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  1. Maybe it's nice, I dunno... but we drive past that place most times on the way to the Fort, and the whole place for the most part is plainly visible from I-10. I think the Fort would beat it hands down for being more secluded looking. I'd have a hard time paying a premium price for it based on location alone.
  2. I think there are two changes that could benefit the Fort for regular people... they are admittedly small things, but I think they could have a big impact: 1. Reduce the number of people allowed on a reservation from 10 to 6. 2. Only two parking passes per reservation. Are those the only things they could do? No, but I think those two things would be a really good start.
  3. I would still like to know what the Four Seasons had on Disney... I can't imagine what sane reason they would have to give away such prime real estate to an outside developer, even if they paid good money for it. .
  4. The most flagrant violation I've witnessed was someone removing the post in the service road to the backside of the Meadows Swimming hole by the tennis courts, driving their car (FULL SIZE! Not golf cart) up it and parking in the grass next to the tennis courts. I called and reported that, but nothing happened.
  5. On the flipside of this problem.... on our last trip at the Fort a few weeks ago we looped one of the cabin loops and observed a large Class A motorhome parked in front of a cabin, with all four wheels off the pavement, and slides out. Clearly it had been there for a while.
  6. I don't think there are any rules that say a tent has to be on the coquina... just the cars. But yes, only two tents are allowed per site.
  7. Someone is bound to have seen this one already but I found this on one of our old Disney LP albums Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I've wondered about these places before, but every opportunity we've had to use them is over a holiday weekend where there's a three night minimum. It would be really handy for us... our brother and sister-in-law live in a house just on the other side of the freeway from this place and when we have a large get together there's not a lot of room in the house to comfortably accommodate everyone. It'd be nice to add some additional beds nearby on those occasions.
  9. Clearly a move to limit sharing. We typically will share a drink between the four of us in our family. Why sell one drink when you can sell four?
  10. We love the water parks. In fact that has become more fun for us than the main parks are. We did the annual water parks pass last year and it was worth it for us. We'd spend about 3-4 hours at a time in them.
  11. Our castle is tons better though...
  12. I tell ya something else Disneyland has that we don't... not only do they decorate Haunted Mansion with special themeing for Christmas, they also decorate the crap out of It's A Small World too. It was pretty awesome to be honest when we got to see it. And they still have the superior paper fast pass system. It is a bit surprising. All I can think is that Disneyland is quite a lot older, and thus has had more time for the inital investment/payback/depreciation to no longer be a factor, so everything they spend on it at this point is gravy.
  13. Was reading an article that when talking to a dealership on a Class C that you should not offer more than 50% of MSRP on the first bid, and then expect to pay up to 75% of retail.
  14. lol, well, that's a good point. Perhaps the alternative recipe is better for you. :)
  15. This is a great campground. Like Carol we stay on the west rim side. The only drawback there is that there's not much of a playground, but it does have more trees and feels like there's more separation from neighbors.