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  1. New Weekend Brunch at Olivia's

    That looks delicious! Thanks for the review. :)
  2. Pet loops

    We used to leave the Disney cartoons on for ours when we left, until Bz decided that the emergency alert test completely freaks her out (like chews on the crate to get out, freak out). So... no more TV or radio when we're gone. We crank up the fan or a/c so they can't really hear anything outside, and give them peanut butter stuffed kongs. No complaints so far. In fact, as soon as I open the peanut butter jar, they go jump in their crates on their own.
  3. So glad you enjoyed it Ray!! I really hope they're able to find a new location close by.
  4. Yep. Started with BOG but now it seems to be all TS at MK serve beer and wine. But unlike all the other parks, you have to drink it there and can't get it in a "to go" cup.
  5. Sounds like quite the show! :)
  6. Thanks for the review - great info to have! I've added it to the Info Page we have listing resources for RV repairs at the Fort - If anyone else has first hand experience they'd like to share on a repair vendor, please feel free! I actually just had someone recently ask me to point them to our list.
  7. You never know what you'll find in that room. I got some great festival wine glasses back there for $1 a piece. Agree that it's always fun to poke around and I have gotten some great stuff there. I got a really nice sweatshirt there last fall for $20 that was still being sold in the parks for over $50.
  8. When we went a month ago they would not let us into the store at all until the CM we were with showed their card. It's hit or miss on what you find there. Sometimes we've gotten a ton of stuff, the last couple of times not much. Some inventory (clothes in particular) is very similar to what the outlet stores carry at similar prices but they have a lot more besides. Bonus is that you get the CM discount on top of those prices. There's actually a grocery section and last time I bought a bunch of oranges and limes that were MUCH better/cheaper than what Publix had. Current hours are posted as Monday 9AM–7:30PM Tuesday 9AM–7:30PM Wednesday 9AM–7:30PM Thursday 9AM–7:30PM Friday 9AM–7:30PM Saturday 9AM–7:30PM Sunday 9AM–7:30PM
  9. New Monorail Fleet ordered?

  10. New Monorail Fleet ordered?

    When I saw this my very first thought was "will the new ones smell like band aids too?"
  11. This would be cool to see! https://www.orlandoparksnews.com/2018/05/special-event-to-take-place-at-magic.html
  12. Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Congrats and enjoy!! And great to see you back around these parts. :)
  13. Early Booking

    We've generally booked 499 days out, but our stay usually includes Halloween and/or Thanksgiving - both really busy times at the Fort. These days it seems to be getting harder and harder to get a reservation at the Fort period, so I'd say if your dates include a holiday and a weekend, the sooner you try to book the better.
  14. Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    Done - welcome to Fort Fiends!