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  1. And unless I missed it, there was no mention of Spaceship Earth itself either. I believe SE is the last "unmolested" ride from the "Original Vision" of Future World. I hope they leave it as is.
  2. TCD, I was just about to say the same thing... LOL But I did wade thru it and it had some very good points. I liked this quote: "...We know that Chapek told his team to “dream big” when thinking of ideas. We know he’s promised the changes will make the park “more Disney, timeless, relevant, family-friendly” while also keeping the original vision alive...." Of course that all depends on whose version of the "original vision" he believes in! Epcot used to be an inspiring portrayal of who we are and where we could go: "If We Can Dream It, We Can Do It!" And the most missed ride from that era is "Horizons". If they want to do something "Big" that includes the original vision and inspiring children and adults alike, they will bring back an updated Horizons. What better way to remind people to "Keep Moving Forward"
  3. That's why they call it: "Security Theater" So much of it is for show just so the Politicians can say they are doing "something". Of course the truth is that there are much more effective screening processes, but they have been deemed politically incorrect...
  4. I agree, of course they know. The sad part is that it would take so little on Disney's part to fix this (or most of it anyway) Require groups over a certain number to either use a Group Area, or if they need hookups then rent an ENTIRE loop. (Which I know Disney allows some groups to do already) Of course that would mean Disney might miss out on renting any unused sites, but if the group really wants to stay at the Fort they can rent all of the sites and Disney would make the same amount anyway. The other thing Disney could (and should) do is even simpler: Make it clear that the rules apply to everyone and any group that generates more than two or three complaints from other campers will not be allowed back. I believe the Fort was meant to be a place for individual Families to visit WDW with their kids without breaking the bank. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think that it was ever meant to be a Convention Center....
  5. In all our trips, we've never been put next to a large group, so your chances are good that it won't be a problem. And as mentioned above you can always ask for another site/loop if there is a problem. The worst issue for us has been when there is a large group on the other side of the loop and there are double-parked cars and trucks sticking out into the road. A couple of times I thought for sure we were going to swap paint with some of them..... One trip we were in the back of the 900 loop and another large Youth group (pretty sure it was another Church group, what is it with these Church groups??) was using the group area directly behind 900. They were very noisy each evening, to their credit it wasn't too bad and never went past 9 or 10, but they left a HUGE mess behind when they left, trash everywhere on the ground, food left rotting on multiple grills, empty drink bottles and paper plates left on the tables. etc. It was disgusting. Each one of those 40 or 50 kids now think that it is Ok to do that, and there is no consequence, at least at Disney... It seems like a majority of problems at the Fort that repeatedly get mentioned here: Golf carts, noise, blocking roads, taking over pools and picnic tables, and general lack of concern for others can often be traced back to groups of unrelated people who are not held to the same rules as the usual camping family is.
  6. I'd like to see them use that space for something truly unique. Something like an underwater adventure where you board a submarine and look out of portholes into a fantastic world under the sea. Hopefully Disney will read this and realize what a hit such a ride would be....
  7. They should try something different that's for sure. The current method seems to be a free-for-all once you reach a certain number of sites (read: dollar amount...) then the rules no longer apply to your group and you can inflict whatever misery you want on your fellow campers There are dedicated Group Areas and large groups do use them, but there are plenty of groups that come back year after year and are placed in regular loops along with unsuspecting families that end up having to put up with the groups antics regardless of how many complain. Then Disney allows them to come back again and again. There's another Church group that shows up every year on the 2000 loop in March I think, sets up loudspeakers playing music and announcements, creates a "mega-site" with all of their tables in one spot, places all their chairs, children and toys in the middle of the road (One year Disney worker bees were actually directing cars trying to get by to drive between trees to get out of the loop rather than disturb the party going on), and generally makes life miserable for the other people on that loop. It wouldn't be so bad if Disney would require them, and every other large group, to only rent one of the Group Areas, or at the very least require a group that size to rent an entire loop, but they don't..... It also wouldn't be as bad if Disney would enforce the same rules and standards of behaviour that they do for the rest of us, but they don't......
