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  1. Well back in 2007 I researched this very thoroughly and at that time a swivel wheel that was built in texas did not meet Florida's definition of a trailer. Florida law stated a trailer was a ball mounted device. The swivel wheel was bolted to my trailer and did not use a ball. I actually carried a copy of the laws with me in my truck in case I needded them never did. But the funny part was I did have two different cops approach me about it, but only because they wanted to buy one. But again I would not use one again. I bought a toyhauler.
  2. We got welcome home during spring break
  3. There are plenty of boats. And you can always go to another resort and rent there.
  4. My camper didn't have enough pin weight to handle the swivel wheel I even added 400lbs over the hitch and it still wasn't enough. I towed it from Texas to the fort and back worst towing experience of my life.
  5. Well our last trip I tried walking up and they said no availability and it was not a busy time. So I used the app made a reservation and walked in 15 minutes later. Go figure.
  6. I had a swivel wheel, used it one time and got rid of it. It was way to unstable with the trailer I had at that time. Glad yall are ok.
  7. I don't want all of Epcot from the 80's that place was pretty boring as a kid.
  8. I think we have always had the gangster I do not recall a cowboy. But I kind of do as a kid. I should you tube it then I would know for sure.
  9. Storms always shut it down
  10. Disney really need to figure out how to put ez chairs and serve cold beer in line then what's 400 minutes.
  11. I would never do it but it is something a little girl would never forget.
  12. I really like the idea of it. Since it's 12 volt you could plug it in your camper and let it run the whole time you are going down the road and have a cool camper. Precool the camper with the big A/C before you hit the road. It really is a cool idea.
  13. Good idea getting rid of the carpet.
  14. Guess on our next trip I better hope for a storm. Hurricane Matthew got us on Frozen with a 30 minute wait.