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  1. RIP Jingle Cruise?

    Same here, I rarely get the chance to read the TR's as they are happening and usually someone has already asked the question I would have or too much time has passed since it was written. I do make liberal use of the "Up Arrows" for whatever that is worth, although they don't seem to be used as much as they used to be. And I also apologize for not showing more appreciation, esp to TCD for his reports, which have turned me into a "Junior Yuri" on my last couple of trips, skulking around what's left of River Country, the old Nature Trail, and any fencing I can try and look through..... I do wish it was easier to post pictures here. Photobucket was always a pain, I am trying IMGUR but it doesn't look any easier. It would be nice to post pics directly here like FB does, but I get why it's not possible with the current servers.
  2. Public events at FW?

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but while I was reading this months Motorhome Magazine I came across a one page article about the Fort. Entitled: "The Spookiest Campground in America" it is on page 11 of the October issue. The subtitle is: "The spirit of Halloween brought to you by the magic of Disney" I thought it was ironic to come across this while reading the posts here. The very short article does not say anything about whether you need to be a resort guest or not, it simply says to "be sure to arrive in time for the resort's annual Halloween celebration" but it does give the number and website to make reservations.
  3. I don't need no sunscreen!

    I'm surprised that Disney doesn't require ALL the buses leaving the Park to go to one end of DS and require everyone to get a Resort bus at the other end... That would be the Bus equivalent of having a Gift Shop at the exit of every ride.... I probably shouldn't be saying that out loud since someone at Disney might read it and think it's a good idea..... I'll bet they are working on a way to make all the cars leaving at night also go thru Disney Springs.... Mandatory Drive-Thru Gift Shops in the future?? Disney Mngmt is finally embracing the old Horizons Motto: "If We Can Dream It, We Can Do It!"
  4. I don't need no sunscreen!

    Great trip report Robin Looking forward to the rest Sounds like you saw the best and the worst Disney has to offer... LOL You also had a front row seat to the 2 opposite abuses of the campsites: 1. Large groups overcrowding the loops when they should be in the Group Camping Areas, and 2. A so-called "Phantom Site", where people who are staying off-site will rent a campsite, put up a tent but never actually use it. That allows at least 10 of their off-site group to get Magic Bands and all the benefits of staying on-site.
  5. IRMA

    I know you're kidding but that actually happened to me at the Fort back in 2004. Came back from the Park and found a tree had crushed the front bunk on my Class C in the 1900 loop! All I could say at that moment was "Thank You God that no one was in it!"
  6. Did I just pay $175 for a campsite?

    Which is another mystery..... Disney has gone to great lengths to try and spread out the crowds/demand in the parks to eliminate the old "slow times", why not do the same at the Fort? Advertise a special lower rate for Sun thru Thurs to fill those sites, and/or shift the demand by adding weekend-only parking lot type sites with minimal services and minimal themeing to try and re-capture the family business they are losing because they can't get in or can't afford the current high rates. And even if this is a "boom cycle" for RVs, the minimal service Lots would be easy to build and just as easy to shut down if demand drops. I know if the price and availability was right I would stay for a few nights in one of Disney's unused parking lots, even longer if I could get electric and water and a central dump station. Would I like it as much as the Fort? Hell No! But I would still be at Disney and just a short ride away from the Parks and all the "Magic" I could handle for the day.....
  7. Did I just pay $175 for a campsite?

    I've mentioned this before but if I was Disney (oh, if only....LOL) I would add two more CGs: One for the high-end market, big diesel pushers and the like, call it the "Deluxe Level" and ALL the Loops would be the 3000 Loop.... Put it near/next to the Fort, (which would become the "Moderate Level"), and make some/all of them waterfront sites. (Can you imagine the charge for those??) And then build a "Value Level" in some God-forsaken corner of Disney property that would be a glorified parking lot. Make it as large or small as you want. Just someplace to plug in, hop on a bus to the parks, and only come back to sleep. The build for this would be cheap, it would be easy to shut it down during slow times, and most importantly it would allow people to get a last minute spot again like the old days, even on the weekends. I know this will likely never happen, but I am astounded that Disney is ignoring an entire market segment like this. Two markets really, the high end and the low end, and then the rest of us in the middle who would go to the Fort more often if only we could get a site at a true moderate price, so really Three market segments I guess... If Disney was losing potential on site hotel customers to off-site properties, they would be holding non-stop meetings to figure out how to get them back on-property, why they don't seem to care about the RVers and Campers that they are losing is beyond me, but maybe I just answered my own question........
  8. Did I just pay $175 for a campsite?

