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  1. Here is the tester seat
  2. Yeah I'm pretty sure this is gonna make me nauseous but I'd risk it.
  3. Just read an article on chip and co and that to ride the boat ride you must transfer from a wheel chair and no accommodations for FOP. So basically Pandora is pointless for anyone who is handicapped. What the hell was Disney thinking?
  4. Wth? That's the strangest looking dude ever. It looks like a bad makeup job on a dead person.
  5. Perfect. I'll be patiently waiting.
  6. TCD I'd like a video of you teaching us all the language of the Na'vi. Thanks!
  7. We've already had our AC on a few times this year. It's currently cranking now because it was 90 yesterday and today and tomorrow. Our upstairs gets hot (and our downstairs is freezing). We really need two separate units for our house.
  8. I know nothing about the movie but I'm FB friends with the lady who wrote the article I linked (I know of her from past years of applying for the Mom's panel) and some local to her new station interviewed her because of her article about people having issues fitting on FOP. Anyway, someone said they find it ironic that one of the main characters from avatar was paralyzed and in a wheelchair and they technically couldn't even ride their own ride (if they were real). I almost read comments that very tall people with long legs are having issues riding too.
  9. Don't hate me for the source people. It's an interesting read about people not being able to ride due to their size.
  10. A big fan for outdoors is a great idea. While not camping inFL but during the summer in Nj and it was super hot with no breeze the fan made a huge difference
  11. How's cell reception in there? I'd like to see if someone walked as much of the line as they could to see how long it is using an app like MapMyWalk or something. Or I guess a Fitbit would work but I always feel when I'm walking slow they aren't accurate
  12. I don't know if this is true but I'd think you need bathrooms in there!
  13. There was also a station that had paper cars you could cut out and put together. They let you take them home to do because they said it takes about 30 mins to complete. I'm kinda hoping the kids forget about wanting to make them.... The other station they had had a few Cars toys you could play with and an employee was "race" cars down a little hill. That's all there was, we spent about an hour. I'm glad it was free and close by. Not worth going out of your way or or passing up something better to do. This was the line when I left, it was insane. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk