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  1. BEN will be back as six bits

    Are you sure you don't work for Disney?
  2. Good to know, thanks! I swear that popcorn is magical. We had a few times over our last trip when we'd fill the bucket on the way out of the park and have it much later for a snack, and it always still tasted good.
  3. What was the magic kingdom club?

    I stayed at GF with my parents right after it opened during Feb vacation. We had a ground floor room near the pool in one of the outer buildings and it was $300 a night. That room during Feb vacation week now would be about $900.
  4. I might actually need one of those. Hey but speaking of popcorn... can anyone confirm if they're still doing the refill thing (buy a bucket, refill as much as you want for about $1.50)? In November we were told that they were only doing it through January, but I'm hoping it's still going on. If I'm going to spring for one of these, I should at least fill it up a couple dozen times.
  5. All that and a bag of chips, Dave. And just last night I made FP+ after adding 5 days to our upcoming trip...
  6. MNSSHP 2018 dates. CONFIRMED

    Thanks Jason! Looks like no Nov 1 party this year. That's the one we usually go to. It's also the one where the last hour or so they pretty much dump candy into your bag.
  7. "Mary Poppins Returns" Trailer

    Looking forward to that one. And that's a great trailer. :)
  8. "Christopher Robin" Trailer

    This looks like a sweet movie.
  9. I've said it before... it's all about the marketing It will be interesting to see if the new policy of campsites not charging for ONE vehicle will mean they actually start charging people for extra vehicles. And of course consistently enforcing policy has not been the Fort's strong suit.
  10. I suppose this is the way for Disney to increase room rates, without actually increasing room rates. This way they can still advertise "rooms/packages starting at..." since those numbers never include taxes and fees.
  11. What Jason posted lines up with what was posted on WDWMagic, which presumably comes right off the Hub.. https://www.wdwmagic.com/resorts/walt-disney-world-resorts-information/news/14mar2018-disney-to-begin-charging-for-overnight-self-parking-at-its-walt-disney-world-resort-hotels.htm
  12. I'll be curious to hear how that one shakes out too.
  13. Is Dole Whip Next?

    Ooh - I'll have to let mom know about that one. Thanks! :)