropped the temps into the low 80's before it stopped working again. Today the fan that circulates the air is not even working. We have questioned this on a few occasions and folks have come to look at the compressor, but so far no improvement. I was wondering if there have been policy changes that have eliminated the cooling for these buildings. Any info would be appreciated.
  13. 9. Folks driving the wrong way in the loop.
  14. Is it a boy? A girl? both? or several?

    We had the opportunity to speak with a cast member about Sohni's pregnancy on Tuesday. It is evidently not a simple feat to breed tigers. According to the CM on site, female tigers do not have a regular cycle like most mammals. Instead, the male tiger induces her cycle to begin if she finds him "appealing." We found this very interesting. She also said not to expect the cubs to be on public display until close to the end of the year or the beginning of 2018. We also learned that the Bengal tigers were not part of a breeding program because their genetic make-up was insufficiently tracked by their previous caretakers. We love learning about the animals from the folks at the Animal Kingdom.
  15. These kind of scams make my skin crawl. Why must people think that financial gain outweighs common decency?