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  1. PhotoPass Magic Shots

    Bumping a really old thread... Anybody know of a site that maintains a pretty current list? The one at the top of this thread hasn't been updated in about a year. http://capturingmagic.me/a-guide-to-disney-world-magic-shots
  2. A TCD Easter at The Fort Trip Report

    That is a great idea! We're doing a delayed Easter dinner this weekend (my parents were away for actual Easter) so I've proposed this very activity. Thanks for the inspiration! Are those white cookies on the tray? Looks like strawberries, cherries, apples, bananas, pineapple and... I can't quite tell what the white things are.
  3. Casey's Corner - Magic Kingdom

    I was getting ice water from Pecos Bill last week and happened to notice they offer corn dog nuggets as a kids meal. It was news to me!
  4. WTF?*

    Not a great picture, but yes... that's a Jim Carrey "Dumb and Dumber" tattoo.
  5. For our last night on our recent short trip, Mom and I went to Jiko for dinner. I'd heard there was a new chef and some recent changes to the menu so it was interesting to see what was new/different. I started with a glass of white wine. Their cocktail list has changed so no Sunriser for Mom this time. She got a Victoria Mist that she really enjoyed. As before they bring some bread and butter to the table. I could easily gorge myself on just bread and butter without too much trouble. I think we went a little overboard on the appetizers... We ordered and shared two. The "Taste of Africa" has changed a bit since the last time I had it. The dips have changed and I don't remember what all of them are called but the reddish colored one was fan-freaking-tastic. There was also hummus, mango chutney and I forget what the orange one was. Finally, it's not easy to see but there's also a pat of goat butter that was sooo good. You've heard of goat cheese, well this was goat butter. Yum. For the bread there were two papadums, and two kinds of naan. We also ordered the beet salad because our server said it was going off the menu soon. Mom and I both love beets, but there were only 3 pieces of beet in this beet salad. There was also pear, granola, some salad greens, and whatever the white stuff was (cheese? it was nicely flavored with herbs but I can't remember). For our mains, Mom went with the oak grilled filet. She loved the brussel sprouts but wasn't a fan of the meat. The outside was seared and a little tough for her liking. I ordered the braised short ribs, which I've had before, and were still fantastic - and a LOT of meat. You can also see the scallops we added and shared. I didn't take an after picture, but I mixed up this plate as was recommended on a previous visit. So I took out the bone and then separated the meat (pulled pork stye) and stired up all the sauce into a big tasty mess. I had to get Mom to help me finish it all. By this point we were pretty full but still felt we could share a dessert so ordered the malva pudding. I've had this a few times before and if you scroll up in this thread you'll see that they've prepared it at least two different ways... and the version we received was just crazy. There was virtually no pudding (cake) at all, and the bird's nest in the middle tasted like shredded wheat. I guess they were going for an artistic bird theme here, but what a disappointment. The white bird on top was a shortbread-like cookie. Here's the new dessert menu. I wish I'd tried the safari sunset. If we weren't full enough, these two little cookies came with the bill. 20% AP discount here which was nice.
  6. Casey's Corner - Magic Kingdom

    After a failed attempt in January I finally made it to Casey's for their "first pitch". There was some fantastic singing, and free Cracker Jack, but they didn't actually throw a ball. I'm not sure whether they just didn't do it because there was nobody around, or whether they don't do it at all anymore. Here's the singing. And here's the Cracker Jack we got. For anyone who cares to go, it was at 10 am.
  7. Territory Lounge

    Mom and I went to the Territory Lounge twice on our most recent trip. We like that it's usually quiet, you don't need an ADR, and there tend not to be kids. On our first visit I started with a Moscow Mule. Yum. We then ordered the charcuterie board. That's mustard on the little spoon, some kind of jam in the small jar, and a nice bunch of bread that you have to pull apart. Here's the cheat sheet for the meat. We didn't have a knife for the jam and didn't think to ask for one, so just used the other end of a spoon from Mom's coffee. Of course we thought this was funny. On our second visit I got a Blue Moon. Our server (Katie) let me try some of the wheat beer they have on tap but it turns out I like Blue Moon better. Mom went for a "Wilderness coffee" which she quite enjoyed. This time we got two things - first up is the caprese flatbread. I was expecting this to be more basil/mozzarella but... it wasn't. And we ordered the soy chicken wings. I prefer the sweet ones at Kona but these were still good. And at the end of it all they brought us warm towels for our sticky fingers.
  8. Garden View Tea Room

