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  1. eww. I'd rather have a pack of the pecan swirl rolls that you get at the store (if I didn't have a kid allergic to them). You know the ones that come in a pack of 6 and are actually moist, unlike that flaky dry roll above.
  2. New Disney Lego set?

    Take my money
  3. Did you hear Ellen's had an evacuation for its last ride? They let the people take pics and everything.
  4. Emoji Movie

    This is going to be my theme for trunk or treat. I should probably go see the movie lol
  5. I agree it's expensive! $690 for a week for a pull through site, next year the prices are higher and it's $720 for the week. I jas had no idea it wasn't actually Williamstown either! Learn something new every day!
  6. Truck and camper both looked brand new. The tailgate is completely ruined. I felt really bad for them. Good reminder to take your time and check everything.
  7. It is a water wheel, it was moving in the beginning of our trip but we had a really bad storm one night and it stopped working after that. Not sure why it stopped. the campground is called Hospitality Creek in Williamstown, Nj. It's pretty nice and they are very strict. No golf carts, no drunks, no loud parties. The Fort could learn a thing or two from them. At night you constantly see a staff member on a golf cart (they are the only ones who can have them) looping to make sure everything is good. They have a lake, an activity pool and a regular pool. My kids love it there.
  8. And here are some random pics from our trip My kids loved catching frogs (and didn't take their helmets off because they were lazy) We called that Mystery Island. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. We just did a week at a campground in NJ and 2 things we saw I thought you'd be interested in. Adam spotted this sign, which lead to the guessing game of why is the lady's name marked over with tape? Dead? Divorced? A joke? A 5th wheel pulled in a few sites away and while they were setting up we heard this awful, loud bang. Turns out he forgot to drop his tailgate before pulling the truck out from under it. Yikes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Air conditioned comfort stations?

    Ugh. That's awful. Hot and muggy comfort stations are the worst. Hopefully their temporary fix helps you out.
  11. I still want Paint the Night.
  12. I guess I should have said I wonder HOW MUCH they will raise lol. I like pop century because I'm cheap but if this raises the rates significantly I'll probably switch to All Stars or maybe a moderate.
  13. Wonder what this will do for the prices??