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  1. I can see it now! "MAFGA" MAke the Fort Great Again I'd wear that hat.... In Purple of course!
  2. I know the "DVC Fort sites" have been discussed quite a bit, and apparently won't work in the DVC system. I still like the idea though. It would give the current Disney bean-counters a concrete reason to finally build more campsites to meet the crazy demand. Another idea that might work that I've brought up before (besides re-opening River Country! LOL) would be to extend the Value-Moderate-Deluxe idea to Campsites as well. Value: Build a large, simple, No-frills CG that could be Affordable above all else. A large parking lot with electric, a few water spigots and one or two dump stations would do nicely. Moderate: The Fort As-Is would be great for this. Deluxe: The 3000 Loop of course! But build a whole separate Campground from scratch, designed to be the Ultimate RV Resort. And maybe a sub-category: Group-Value Sites. Build a separate area or whole CG just for Groups and Extended Families that want to bring their Dishwashers and Refrigerators from home and plug them in under an EZ-Up..... Of course, all of that would require Disney to care about Campers and Walt's idea of "Affordable Family Camping at Disney". We know they don't, and probably look at the Fort as a Land Place-Holder until they can get around to putting up another BLT or two, maybe with a few waterfront cabins in front of them adorned with leftover Fort Wilderness bumper stickers on the walls as a "Theme" of what used to be there.
  3. Yes, that actually describes us (and probably many here on FF). I was trying to keep it simple and wrapped it all in the "Average Families who want to camp and/or want to save money" But your description also works. There is also some crossover/overlap with the first two categories as well. Not everyone fits neatly into one or the other. The larger point is that the price increases, value-per-dollar, and the uncontrolled groups will always affect the "Average" families the hardest. They are the least able to justify paying more for less. And as a result the percentage of groups and more well-off RVers will tend to get larger versus the "average family". Does Disney understand or care that their policies are slowly turning the Fort into one big "Group Camping Area" at the expense of what Walt originally wanted the Fort to be?
  4. I did the Fort Wilderness Segway Tour a few years ago and I had PF in my left foot at the time. I was wearing that special boot to bed everynight during that time. (it really helps). Most of my issues were when my feet hit the floor first thing in the morning. After a few minutes of hobbling around it would get better. I didn't have any issues on the Segway, in fact I was having so much fun that I didn't even think about my foot at all. As Travisma said, you can move your feet around and flex your knees as well. Your feet are not strapped in and there is enough room to turn your feet quite a bit once you learn to relax. The first few minutes are the toughest until you learn how to control it. I would try and do it at whatever part of the day your feet feel best. But if you can stand up on a staircase tread (about the same size) for at least a few minutes you shouldn't have any problem.
  5. No one else mentioned this but it jumped out at me. Why on Earth would they get mad at someone that was trying to help them?? Wouldn't the appropriate response be "Thank you for letting us know that before we wasted even more of our time"? Is this yet another example of emotionally immature self-centered idiots that seem to be everywhere at the Fort these days? Or just a tired stressed family that was having a bad moment? I know which one I would guess....
  6. Even a Fort Manager is at a loss to explain why people keep paying the higher price..... I think TCD and Travisma have hit on it above, there are Three basic demographics that come to the Fort: 1. The relatively well-off older or retired couple in the big RV's 2. The Groups or extended families who can pack 10 (or more) people on each site 3. The average Family who want to camp and/or want to save some money by driving to Disney and pitching a tent, Pop-Up or camper. Number One doesn't mind the higher prices too much as long as they can get a site (Not saying they are Rich and don't care about the price, just that many don't have a house and/or a mortgage anymore and don't have to choose between vacation or paying bills....) Number Two doesn't mind the higher prices too much either because they can spread the cost over 10 (or more..) people and it's the only place around they can cram that many people in (busloads!) for the same "low" cost for them. Number Three is the category that gets hit the most with every price increase and also the ones who suffer the most when the buses start unloading next to their site, the Pool is swamped with freeloaders and their kids have to worry about getting run over by out of control golf-carts.... The Fort is increasingly targeting it's prices, services, and policies to Groups One and Two while Three is ignored. I'd love to talk to that 30 year Manager and get his real take on the modern-day Fort and what he would do differently if he could....
