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  1. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    After dinner we hopped on the monorail again and went back for a brief visit to MK. Happily Ever After started just as we were leaving the park. We took the boat back to the Fort. Jean Ann and Ceil hopped on the golf cart. Mary and I took a purple bus back. We were dropped off between 2700 and 2800, and it was unbelievably dark. The lights on the front of our scooters would only illuminate the sidewalk about 2' in front of us. Thankfully I had carried a flashlight with me!
  2. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    So let's finish up on Tuesday ... more doctored photos to remove the window grunge. Disney was testing some fireworks from 6 to 8 pm, so we had a special treat. I had on my Happy Birthday button, so after dinner the waiter brought me this cupcake. He said it was Boston cream cake. Even though I'm a low carber, I just had to taste it. The cream was chocolate, and it was delicious!
  3. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Those windows looked like they haven't been washed in at least 20 years. They were truly disgusting. i was really surprised to see the tree up in MK. Have they already taped the Christmas parade? Jean Ann, you so deserve all the kudos. If I hadn't gotten the heck outta Dodge when I did, I think I would have exploded. Last night I contacted our TA and officially told her to cancel the rest of our Fort reservations. Then i went into MDE and cancelled all our remaining dining reservations. And then I cried. The one thing that's getting me through all this is looking at my photos from last week and remembering how wonderful it was.
  4. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Thank you! Yes, CG is at the top of the Contemporary. I didn't expect the food to be as good as it was, but it was worth every penny! It would be a great place for an anniversary dinner. Thanks, TCD. I'm glad we got to experience a cabin too. Jean Ann is a very special friend.
  5. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Yes, I agree about digital photography. Such a blessing and a dollar saver. Thanks for enjoying my photos! I was an art major in college (design) and have since transferred my dubious creativity into photography. It's so much quicker and cleaner! Thank you! Thank you too. Thanks for reading along!
  6. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Mary, Ceil, and Jean Ann rode Pooh. The FP+ line was too long for me to stand through it. We had lunch at Casey's ... And then rode the People Mover ... Next up was our FP for Buzz. None of us played very well, but we had a great time! We decided to do a little shopping before our early dinner reservation. I really enjoy taking photos of the window displays, but I can never find the right time of day to avoid the reflections. We had early dinner reservations at the Contemporary. So everyone was hopping onto the monorail. But I had another idea. I'd always heard about the walkway from the Contemporary to MK and wanted to see what it was like, so I decided to ride over on it. And guess what? I beat them! I went up to the second floor and checked us into the California Grill. So excited -- I hadn't been there since it was Top of the World. The menu doesn't exactly appeal to David. So after several minutes the rest of our little group arrived. We were ushered up to the restaurant and were quickly seated. We ordered drinks ... I can't tell you what they were since I can't find them on online menus. One comment here -- I was so looking forward to taking pictures, but the windows were ABSOLUTELY FILTHY! I couldn't believe it. Here's an untouched picture I took, putting my lens right up to the window. The rest of the photos I'm showing you aren't great. They have been heavily processed in Lightroom and PhotoShop to cut through the grime. Then our food arrived. My bison steak (it was absolutely delicious -- not quite as tender as a filet, but the taste made up for it): Ceil's flatbread: Mary's sushi: And Jean Ann's filet: Sorry. Must stop here. Have to take mom to two doctor's appointments today.
  7. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Thank you, Ivy!
  8. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Tuesday continued ... And then another problem. Mary's magic band didn't have her tickets attached to it. We spent another 30 or so minutes at Guest Relations getting that straightened out. Finally we stepped into the park and surprise, surprise! Have to take mom to a doctor's appointment now. Will post more later.
  9. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    On Tuesday we left the cabin around 9:30 thinking we'd have plenty of time to make our first FP+ which expired at 10:30. We were wrong. There was a huge line of people waiting for the boat. But the boat didn't have room for our two scooters. Lots of people in line behind us got onto the boat, but we were told we'd have to wait for the next trip. One boat was down for maintenance, and so they were only running one boat, and it would be 20-25 minutes before they could get back for us. So we sat and chatted at one of the tables near the dock. And of course I started snapping photos. After a really long wait, we finally made it onto a boat. And arrived at MK around 11:00 ...
  10. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Thanks, Derek. Yes, we did have a blast! Thank you too! Glad you are enjoying my pictures.
  11. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    I OFFICIALLY HATE IMGUR! Have spent all afternoon uploading Tuesday's pictures. Can only upload 3 pictures at the time. No bulk uploading like Photobucket. Almost finished. Then I deleted one duplicate photo and my entire album went away!
  12. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Thanks, NaCole! One of these days I hope you and Jean Ann can meet. I think you would become great friends. Happy to hear you're enjoying my pictures! Thanks, Ray. Yes, it was a great getaway at a very much-needed time! Thank you for reading along, Yvonne. I appreciate it!
  13. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Jean Ann, as always, you are too kind. As I told you last week, you don't see my really bad shots. I'm writing this TR mainly so the two of us can remember the wonderful times we had ...
  14. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Yeah, I had to sleep with two layers of blanket while wearing my sweatshirt. But that was a small price to pay for the amazing days we had!
  15. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    We got back to the Fort and relaxed awhile. Then we decided to ride the cart down to the Settlement to watch the MK fireworks. We wanted to watch from the right-hand side of the building, which meant I had to walk through several feet of sand. Not a good scenario for someone with balance problems due to osteoporosis. By the time I met up with the gang, I was having trouble standing up and said something like "I need to sit down right now." And then I heard a voice behind me saying "Let me get you a chair." I turned around to say thank you, and was shocked to see that it was Marty! I burst out crying, I was so happy to see her! We gave each other a big hug, and then Mo stepped up and we hugged too, and then I really started crying. I was so happy to see them! Marty was the only Fiend I'd told I was coming down, but I really didn't expect to be able to see her and Mo. What a wonderful surprise! I knew I had the wrong lens with me, but I took a few photos anyway: The fireworks were nice, but I really didn't care for the music. It seemed disjointed and didn't tell a story. Marty and Mo both assured me the show is great when you see it from Main Street. After the fireworks, we went back to the cabin and crashed. It had been a long day.