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  1. For people too into on line presence

    I REFUSE to use MDE while in the parks. I will make my three FP+ and dining reservation before I get into a park, then load them into my calendar app so that my phone buzzes at me when it's time to get to my next attraction or meal, and that's it. I don't tweet, snap, or #anything, and posting pictures here or to family on FB can wait.
  2. December 2017 Fort Wilderness Recreation Guide

    Have been there a couple of times. We've always had a good time. We usually go to the courtyard of MK, just inside the gates, but outside the train station for the fireworks. Not too many crowds and a good view of the 360 fireworks around Bay Lake. Then it's a quick escape to the Fort boat. One year, however, it was really cold and most of us were sick. We huddled around the heater at the campsite, and listened to the fireworks from the 1600 loop, and had some bubbly right there.
  3. Spring Break 2018

    :) I do believe they are camping in April, but Brian has to wait till we leave to show up :)
  4. Something ssems odd to me on the dog park rules. No. 11 says no food, snacks, or treats (for human or pet consumption) are permitted in the dog park. I thought having dog treats in your pocket to give to pets as positive reinforcement for good behavior was a thing? (I don't have any pets, but every time I see pets and animals with handlers on TV, they get fed little treats constantly). So if you are taking your dog to the dog park to let them run off steam and they behave appropriately, you can't give them a treat till you get back to your camper?
  5. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2017

    Awesome report. Thanks for sharing! I used to visit Disney in early December pretty regularly, and haven't done in quite a few years. Hopefully can correct that soon.
  6. This evening as we were relaxing with family after T'gving dinner, our doorbell rang. It was one of our neighbors who saw my Christmas decorations which includes my Mickey lampost with a santa hat on one ear. They were both wearing Mickey sweatshirts and they have a 5th wheel with Mickey decorations on it. Showed them the camper and gave out Fiend cards. They said they have four Mickey lamposts :) Hope to see them soon on the forum!
  7. Refillable Mug Stations

    There is a refillable mug station at Trails End and at Meadows Pool. The Giddy Up and Go Fried Chicken Dinner is not a Meal Plan Item. P&Js has some items. The Lone Rider chicken meal and some breakfast items qualify. Also. Wilderness Lodge Quick Service, and Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary are just a quick boat ride away. If you are going to the parks, all of the parks, and all other hotels have quick service restaurants. You are not limited to your own resort. We use meals as a chance to explore all the other resorts.

  9. DisCamp Podcast Episode 8

    Awesome Podcast!! Only two little notes. The partial hookup sites - Loop 1500 and 2000 also have cable now. Loop 2100 was recently converted from a cabin loop to a Full Hookup loop.
  10. Medical Care while at WDW

    I've used the CentraCare a few times. The first time we used it back in 2004, my son's girlfriend developed some type of eye infection. CentraCare picked her up at our resort, saw her very quickly, and her prescriptions were filled right next door, and then they delivered her right back to Epcot. They did take her insurance. I have also gone myself a couple of times for an ear infection and a Upper Respiratory infection (major crud, felt like crap). I drove myself though, went early in the morning before opening. First patient seen both times, out of there with a shot in the butt and prescriptions in less than 30 minutes. My insurance at the time was no problem.
  11. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Very nice. Glad you got to go!
  12. halloween

    Actually, I think that's where they had the "Golf-Cart" Drive-In Theater, therefore the PortaPotties. We never left the loop Halloween night, so I can't confirm it, but it was very calm that evening.
  13. AJC posted this on the gators at Disney....

    Just sensationalism. Yes Disney knew, we all knew. It's Florida, there is water, there are going to be gators. Disney did their best to relocate what they could. You can't catch them all, and idiot guests feed the darn things, whadya do?
  14. Hollywood Studios.

    There were decorations on the overhangs and signposts outside the park. As we were walking up, I was thinking, oh, they started the decorations, but no tree yet, then we saw the big tree on the inside of the park. The signposts all around the park entrance and "main street" had a lot more decorations than I remember in the past. We didn't go into the park any further than Hollywood & Vine. We left right after breakfast and started our drive home.