    Just got back from a short trip with my Mom and of course we went for afternoon tea. Hard to believe but the menu has changed yet again since I was last there just a couple of months ago. And you'll be shocked to hear that you now get less food for the same price! But for those of you who were disappointed that the cheese plate was gone, there's some good news on that front. Here we go. We were seated at a nice big table by the window with a view of a pleasant day. There was a teapot of fresh flowers on our table too. OK, enough ambiance. Onto the food. If you scroll up you'll see I mentioned that the -shire teas were gone in January. Did you miss them? If you did then you're in luck because they're back! Here's the new menu. The Bedfordshire is the basic tea, and back in January your $35 got you some cheese, fruit and lavosh but you'll notice all that is conspicuously absent now. The sandwich flavors themselves are the same as in January, but their configuration has changed slightly. The egg sandwich is now open face with some garnish on top - capers, olive, and I think that was red pepper and not tomato. Similarly the cucumber is now open faced. Is it still a sandwich if there's only one piece of bread? Is this some kind of weird cost savings measure? The only sandwich that has two pieces of bread is the curry chicken. My Mom had been looking forward to the cheese so decided to order the Cheshire Tea (Bedfordshire + cheese plate) and here's the plate of fruit and cheese we got. Kiwi, mango, papaya, pineapple, honey, and then 4 kinds of cheese - blue, brie, cheddar, and one other I forget. Oh yes and there was also fruit that was described to us as "grapes dried on the vine". So... raisins? Here's a close up of those dried grapes since we got such a laugh out of that. The tea still comes more or less the same way. It arrives pre-steeped, there's no tea strainer, and no tea leaves/bag in the pot. Tea cozy looked like it's showing its age a bit. You still have your choice of strawberries & cream, trifle of the day (bananas foster), or pastries. We both opted for the pastries. The scones and pastries are presented same as last time, on a 3-tiered tray. No real change here so once again I voice my opinion that apricot jam is still wrong, and they never give you enough clotted cream. The jam situation was remedied by my server grabbing some strawberry jam from elsewhere, and bringing another tray of clotted cream. As you might have read before, I like to put the lemon curd on top of the jam tart. And you may also recall that my husband, a Brit, is very specific about the order of the cream and jam on top of the scone. Jam first, then cream. Always. These were our pastries. The mousse in the swan was "peach tea" today which was OK but nothing to write home about. Macarons were (L-R) strawberry, lemon, vanilla, and chocolate. Chocolate covered strawberry remains the same. We had a lovely time as always. A few other stray observations. The table to our right and the table to our left both ordered gluten-free tea (I had no idea that was an option, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised). It took so long for their food to arrive that at least one of those two tables had their meals comped. I don't know what you get when you order gluten-free, but apparently you can get an hour's wait and a freebie. I asked our server if Riley was still working there and she said yes, so that was good news even though I haven't seen her the last few times I've been. I also asked our server about Lynn - the old lady with the dolls who hangs out in the lobby - because I hadn't seen her the last few times either. She said the last she'd heard was that Lynn is now in hospice care and they all miss her. So there ya have it until the next time I go!
  9. Kona Cafe

    Caterpillar roll seems to be gone from the menu at Kona but the volcano roll remains and here it is.
  10. 50s Prime Time Cafe

    This past Friday I had lunch at the 50s Prime Time Cafe. I hadn't been there in a really long time. Once again I ordered off the kids menu. This was the kids chicken pot pie. Looking at the picture you'll understand my confusion when I received a bowl of chicken pot pie filling with two Mickey shaped puff pastries on top. It wasn't quite what I expected. It's hard to tell from the photo but there was actually quite a lot of chicken in there (big hunks of it, not little pieces) along with mushrooms, carrots, peas, and onions. It was very tasty and a pretty big portion size too (I don't think a kid would actually be able to finish it).
  11. WTF?*

    I took this picture on Friday at DHS for TCD. I know how much you like KOS (kids on shoulders) so wondered how you might feel about AOS...
  12. I'd heard good things about the Tipsy Ducks in Love - though presumably not from the Fort Fiends! - and decided to try one last weekend. The price is now $8.95 + tax, so it came to $9.54, which isn't really all that much worse than the rum & coke I had at Rose & Crown. Also note that the 45¢ increase in almost 5 years isn't too bad, especially compared to how much the price of my afternoon tea has gone up in the same amount of time. ($10!) Anyway, the bourbon pour was generous and fortunately they've done away with the whipped cream (I would have asked them to leave it off). Since I don't drink coffee I can't compare it to other iced coffees but boy this was tasty. I assume it's pretty much an iced mocha with a buzz and I won't think about how much sugar is in it. I thought I'd taken a picture of it, but really it looks the same as what you saw above. I only have a selfie with me holding it, and I think your life is complete without me sharing that.
  13. Interesting Rumor Article About Possible Epcot Redo

    One of the best costumes I saw at MNSSHP a few years ago was someone dressed up as that woman in the miniskirt. I regret not getting a picture.
  14. Interesting Rumor Article About Possible Epcot Redo

    The last time I rode it (Tuesday) Walter Cronkite wasn't working — the TV was just black. But I assume that's temporary. It was working on my previous ride a few days earlier.
  15. Interesting Rumor Article About Possible Epcot Redo

    My head went on the animated bodies in the last few days. I've ridden it twice.