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  1. Thanks. That's what I'll do.
  2. What do you think my chances are of getting reservations for the campgrounds approximately December 16 to December 30ish? We have reservations for the first 2 weeks in August, but now my daughter and grandkids want to go when they are off school in December instead. Should I keep trying the old fashioned way or contact Jason?
  3. I think there is a bigger problem here. It's society in general. There isn't respect in general. There is one thing policing quiet time, etc. Disney shouldn't be in charge of policing what comes out of peoples mouths!!
  4. We replace ours with a regular house fridge also. Works great and has a lot more room.
  5. We use Disney Transportation. Our theory is that we are at Disney to relax and not fight the traffic. As far as inside The Fort, we either take the buses, walk, or ride our bikes.
  6. Wish I was there. We won't be going to Disney until August. Definitely need to live closer to The Mouse!!!!!
  7. I love it!!!
  8. Some of the sites in the 2100 loop are considerable shorter. Also, some of them back to water. Backing to water would not be good for us when we travel with our grandkids or when the mosquitoes are bad. We walked through the loop during our last visit and noted some sites that would work for us. We have a 39 foot diesel and sometimes tow an enclosed trailer for supplies.
  9. There is Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster and they have a campground next to it. it is definitely for the younger crowd.
  10. I'm looking for the date that the tickets go on sale. My son, daughter in law, and their 3 children want to get tickets for one of the parties in August.
  11. We stayed in one of the Terry trailers years ago. It was our second visit to Disney World. On our first visit, opening year, we stayed off property. My parents said they would never do that again. Since then, except for our honeymoon at The Contemporary, we have stayed at The Fort.
  12. We have a Splendid washer/dryer combo. I think that is the correct spelling. Ours is vented to the outside. From everything that we have read, this is the way to go. We purchased ours used and it was at least 10 years old. We live in Maryland and winterize it. To winterize the unit, we draw in antifreeze until we see it in the washer. Then we dispense almost all of it.
  13. I would add them to your reservations
  14. Hard to believe. This group has such a wealth of information that I have recommended it to many people.
  15. Thanks for the update. The app works great, minus the new loop. I have told many people about.