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  1. Well, I gave in..

    Totally agree. Our downstairs needs to be painted (it’s an ugly old color) and we’ve had quotes to get it done (we have a lot of wood work so it’s a PITA) and its always well vacation or paint? Vacation always wins, my kids are going to remember trips more than a fresh coat of paint.
  2. BEN will be back as six bits

    so, I’m wondering... Ben has a large following (12k followers on Instagram Vs one of the other Six Bits only has 2k). Can’t help but be skeptical if Disney wants to move him and his following to where they have to pay to see him...
  3. Where in the World??

    Hahaha no. his powder room redo has put any type of renovations on the “pay someone to do it” list.
  4. Where in the World??

    That's super cute.
  5. BEN will be back as six bits

    I’ll keep you posted. Don’t know if it’s just one show or what
  6. Man all my dad got when he worked at AT&T was access to the spaceship earth lounge 😂
  7. The cell phone discount is the best that I’ve found so farThe cell phone discount is the best that I’ve found so far
  8. She also found a receipt from the Poly, $130 a night !
  9. My friend is cleaning the basement and found this from their visit does anybody know what the Magic Kingdom club was? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. When Squish was in Children’s hospital in Philly we had to pay for parking at the hospital. I can’t complain too much because my co pay was less than our parking 😂
  11. Oh that’s good to know! We are going mid July and booked a house in Saranac Lake for the week. So far my to do list is gondola ride on little Whiteface Mountain, Veterans Memorial Highway to the top, all the Olympic spots (including bobsled ride for husband and son), The Wild Center and the public Observatory in Tupper Lake and High falls Gorge. On the drive up we are planning on spot at Orange County Choppers for a tour, lunch and bowling.
  12. I’m getting less and less likely to want to send as much on a Disney vacation. We are going to Lake Placid this summer and while that’s not in the same category as Disney I’m looking forward to something new and less expensive ?
  13. Disney would never do something so lame as that ???