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  1. What is this Atrocity?

    Do you want me to mail you one? I'm sure this season's supply has already been pre-made in the New Jersey factory where they make this kind of stuff. All you will need to do is blow the dust off of it, and you can enjoy it in all its dry and stale glory. TCD
  2. No more autographs at Crystal Palace

    Get used to it. Despite making a respectable profit every quarter this year, WDW management is focused on continuing to make cuts wherever they can to make more and more money. It is never enough. Why do you think they closed two major attractions at the same time when there will be no work done on either for at least six months? Why is there only one parade performed at the four parks, and still no talk of a night parade at MK? Why are park hours so short this summer compared to past years? It's sad what has happened to WDW. And the cuts keep coming. TCD
  3. This is a new Halloween themed cinnamon roll which is going to be sold at the Starbucks in Main Street starting one week from today: Halloween kicks off early this year in Magic Kingdom Park, with Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party on select evenings beginning Aug. 25, fun-filled evening with trick-or-treating throughout the park, eerie entertainment and Disney characters that go bump in the night. But it’s more than a dozen specially created treats – some available only during the parties, some all day in Magic Kingdom Park – that are most delectable (and Instagrammable). Here’s the sweet rundown: New treats offered all day, every day, beginning Aug. 25-Nov. 1 Stop in the Main Street Bakery for a bright orange Mickey Halloween Cupcake with chocolate cake filled with purple marshmallow fluff topped with orange vanilla buttercream, sprinkles and a white chocolate scarecrow Mickey. The Mickey-shaped Cinnamon Roll takes on a spooky twist with orange icing and a chocolate spider web. The horror! The official announcement is here: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/08/its-all-treats-no-tricks-for-mickeys-not-so-scary-halloween-party-in-magic-kingdom-park-at-walt-disney-world-resort/ TCD
  4. Temporary bus info for the fort

    Excellent job keeping us all updated! TCD
  5. Secret Menu

    Good job finding that video, Mo. I guess this might be fun, but I think it's stupid. What happens if several parties show up at the same time and request the secret nachos? It's great that the whole team of Castmembers in the restaurant come out for the fun, but then who's taking orders and cooking food for the regular guests? I'm guessing it's fine with management- they are selling $10 worth of food and soft drinks for $90. TCD
  6. River Country

    You can see the filled-in pool for yourself pretty easily through the cracks in the fence. TCD
  7. River Country

    Yes, that has been discussed here, and has been the case for at least 5 years, going back to when they tore down the old Pop's Place quick serve and made a courtyard/waiting area out of its footprint. TCD
  8. River Country

    That would be big news if it's true. They filled the old pool with dirt last summer, and the old fake rocks are continuing to disintegrate on their own, but I haven't heard of any work being done to level anything. TCD
  9. Double Fireworks at DHS for the Holidays

    I call BS. There aren't seats at the outdoor tables, and there isn't space for anyone to stand in front of the roped-off area. TCD
  10. Express Transportation to Be Discontinued

    That sounds like fun. If this service had continued, I would have liked to plan a day based on a lot of park hopping to take advantage of the quick access. But, I honestly wouldn't want to hop that much over multiple days. TCD
  11. Double Fireworks at DHS for the Holidays

    From what I've seen, that isn't true. The dessert party people have a nice roped-in area. There aren't kids on shoulders in there. Personally, I could never justify paying the outrageous amount they charge for the dessert parties, and I can understand someone giving a negative review for the value, but there is no problem with the viewing area. TCD
  12. Double Fireworks at DHS for the Holidays

    This might be a situation where its' worth it to cough up the $200. These dessert parties definitely have appeal for those doing a "once in a lifetime" trip. It's hard to get a good spot for the DHS projection/fireworks shows, and the dessert parties do give you that (because they rope off space that day guests would otherwise have access to). If you skipped a meal and used the dessert party as a substitute, it isn't quite as much of a rip-off. TCD
  13. Express Transportation to Be Discontinued

    All of the locations were backstage. At MK, it was the castmember parking lot that is hidden behind the wall next to the Buzz attraction; at Epcot, it was behind the wall right across from Spaceship Earth; at DHS, it was way in the back of the park past RNRC, and at AK, it was behind the Tusker House restaurant. Pick up and drop off was in the same location in each park, and there was a set schedule, which they never published for guests to use, but they had it posted at each of the backstage locations. One big limitation is that they would cut it off right at park close, so you could not use it after one of the night time shows to hop out of the mad rush to another park. The pricing is what kept me away. They gave a big discount to someone who wanted it for seven consecutive days, but no other discounts. Why not sell a pass good for 7 non-consecutive days, or fill up the bus with someone who was willing to pay $5 (I probably would pay $10 in certain situations) to hop just one time? They didn't try any of that. In a normal business, the market sets your price. If buses were running empty, then the price was too high. Disney didn't make any adjustments. They had their predetermined price point, and that was it. It's crazy that they've stayed in business as long as they have. It seems like these days a little profit isn't enough. TCD
  14. Express Transportation to Be Discontinued

    This talk about dropping prices and possibly cutting the cost by using smaller vehicles is the kind of logical stuff that is lost on current Disney management. Schemes like this are not about making things nice for the guest and making a fair return on the investment. These schemes have only one purpose- to drop a lot of dollars into the bottom line. That's why we are seeing a proliferation of dessert parties, pre-park opening hard ticket events and tours- these things are almost pure profit. No matter what they do, the express bus service would never have profit margins like a dessert party. TCD
  15. Express Transportation to Be Discontinued

    Another scheme that I have to shake my head at how poorly it was executed. The concept is a good one, but they did a poor job advertising and promoting it. We've had a few resort stays and many park visits during the time the direct bus service was offered, but never saw any signage or promotion of the service in the parks and in the resorts. Every single report I've read from guests who used it stated how nice it was that they were often the only guests on the bus. Great for the guest, but that meant Disney was running empty buses from park to park. Had this been promoted and priced right, the buses would have been full, and the service would be continuing, at a nice profit for Disney. Instead, they lost money, and we will probably never see this offered again. TCD