  7. WOW. Just WOW. 100 plus people on 6 sites. But God forbid you get caught parking with one wheel off the pavement....
  8. Couldn't agree more. Walt's idea of an affordable place to park the station wagon, pitch a tent, and take the family to the Parks has been slowly disappearing. And it seems like the trend is accelerating.... I've said before that given the choice I would much rather stay at Fort Wilderness circa 1975-85 or so than the Fort Wilderness of today. I would gladly give up WIFI and one hundred cable channels for a return to the days when you could get a site whenever you wanted, you could take the kids to the pool without fear of drowning or having nowhere to sit, you could walk over to River Country whenever you liked, you could use the Nature Walk, the Trams, and even a Steam Train for a couple of years! And you could actually swim at the beach. Was it perfect, no. Was it pricey for a family even then, yes. But dollar for dollar I think the average Fort Wilderness Guest got a lot more for their money back then.....
  9. First of All, Welcome!! As noted above, you can keep checking but with a small trailer I can't see them telling you no. The rules about those loops don't appear to be enforced any longer so I would say you are Ok. Worst case tell them at check in that it has Pop-Out ends on it, I doubt they would know the difference..... If you have very small tanks either bring one of those Blue portable tanks to empty yours on an empty full-hookup site or try not to use your camper sinks, toilet, and shower too much.
  10. Wow, so all those times I tried to get a site and the only ones available were "Tent or Pop-Up Campsites" I should have gone ahead and booked it?? All this time I assumed that those sites were for Tents or Pop-Ups only..... silly me! I guess the new rule at the Fort is there are no real rules.
  11. When we went from our 30amp MH to our current 50amp I had the same questions. I ended up getting the Camco one this time around and here is how Camco describes the difference between their two Surge Protectors and why one is so much more expensive than the other: What is the difference between this one and the $200 priced Camco Defender? Answer: The Power Defender Voltage Protector provides three functions. It monitors the voltage level of the power source and will disconnect power to the RV if there is an unsafe high or low voltage and automatically reconnects power once the voltage has maintained a safe operating range for two minutes. It indicates if the power source has correct or faulty wiring through a series of diagnostic LEDs. It provides surge protection to help prevent damage to the RV and electronics when a power surge or spike occurs. Here is a link to the voltage protector https://www.amazon.com/Camco-55301-Defender-Protector-PowerGrip/dp/B00JFWKM2K/ref=sr_1_3?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1470053387&sr=1-3&keywords=camco+circuit+analyzer The Circuit Analyzer provides two functions. It indicates if the power source has correct or faulty wiring through a series of diagnostic LEDs. It provides surge protection to help prevent damage to the RV and electronics when a power surge or spike occurs. It does not monitor the voltage level of the power source or disconnect the power to the RV. see less By Camco MANUFACTURER on April 28, 2016
  12. I would bet that they (Four Seasons) would love to offer boat service to their guests, but I would also bet that Disney has or would said no. Disney probably assumed that the market for that hotel would be a few high-end Golfers only and now that Disney sees them as a competitor there is no way they will give them access to the Lake. I wonder if Disney was thinking the Hotel wouldn't do very well and they could buy it back cheap in a couple of years for a ready-made DVC resort?
  13. Exactly. And I would have said the same thing then. If anyone is going to pay that big a premium for a WDW hotel room it would HAVE to be within spitting distance of the Magic Kingdom/Monorail Loop/etc. As you say, we were all wrong.
  14. I agree with this, but a slight modification: I'll bet that Disney never thought someone would build a Five-Star hotel on "their" property.... They probably assumed that for people to be willing to pay 5-Star rates that they would need to be right next to the MK / Monorail Loop. I would be very surprised if Disney of all companies didn't have multiple provisions on the use of the property. So there must be more to the story.
  15. Second that. Never use batteries when electricity is available. Walmart sells the inexpensive Box-style 3-speed window fans that are powerful and quiet. I would get a couple of those and put one blowing in and one blowing out on opposite sides. I have used bungie cords to keep them from tipping over, or even to hang them from above. Even if you don't have room to take them home, it would be a cheap way to make sure you can sleep well each night. Besides, if you do buy them it will almost guarantee that the nights will be chilly.... so either way, cheap insurance....