  8. At Walmart today we saw a different version of CAMP called FISHING CAMP. It looked like it was played the same way. https://www.amazon.com/Education-Outdoors-EOFC1-Fishing-Board/dp/B007BADKHC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484619281&sr=8-1&keywords=fishing+camp+game
  9. HA! In other words, you're in a marriage..... I wonder if they might have been taking it to be re-painted, re-stickered, etc. The trailers for Cars3 show Lightning with a different look in the new movie. My son has a ton of Lightning McQueen toys, pajamas, bedsheets, etc. We have watched Cars MANY times (I think we watched Cars 2 twice...LOL!) Does anyone agree with us that instead of Avatar Land they should be building a WDW version of Cars Land? Ka-Chow!
  10. Yes, you are right the risk is the same as far as the unknown power source. This is one of those threads where everyone is right, just on different points In an ideal world, you would always plug into a perfectly wired and maintained power pedestal and you would only use the receptacle that matches the plug your RV came from the factory with. In the less than ideal world sometimes we all have to use dogbones to make things work. I use two at home to step down from 50 to 30, and then 30 to 20 amps since that's all I have access to. When I do that, I am extra careful not to run anything more than lights and the TV. I do check the connections often to see if it's getting too warm.... The takeaway from all this is that if you have a good quality dogbone, coupled with a good power source, then you are fine. If you mistakenly overload the circuit the breaker will trip and save you from any serious damage. Having said that, Murphy is always lurking for a chance to cause mayhem, so when using adaptors it's always a good idea to be extra careful. Use a plug in circuit tester, use a surge protector whenever possible, use a voltmeter, and make a habit of hand-checking the dogbone to see if it's overheating, especially when you are using any appliances.
  11. I think one thing we can all agree on is that the safety of any circuit depends on a good installation. Most of us have camped somewhere that had electrical problems due to mis-wired pedestals. Keith is correct that the breaker will do it's job, but only if the wiring is done correctly and the correct wire and breaker itself is used. Many CG owners try to save money by skimping on materials and/or doing the wiring themselves. Not just CG's either, I worked with our Fire Investigators for several years and I was amazed at some of the so-called "Professional" installations at homes and businesses that ended up causing fires. When going to any CG I use a circuit tester, a good quality surge protector, and a Voltmeter inside. I do trust the Engineers who design the equipment, but not so much the humans who install and maintain it..... LOL
  12. Can't help with Colorado Springs, but have been to Moab a couple of times to MtnBike. Both times stayed at the BLM campsites right on the river just North of Town. They are first come-first served (at least when I was there, that may have changed), they have tables, fire rings and dry toilets. Very basic, but inexpensive and great views. There are several CGs in Moab and most all of them offer hot showers and dump station use for a fee if you are not staying there. We used the KOA just South of Town for showers and it appeared to be a nice clean place to stay. Be aware that Moab hosts several festivals during the year. One trip I made there was near the tail end of an Off-Road/Jeep Fest and the Town was PACKED. Luckily there were still some campsites available and the MtnBike Trails were uncrowded. The Slick Rock Trail is amazing, and the Town is nice, a real interesting mix of very different types of people, can't wait to go back again.
  13. You're doing all the right things Gwen, please let us know what the NRA rep has to say. I wouldn't be surprised if the County is already under pressure from them to clean up their act. Can you imagine if there were this many hoops to jump through to get a drivers license? And cars are arguably FAR more dangerous than a gun. Ideally, just like a drivers license, you should be able to get a "Learners Permit" right away. It would have an expiration date of say 6 months. If you fail to pass a test and get your permanent License to Carry then the Learners Permit would expire and you would have to keep your gun at your home. Just as if you flunked your Drivers test, your car would have to stay in your driveway
  14. My guess is that Disney is happy that this is happening, and maybe even encouraging it behind the scenes. They have a lot of investment in the new Disney Springs that have to be recouped. If Crossroads does go away, hopefully many workers will get jobs at DS. Even better would be if another retail complex would arise in that same general area of 535 and 4. IIRC there is another Commercial park with stores and restaurants that is just south of that interchange, but so much traffic goes the other way into Disney that many never see it.
  15. That's another good way to go from New England. Newburgh Bridge instead of the TappenZee, further from the big cities, and even fewer tolls. It is a little bit longer going thru Scranton on 84 to 81 instead of taking Rt 78 to 81, but a lot less chance of heavy traffic. You also completely miss NJ, which is good, but I think I remember a couple of big climbs and drops along the NY border? I think I'll go this way again on the next trip.