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  1. OT: Cobra Kai

    I saw that a few weeks ago it looks good. But we don't have you tube red.
  2. It's better then the horse you know what they were selling at the booths.
  3. Yes it was just $5.00 per night. It really wasn't a big deal it was just before they always told me there was no need to pay and they waved it with out me saying anything.
  4. Well, I gave in..

    It's why we go to Disney so much
  5. Best deal on beer I found this past trip at epcot was America bud light $5.50 and it was about 12oz
  6. Well, I gave in..

    I am surprised it took you this long to buy a camper. Congrats and enjoy. What are you towing it with?
  7. Well they for the first time ever they made me pay for our dog. Which really annoyed me because our dog just stays in our camper or rides on our cart it doesn't touch Disney property. They said they had to make us pay now because it's $50.00 a day in the cabins. I just said OK and paid the fee. But what I wanted to say was I don't care what it cost in the cabins I am staying in my own property and if I am paying you does that mean you will fix my camper if my dog breaks it. (Although my dog has never chewed on anything other then her toy or toilet paper.) But I know the cast member was just doing her job and she was nice so I went on to my site set up the camper and had a beer.
  8. We had brought our bucket from last spring break but left it in the camper so we bought a new one. Refills are now $1.75 at MK but still $1.50 at the other parks as of last week. We accidentally brought our bucket home full and it tastes the same 4 days later it's just not hot.
  9. We never ride either one. We walk.
  10. "Han Solo" Trailer

    Just needed to be made 35 years ago with Harrison Ford.
  11. Disney Streaming Media Service News

    I guess that's why they need parking money.
  12. Just got back from WDW and those strollers were everywhere. But they didn't seem to be causing any problems. Unlike the double wide jogger stroller that almost took me out as the dad jogged down main street. Single jogger fine double jogger bad, no good.
  13. My mom was was a member she used it to get discounts on campsites at the Fort. They mailed her bags with the logo on it she still has one I know. Disney stopped the club when they started the Disney chase visa card if I remember right. I know she was not happy when they did away with the club. But now there is club 33.