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  1. Caterpillar roll seems to be gone from the menu at Kona but the volcano roll remains and here it is.
  2. This past Friday I had lunch at the 50s Prime Time Cafe. I hadn't been there in a really long time. Once again I ordered off the kids menu. This was the kids chicken pot pie. Looking at the picture you'll understand my confusion when I received a bowl of chicken pot pie filling with two Mickey shaped puff pastries on top. It wasn't quite what I expected. It's hard to tell from the photo but there was actually quite a lot of chicken in there (big hunks of it, not little pieces) along with mushrooms, carrots, peas, and onions. It was very tasty and a pretty big portion size too (I don't think a kid would actually be able to finish it).
  3. I took this picture on Friday at DHS for TCD. I know how much you like KOS (kids on shoulders) so wondered how you might feel about AOS...
  4. I'd heard good things about the Tipsy Ducks in Love - though presumably not from the Fort Fiends! - and decided to try one last weekend. The price is now $8.95 + tax, so it came to $9.54, which isn't really all that much worse than the rum & coke I had at Rose & Crown. Also note that the 45¢ increase in almost 5 years isn't too bad, especially compared to how much the price of my afternoon tea has gone up in the same amount of time. ($10!) Anyway, the bourbon pour was generous and fortunately they've done away with the whipped cream (I would have asked them to leave it off). Since I don't drink coffee I can't compare it to other iced coffees but boy this was tasty. I assume it's pretty much an iced mocha with a buzz and I won't think about how much sugar is in it. I thought I'd taken a picture of it, but really it looks the same as what you saw above. I only have a selfie with me holding it, and I think your life is complete without me sharing that.
  5. One of the best costumes I saw at MNSSHP a few years ago was someone dressed up as that woman in the miniskirt. I regret not getting a picture.
  6. The last time I rode it (Tuesday) Walter Cronkite wasn't working — the TV was just black. But I assume that's temporary. It was working on my previous ride a few days earlier.
  7. My head went on the animated bodies in the last few days. I've ridden it twice.
  8. I did a bunch of the Agent P missions this past Saturday and yes, you just use your own phone. I don't know if there's still an option for them to give you a device. You sign up from your phone by going to http://agentpwsa.com/ and you give that code to a CM who gets you started. I was glad I had headphones with me for my phone.
  9. I hadn't really been to Disney Springs since its relaunch so that was last night's project. I didn't want a lengthy meal so was looking for some quick serve. Blaze Pizza had a pretty long line up, plus I've been having grilled cheese for lunch every day this week so I thought maybe another plate of bread wasn't exactly what I wanted. So off I went to D-Luxe Burger. I ordered their classic cheeseburger, regular fries with curry ketchup, and although I really wanted a milkshake I figured I'd already ordered two days worth of calories... and also a shake is $7 which seems like a lot. They give you a table finder puck so you can sit wherever you want. It was a nice night so I sat outside, and there's a specific area on the table where the puck has to be placed. My food arrived pretty promptly. Sorry about the flash for this picture but it was pretty dark outside. Here's how my burger and fries arrived - in a big paper bag. Unfortunately the best thing I can say about the food here is that the portions were big. The burger was just OK, and the fries were somehow chewy? Almost like they'd been made from very old potatoes. I liked the curry ketchup though - there wasn't enough for the amount of fries they give you. Also it looked like my table hadn't been cleaned/wiped in quite some time. AP discount here of 20% so the burger, fries and a soft drink came to $15.58.
  10. Seriously! One of the kids at the table beside me turned up his nose at the food and was brought a PB&J instead. That's an expensive sandwich!
  11. I had a few little missions to do at Epcot tonight and everyone knows that a woman on a mission needs sustenance. After debating my options with my sister via text message, we settled on the Garden Grill. I pulled in the parking lot at about 5:30 and was able to make an ADR for 7:20. I checked in almost half an hour early at 6:50 and they seated me a bit before 7. I think I'd been to the Garden Grill once before when I was a kid, but that would have been a VERY long time ago. The place seemed really loud to me. But maybe I'm just old. Anyway, this is an all you care to eat, family style place. They started me off with salad and rolls. I didn't want to fill up too much on this stuff, so I didn't eat a roll until much later, and I only picked at the salad (ate the radishes, cucumbers, bacon, and a bit of lettuce). I'm not quite sure what kind of salad dressing that was supposed to be - no particular flavor stood out to me. Then they bring out the main event - a skillet with turkey & gravy, pot roast, sausage, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and what I assume was cranberry sauce though I didn't eat any of it. I stashed the sausage in a Ziploc bag for tomorrow's lunch, but I ate almost all of everything else shown here. The meat was tender and flavorful and not dry. The beans were cooked well. The mashed potatoes weren't as good as the ones I had at Rose & Crown but they were still passable. They also bring some sweet potato fries with cinnamon sugar and some mac & cheese with goldfish crackers on top. I couldn't finish all of this but I sure tried. For dessert they were bringing out some kind of mixed berry cake (cobbler?) thing - I'm not entirely sure what it was. I asked my server if he had something that was a) smaller and b ) preferably chocolate. He came out with this piece of cake which I'm sure is standard issue WDW chocolate cake but it was exactly what I had in mind. (It looks bigger in the picture than it really was.) He even offered to bring me a second one in case this one wasn't enough. 20% AP discount here so it came to $38.34 including tax (but not including tip). Soft drinks are also included. Almost forgot to mention that this is a character meal. Pluto, Mickey, Chip & Dale all made the rounds. (And maybe Minnie? I forget.) I was pretty focused on eating so mostly just waved at them and they moved along to other tables with families instead of solo diners with a Ziploc bag of sausage.
  12. I saw a YouTube video where someone made cream cheese stuffed pretzels. I admire their ambition but it looked like way more work than I'd ever do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ci05hRcSpk Yes! And they're served warm. <drool>
  13. I really like these - in fact I've never ordered a Mickey pretzel before. This one tasted just the same as all the previous ones I've had at the Lunching Pad. And interestingly there's a frozen yogurt place right near where my sister lives that seems to sell the identical ones. I'll have to make a note of how much they charge for them by way of comparison.
  14. I went to AK for just the last two hours before it closed tonight - there were only two things I wanted to do there tonight, and going to the Nomad Lounge was one of them. The Nomad Lounge is adjacent to Tiffins, and neither of them were busy tonight. It was a lovely night to sit outside so that's what I did. I perused the menu, and although my server offered me the option to have any of the appetizers off the Tiffins menu, I opted to get two things from the Nomad menu. I started with the Snow Leopard Salvation. i expected this to be a bit more mint-y like a mojito, but the predominant flavor was the ginger beer. I still liked it and it was pretty big, which I guess is a good thing considering it's $12. For food I went with the vegetable cold rolls. If you've had Thai/Vietnamese cold rolls, that's what these are. They really hit the spot. The dipping sauce had some real kick to it. I also had the fish tacos. Most of the ones I've had before are made with fish that's battered and deep fried, but this fish was not. These were very tasty too. So although expensive (cuz Disney), this was a nice dinner. No AP discount here (you can get that at Tiffins) but they do take TIW if you have it.
  15. They have a dish called "Tastes like Chicken - Because it is!" which is a good entry point if you're not sure about the more adventurous offerings. A table near me was getting the kids mac & cheese delivered and it looked pretty tempting too. (I like getting kids meals!) https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/magic-kingdom/jungle-navigation-skipper-canteen/menus/