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  1. I will thirstily await your review.
  2. From WDW Magic...
  3. Looks like the Eat to the Beat concert schedule is pretty well filled in. Being a Squeeze dork from way back, I'm actually pretty excited to see them on the schedule while we're there! :) From the Disney Parks Blog...
  4. CONFIRMED! From Disney Food Blog (follow link for full article with photos)...
  5. I need to bookmark this page and print myself out a list. I've got a battery pack, but it's bigger and heavier than these, and it takes forever to charge. This might be a better solution.
  6. Probably, and with 400% markup no doubt.
  7. Chip and Co posted this update 10 minutes ago...
  8. I'm sure the price tag on the Hawaiian shirts will be hefty, but if I was going to D23 I'd probably have to buy them anyway. FYI - the original link of this article stopped working this morning, making me wonder if someone made them take it down? I copy/pasted the above from the cached version ('cause I'm tricky like that). Here's the original link -
  9. I believe you can mix and match. I like the traditional and garlic naan the best. FYI you can ask for an extra order of bread, but they will charge you for it. Also we were told since they make all the bread fresh to order, it takes a bit of time. The accompaniments range from mild to super spicy and all kinds of flavors. My favorite is the one that sounds the weirdest - coriander chutney. It's not super spicy and so good that I found a recipe and made some at home. They lay them out on the board from mild to spicy and I'd recommend going easy on the last 2 on the spicy end until you're sure you like them. Geez... now I'd give my pinkie toe for a bread service tonight.
  10. Good point. I found this article... That last bit is interesting because it leaves Guardians up for grabs. Full article with lots more details, including the actual contract language...
  11. DH and I have gone to the lounge there and ordered the bread service and one butter chicken entree to split and left very full.
  12. You betcha. PM sent. :)
  13. Skip to 3:00 if you want his take on this specifically. But I'm still chalking this up to rumor. His rationale that it's happening because TCM contract is ending doesn't seem to hold water. re: ToT and that partnership ending... there's been no rumbling at all yet about retheming ToT at HS, even though it's already under way at DL. You'd think if they're doing a Guardians overlay there, FL would get it eventually too, and yet the Guardians overlay in FL is slated for Ellen at Epcot. Also the TCM contract is new-ish and the only thing different before it was the pre-show movie. But this rumor has a lot of traction out there so we'll see. D23 is coming up - maybe there will be some news coming out of that.
  14. PM sent. Welcome to Fort Fiends!!
  15. I think there might still be a few Disney Springs restaurants that have slightly different/cheaper lunch menus, but seems like that practice has gone away most everywhere else.