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  1. Pancreas, liver, gastritis...

    NaCole, has he been checked for a hiatal hernia? Mine ended me up in the ER a couple of times before my doctor figured it out. I have a small hernia (worse than having a big one). The edge of my stomach sometimes gets caught in my diaphragm, and the pain/nausea is bad. Until I learned to control it with diet, doctor gave me pills to numb my stomach.
  2. IRMA

    Sorry to hear you lost that much of your crop but grateful a lot was spared! I'm praying for your strong recovery too.
  3. IRMA

    So happy to hear so many fiends are okay! Talked to my daughter today. She and her family live in Amicalola Falls State Park in northwest Georgia. She said the park looks like a war zone now. But thankfully no one was hurt.
  4. IRMA

    I've seen posts from them on FB. All are okay. I think TJ and Missy are still without power.
  5. IRMA

    Just talked to my aunt in Brandon, about 11 miles east of Tampa. She's in a nursing home there. Totally unconcerned about the hurricane. (She's lived through a lot of hurricanes, both on the NC coast and in FL.) My cousin and his family live in Brandon too and are also going to ride it out at home. Praying for safety for all my family, fiends, and friends in Florida!
  6. IRMA

    Praise the Lord! Everyone in FL please keep checking in when you can. Praying for you all.
  7. IRMA

    Don't know where your friends live, but the latest forecast shows the storm going west of the Appalachian mountains. Good news for us. Hope they get home safely. Last year we left the Fort one day ahead of the evacuation. Traffic was horrendous. We went up 75 to Atlanta. Added 100 miles to our trip home, but it kept us off 95 and 26. If they are heading to 26 it could be a problem because coastal areas in SC are beginning evacuation.
  8. New Christmas Offering at DHS

    Same here. I have a 72mm lens on my camera -- lots of glass to catch the "snow."
  9. IRMA

    Everyone please stay safe! If you are told to evacuate, please get out ASAP! Even though we're roughly 150 air miles from the ocean, we're not immune to hurricanes here. In 1989 Hurricane Hugo made landfall in SC and then went inland straight to us. We were without power for 5 days. Traveling around the city was impossible because of all the downed trees. It looked like a war zone. Our neighbor was in Colorado when the storm hit and came home to 11 trees down on his house. We're stocked up on water, food, batteries, gas, etc., and praying for everyone in the potential landfall areas.
  10. Prayers For Our Texas Fiends

    Continuing to pray! I'm happy to hear you are okay. Please keep us posted.
  11. Prayers For Our Texas Fiends

    Thanks for checking in! Happy to hear you are okay.
  12. I don't need no sunscreen!

    I'm in too. Better late than never.
  13. Prayers For Our Texas Fiends

    Our church here in NC is partnering with a Texas church. An 18-wheeler left here this morning filled with food items. They asked for single-serving food items, food with pop tops, bottled water, etc.
  14. Prayers For Our Texas Fiends

    Jean Ann (and the rest of us) really wants to know if you are okay! Please post when you can.
  15. Prayers For Our Texas Fiends

    Was getting really worried about Jean Ann and Kenny. I messaged her last night, and she usually replies within 10 minutes or so. This time it was about 18 hours. But anyway, here's her reply. She gave me permission to post it here. "We made it, Gwen! We made it!!! The storm is finally over. The sun is shining this morning, there is a gentle breeze, and all is well with the world. Well, sorta. People are still flooding here due to the release of water on two major reservoirs, and we still have some highways and feeder roads under water. At 2 am this morning a local weatherman said that my neighborhood had received 50 inches of rain since Friday. If that turns out to be true, I think I've been touched by a miracle! God is so good! Thanks so much for your concern throughout this ordeal. And tell Ray the Oklahoma brigade that came down to rescue the victims of home flooding made me so proud of my home state! Again, Gwen and David, your concern for me made this storm much easier to endure!"