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  1. New 2017 Fort Wilderness Merchandise

    It's about time they got new Fort merchandise. Now I will have to budget more money!!!
  2. The FORT will never be the same

    She is an icon!!
  3. Disneyland discounted tickets

    Thanks for the information. I will compare that price with the price at Shades of Green. We usually get the 10 day pass and not the park hopper. We will be going at Christmas 2018 and might need to do the park hopper then.
  4. Disneyland discounted tickets

    Need Disney World discount tickets!!
  5. IRMA

    Glad to see that Disney took care of you guys by setting you up in a suite. We were wondering how they were going to handle things. When we were there we had a party of 6 and that definitely won't fit in a standard room.
  6. New Christmas Offering at DHS

    I love all of the additional holiday entertainment. Hopefully they will be doing the same or additional when we are there for Christmas 2018. We will be there from Dec 16 to December 30.
  7. Did I just pay $175 for a campsite?

    I agree with what you said and I don't know what the best way to fix the problem is. Disney used to be the standard that all businesses would follow. I don't see that happening anymore. You can't continue to cut staff and services and raise prices. Eventually it will catch up with you. However, we usually travel with our young grandchildren, 6, 4, and 3. They look at things totally different. When we were driving the youngest was shaking because she was so excited to go to Disney. As soon as we saw the signs, all 3 of them started screaming. They just love Disney. When we got to the campgrounds, they couldn't wait to get their bikes out and start riding. They love everything Disney. These are the kids that lived in California only 45 minutes from Disneyland. One year they went 65 times. Whenever you get discouraged, just look at Disney through the eyes of children. That being said, we don't eat out, we eat at the motorhome. It's not affordable to eat in Disney for us. Is it expensive to stay, yes and no? When we compare it to campgrounds near us, it's close to comparable. We travel with a large party, usually 6 or 7 people. Most campgrounds charge extra for that many people. So for us, it works. Is Christmas a ridiculous price? Yes!!! We are staying in a full hook at about 150 a night. They grandkids can't wait. When I told the 6 year old I got reservations for next Christmas, she said did you really MomMom. I'm so excited. Hopefully Disney is reading all of the posts on social media and will take it to heart. Like I said, eventually it will catch up with them.
  8. I don't need no sunscreen!

    That's the store. I would go to Disney Springs just to go to that store. Disney made a great decision with adding the store.
  9. I don't need no sunscreen!

    We went to Disney Springs during the day and it wasn't crowded. There is a new store that is similar to H and M. I don't remember the name of it, but it was very reasonable. Lots of cool Disney merchandise. It's definitely a store worth going to in my opinion. The grandkids got Disney shirts for $5 and they aren't the typical Disney shirts. I agree that they need a map and a more centrally located bus stop. However, since they just changed the bus stops, I'm sure that isn't going to happen. They had a sign posted for a Descendants dance party, but times. There was a manager of sorts standing around and I asked him about it. He told me the time and I asked him why it wasn't posted. He told me that it is posted when the dance party begins. I told him they need to have the time posted so people would know when to come back for the dance party. I'm pretty sure he tuned me out.
  10. Did I just pay $175 for a campsite?

    I agree, it is much more stressful to raise kids today. We need to get back to the way things used to be. To start off with, let them have fun in school and remove a lot of the stress. My granddaughter is in 1st grade and doesn't like going to school.
  11. Did I just pay $175 for a campsite?

    The area was well taped off with cast members standing with their light sticks. The cast members in the area weren't young and inexperienced, they were more mature and were trying their best. We were standing in the taped off area, but many didn't seem to care. Here's a basic fact of life, follow the rules!!! According to the news, attendance is down. When were there it was very crowded, including the fort. The only park that had lesser attendance was Hollywood Studios, but that was to be expected.
  12. Did I just pay $175 for a campsite?

    We just paid 138 to 153 a night for December 16 to December 330, 2018 for a full hook up site. We will have 6 or 7 people with us. There will be 3 children and 3 or 4 adults. My grandkids love the magic of Disney. We just came home from 2 weeks at Disneyworld and noticed an increased rudeness of guests. I'm not talking about foreigners that many people complain about. These were blue blooded Americans, so to speak. We were watching the fireworks at MK and people kept plowing through us. The cast members were doing their best, but people were just rude. We were standing with a couple that were visiting for the first time. They said they had been saving for years for this trip. A man about 300 pounds grabbed their 12 year old daughter by the neck and threw her out of the way to plow through us. Unbelievable!! We located some higher ups and sent them to her immediately. What an awful experience. Luckily the grandkids were on shoulders and didn't really see what happened. People just need to be a little kinder. It's like the prices go up so everyone is in a hurry to see/do everything there is to do. This isn't possible unless you have 3 to 4 weeks to spend at Disney World. People just need to slow down and enjoy themselves.
  13. 1984 Walt Disney World promo video

    We honeymooned at Disney in 1980 and have been back many times since then. I agree, Disney was much better during that time. It's nice to be able to ride the rides multiple times, but there was something to be said about having the tickets. Things were less planned and more spontaneous. Definitely a little slower pace. The fastpasses are nice, but I would like to go back to the days without them. It seems that you are planning your days around 3 rides. If you don't use them you will never to get on the main attractions. I agree that change is inevitable, but I think that a lot of the changes made are not something that Walt would like. They need to get back to the street performers and the shows. It's more than the rides, it's the experience.
  14. Christmas 2018

    I made Christmas 2018 reservations. Check in December 16 and check out December 29. Can't wait and the grandkids are really excited!!!!!
  15. We are looking for a campground in Florida on the way to The Fort. We usually stay at the St Mary's KOA, but we are looking for something a little closer to Disney this time. Thanks