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  1. Discovery Island little known fact

    Come on..... I make a Princess Bride reference and no one responds? Inconceivable! Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say Ni at will to old ladies. There is a pestilence upon this land, nothing is sacred. Even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress in this period in history.
  2. Universal was able to connect the two Harry Potter Lands by thinking outside the box and making a moving attraction out of the Hogwarts Express. Maybe they have something similar in mind here but on a larger scale?
  3. Discovery Island little known fact

    I think they actually meant to say "See the Rodents of Unusual Size!"
  4. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Great pictures of the MK Christmas Tree! It's so nice you got to spend at least a little time there. FYI, Several years ago I went on one of those Behind the Scenes tours and they took us to the holiday decoration warehouse. The man in charge at the time was telling us how great it was when they changed the Christmas Tree to LED lights. He said they used to have to run all kinds of power cables all over the place and put temporary covers over them on the sidewalks so no one would trip over them, but once they started using the LEDs they could run the whole tree off of one regular outlet.
  5. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    As a former pro photographer I can second this, I used to cringe when I saw how much we spent on developing and printing photos that weren't usable and I believe that digital photography has been a true blessing. But.... even with digital I still end up taking several different shots of important scenes, and rejecting most of them (if not all of them! LOL) later at the computer..... And I also love your photos Gwen, there's no question you have the eye for it :-)
  6. Tampa Bay Fall RV Show

    I agree! I guess it is or was a travelling promo for a Dairy Farmers group. It had its own truck to take it to fairs and shows. I said at the time they needed to be towing one of those Airstream Bambi's made up to look like a giant toaster.....
  7. Tampa Bay Fall RV Show

    Went to this two years in a row awhile back. We stayed at Lazydays RV Park/Sales Lot, so it was easy to get to. Great show and lots of RV stuff and gadgets for sale. Plus they had the worlds largest display of carved butter! What more could you ask for?
  8. halloween

    If that was the case then that obviously is a good thing not bad, and by all accounts this Halloween was relatively sane compared to years past. Hopefully this is an indication that the Fort will finally start enforcing its own rules.
  9. halloween

    This jumped out at me. If it's true that no one was allowed to enter the Fort if they weren't campers, or had reservations for Trails End, etc, then why would they need all that extra parking? Why were that many cars being allowed in? And supplying Porta Potties? Hand washing stations? If you are driving a car to Fort Wilderness on Halloween there is an excellent chance that you are either staying off-property or live locally and are bringing your kids to TOT at the Fort. This sounds like another one of Disney's patented "please obey our rules, but while you're breaking them make sure you spend lots of money at the gift shop!"
  10. Disney Quest has been extended until 2017+

    I used to go to DQ every trip for several years because they had an original full size sit down Atari Star Wars game..... complete with ancient computer wire frame graphics..... BUT I could still feel as though I was actually flying down the trench of the Death Star due to the excellent sound and music effects I loved that it had the original theme and Obi Wan sound clips from the movie: "Luke, the Force will be with you..... always!"
  11. Best to leave loop open-ended?

    I've been a couple of places where dogs left alone barked loud enough and long enough to be a real problem. And one time WE were the problem at the Fort. Left our well-behaved Lab Retriever in the camper for a couple of hours and when we got back we heard her barking as we neared the site (it was in the 1900 loop I think). Turns out the AC had failed and there was a warning buzzer going off that was driving her crazy! Poor thing was VERY glad to see us... We apologized to the neighbors and then dropped her off at the Kennel each morning for the rest of the trip. Of course that was when the Fort HAD its own kennel.... yet another piece of the Fort's original amenities gone forever
  12. National Parks Price Increase $$$$$

    I don't have a problem with this, the annual car pass for State Parks here is $60 per car. My guess is that most will opt to get the Annual Pass for 80, especially if they live nearby, or if it is part of a trip. The NPS has been underfunded for decades with a huge backlog of needed maintenance. It hasn't helped that they keep getting stuck with new "National Monuments" every couple of years that also need staffing and maintenance.
  13. RIP Jingle Cruise?

    Same here, I rarely get the chance to read the TR's as they are happening and usually someone has already asked the question I would have or too much time has passed since it was written. I do make liberal use of the "Up Arrows" for whatever that is worth, although they don't seem to be used as much as they used to be. And I also apologize for not showing more appreciation, esp to TCD for his reports, which have turned me into a "Junior Yuri" on my last couple of trips, skulking around what's left of River Country, the old Nature Trail, and any fencing I can try and look through..... I do wish it was easier to post pictures here. Photobucket was always a pain, I am trying IMGUR but it doesn't look any easier. It would be nice to post pics directly here like FB does, but I get why it's not possible with the current servers.
  14. Public events at FW?

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but while I was reading this months Motorhome Magazine I came across a one page article about the Fort. Entitled: "The Spookiest Campground in America" it is on page 11 of the October issue. The subtitle is: "The spirit of Halloween brought to you by the magic of Disney" I thought it was ironic to come across this while reading the posts here. The very short article does not say anything about whether you need to be a resort guest or not, it simply says to "be sure to arrive in time for the resort's annual Halloween celebration" but it does give the number and website to make reservations.
  15. I don't need no sunscreen!

    I'm surprised that Disney doesn't require ALL the buses leaving the Park to go to one end of DS and require everyone to get a Resort bus at the other end... That would be the Bus equivalent of having a Gift Shop at the exit of every ride.... I probably shouldn't be saying that out loud since someone at Disney might read it and think it's a good idea..... I'll bet they are working on a way to make all the cars leaving at night also go thru Disney Springs.... Mandatory Drive-Thru Gift Shops in the future?? Disney Mngmt is finally embracing the old Horizons Motto: "If We Can Dream It, We Can Do It!"