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  1. Magic Kingdom we use the boat. But every where else we take the truck it's faster and easier with a stroller. We may not be using a stroller much longer so I may think about the bus again.
  2. We just did spring break the parks were packed but the Fort was nice.
  3. I just saw I wrote so so good. It was supposed to be so far so good.
  4. We did the Fort in November since I was a kid and in 2015 it was so crazy I just said I was done. So we have been trying different times of the year. So so good.
  5. Anywhere from 2 to 5 hours and we are done.
  6. The after 2 works as long as the lighting from summer storms doesn't close it down.
  7. Is it themed like Disney water parks?
  8. Water park I would go to BB and for mini golf WL SL.
  9. To get to my neighbor I take the golf cart.
  10. Why not go stay some where else on those 2 days? It's not like you haven't stayed at the Fort before.
  11. Good attention to detail I missed the dog
  12. Well a coworker of mine tried to get a reservation for later this month and there was nothing. Only tent sites.
  13. The question is are the parks empty also?