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  1. Spring Break 2018

    I say go for it. And I don't know why this is in bold print.
  2. Spring Break 2018

    I can see not towing in the snow, but if you got stuck in a blizzard on the highway and the highway shut down the camper could be nice to have with the propane heater.
  3. Spring Break 2018

    Wish we lived close enough for one stop.
  4. Spring Break 2018

    I agree favorite place to sit under the awning. We were able to get 20 something days of AP use on our last set. I agree we have made the trip to Disney so much that it doesn't seem that bad anymore but I still wish it was closer. So why do yall leave the campers in Florida? Is it to save fuel, seems like a hassle to me we like using our trailer as we travel plus we always have a clean restroom.
  5. Spring Break 2018

    Tell me about it but when you pay for a AP you got to use it.
  6. I was bummed when the drive in movie night rained out back in October when we were there. It sounded fun.
  7. But they don't want you off property.
  8. Tire Feedback

    Ford Raptor is just as bad.
  9. Tire Feedback

    We have had Nittos before on my wife's old Tacoma they were good tires no problems with them. But never towed with them. I do have a funny story about them. I noticed her rear tire looked low but didn't check it for about 2 weeks I kept forgetting. When I checked it there was no air in it at all 0 psi. Now they were 10 ply tires but still I was impressed.
  10. I have done three ways also. On a swivel wheel behind a 5th wheel one time it was horrible never do it. In my toy hauler best way. And in the bed of our truck works fine but it's a pain doing it.
  11. We used them when my daughter had strep throat it was a big help it was also the same day Hurricane Matthew was blowing in.
  12. Fort site app.

    I can't remember but I am sure someone will.
  13. Tire Feedback

    My work Truck with the toyo's on it is right at 11,000lbs I have 30,000 miles on them right now and they still look good. It's a 350 drw and even the outer duals look good.
  14. Tire Feedback

    We have them on our jeep and we ran them on some of our trucks in the past. We had them on a 01 dodge 2500 diesel 4x4 and got almost 80 thousand miles out of them. I agree they do cost more, but tires is one place I don't mind spending extra.