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  1. Halloween 2018

    We have reservations. Check in Oct 21 and check out Nov 3. We will have our daughter, maybe son in law, and 4 grandkids. Our grandson will turn 6 on Halloween, so he is really excited about trick or treating at The Fort.
  2. 1973 Magic Kingdom Home Movies

    Thanks for sharing. My parents took us opening year and a few other times and I honeymooned there. It was nice when thee were less crowds and you could really enjoy the magic of Disney.
  3. Over 55 Verizon Customers

    Our problem is that Verizon is the only carrier that we can get reception with at our house.
  4. Over 55 Verizon Customers

    Need that in Maryland. Why can't they just do things nationwide???
  5. First Adult only trip to the Fort!

    Have a great trip. We did a kid free/grandkid free trip a few years ago. Had a great time, but missed the grandkids as well. Also, the grandkids were not very happy with us!!!
  6. August at the Fort and WDW

    You will still have a great time in Disney in August. For many years that was the only time we were able to go. Our youngest was a year round swimmer and only had one week off a year and that was in August. So, that is when we went. Now we have grandchildren and go in August because of school schedules. You do what you do for your kids and grandkids. Have fun!!!
  7. August at the Fort and WDW

    We are in Maryland and I don't think Florida is any worse than Maryland. We have been to The Fort many, many times in August. In fact we were there last year with our 3 grandkids, the oldest is 6 and the youngest is 3. Here's my tip, enjoy The Fort during the day, swim, etc. We usually hit the parks about 4 and close them down. That has always worked for us. Just relax and enjoy yourselfs.
  8. Full hookup loop request suggestions

    I prefer the 1700 loop. The set of full hook up loops, 1600 to 1900, are about equal distance from the outpost and the marina. Also, you are walking distance from the pool. We usually travel with 3 of our grandchildren. They are 6, 4, and 3. Have a great time!!!!
  9. Dollywood?

    We were considering Dollywood this summer, but didn't know if it was very kid friendly. I looked at the height requirements and it doesn't look like there are alot of rides for kids. Also, our grandson doesn't like thrill rides of any kind. He is definitely tall enough, but getting him on Goofy roller coaster is a stretch. The youngest granddaughter is just 40 inches. To top it off, I asked them where they wanted to go on vacation and their response was Disney. I asked them what their 2nd choice was if we can't go to Disney and they said a Disney cruise. I guess they are being raised right!!!!!!!
  10. Site is losing its steam :(

    I agree with you on most of the facebook sites. They either want happily ever after or lots of drama and negativity. Here you get lots of information with a mix of humor.
  11. New 2017 Fort Wilderness Merchandise

    It's about time they got new Fort merchandise. Now I will have to budget more money!!!
  12. The FORT will never be the same

    She is an icon!!
  13. Disneyland discounted tickets

    Thanks for the information. I will compare that price with the price at Shades of Green. We usually get the 10 day pass and not the park hopper. We will be going at Christmas 2018 and might need to do the park hopper then.
  14. Disneyland discounted tickets

    Need Disney World discount tickets!!
  15. IRMA

    Glad to see that Disney took care of you guys by setting you up in a suite. We were wondering how they were going to handle things. When we were there we had a party of 6 and that definitely won't fit in a standard room.