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  1. So, another way Disney is separating people into Haves and Have-Nots...... When I first started going to the Fort you could take a boat, an open-air Tram, even a Steam Train! And yes, a bus. But they all cost the same to everyone: Zero. If you paid to come to Disney, you had already paid for transportation and most of that transportation was deliberately designed to be part of "the Show". I see enough buses in my everyday life, I don't want to see even more of them up close and personal while I'm on vacation at a "Resort" The one bright spot I see is the new Skyway they are building. It's the first time in years Disney hasn't just thrown more buses at a problem. Now if they would expand the monorail, or at least bring it back up to Disney Standards.....
  2. Mission Space Refurb Extended

    Not so remarkable..... I've never seen any of them either LOL Although being a sci-fi fan I'm told I really need to watch Firefly/Serenity so that's on my list to watch someday.
  3. Burn ban and Avatar

    If you ever saw Kevin Costner in "Dances with Wolves" then you have already seen "Avatar"..... Basically the story's message (in both movies) is: Natives are good, Humans are bad, Military Humans are especially bad. That said, It does have great special effects and scenery but as noted above it does have some adult scenes and violence. On our next trip I would like also like to see it glowing at night and try the rides at least once each.
  4. Remember when you could only enter the Magic Kingdom by Monorail or Boat? I knew the company has always had problems balancing Walt's visions and also staying in business, and I get that, after all there are no Parks if there's no profit....... but I knew they had become strictly about the profits when they built the bus stops right in front of the MK. The Disney of Old would have long since built new monorails to ALL of the parks as well as the Resort areas that can't be reached by boat. Now its just buses, buses and more buses. Cram people in and out as fast as possible and make sure you extract every dollar from them while you're doing it.....
  5. Planning for 2019 Yellowstone/UT/AZ/CO roadtrip

    If you go to Monument Valley there is the Goulding Lodge and Campground that has a great John Wayne / John Ford Museum and still has some sets standing from "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" that was filmed there. Also look up Goosenecks State Park if you don't mind boondocking next to incredible views. And don't pass up a visit to Lake Powell if you have the time. Taking a day trip out to Rainbow Bridge is amazing. Even better is renting a houseboat for a few days.
  6. Sun Shine pass or not?

    Exactly. Up here in Mass the Turnpike was supposed to go Toll-Free as soon as the original construction bonds were paid off...... that happened in the 1980's..... guess what? Still have the Tolls.... only now they have gotten rid of the Toll Takers and just have EZPass scanners everywhere. You would think that would lower the tolls right? HA! I don't mind paying tolls on a privately built and owned road, but I do have a problem paying tolls on a public road. Either collect Tolls, or a Gas Tax, but not both. Like the frog in the boiling water, we've become so used to increasing taxes and double taxation that we just yawn and are actually happy when they make it easier to have our hard earned money taken from us.
  7. Welcome LacyB! Not sure if this was mentioned to you but if you love the Christmas decorations but can't get in for Christmas Day, you could try the weeks before and after. I believe they put up all the Christmas stuff in November and don't start taking it down until January. There are several times during that period where it is much less crowded and also less expensive.....
  8. Campgrounds Florida on the way to The Fort

    Does it have to be a Campground? We have stayed at Cracker Barrel off of I-4 for the night a couple of times, and also overnighted at a Sams Club lot that was next to a Walmart Grocery Store that was just a few miles north of WDW. No problems at either except for the street sweeper at 0500 hrs at the Sams Club lot..... LOL
  9. Is Brazil the New Country Coming to EPCOT?

    Pretty sure there's no one left in Brazil, they've all moved to the USA...... don't know how it is in FLA, but up here we have a Brazil Store on every other corner with most of them doing a booming side business in fake ID's for the newer ones that missed the last amnesty.....
  11. We're gonna need a bigger boat..... umm I mean pool.....
  12. I am guessing that the Cabin Pool is about to have it's own bout of "chemical imbalance"...... those pool freeloaders aren't just going to go home today.....
  13. Great Hashtag! Although I could swear your comment sounds familiar somehow, like something I just read recently somewhere....
  14. Date for hall of pres. opening?

    They need extra time to get the hair just right?? Is he going to turn to the Obama animatronic and say "You're Fired!!"...?
  15. Is the magic gone?

    Good point. I really enjoyed that video that is floating around somewhere about how EPCOT came to be. Especially the part where the Imagineers took the two competing models, one of a World's Fair, and one of a Futuristic Theme Park and just slid them together to make one giant park. LOL Definitely not what Walt was originally thinking in the 60's. But I would say that the EPCOT of the 80's, at least the Future World half of it, was a natural extension of Walt's original Carousel of Progress (another ride that badly needs an update..) and I think he would have been right at home with the theming and overall CAN DO attitude it had. That idea that we were just getting started and there was no limit to what we could do if we just put our minds to it.