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  1. Oh I'm totally buying them!! I love stamps but hardly use them. I always order them on line so I can have a better selection. I currently have the "pets " collection.
  2. You can charge an iPad (not sure of other tablets we have an iPad) but I don't know how much of a charge it would give it. But you could keep switching out the fuel rod if you are in the parks.
  3. I'll look around but somewhere there is a review of comparing the different meal services because one of the companies is way more labor intensive for meal. i just door to door Organics. Today is my first delivery, I'm getting just produce. I had an offer so it's cheap for my first delivery.
  4. Not feeling them at all.
  6. I think they start these rumors themselves to get people over to this park. They hear it might close so they want to make sure they get in one last ride just in case.
  7. This is my favorite song
  8. I downloaded mine from ITunes but I know there is somewhere on line you can order. Let me look for the link.
  9. I hope they don't have shower doors! Trying to bathe a child in a tub with doors is a huge PITA!!!
  10. I don't remember seeing them mentioned before so incase you had no clue about them. They are amazing! Some members are past/present Voices of Liberty. Their new cd The Corner of Broadway and Main Street is fantastic.
  11. Getting a little ridiculous (and I'll probably still continue to get one).
  12. We went to a EMS open house and they had the state police land a helicopter and my kids were fascinated with now many bugs were splattered all over the helicopter, oh and the fact there was barf bags.
  13. I can't even begin to understand how you wait that long. I'd need good, water a bathroom and a chair haha. Oh and something to do while I waited.