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  1. A couple of Fort observations

    Since I'm going to be working quite a bit while we're at the Fort this fall, I'm glad to hear this!
  2. What is this Atrocity?

    It looks like something you hang up as a decoration, not eat.
  3. Dog behavior question...

    Good advice already re: vet and retraining if necessary. If nothing has changed in the dog's environment (same people, places, daily routine), what about diet? Any changes in food of any kind? Meds/supplements? I could see a dog with sound sensitivity possibly having a pee accident when startled, but I'd expect it to be more of a quick thing only, and unlikely repeated other times. You mention meds for storms - have they had to give them more often recently or around the time of the accidents? (thinking possibly side effect)
  4. Menu Changes at Cali Grill?

    Hmm... recent reports? It was still amazing in February. Whew!!!
  5. Menu Changes at Cali Grill?

    What What Whaaaaaat??! I hope someone is just confusing the brunch setup with something more. I can't see that making any sense at all at Calif. Grill or at any signature dining location. For sure it would mean a total overhaul of the menu... buffet sushi?? nopedy nope nope.
  6. Secret Menu

    The best part of this really is having to use the Viewmaster to read the menu. :D
  7. Secret Menu

    If you're feeding a crowd it's not a bad deal. It comes with a ton of food... and hats. http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2017/02/02/secret-menu-nachos-rio-grande-challenge-at-pecos-bill-tall-tale-inn-and-cafe-in-disney-world/
  8. New Disney Lego set?

    So much this!!!
  9. Excellent advice! In the past we've brought about 30-40 lbs (I stock up when it's on sale or at BJs) and some years we've run out. A lot depends on what loop you end up in. Those closer to the Settlement/marina can tend to get more people than the ones further away. But definitely don't feel like you need to stay behind to hand out candy if you both want to enjoy the trick or treating with your kids! There are plenty of people handing out plenty of candy. Go have fun and enjoy the evening whichever way you like. Always a fun time!
  10. 2017 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

    Good point - although the crowds didn't thin out until we wove our way past Canada and took the path over to Imagination. It was crazypants. I've never seen it that bad that early in the day. Agreed! Eat early and find yourself an out of the way bench to enjoy the show.
  11. 2017 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

    During F&W I'd recommend avoiding Epcot like the plague on Friday night/Saturday (all day)/early Sunday. Crowds are nuts and it gets more and more drunk-tastic as the day/evening goes on. Used to be you might get a couple of early afternoon hours in on a Saturday before things got too bad, but we tried this last October, starting in Mexico - and by the time we hit France (around 3ish?) it was like a concert let out and you could hardly walk through the crowds. Other park crowd levels don't seem to be affected.
  12. Well this is interesting... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-disney-netflix-idUSKBN1AR0V0
  13. DCL most preferred by "child free" adults

    Oh we do indeed!! I got very excited when I found this stuff (made in Holyoke MA) in my local market... I've got some in the freezer right now and my sister-in-law mail orders the stuff. I grew up in an extremely Polish neighborhood in Worcester. That's where my Mom (of French-Italian decent) learned to make some killer golabki, and we all developed our love of pierogi. Wait, what were we talking about?? LOL
  14. Mission Space Refurb Extended

    I've never attempted it. It opened after my last miserable experience with a VR ride and I swore them off. But since then I've learned that when the motion is off from what you see on screen, that's generally what bothers people. And I've been able to do the Harry Potter rides several times (which are part VR). Hopefully part of this refurb was making sure the video/motion is synced up well. If that's the case, I may give it a try. But Carol... I'll let you go first.