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  1. Those tables (over by the old bar/new spa) are up for grabs. And I should have mentioned that the podium system was not in use at breakfast time- it was self-seating self-service then. TCD
  2. I saw three of these Big A** Wagons in the MK yesterday, and I was only there for a few hours. They're pretty big, but no bigger than the obnoxious strollers that some people bring: TCD
  3. I have a report on the podium/seating situation at Geyser Point. We went there at around 8 pm last Saturday night. There are signs posted telling guests to report to the podium. We checked in there and the CM took a cell number and told us we should get a text within 15-20 minutes. We walked over to look at the geyser, and in about two minutes we got the text. We were seated at table facing the water, and a server brought us menus from both the bar and quick serve. The server took our food and drink orders and delivered it all to the table. It was full service at quick serve prices. I actually like the podium and hostess. Before, we would have to stalk tables and compete with others to grab one. It's much more civilized now, and the full service is great. TCD
  4. That's true. I also didn't want to get in trouble. But I think it would be pretty easy to use the standard playing dumb routine that works well at Disney. TCD
  5. I don't think so. There are probably others. I paid $50 a night to have our dog in the cabin, but I almost had to insist on it. TCD
  6. Where in the World??

    I think I found where you read that on Google, and this sign is not on the back side of the buildings. It faces the Hall of Presidents, which is one of the front entrances for the shop, not in a back alley. In any case, that's the end of that photo. Next. TCD
  7. Where in the World??

    Hmmm. That sounds like a Google answer. Where's the Christmas Shop alley? TCD
  8. Massive Land Cleared For TRON

    And I can confirm that as of yesterday, March 22 the pathway along the train tracks is still open. There are no construction walls. Nothing has changed inside of the tracks, and there is enough vegetation left to screen the cleared area from within the park. TCD
  9. I have a first hand report about the changes that began on March 21 regarding day visitors to the resorts. I visited two resorts on March 22, and was given access to the parking lots by stating that I was there to visit a restaurant, and showing my photo ID. The quick answer is that nothing has changed. No parking passes. No new staff. No new gates. No way to determine which cars belong to overnight guests and which belong to those who drove into the resort to eat or shop. This new policy is a pure and simple money grab from honest resort guests who report that they will have a car with them during their stay. Everyone else can park for free, as has always been the case. Maybe one day there will be a crackdown, but for now nothing has changed for anyone other than resort guests. And certainly nothing has changed at the Fort. TCD
  10. Where in the World??

    Here's a new photo: TCD
  11. WBI went on a cruise and all you get is a video report!

    I like how all the historic sites are bars. I saw Irish Kevin's in the video. I've had some memorable times there. TCD
  12. As DIT said, management doesn't want to chase off the big groups. They like the big groups. They don't care who rents a site, just as long as it's rented. These big groups have figured out how to make the Fort affordable, so they're more consistent customers than the small families who come less often because of the high prices. TCD
  13. WBI went on a cruise and all you get is a video report!

    Nice jammies. TCD
  14. Well, I gave in..

    I can't believe it. Good for you! That is a cool trailer. It's awesome that you still have your cart and can still bring it. Hopefully, I'll see you at the Fort. TCD
  15. Where in the World??

    Correct. That didn't take long. TCD