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  1. Trying to decide...

    We have started to. I found that I get less and less restful sleep when staying at Walmarts and truck stops- I thought it was mental, the papa bear in me being protective of the family. BUT- we started to notice a pattern that the night before moves, I'd often pull up the rear stabilizers (leaving just the front landing gear) and again started getting less and less restful sleep. We are fairly certain, it's a matter of our wiggly worms of kids in the back- when they roll over, it rocks and bounces the camper around. That movement is stirring my sleep (but not quite waking me up). So now- I wait to raise the rear stabilizers. And overnights at campgrounds have been with the rear jacks down. We haven't overnighted at a Walmart or truck stop since the decision because it's been hot out (we don't have a generator).
  2. Ideas for Traveling out West

    The pass near Denver is long. A good 6% grade for many miles and at the top goes to Eisenhower tunnel. We did it westward (Colorado to Utah/Moab) and I drove up it doing 35mph. Came down it about the same speed in a lower gear (as recommended). Otherwise, it's a beautiful drive. We were sad to have done a large part of it at night. We slept at a Flying J near Vale, CO.
  3. Campground close to Disney

    I think they do. I know fulltime families who have used it for their week out of the Thousand Trails network. Might be worth a call to them.
  4. Campground close to Disney

    We've stayed at both Lake Magic and Thousand Trails and use the back-way in. Both are decent, though I like the Thousand Trails a little more than Lake Magic.
  5. Campgrounds Florida on the way to The Fort

    20 miles down the road is Pecan Park. We've stayed here multiple times- get a Passport America discount and it's an affordable overnight stop. Paved pulled thrus make it an easy overnight. Or a little further down the road, we stayed at Stagecoach RV in St. Augustine, FL. We hadn't stayed here before but would go back. Friendly folks and long pull-thrus.
  6. Mickey's Backyard BBQ for a 4 year old?

    We took our son when he was 4 and he LOVED it.
  7. Ideas for Traveling out West

    Ok, I recently made the drive from Florida to Utah. But, our routing was a little different because we were meandering and visiting people. Do you boondock? Or do you need full hookups? How far are you comfortable driving in a day? Camp Gulf Destin, FL Meaher State Park Mobile, AL Cherokee Farms RV Service Center Foley, AL Cherokee Farms RV Service Center Foley, AL Meaher State Park Mobile, AL Millbrook Walmart Millbrook, AL Monte Sano State Park Huntsville, AL Diamond Caverns Park City, KY Monte Sano State Park Huntsville, AL Tom Sawyer's Mississippi River RB Park West Memphis, AR Crater of Diamonds State Park Murfreesboro, AR Sam's Club McKinney, TX The Vineyards Campground & Cabins Grapevine, TX Oasis RV Resort Amarillo, TX Coronado Campground Bernalillo, NM Ute Mountain Casino Towaoc, CO Copper Cloud Ranch Kanab, UT OK RV Park Moab, UT A long first day: Tampa to Mobile, AL and possibly stay at Meaher State Park. Right off of the highway and decent sites. You shouldn't have issue with ants for a 1-night stay. I don't think they have pull-thru sites but the back-ins are easy. I'd then head north and target Monroe or Shreveport for a second day (350-400 miles). No idea on places to stay in either. Amarillo, TX could be a next stop at 550 miles but that's a looong day. We stayed at Oasis RV Resort and would stay there again- easy paved pull-thrus. Plus, you can drive over to the Cadillac Ranch for a few minutes on your way out. You'll see signs for a hundred miles for the Big Texan where they have a 72 oz steak challenge- it's a tourist trap but was fun none-the-less and the food (steaks) was decent. You can split the final leg to Flagstaff by stopping in Albuquerque. There's a little campground called Coronado Campground in Bernalillo, NM. Just water and electric, but mostly pull thrus. Very pretty. It's 300 miles from Amarillo to ABQ and another 300 to Flagstaff. While in ABQ, go drive the Musical Road- it's only 1 of 2 in America (video). Flagstaff, you're set (which is good because I don't know the area). From Flagstaff, drive north to Page, AZ and do Antelope Canyon. It's touristy and commercial but oh my goodness stunning. If Glen Canyon Dam is doing tours, it's only 16' shorter than Hoover Dam and tours are something like $5/person. You can move over to Kanab to explore Zion and the south western part of Grand Staircase Escalante; hiking to the Toadstools was a cool and doable hike (my family doesn't hike!). We actually stayed between Page and Kanab at Copper Cloud Ranch near Paria. If you boondock, friends found an awesome spot. If you are into 6-7 mile hikes, try getting a permit for The Wave; nothing compares! Moving north, maybe stop at Bryce Canyon National Park. We didn't stay/go, but friends did and it looked awesome! Moving north again, maybe stop at Capitol Reef National Park. Again, we didn't stay/go, but friends did and it looked awesome! Moab is my biggest love of Utah. Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are both there. Also make sure you go to Dead Horse Point State Park (gruesome name and story, beautiful park). There's also a ghost town and a ton of petroglyphs/pictographs that you can go view. We have stayed 2 different places- Archview Campground on the north end; it was more expensive at/near $50/night. Our site was great and it had a distant view of the Windows Arches in Arches NP. On the south end of town, we stayed at OK RV Park right behind the Spanish Trail Arena. This was closer to $27/night but had full hookups but almost no amenities; but we were too busy exploring. They don't have a pool, but Ken's Lake is 6 miles up the road and was quite refreshing for us. We also hiked the 1 mile up to Faux Falls and they were really cool (just frightfully cold!). If you boondock, there is a ton of land around there or OK RV Park had dry camping spots. Even further north, we enjoyed Salt Lake City. For a non-believer, I was super surprised to enjoy exploring Temple Square. Driving out to Antelope Island and seeing bison, swimming in the Great Salt Lake, and just checking out the scenery was very nice. We stayed at the KOA; expensive but a very nice park and very close to the downtown area. Again, there's dry camping out on Antelope Island but it's not super convenient to explore SLC itself from there. Coming back, you could take I-70 east. We stopped in Goodland, KS at the KOA there. There was a cool rock formation called Monument Rocks near-ish there that was really pretty. I'd take a night or two to get to St. Louis, MO. We stayed at the Casino Queen in East St. Louis, IL. It has a view of the Gateway Arch and train access to get across the river. While East St. Louis gets a bad rap (as does downtown St. Louis after dark), we didn't feel uncomfortable while we were there. It's expensive for what it is (blacktop pull through spots, a tiny bit of stone between the sites, and not much else). But it was a good exploring place. If you have extra time, the City Museum gets rave reviews and the zoo is free (and nice!). Mammoth Cave in Kentucky would be nice if you aren't pressed for time. Otherwise, bust down to Nashville or beyond to get a good day's drive in. From there, pick your poison for getting home. Hope that helps... maybe?!
  8. I don't know about Uber rates, but I can definitely tell you that it's more than taxis. I can usually get around anywhere we've gone on property for $10-15 when we take taxis. Sure it's a yellow mears taxi without Disney branding.. but...
  9. My guess is that they're in the death-throws already to pull something so short-sighted. Given the reports of site crashes as people download- my guess is they're ripe for a bargain basement buyout OR shuttering their doors servers soon.
  10. I thought Jason posted something on his FB page about a Uber-style Disney van. I wasn't sure if he was being serious or if I was missing something. Sounds legit.
  11. Cheyenne Mountain State Park - Colorado Springs, CO