    Which is exactly why it is a mystery to me that Disney does not expand the Fort and/or add an additional separate campground or two..... If one of their Resorts is popular they waste no time in expanding it or building another one right next to it. The only capacity they have added to the Fort since the 1970's was the additional sites on the 600 loop and removing the cabins on the 2100 loop (but that was campsites originally so really doesn't count...) Either the Fort turns a profit or it doesn't, if it didn't I would imagine it would be gone tomorrow and if it does and demand is so high, why aren't they building more loops?
  9. So, another way Disney is separating people into Haves and Have-Nots...... When I first started going to the Fort you could take a boat, an open-air Tram, even a Steam Train! And yes, a bus. But they all cost the same to everyone: Zero. If you paid to come to Disney, you had already paid for transportation and most of that transportation was deliberately designed to be part of "the Show". I see enough buses in my everyday life, I don't want to see even more of them up close and personal while I'm on vacation at a "Resort" The one bright spot I see is the new Skyway they are building. It's the first time in years Disney hasn't just thrown more buses at a problem. Now if they would expand the monorail, or at least bring it back up to Disney Standards.....
  10. Mission Space Refurb Extended

    Not so remarkable..... I've never seen any of them either LOL Although being a sci-fi fan I'm told I really need to watch Firefly/Serenity so that's on my list to watch someday.
  11. Burn ban and Avatar

    If you ever saw Kevin Costner in "Dances with Wolves" then you have already seen "Avatar"..... Basically the story's message (in both movies) is: Natives are good, Humans are bad, Military Humans are especially bad. That said, It does have great special effects and scenery but as noted above it does have some adult scenes and violence. On our next trip I would like also like to see it glowing at night and try the rides at least once each.
  12. Remember when you could only enter the Magic Kingdom by Monorail or Boat? I knew the company has always had problems balancing Walt's visions and also staying in business, and I get that, after all there are no Parks if there's no profit....... but I knew they had become strictly about the profits when they built the bus stops right in front of the MK. The Disney of Old would have long since built new monorails to ALL of the parks as well as the Resort areas that can't be reached by boat. Now its just buses, buses and more buses. Cram people in and out as fast as possible and make sure you extract every dollar from them while you're doing it.....
  13. Planning for 2019 Yellowstone/UT/AZ/CO roadtrip

    If you go to Monument Valley there is the Goulding Lodge and Campground that has a great John Wayne / John Ford Museum and still has some sets standing from "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" that was filmed there. Also look up Goosenecks State Park if you don't mind boondocking next to incredible views. And don't pass up a visit to Lake Powell if you have the time. Taking a day trip out to Rainbow Bridge is amazing. Even better is renting a houseboat for a few days.
  14. Sun Shine pass or not?

    Exactly. Up here in Mass the Turnpike was supposed to go Toll-Free as soon as the original construction bonds were paid off...... that happened in the 1980's..... guess what? Still have the Tolls.... only now they have gotten rid of the Toll Takers and just have EZPass scanners everywhere. You would think that would lower the tolls right? HA! I don't mind paying tolls on a privately built and owned road, but I do have a problem paying tolls on a public road. Either collect Tolls, or a Gas Tax, but not both. Like the frog in the boiling water, we've become so used to increasing taxes and double taxation that we just yawn and are actually happy when they make it easier to have our hard earned money taken from us.
  15. Welcome LacyB! Not sure if this was mentioned to you but if you love the Christmas decorations but can't get in for Christmas Day, you could try the weeks before and after. I believe they put up all the Christmas stuff in November and don't start taking it down until January. There are several times during that period where it is much less crowded and also less expensive.....