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  1. geoffdaddy

    Anyone with a 2018 Ford?

    Boy, talk about a misleading headline! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I guess I shouldn't point out that it's probably pretty easy to photocopy a parking pass.
  3. geoffdaddy

    Tire recommendations?

    Update: We just returned from our 1400 mile round trip to the Fort with the new tires and I'm happy to report that the Carlisles performed admirably. Trailer rode nice and no issues.
  4. Seems like if they're going to do this then you should get a partial discount for the early park closure.
  5. We didn't either until this last trip... the front desk told me the same thing so we hung around and went swimming for a couple hours after check out.
  6. I asked about this yesterday and apologies if this has been covered already, but my understanding is that campers get one free pass under this new policy. To hedge my bets I went ahead and made a reservation yesterday for March 2019 in case we have others come with us since it only applies to new reservations after the 21st. Anywho, I am of two minds about this... on the one had I agree it sucks royally. On the other hand, I wonder if it will help open up reservations which are getting difficult. I know we have been several times to be told that the campground is all full up only to see several vacant sites the whole time we're there, and we know it is a common practice for some unscrupulous people to stay off site and get a burner campsite reservation for the free multi-car parking, magic bands, and extra magic hours. Maybe on the plus side this will cut down on some of that.
  7. I have to wonder what leverage these resorts had over Disney to allow for this. Doesn't seem like it's in Disney's best interest.
  8. geoffdaddy

    River Country Again

    Oooh, they better not! Our girls loved the pony rides and I enjoy seeing the stables and the pristine open areas. I'd rather leave the big parking lots in the front.
  9. geoffdaddy

    Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg?

    We like the all you can eat at Paula Dean's restaurant at the Island. We haven't tried anywhere else yet.
  10. geoffdaddy

    Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg?

    I would try to find someplace off the main drag in Pigeon Forge. Gatlinburg road access is horrible on the weekends and unless you want to do something in Gatlinburg proper it's best to take the bypass around to get to GSMNP.
  11. geoffdaddy

    River Country Again

    I'm starting to wonder if I've blabbed one too many times about how great the Fort is. "The First rule of the Fort is, you don't talk about the Fort...." Hey, maybe there's something to that. It's not like Disney actually advertises the Fort all that much...
  12. geoffdaddy

    River Country Again

    I wonder where they intend the entrance to this thing to be. I imagine all those high paying guests are not going to want to sit through the check in line with all the pleb RV campers.
  13. geoffdaddy

    Tire recommendations?

    I've yet to test drive mine yet. I pulled all four of and just took the loose wheels to Sam's. I pulled all the bearings and inspected them and put new seals in so it was convenient to do while they were out. While I had the drums off I discovered that all four brakes were contaminated with grease, I'm sure from using the ez lube system for the past 7 years. I guess I understand other people's reservations with ez -lube now! At least the bearings were good. What I cant understand is the pricing of trailer brakes. The best price I could find on brake shoes was $25 per wheel. The local shops were twice as much as online. But, talking to a local shop they said they always replace the whole assembly. Seems super wasteful to me, but what do you know, I found a deal from a place in Florida on Amazon that sells the whole backing plate, springs, adjusters, shoes, magnets, as a bolt on assembly for $110! Nutty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. geoffdaddy

    Tire recommendations?

    Good to hear!
  15. geoffdaddy


    I love the ride, don't get me wrong. :) What I can't figure out about that ride is that my 8 year old little girl loves it to death, but is terrified of Tower of Terror. Lightning Rod is easily the most intense roller coaster I've been on (in fact, I'd say most of the Dollywood coasters are pretty intense), and I'd say it's more thrilling than say Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point.