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  1. Videos of the interactive drum circle are starting to post. This is way worse than I imagined. Makes me miss Mulch, Sweat and Shears: This seriously makes no sense. Who are these people supposed to be, and why are they on another planet banging on drums that belong to the natives there? This mess is smack in the middle of the new land- you cannot avoid it. How is this OK? TCD
  2. You are thinking like a gouged customer- not a Disney executive. You should know by now how they feel about AP holders. They have your money. You can come or you can not. They don't care. What they want is the big bucks from the suckers who will pay for dessert parties and other "special" experiences. Making things worse for regular park guests helps drive business to these profit makers. TCD
  3. The neat thing about Florida springs is that the water temperature stays pretty constant- so on cold days, the water can feel "warm." I remember taking my kids tubing in the Rainbow River one year on New Year's Eve. Yes, we were cold, but we all survived, and it was fun. There are plenty of days between December and March when it will be in the 70's and above- you could tube on any of those days and enjoy it. TCD
  4. Sure it was anticlimactic. But, we only got to see that little glimpse of what the VIP's have gotten to see and will see all day. At the end of Iger's speech, the MC told the crowd that there would be a performance at the drum circle. He also invited them to go and get something to eat. I'm sure they won't have the long lines and slow service that you got when you visited. And, they are closing the whole flippin' park early for them. They will be the first to see the bioluminescence we have heard so much about. TCD
  5. No need for overcrowded buses. They can simply rent one of those private cabanas, or they can pay for the new car service they are going to roll out. If you have the money, they have the scheme. TCD
  6. For anyone who missed the livestream, they already have it on a video you can watch on YouTube- including the first 8-9 minutes where nothing happened: TCD
  7. They don't do that every night, so you got to see something special. TCD
  8. I love Joe's earring. But I'm also very afraid of it. TCD
  9. Sorry to hear that. I heard that there was a big media event there last night and a live performance of one of the new songs from Happily Ever After. That probably contributed to the s***show. TCD
  10. If Joe Shmoo can pay $4K to get his family to Disney World, then surely he can cough up another $300 to pay for the dessert party. There is no trampling or squishing in the Tomorrowland Terrace. Remember, Disney wants all of your money. Thus, the year of a Million SchemesTM. TCD
  11. Yup. Pretty sad. TCD
  12. If you're going to go, tonight would be the night to try. It's going to get progressively busier as the weekend gets closer. Also, it looks like we might be in for some rain tomorrow. Remember- you want to have a clear view of the castle. TCD
  13. Thanks for sharing this, Duane. The video is pretty good. The host (is she someone I'm supposed to know?) did a good job pointing out some of the details on the new Copper Creek units. I like how they have a railroad rail along the top of the cabinets, and gears for lamps. Also, the computer generated images of the finished pool were very interesting to me. This one shows new exterior finishes on the old DVC Villas building, which I found interesting: And this one shows the weird building adjacent to the pool deck- I guess that will be the restrooms. For a while, I thought they'd make guests use the restrooms in Geyser Point, or the original restrooms in the Villas building, but I guess they built new ones. I can't figure out any other purpose that building would have: I entered the contest! I can't figure out how the prize is worth $13K, as it seems like all they're offering is a 7 night stay in a one bedroom unit- not one of the lakeside cabins, and it doesn't say anything about food or park tickets. I also feel like I'm going to get bombard by DVC salespeople. TCD
  14. I would say LOL, but this may not be a joke. How long have we had Disco Yeti now? TCD