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  1. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2017

    I have a friend that danced in the "premier" version of this show and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next trip report. Thanks.
  2. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2017

    Sounds like a great time! The photos are fantastic and have ignited by holiday spirit. Thanks for sharing.
  3. AJC posted this on the gators at Disney....

    Silly me! I opened this thinking it was going to be about the Gators, not the gators....
  4. Got there early and stayed late

    For us the orange dole whip was a must do. Not so crazy about the pineapple either and miss the orange dreadfully.
  5. Security Bypass for AP's?

    It didn't seem so. We had to wait in line with everyone else this summer.
  6. Got there early and stayed late

    The picture in the splash zone at the pool is adorable. We rode on many monorails this summer with poorly functioning AC. Small World is my standard for "I have arrived in Disney," so I fully understand your little guys anticipation. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Security Bypass for AP's?

    I like this idea, but I also wish they would figure out a way for guests coming off the boat from the Fort empty handed to not have to wait in the search line. This slowed us down significantly over the summer.
  8. Got there early and stayed late

    Love the start. Following along.
  9. We have done both online check-in and have checked in with our site not yet ready. In both instances, we did not receive a text when our site was ready. The first time we waited until after check in time to check back with the front desk only to learn that the site had been ready for hours. Now we don't count on the text - just call periodically. With online check-in at the resort hotels, I have received a text when my room was ready both times we used it.
  10. Let's talk about tours

    We have done the Wild Africa Trek three times (my DS actually put his hand down on a wasp crossing the rope bridge once) and absolutely loved it. We also really enjoy Behind the Seeds and Keys to the Kingdom. DiveQuest is also wonderful - my son was eleven years old when he did it the first time.
  11. Special Needs Venturing Crew

    They did actually replace the boards around sites and refresh the coquina in some of the 2000 loop while we were there this summer.
  12. 3000 Loop Update

    So sorry for your friend's loss. It is fortunate that you will be close to offer support.
  13. I wish Epcot would remain the park without a roller coaster, especially if it is like the Harry Potter rides at Universal. I would wait in line again in a heartbeat, but I spent my ride time remembering to breathe through my nausea. Don't think the wait should be better than the attraction.
  14. Wish I could help. We have had some wonderful experiences with Disney Chefs over the years for my casein/gluten free kiddo. Hope you get the info you need.
  15. IRMA

    Thank you for filling the information void.