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  1. I'm reading. My 17 yo will really not like JediElsa
  2. We don't drive very often, but I really don't like the parking lot at HS. The walk to the gate is not pleasant.
  3. We love Strasburg and Choo Choo Barn, too.
  4. This looks amazing!!
  5. We saw this happen on one of our trips, also. The same set of barges were missing. At the time we were told "routine maintenance," but who knows what it really was.
  6. We purchased new annual passes to take advantage of the extra month and were told that the expiration date of the of the passes will be established at first use. Additionally, we were told we could use the vouchers to link the annual passes to our My Disney Experience account to make fast pass reservations. Haven't tried it yet because we are not in our window, but have been able to do it in the past.
  7. It was 78 degrees in Baltimore today, so snow in Florida would not surprise me....
  8. Hello: Does this mean that the annual pass that includes the water parks will be 953.64? That seems like a pretty big jump...
  9. Perhaps the new trash cans are just a cool new conversation starter.... I stopped sending my kids to the trash cans because I did not want to spend my vacation in the emergency room with burns from the heat of the metal or fingers smashed by heavy doors. So, lucky me, I now get to take out the trash on vacation too.
  10. Not sure what the tolls are, but EZ Pass does not work in Florida. My parents one time got a ticket because they went through a toll with ezpass - sunpass is evidently a totally different thing.
  11. I would love to see it available in the summer...waiting in line can get uncomfortable....
  12. Will this be available year round or just for the holidays?
  13. If it wasn't pouring down rain again, I would be in the car right now...
  14. The prices of the full hook up sites are one of the things that stop us from upgrading to a larger camper. It is nice to pull our little hybrid onto a tent site. Sure, I almost exclusively use the comfort station, but those few extra steps let me visit more often and for a longer time. My guys were 2 and 4 on our first trip - now they are 15 and 17. Time sure does fly when you are having fun!