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  1. I should have guessed. I used that phone a couple of WWWs ago when my best friend had a medical emergency.
  2. I'll gladly give you my turn to ride.
  3. Stairs at the Beast's castle. Can see them near the entrance to Be Our Guest.
  4. Good advice. Our fridge is 15 years old, and I'm worried it will go out any time. Our fridge went out in the Airstream at about 18 years. We tried the same thing with it, but we couldn't revive it. My biggest concern is that we'll not be able to replace our moho fridge with a new unit with the same dimensions ... just like we couldn't with the Airstream. And that the wood door trim won't fit the new unit. I'm thinking we'll probably try to replace parts and keep the old one going as long as possible. Would rather spend $1,000 reviving the old unit than $2,000+ buying a new side by side that doesn't fit right.
  5. How good it must be to be TCD! That standby queue looks phenomenal. I've read that the motion sickness potential on this ride is 10 times what it is on Soarin'. I get sick on Soarin', so I guess I'd better skip this ride. What do you think?
  6. It's been nearly a year since we lost our sweet Kassie. Were at the fort in September without her, and it was difficult. We still really miss her. I feel your pain.
  7. Just watched on YouTube. I agree that overall the lasers added to the show. But the castle projection show was awful. It was garish and gaudy. To take a beautiful building and turn it into that is just sinful. Reminds me of the "cupcake" castle of many years ago. But it was great that they got rid of the Anna and Elsa show!
  8. Hey, Judy! I'm in!
  9. Wow. I was just curious about Pandora before I saw your pictures. Now I'm really excited to see it!
  10. Great pictures of the suite! Thanks for sharing them. I'd love to be able to tour it again.
  11. I'll be watching comments on this too. I have to shut my eyes a couple of times on Star Tours and several times on Soarin'. Will definitely not ride the intense side of Mission Space again. Watching the Avatar movie almost sent me into panic attacks. Can't handle the sharp drops.
  12. Now I need to Google the ride photos!
  13. Wow! Awesome upgrade!
  14. This TR is flying by much too quickly! Where are the pictures of Mrs. TCD? Did I miss them?