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  1. We have that exact same tent by Coleman except it's in red and grey. It is a nice tent! We use it when we don't go on camper trips to Disney in the late fall or early spring if we're spending less than 4 days (I like to amortize my fuel costs over more than 4 days for a Disney trip). It works great! However I will say that I think 8 persons is like all tents pushing it if you are stowing gear in the tent along with sleeping. We fit with 2 adults and 2 girls under 9 just fine this way.
  2. We've been to Up The Creek a couple times now. Nice place. Small, but quiet and well maintained, and there's a trolley stop right inside the campground (if you care for that sort of thing).
  3. Is the magic gone?

    ....I say all that though and I still enjoy Epcot for what it's become... well most everything except Imagination. I'll never forgive them for that!
  4. Is the magic gone?

    I as a kid also enjoyed the heck out of Future World. And, they did a darn good job of disguising how educational it was in the process. The World Showcase on the other hand was a huge bore as I recall, minus the troll ride (RIP) and the mexican ride. I'm still miffed that they so royally screwed up Imagination. But all that aside, I think the main thing thats really missing from EPCOT is the Future bit. Their exhibits are largely lacking in the excitement of the future aspect. Quite frankly, I don't get this, as there's plenty of material to work with. As an example, when we went to Disneyland about three years ago, you could see a little show at their Innoventions featuring an actual Honda Asimo robot! I was incredible, and I doubt most folks have seen one. How about a self-driving car exhibit? How are those not the perfect addition to EPCOT? (As a side note, quite frankly my impression after our trip to DL a couple years ago was that whoever is in charge of Disneyland is doing a lot of things right and the Disney Parks company would do well to put them in charge of WDW). Anyways, the World Showcase has lost a bit of its original charter too...a lot of the stuff in shops simply wasn't available pre-freer trade in the 80's. I do fondly remember trying Gummibars from the Germany pavilion and my moms reaction to seeing them, "Oh! I haven't seen these since your dad was stationed in Germany!" Granted this was early-mid 80s.
  5. WTF?*

    Central Florida in June... I know how they feel... :)
  6. The idiots have arrived en masse

    On our last trip, we had a little boy from one of the said huge campsites, probably aged 6 or 7 continually come around to our campsite. Walking very close to our tent in the morning through our site (and our tent was on the pad, so no excuse), even to the point of sitting down at our picnic table when it was dinner time. Our girls are similarly aged and played with the boy too, so maybe that's why he was so interested in hanging around our site, but we told him when it was time to sit down to eat he needed to go back home. Were the parents interested at all in where their son was? Not apparently. He did it multiple multiple times, never a visit from the parents to apologise. Grrr. We are not unfriendly people, but we definitely enjoy our private family time while on vacation.
  7. The idiots have arrived en masse

    I've brought this up before, but i think it bears repeating... I think they should reduce the number of people on a reservation from 10 down to say 6 or 7, and maybe give a pass to people with big families if they can prove the additional kids live with them or something (not sure how they'd manage this, but seems like they could do something about it), or maybe only a max of four adults per site? I would also allow only up to 2 linked reservations and make sure that the names on the reservations aren't also party to other reservations. So, if Joe Jerk is named on reservation 1 for a particular site, he cannot also be named on reservation 2 for a separate site for the same stay. I think it's a bit asinine that an entire group can take over an complete loop. Last stay we witnessed two or three groups in the 1500 that clearly had well over the number of people allowed on a site... 5 tents on one site and had set up practically a full kitchen too (all for a four night stay I might add). You know... they have a group camp site for a reason...
  8. River Country Again

    Maybe it's nice, I dunno... but we drive past that place most times on the way to the Fort, and the whole place for the most part is plainly visible from I-10. I think the Fort would beat it hands down for being more secluded looking. I'd have a hard time paying a premium price for it based on location alone.
  9. River Country Again

    I think there are two changes that could benefit the Fort for regular people... they are admittedly small things, but I think they could have a big impact: 1. Reduce the number of people allowed on a reservation from 10 to 6. 2. Only two parking passes per reservation. Are those the only things they could do? No, but I think those two things would be a really good start.
  10. Is The Grand Floridian Going to be gutted?

    I would still like to know what the Four Seasons had on Disney... I can't imagine what sane reason they would have to give away such prime real estate to an outside developer, even if they paid good money for it. .
  11. How Many Tents on One Site?

    The most flagrant violation I've witnessed was someone removing the post in the service road to the backside of the Meadows Swimming hole by the tennis courts, driving their car (FULL SIZE! Not golf cart) up it and parking in the grass next to the tennis courts. I called and reported that, but nothing happened.
  12. How Many Tents on One Site?

    On the flipside of this problem.... on our last trip at the Fort a few weeks ago we looped one of the cabin loops and observed a large Class A motorhome parked in front of a cabin, with all four wheels off the pavement, and slides out. Clearly it had been there for a while.
  13. How Many Tents on One Site?

    I don't think there are any rules that say a tent has to be on the coquina... just the cars. But yes, only two tents are allowed per site.
  14. Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Someone is bound to have seen this one already but I found this on one of our old Disney LP albums Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Nashville KOA

    I've wondered about these places before, but every opportunity we've had to use them is over a holiday weekend where there's a three night minimum. It would be really handy for us... our brother and sister-in-law live in a house just on the other side of the freeway from this place and when we have a large get together there's not a lot of room in the house to comfortably accommodate everyone. It'd be nice to add some additional beds nearby on those occasions.