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  1. This is exactly what the position my in laws are in. They would LOVE a dog, but travel a lot on the weekends and understand that it just wouldn't work for them. So they come here and get their puppy fix when they need to. And of course my poor neglected dogs just eat up all the extra attention. Funny about the neighbor's border collie and the frisbee. I can totally see that happening. We once had a very nice lady from Jehova's Witnesses knock on our front door. Our first border collie Maggie proceeded to run around from the back yard and drop a frisbee at her feet. She threw it... and the game was on. LOL
  2. Disney World is Now Offering a Luxury Man Cave for Tired Dads

    I think it was a stretch to try and grab the eyeballs of a different audience for a WDW article. That or they just automatically think "wilderness" = "dudes" Um, I'm wearing the slippers I used to wear at our camp in Maine when I went out in the snow to use the outhouse. LOL I love the whole vibe of the Wilderness Lodge, but if I'm paying that kind of money and can get a view of the nightly fireworks from my personal pool overlooking a lake... #NoContest
  3. Ugh cost cutting sux!

    I tend to agree.
  4. Disney World is Now Offering a Luxury Man Cave for Tired Dads

    Yowsa!! The price puts them about on par with the Poly villas, but those have a sweet view of MK and are actually out over the water. I think if someone drops a bag of cash on my head I'll go with the Poly.
  5. Ugh cost cutting sux!

    Ah... I found it. Apparently I just skimmed the article. They did bring the plastic cheese back, but as TCD said it's not free. This is from DFB in July... http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2017/07/21/news-the-return-of-plastic-cheese-at-caseys-corner/
  6. Ugh cost cutting sux!

    Bummer!! We had a favorite Tex Mex place around here that pulled the portion trick. They had some entrees where you always ended up taking half of it home, and cut them so much that there was just enough for dinner and no more. I'm not sure what's worse - upping prices a little bit across the boards, or cutting things that people have come to expect.
  7. Ugh cost cutting sux!

    I thought I heard that after much public outcry, they brought the plastic cheese back??
  8. Bank drive throughs around here have dog biscuits too, and some Dunkin Donuts will give you plain munchkins for dogs. When we had our first border collie Maggie, she just rode loose in the SUV (back before we realized how dangerous it was). One of my favorite memories is going through the bank drive through and the nice lady handing her a biscuit. She took it politely and promptly buried it in the back seat. Apparently it wasn't up to her cookie standards but she didn't want to be rude. LOL Another was going through the Dunkin drive through and her coming up and squishing her head through on my left so that she made sure she got her munchkins.
  9. Artist Point bone in ribeye for 2

    Thanks for the review! We used to do something similar at Yachtsman - they had a huge rib eye and we'd split it with a couple of sides - in fact our favorites were their brussel sprouts and mac and cheese. :) With TiW we were able to get a great steak meal with drinks for about $100. But then a few years ago the prices at Yachtsman went WAY up and we haven't been back. Good to know Artist's Point is an option. We haven't been there in ages and for whatever reason it hasn't been on our radar for a while. We were just looking at that and have tentatively put it on the list. I'll be sure to report back if we go. Agreed about the ambience at AP though. Not to mention any time I can take a boat to dinner is a good day.
  10. I like that you know this. :)
  11. Kennel situations generally require more "stuff" because of the close quarters and dogs interacting with each other. The rabies, distemper combo (which usually includes Parvo and Lepto) don't surprise me. Ditto the Bordetella (aka kennel cough) as it's highly contagious. The fecal is unusual, but again I get it for a situation where you have a lot of dogs in the same space and there are a lot of parasites that are spread via feces (apologizing to anyone eating lunch LOL) In my experience hotels/campgrounds don't usually have so many requirements since your dog isn't going to be interacting with a lot of other dogs. Yeah, that's the problem in a nutshell. People abusing the system with dogs that aren't trained/equipped to be in a public setting like a properly selected/trained service dog. I can't speak for everyone, but when our dogs were young we took them to as many places as we could to help socialize them. The more good experiences they had with people/places/things as young dogs, the less issues they tend to develop later on. We've never felt the need to take them to a bunch of public places as they got older. We know they're settled and content at home, and usually only bring them with us if we'll be away too long for them to be home on their own. Early on we would take them to places like Petco, until we realized that the place was full of clueless dog owners who couldn't/didn't handle their dogs well. But that said, I have wacky border collies and I know their limits. Brady wasn't good with strange dogs, Bz isn't good with young kids, and Lyn... well the world at large pretty much freaks her out unless you're throwing her a frisbee. But if I did have dogs with solid temperaments, I could see bringing them along to dog-friendly place just for the opportunity for *them* to get out and about. Dogs lives tend to be very "small" and some dogs never see anything beyond their house and their yard. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but a dog (that can handle it) can get a lot out of new experiences. Just the chance to walk around somewhere new - smell all the smells, see new things, meet new people - that can be very enriching for a dog that is able to take all that in without being freaked out by it. I have friends that live in the city with dogs and a huge part of those dogs' lives is going places. That said, I would never make the assumption that everyone else in the world wants to interact with my dogs. In fact we avoid it with people we don't know unless the situation is such that we can manage things properly - i.e., no kids rushing up to them, no random strangers just reaching for them, etc. The dogs always come camping with us - they're actually why we got into camping. We decided early on that we weren't comfortable leaving our wacky dogs in a kennel, and we tried leaving them with family early on and that didn't go so well (see "wacky dogs). So we made the choice that vacations = camping and camping = dogs. But we also make accommodations to make sure they're happy and comfortable and not bothering our neighbors.
  12. I wonder if saying this is a year-long "test" is Disney's way of saying "it's going to take us that long to update the reservation system for this? He is indeed a wise Jedi. Argh!! Incredibly selfish of people to take advantage and ruin things for the people that really need them. Thanks for the update, TCD. That must have been added in the last couple of days. I couldn't find it there on Friday. I'd imagine they're only going to require a rabies vax as that's the one that most (all?) states require by law. In other campgrounds we've been to that require proof, they want to see the official signed rabies vax certificate from the vet - the one that gets registered with the state. Interestingly enough, while we always have their vet records on us (we actually keep them in the truck), I don't think Disney has ever asked to see them at check in before. I wonder if that will change now?
  13. All very true! Unfortunately the law doesn't allow businesses to ask for certification. The people I know with true service animals would be happy to provide it and wish that it was required. Their dogs are incredibly well trained and chosen specifically for the temperament required to perform their duties in all kinds of situations out in the world - which includes being in crowds of people and crazy situations, and still remaining calm and focused on their handler. Sadly the people that abuse the system take advantage of the fact that they know they can't be asked for proof (but more often than not, the dog's behavior gives them away). A lot of the same things can be said for responsible vs irresponsible pet dog owners. The responsible ones know their dogs well, manage their behavior so that they don't negatively impact others, don't put them in situations they know they can't handle, and don't assume everyone else loves their dogs as much as they do. In my experience (and I know a LOT of dog people) the irresponsible ones are a very small percentage. But then that's all things really. There are people that are just generally considerate of other people and those that aren't. The one thing I think bodes well for all this is that Disney isn't the first to do this by a long shot. As we've talked about, other hotel chains and resorts have been doing this for ages and presumably they've found ways to manage it so that it works for the majority of people. Disney wants to make money. The extra $50 a night they will charge for a pet will not balance out $300-$800+ a night reservations they may lose if they don't manage all this well.
  14. Hitchhiking Ghosts Tiki Mug Making a Comeback!

    Not sure what the supply looks like this year, but last year they had about 2 weeks worth.