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  1. Christmas 2018

    I made Christmas 2018 reservations. Check in December 16 and check out December 29. Can't wait and the grandkids are really excited!!!!!
  2. We are looking for a campground in Florida on the way to The Fort. We usually stay at the St Mary's KOA, but we are looking for something a little closer to Disney this time. Thanks
  3. Enfield/Rocky Mount KOA

    I have a reservation at Carolina Crossroads. Thanks
  4. Enfield/Rocky Mount KOA

    I called RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads at 4 today and left a message. Apparently when they are booked for the night, they just have an answering machine. I will call first thing in the morning. Thanks for the help
  5. Enfield/Rocky Mount KOA

    We are leaving for the Fort on July 28 and DH wants to drive about 4 to 5 hours because we are leaving around 1 and have the 3 grandkids with us. This campground is the right distance, but we don't know anything about it. We just want a pool and not a dump. Any thoughts??? Thanks
  6. Christmas 2018

    Thanks Jason. We are trying to get dates together for Christmas 2018. At this point, we don't know if my son in law can go, but my daughter said we will go anyway. He will be back on the drill field as a drill instructor and can only get off if he is in between cycles. That's why we didn't go this year. He will go back on cycle to the drill field January 1 and can't get any time off before then. So, they will spend Christmas together this year and next year we will be at Disney.
  7. Christmas 2018

    When can reservations be made for Christmas 2018? Thanks
  8. Christmas reservations

    Thanks. That's what I'll do.
  9. Christmas reservations

    What do you think my chances are of getting reservations for the campgrounds approximately December 16 to December 30ish? We have reservations for the first 2 weeks in August, but now my daughter and grandkids want to go when they are off school in December instead. Should I keep trying the old fashioned way or contact Jason?
  10. The idiots have arrived en masse

    I think there is a bigger problem here. It's society in general. There isn't respect in general. There is one thing policing quiet time, etc. Disney shouldn't be in charge of policing what comes out of peoples mouths!!
  11. Refrigerator repair

    We replace ours with a regular house fridge also. Works great and has a lot more room.
  12. Driving to parks vs Disney transportation

    We use Disney Transportation. Our theory is that we are at Disney to relax and not fight the traffic. As far as inside The Fort, we either take the buses, walk, or ride our bikes.
  13. Very Merry Xmas Magic Bands

    Wish I was there. We won't be going to Disney until August. Definitely need to live closer to The Mouse!!!!!
  14. Metal Musket Mickey project

    I love it!!!
  15. 2100 Loop: Opinions

    Some of the sites in the 2100 loop are considerable shorter. Also, some of them back to water. Backing to water would not be good for us when we travel with our grandkids or when the mosquitoes are bad. We walked through the loop during our last visit and noted some sites that would work for us. We have a 39 foot diesel and sometimes tow an enclosed trailer for supplies.