    Yup. We tried getting in there after our debacle w/o cell service at Mountaindale. But they were booked up for the weekends and we didn't feel like multiple moves over 2 weeks.
  12. Cheyenne Mountain State Park - Colorado Springs, CO

    About 10 minutes down the road from there is Mountaindale, a private RV park. I don't recall their rate, but my guess is that it was in the ballpark of $50/night. Very pretty. But basically no cell service- a booster only mildly helped.
  13. Changes in bag search areas (pictures)

    It included the metal detectors, though too. So you still had to queue up and walk through. Annoying because every other time, my wife would have to stop and get wanded for her Pandora bracelet. (Though, she wore it every time- the machines were just differently sensitive.)
  14. Changes in bag search areas (pictures)

    Overall, I like that they've spread it out and you don't have a mass of people all at one place. What I don't like is when you're staying at a Monorail resort - you have to go through security every time you get on the Monorail, even if you aren't headed to MK.
  15. Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, CA

    Good stuff everyone. We are coming down California out of Oregon along the coast to San Francisco. We are staying the the San Francisco RV Resort in Pacifica. It's a parking lot atmosphere, but the proximity is right in the thick of everything. Once we leave SF, we beat feet to head east towards Albuquerque in time for the Balloon Festival. There's some rumblings about maybe adjusting dates slightly to try and get down to Anaheim for Disneyland, but we'll see. We were trying to get to ABQ a week early (which is still a full week ahead of the Balloon Fiesta) to explore some sights there. So we'll see. Our plans are always in flux! I didn't think of trying to get Alcatraz tickets early. We're usually of the mindset of "hey, we'll just walk up". It usually works. I have mixed feelings on not having our truck handy. We are overpackers and often take lunch/food/snacks/lots of extra water with us. It makes it a bit of a hassle for public transportation. BUT... I've heard that parking in SF is worse than most other places. I have been practicing my parallel parking lately in Moab and here in Salt Lake City. We are currently scheduled for 2 weeks but that really only gives us 4 site-seeing days since I work. We'll see what we can do during the evenings.