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  1. Just Joined

    darn, you missed the prize by one member
  2. well, since we full time we won't feel out of place
  3. Me and MrsTnBob along with Lorna and Richie will be at Lazy Days from Friday until Tuesday next week 2/5 to 2/9 in our new Grand Design
  4. Gee, who would that be that u are visiting??
  5. I was in there the other day and found the prices outrageous compared to PPL or even Camping World.
  6. the "magic" binder

    pot kettle, pot kettle
  7. the "magic" binder

    and I thought this thread was about cheese
  8. Casper Mattress...

    we still like ours, we are even keeping it when we get the new camper, we will let them keep the new one.
  9. we will be at the show with Richie and Lorna and maybe even some others on at least Friday and Saturday, see ya there lol
  10. we pulled the dinette and replaced it with another couch that pulls out into a bed, it fits a table between the couches and we use table mates for eating and laptops. We found the couch at Rooms to Go warehouse across from Lazy Days when we were there last yr, worked out great for us.
  11. tell them I sent you and there will be a spot for you lol, it's not a busy time so you'll be ok stop in to site 13 and say hey, we will be back by then, and for Gods sake don't break anything or I will have to fix it. you don't trust my judgement?
  12. It's kinda personal preference, I would go a long way out of my way to avoid Atlanta. I find going the 65,85,Taylor Road, 231 to 10 route to be a lot more relaxing drive and a whole lot less traffic. I ask people that come to the campground which way they are going and many feel like I do and wouldn't go thru Atlanta, esp towing. Now if you ask Carol, she always goes thru Atlanta. Anyway, if you are going the 65 south way there is a campground (where I live) about 50 miles south of Nashville at exit 27 called Texas T. The campground is right at the exit (easy off-on).
  13. are u going south on 65 thru Alabama (the good way) or south on 24 to 75 thru Atlanta (the traffic nightmare way)?