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  1. New Christopher Robin movie

    Amazing? Incredible? 😂 terrible?
  2. Maybe this was posted before and I missed it but this looks fantastic http://www.indiewire.com/2018/05/christopher-robin-trailer-winnie-the-pooh-ewan-mcgregor-1201968351/
  3. 2 free Marriott nights give me your input

    You should gift them to me, I’ll check out both places and let you know what I liked better 😂
  4. You are 100% correct because this is when we wanted to go but now I’m rethinking it. I really don’t care about star wars and don’t want to deal with the madness
  5. Elizabeth will loveeeeee this. She’s super into space.
  6. SW 2018

    It looks so pretty out there!!
  7. Thanks for the trip reports

    I hope your dad has a speedy recovery!
  8. 1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    Very, very carefully. I had to eat a few in the airport lol.
  9. 1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    The past 2 times we have been in Florida we’ve ended up at a Wawa. You can take a girl outta Jersey, but can’t take a Jersey out of a girl 😂. my town is 8 square miles and like 15,000 people and we are currently building 2 super Wawas. We have one regular Wawa (no gas) which will close when the Super Wawas are complete. It’s kinda crazy.
  10. 1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    Next up was the wax museum. Basically the kids were bored (they didn’t know who pretty much any of them were) and my mom and I loved it. And that was it. Went to Wawa to eat, returned the rental car (which that whole process was odd, I didn’t really like just leaving it with the mass of other cars. I’m a paperwork person so I would have liked a confirmation paper or something it was return and it was fine). Some how we lucked out and got TSA pre check, the security lines at MCO were insane and it was incredibly hot so we were thrilled to skip that. I had to wrap all the peaches in paper towels from the bathroom because their skin was getting banged up but other than that they make it home in one piece and were really good. This is my new suitcase, when I talked to SW about my straps getting ruined they gave me a website to go on and pick a new suitcase. The end [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I’m so not ready for this to be over 😭
  12. 1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    I hope you guys get a chance to go. Ice cream and rocking chairs, you can’t go wrong.
  13. 1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    Next was Orlando Sea life, basically all of my pictures are horrible because of the lighting. The neat thing was the first room you go in is round and you are surrounding by a fish tank that’s pretty thin and the fish are just constantly swimming around in a circle. The way the aquarium is set up, you walk through it in a line more or less. Your only choice is basically toward. They have programs they give the kids and these little programs and there is spots around the aquarium to mark them. The other thing I like is they have these bubbles. You crawl under them and can see the fish swimming around you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. 1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    After the peaches we headed to the Orlando/Coca Cola Eye. They used to have a short movie you watched before going on that was about places in Florida, my kids really enjoyed it last year but now it’s being replaced by something different. The place was completely empty so we walked right on. Pictures like this make me realize I’m not %100 comfortable being 400 feet in the air with no way out. But then you can see this, space mountain and the contemporary We ended up going on twice, the first time she was scared and then this was the second time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. 1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    I think we are coming back in March if the new section of legoland is finished before our passes expire. That trip will be planned with ahead and I’ll make sure I contact you before. My kids love farms and picking stuff.