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  1. Total gridlock in the hub

    That sounds awful. I'd probably lose it. Stuff like that scares me because if there was an emergency??? I don't even want to think about evacuating
  2. We had a local minor league baseball team that offered a peanut free suite, this was the only way we could safely go watch baseball. You could buy regular tickets and then tell them you needed to be in the peanut free area. It was easy until people got wind of it and stared to abuse it. We went to one game and they told us we needed a dr's note to sit there. I didn't have one because it wasn't needed before. They were giving me a hard time about it until I started pulling meds out of my bags and offers to log into my medical charts to show them. Like everything else it just takes a few bad apples to ruin it for the rest of the people.
  3. I am just assuming here but I would think anyone that has a true service animal would be more than happy to have their animal display an official "badge". I can't imagine what a headache it is for them with people pretending their animals are legit, having bad behavior and then causing a bad rep for service animals and making things more difficult for them.
  4. My 3 yr old is horribly terrified of dogs (neighbor's dog got out and jumped on her) like insanely scared of them. If we'd ever be in an elevator and someone with an untrained dog came and sniffed her, I don't even want to think of what that would do to her. As long as it's only at one resort of each level, we can deal with it and just avoid them. But if it ever goes to allowing it at all Disney resorts we will never stay on property again. That kills me but with 2 of my family members super allergic and one scared to death of dogs, it wouldn't make for a fun trip.
  5. Until they fill up and they don't want to turn away $350 for someone's pup to stay a week and put them in a regular room. If this stick with his I hope it never becomes an option at all Disney Resorts or we will stay elsewhere. I do think it's going to be the bad dog owners that ruin it for everyone. Both having them stop allowing it because of complaints and issues and then not following rules and having their dog where they don't belong and upsetting the non dog owners (and the good dog owners too).
  6. I can't wait to see how the enforce the 30 mins to deal with your barking dog.
  7. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    I'm so glad you are doing this report! What an experience!!
  8. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    I'm so in!
  9. Wheel of Fortune Taping at Epcot

    Gee and how many "bloggers" do you think will be posting about being there...
  10. Wheel of Fortune Taping at Epcot

    I had a friend attend a taping in philly and she said it was awful. Painfully boring and Pat is a royal jerk. That said, I would still like to go 😂
  11. Hey it's only $340 for my family! What a bargain.
  12. RVing with a hot tub?

    I can't imagine what a PiTa a blow up hot tub would be. We have a blow up water slide and it sucks drying it and putting it away.
  13. Disney potty training....

    Good luck! I don't have any advice because I intentionally held off potty training until after a trip we had planned. My daughter hates auto flushers, hatessss them so sticky notes are a must for us.
  14. Moana update of Tiki Room?

    I'd be totally fine with it, as long as it is done well and not some horrible, quick slap some crap on the walls and call it a day.
  15. I'm pretty sure they try and keep his hours unpublished because of his following. if you are active on FB try searching for Disney food allergy groups. I'm sure one of them will probably know.