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  1. Yup. I didn't know that until I had ordered the plates. It's a great dinner set, really like the theme (and the ones above too), but I never use them because they won't go in the microwave. I know I could easily heat food in another dish, and I have done that, but most of the time it's just easier to use paper plates or a microwave safe plate. But I'm a guy so what do I know? I can boil water and thus create a panful of Kraft Mac and Cheese (that's what I lived on in college...) but even with Kraft nowadays I end up making their microwave version.... I'm sure others would not be deterred by the melamine/microwave issue
  2. Those are nice. We got the "Camp Casual" set that someone here linked to last year: https://jet.com/product/detail/21469c0012b14286ba537faf3ee1fe76?jcmp=pla:ggl:NJ_dur_Gen_Automotive_Parts__Accessories_a2:Automotive_Parts__Accessories_RV_Parts__Accessories_Furnishings__Appliances_a2:na:PLA_785913093_44722405327_aud-155003204480:pla-296056823652:na:na:na:2&code=PLA15 They're great but I'm not sure how many times I'd want to put them thru the dishwasher. And the big problem for me is melamine is not microwave safe..... how can you cook w/o a microwave?? Besides, I'm with TCD, I use paper plates whenever possible
  3. I also cringe when someone on the Tiny House Shows talks about traveling.... I can see building one as a guest house/MIL house or putting one on vacant land you own, but traveling down the highway with it? On a regular basis? No way.
  4. They just wanted to share a site so they could go to Typhon Lagone and get a full days excitement......
  5. As far as crowding goes there are at least three trends that come to mind 1. US Population was 205 million in 1970, it is now 323 million. Most of that is Immigration, both Legal and Illegal. It's no wonder that Immigration is a hot political topic. Just too many people in areas that were originally designed and built for a smaller population. Constant Traffic Jams are the most obvious example of that, the highways and bridges weren't built for the volume they are now handling. At work we call that the "10lbs of S*** in a 5lb Bag Effect".... 2. As population grows and Urban areas spread out the land becomes more valuable and gets converted into more housing or strip malls. Since the 70s hundreds of Drive-In Movie Theatres have disappeared for that reason. I would bet that campgrounds have suffered as well, especially in the East. 3. As our society has changed, so have the spending priorities. Here in Mass. the 1970's were a golden age of State Parks and Campgrounds, The State was building and opening Park after Park throughout that time, including Bike Paths, Lakes, Ocean Beaches, etc. The Public Parks were well staffed and maintained. Now however, the majority of the State budget is earmarked for Welfare and various Social Programs. There hasn't been a new State Campground opened in decades, several have been closed and the maintenance and staffing budget is nowhere near enough to keep things running properly. The remaining private campgrounds are packed and try to cram as many as possible in to the space they have. So you have increased demand, decreased supply, and no sign that it will get better anytime soon. My own plan is to move West while there's still some elbow room left out there
  6. As mentioned above there are many more people in RVs these days and the RV makers still push the romantic Go RVing commercials. I'd like to see them do a spot where the family with kids is at this KOA:
  7. Correct, the TPG is Kanan, who is one of the last surviving Jedi and a leader of the Rebels, and the other is Sabine, she is another one of the Rebels. My boy LOVES Star Wars Rebels which is on the Disney XD channel. It's actually quite good and we both look forward to new episodes. There are several references to the Rebels from this show in Rogue One and their ship and their Droid both are seen briefly in the movie.
  8. It's a Jedi Mind Trick.... These ARE the straps you're looking for.....
  9. Did you ever figure out what was up with the Men in Black? If not, do you remember one of them holding up a silver pen in front of you? The guy in the Popeye shirt kind of looks like Bruce McGill (D-Day from Animal House) with a flat top haircut. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0569226/
  10. This is the perfect example. EMH's were originally a perk designed to fill the Disney resorts. Now that demand is (mostly) higher than supply, they can safely cut perks and artificially create demand for costly add-ons that were previously included. It's a brilliant plan, cut down on basic services, create long lines, and then charge extra to those who naturally don't want to stand in those lines. How long can they keep doing it? As long as they have "unlimited" demand. Exactly. It's all short term. Until Disney, or one of their competitors, decide to address the long term, we'll see more crowds and less "Disney Magic" at the Parks.
  11. Agreed. Disney has clearly forgotten what their namesake's original vision was. I know this has been said many times here (too many ) but it needs saying again: Walt must be spinning in his grave.... I am a Free-Market person and I don't begrudge any Private Company from pursuing profit, especially when it creates healthy competition, but in many cases now Disney is chasing the high rollers at the direct expense of their customer base and the original company focus on family friendly entertainment. I think they have realized that their customer base is so wide and deep that they can lose thousands of "average" families that get priced and/or irritated into not coming anymore and it doesn't bother them since they know there are plenty that will take their place....
  12. LOL! That's too funny with your kids, I love that type of humor, it's too bad they even had any awareness at all of Disney's "Snowflake" Policies.... "I used to be a people person until people ruined it for me." We need to get this on a bumper sticker with a Snarky on it LOL We have a saying at work (Police Dept): "Cop's aren't racist, sexist, or homophobic, we hate everyone equally!" Or when the excrement is hitting the rotating blades we just use the short version: "People Suck!"
  13. Those would be perfect for the battle, except you'd need Blue and Gray Jarts not blue and red.... "Death from Above..."
  14. They sell those screen door savers at Home Depot, they are in the pet section near the heavy duty pet screening that we also used. the metal saver was easy to install and worked great. We put a hook and eye on the upper part of the screen door that was out of our son's reach at the time. And I put on a door-return spring to keep the screen closed (little kids NEVER close the door behind them... ) as well as a straight grab bar that goes on the inside of the screen door. We used a wooden child gate (10 dollars at Walmart) to wedge in front of the stairwell when he was very small. We would always know where his lost balls and toy trucks were.... at the bottom of the inside steps.... where they would wait for an unsuspecting adult to step on them... LOL I also filed down the sharp edge of the lower corner of the screen door and put some electric tape over it so no eyes were poked out when he was coming up the stairs. And also got one of those straps for the screen door that hang down and allow kids to open them from the outside.
  15. I'll second Fort Desoto, been there many times. Get a waterfront campsite, bring kayaks/canoe to launch from your site. Bring bicycles for the short ride to the Fort and one of the best beaches in the country. Plan ahead though, the best sites fill up months ahead...