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  1. Weather Alert

    7.5 - 9 inches here depending on where we measure. 14 tonight. High of 59 predicted on Sunday. I hate this yo-yo weather we have.
  2. Talking Mickey getting the boot

    Talking Mickey is so much fun! Glad we got to see him a couple of times.
  3. The Year In Review: DIT Takes Disney Hatred To A New Level In 2017

    You do all the cooking when you camp? Could you please give David lessons?
  4. CreekFire Motor Ranch -Savannah, GA

    Looks like a great campground!
  5. Where in the World??

    So I'll guess Akershus, or however it's spelled. Looks like it might be next to a window.
  6. Where in the World??

    2016 and no. Haven't been in the bakery or the restaurant.
  7. Where in the World??

    I'm stumped. Have looked through all my Norway photos and can't find it.
  8. First Christmas-time at Disney/Fort Wilderness

    Please don't give up! I can see all your pictures now.
  9. Full hookup loop request suggestions

    I agree with Carol. We got caught on one of those islands years ago. And the land dropped away from the pad so steeply that we couldn't even put our chairs out under the awning.
  10. Three trips to Disney can make a year good!

    Great pics! They make me sad that I had to miss WWW again.
  11. Where in the World??

    I really enjoy this thread. Hope someone revives it!
  12. The Year In Review: DIT Takes Disney Hatred To A New Level In 2017

    All caught up. Sorry, I've been out of town for a couple of days. Having never been to a Disney water park since River Country, I really enjoyed your videos!
  13. First Christmas-time at Disney/Fort Wilderness

    I can see all but the latest pictures. Great job on the TR!
  14. Halloween 2018

  15. Halloween 2018

    If we're able to make it, please push it to the 12th! We won't cancel unless we absolutely have to.