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  1. Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    PM sent. Welcome to Fort Fiends!
  2. Spring Break 2018

    I would! I managed to piece together 2 weeks by grabbing 1-2 nights at a time. True, but the truck is well stocked for dealing with getting stuck in a storm if it came to that. Plus we saved about $200 in gas one way. Honestly we'd never have even attempted towing once the snow was sticking to the road and would have pulled off to a truck stop for a day or 2 in all likelihood. We once ended up towing our hybrid in 2" of slush through CT. That was a nightmare - and this camper is a lot bigger and heavier. Actually even the rain would have been dicey towing this trip. The temperature quickly dropped 40 degrees between Jacksonville and GA, and was soon into the low 30s and pouring - that was sketchy enough with just the truck. (eek)
  3. I really did try my darnedest to keep my phone in my pocket this trip. And other than whipping it out for occasional photos (and even there I've scaled waaaaay back) or using MDE to check wait times or FPs, I think I did an OK job. I tried to limit my "checking in" time on Facebook to in the morning while relaxing with coffee (and still tried to keep it short), or in the evening for a few minutes before bed. But the lure of the screens is strong. It was a serious effort to keep reminding myself to stay in the moment and take it all in. And I caught myself a few times lost in some inane social media stuff and completely oblivious to what was going on around me - and that made me sad. On the plus side, it did become easier to do the longer I made the effort. Now is the challenge of keeping it up while back in the routine of regular life. Definitely harder as I'm working on the computer all day, but I'm going to keep trying to balance out staying in touch with staying in the real world.
  4. There was a detailed breakdown of the contract floating around the interwebz when it was signed - we may even have posted it here somewhere. If I remember correctly, I think your assumption is correct about the show not being in a park making it ok for Disney to license it.
  5. We did the "Dine with an Imagineer" last month (will post on that when I get a chance - very cool) and he explained that it was a case of Disney not being able to use any characters in the FL parks that Marvel already had in place at UO, but that they could use any they didn't already have and any new ones that might come about after the deal was signed, and that's why Disney is clear to use Guardians of the Galaxy at Epcot.
  6. Ugh. 2 things I wanted to do this trip that DH wouldn't let me... go around taking phones out of people's hands who were surfing Facebook while missing out on all kinds of cool stuff around them; and tuck in people's shirt tags that were sticking out.
  7. Spring Break 2018

    We left it this time because we had another trip planned in February and it was cheaper to store it than tow it back and forth to NH. Plus being winter, we wouldn't be using it anyway. It also should have meant that the ride home was quicker and less stressful, but as it turned out we had horrible weather all the way home, so that didn't quite happen. But if we'd been towing we'd have had to pulled over for a day or 2 - no way we'd have attempted towing it through the snow we ran into.
  8. Spring Break 2018

    Ours is in Clermont too - at Top Notch. And DH is already trying to finagle an April trip so we don't have to bring it home until spring. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  9. Spring Break 2018

    Agreed X2. DH came up with the bright idea to store the camper in FL after this past trip and "drive down to pick it up" in February - read "book another trip to the Fort." (As it turned out, we drove home in a snowstorm, so thank goodness we did!) We just got back from 6 weeks and we spent at least some of every day hanging out at the Fort. I had to work 3 of those weeks, but working from the Fort was better than working from home. And I discovered that if you don't venture too far from the marina building, you can pick up WiFi on the beach.
  10. Season Pass Holders

    I did get notifications for the ones that were for offline attractions. But I didn't get anything for the "freebie" - still not even sure why we got that one.
  11. AK Changes

    We meant to see Flights of Wonder one more time, but never managed to pull it off. I'll miss Guano Joe.
  12. Season Pass Holders

    Also a great idea - especially since my memory is terrible! :) Although we got "multi-use" FPs a few times this trip - a couple of times when a ride went down for something we had a FP for, and one time it just appeared to be a "freebie" (yay us!) Next time around I'm going to use this tip and just remember to check the app before we head to a ride to use one, just in case.
  13. Season Pass Holders

    We have just gotten in the habit of doing it at the end because with TIW they have to take your card to get a manager to apply the discount (no idea why). When we used the AP they just looked at the card & ID to confirm, but we still did it when the check came just out of habit.