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  1. Welcome Home Sweepstakes

    No need to enter as l intend to win
  2. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Gwen your pictures are great!! Nothing beats the MK at Christmas time.
  3. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Oh Gwen Iโ€™m so happy you got to go! How sweet of Jean Ann to invite you, she looks like a lovely person!!
  4. Bridging Question

    I think the only thing is you donโ€™t get full value credit towards the AP, only get credit for what your discounted price was
  5. Security Bypass for AP's?

    We had to do the clear purse too. They even took they pockets out of the pants!
  6. Got there early and stayed late

    I'm in! Glad you got the pictures working! Your son is adorable and for Pete's sake take that kid to Small World ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Security Bypass for AP's?

    When I worked at great adventure back in '98-02 employees always had to go through metal detectors and again on the way out. It was more for trying to scare people from stealing money than "security" but that was a long time ago and the world has certainly changed since I was a kid. Which is sad because I'm only 35.
  8. New 2017 Fort Wilderness Merchandise

    Oh i love that green shirt!!
  9. Allow Extra Airport Time

    A few people in the allergy world have noted the extra screening. Most allergy people end up flying with a lot of food depending on where they are going. I usually have a carry on with enough food to feed an army. Way more than we need but can't risk it being smashed to pieces or being held up for hours somewhere and no safe food for Adam.
  10. Too funny (And for anyone who doesn't know Rob Lott is a Six Bits) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 60 Day FP+ for offsite hotels

    Ugh I bet you are so correct on this.
  12. I wonder what their plan is if God forbid they have to evacuate the building and your pets in there and you're in the park ??
  13. Hahahaha . I shouldn't try and multitask.
  14. I wonder if this is more to drawl the locals to stay? I remember years ago my parents used to get dirt cheap (for Disney) room offers. If they still get random decently priced room offers, paying $50 to bring your dog doesn't seem to horrible.
  15. I'm thinking they will do better at the resorts. One loud dog I would assume would have more of an impact on potential number of bothered people (rooms on both side and behind and above) vs at a campsite unless a lot of people are outside then I guess the campsite could annoy more. Plus dog going nuts in your camper, Disney doesn't lose money if it destroys stuff vs if it goes crazy in a resort room. I do hope they picked buildings/rooms with little foot traffic to lessen the chance of people walking by and it stirring up the dog.