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  1. Someone is bound to have seen this one already but I found this on one of our old Disney LP albums Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I've wondered about these places before, but every opportunity we've had to use them is over a holiday weekend where there's a three night minimum. It would be really handy for us... our brother and sister-in-law live in a house just on the other side of the freeway from this place and when we have a large get together there's not a lot of room in the house to comfortably accommodate everyone. It'd be nice to add some additional beds nearby on those occasions.
  3. Clearly a move to limit sharing. We typically will share a drink between the four of us in our family. Why sell one drink when you can sell four?
  4. We love the water parks. In fact that has become more fun for us than the main parks are. We did the annual water parks pass last year and it was worth it for us. We'd spend about 3-4 hours at a time in them.
  5. Our castle is tons better though...
  6. I tell ya something else Disneyland has that we don't... not only do they decorate Haunted Mansion with special themeing for Christmas, they also decorate the crap out of It's A Small World too. It was pretty awesome to be honest when we got to see it. And they still have the superior paper fast pass system. It is a bit surprising. All I can think is that Disneyland is quite a lot older, and thus has had more time for the inital investment/payback/depreciation to no longer be a factor, so everything they spend on it at this point is gravy.
  7. Was reading an article that when talking to a dealership on a Class C that you should not offer more than 50% of MSRP on the first bid, and then expect to pay up to 75% of retail.
  8. lol, well, that's a good point. Perhaps the alternative recipe is better for you. :)
  9. This is a great campground. Like Carol we stay on the west rim side. The only drawback there is that there's not much of a playground, but it does have more trees and feels like there's more separation from neighbors.
  10. Slight thread hi-jack. We're dreaming in the future of a class C purchase, preferably the diesel Sprinter class Cs. Just curious how people's experiences were buying used price wise. I know we are all convinced that RVs are terrible for depreciation long term, but I'm wondering about for the first 2-3 years given how deeply discounted a new RV purchase can be. We paid about 70% of retail when we purchased our current TT brand-new, and at the time that was in line with asking prices for used units.
  11. You can just buy a bag of it... This stuff keeps for a good while after opening the bag and you don't have to use it all at once. We've frozen it in our ice cream maker at home. The consistency is a little "grainier" due to it not being in a real soft-serve maker, but it's perfect otherwise.
  12. It maddens me to no end after a 10 hour drive to arrive at the fort an hour after check in time only to be told that the preassigned site is not ready. grrr.. The last time we arrived they told us the site wasn't ready at 3:30pm. Instead of parking in overflow we drove down to where the site was to check it out to find it was completely empty, and looked to have already been cleaned off by the cleaning crew. In fact about a quarter to a third of the sites in the loop were unoccupied. I called the front desk and asked them if we could just park it since it obviously wasn't occupied. They made me wait on the phone and then a Fort Ranger came around to check it out while I was on hold. As soon as the Ranger passed the spot the front desk took me off hold and said it was okay to park it. On another trip to St. Andrews State Park in Panama City we drove down a couple hours after check in and found our reserved site was occupied, on a holiday weekend and no indication that they were planning to evacuate the site any time soon. We went and tooled around the rest of the park to find a space to park in overflow and the whole parking lot was pretty much full so we had to shoehorn our rig at the Jetty parking lot and check out the beach for about a half hour or so, thinking surely they would leave (after all, there's about 3 hours gap between checkout and check in)... nope! Still there! Went to the ranger station and told them about it and they said give us a little bit, so we left our camper and went to get a bite to eat, came back and they were finally gone. About three hours total after we arrived.
  13. I will say that they have been more receptive to selecting a site once you get there than in previous trips. The trip before the last one I made a specific request not to be next to the main bus road in the camp, and sure enough we were given a site that placed the backside of the site about 10' away from the road. We used the nifty fort fiends app and noticed this when they told us our site number and asked if we could select another site. If we didn't have a 5 and 7 year old that are a bit flighty it probably wouldn't have been as much of an issue. Anyway we were instantly presented with about 6 other options. Previous times this would have taken an act of congress. :)
  14. Well that sounds a bit more generous than we got. We hounded them calling several times and had a couple people tell us that they'd call us right back in a few minutes. An hour later we'd call back, rinse repeat. Not a lot of information was forthcoming about our options only that it was pop century and the only indication was for a single night. In our case we had nine people on our reservation and they set us up with three adjacent rooms as a result. In actuality two of the people on our reservation only stayed with us the first two nights and despite me telling them we had no need for a third room they gave it to us anyway. So I imagine them working off the assumption that we needed three rooms probably limited our options. I guess in the end it really wasn't worth us hanging around.... Parks were closed part of Thursday and all of Friday, and the Fort didn't open back up until Sunday, and our original plan was to leave Saturday. Sigh... in all honesty I felt like we should have refused to pay for the pop century as our room was hot and beds worn out, and we stayed a grand total of about 7 hrs there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Well, for one Pop Century is no Ft Wilderness. The room was fairly uncomfortable and only one nights accommodation was offered anyway. Plus at the time it appeared that Orlando was likely to get a direct hit and we didn't want to take a chance sticking around for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk