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  1. "Han Solo" Trailer

    Ditto that!
  2. Disney rearranges strollers all the time....maybe you would just be spreading some magic.
  3. For me the bottom line is we travel on a budget. If we pay for parking, we cut back on something else. So from our family, they will still get the same $$$.
  4. I was wondering about the AP holders also. Will I be able to leave my car in one of the park lots for my entire stay?
  5. Marceline, MO

    That is really great!
  6. This is one of my favorite children's books. I have recommended it to as many kids as possible. Will be extremely disappointed if they don't treat the text with respect.
  7. New baby hippo at AK

    I feel guilty for not reporting sooner. We were incredibly lucky to see this little darling the morning he was born. He was visible on the Safari, along with a whole ton of cast members that were observing Mommy and Baby. According to our driver, they had been with the mother for over 24 hours. The driver was explaining that the baby had been born as we were rounding the bend and the little guy lifted his head up out of the water. It was a breathtaking moment!! Also, the tiger cubs are now out for viewing on the Maharajah Trail. They weren't out much when we were there because the temperature was too cold.
  8. These look just like the ones my Grandma used to make. Yum!!
  9. Golf cart parking...

    It especially bothers me when they are in their cars!
  10. This is a heck of a rumor !

    Small World is my "I have arrived" moment. I hope it stays put and that future generations regain the sense of wonder that doesn't require large drops and high speed.
  11. Not for me. Not enough bang for my buck! For a family of four that's an extra $200 per day. No way. No how.
  12. Anxiously awaiting the bizarre.....but I think maybe I need a snack after reading this installment.
  13. A Lot of First's this trip

    Sounds like a lovely trip! Now I am REALLY hoping to go to Geyser Point in February. I have wondered about a trip report without pictures. My computer skills are pre-historic and on top of that I often forget that I should photograph our fun. Perhaps I will try my hand at this for our summer Fort trip. In the meantime, thanks for relieving the cold weather blues. My DH and DS are turning around to come home as I type. They left last night to run in one of the Disney races this weekend and had to give up in Roanoke, NC because the I95 was too dangerous. Now they are beginning the slow trip home. You have successfully lifted some of my sadness for my DS - this would have been his first race and he is disappointed. Thank you for sharing!!!
  14. So.... I thought this was interesting.

    What a gorgeous wedding!