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  1. Ha! I'd be in favor of all of that! Although sitting thru Stitch all day would qualify as Cruel and Unusual Punishment....
  2. Me three....
  3. Our son loved "A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee", which we got a year or two ago after reading this post, thanks Beckers! We did have to let him know that our camper won't roll away though I just ordered "Goodnight Campsite" too, thanks for the link!
  4. Anything that reduces the number of buses is a good thing IMHO. Buses are for cities, not so much for Walt Disney World. My guess is that it is all about the bean-counters, not the "guest experience" but maybe this is one of those times when the two are the same. And it's sad when they have to plan a new ride around the Lowest Common Denominator and treat guests as though they are ALL walking liabilities. How about treating people like adults and when those few non-adults misbehave, punish them severely and publicly as a deterrent to other non-adults....
  5. Clearly they are becoming more interested in Convention business, (isn't that what Coronado Springs was for to begin with?) so I can see a "Business Class" level of resort rooms. It works for the Airlines. Taking that a step further, perhaps they are also thinking a "Business Class" DVC might be worth pursuing... If they've saturated the family market for DVC's, a new DVC level pitched to businesses and corporations might be in the works. Kind of like the old Magic Kingdom Club that businesses could buy into for their employees to use, maybe they think DVC rooms could be used as a perk? No idea how that would work alongside the traditional DVC but if there is an untapped market for DVC rooms you can bet they will figure out a way to go after it.
  6. Thanks. Found the website, looks like it would be worth trying out, right off of I-95. http://basslakecampground.net/
  7. Same here, I have always felt safe there, even when arriving late at night. There always seems to be a security truck driving around the grounds and the front gate requires a key card to use the vehicle gate and the pedestrian gate. And when you stay at the CG you can use the indoor pool, hot tub, etc at the motel. :-) The scenery does include a giant neon sombrero over the trees....... But even with all that Neon so close, the CG has a ton of trees and is screened from the lights and sounds from the rest of SOB and the highway. It really is a nice quiet and cheap place to overnite
  8. Exactly. Got one of the nice "Patty-O-Rooms" for the last MH and used it maybe 2 or 3 times. It was very nice when it was up, it had roll up panels to use as a screenhouse or an add-a-room, but as Derek says, it's a pain to put up and take down and only worth it if you will be staying for several days. It also took up storage room as well in two storage tubs. We mostly just use a Coleman Geosport over the picnic table, but I agree that an Easy-up with screens would also be nice and far easier.
  9. Exactly why I like staying there. Clean, quiet, and safe. And inexpensive too. :-) For a long time I knew they had a Campground but never took the trouble to look at it, after all it's SOB... it's probably loud, dirty, and not somewhere you would want to stay after dark right? Wrong. Have stayed many times since then and we are always pleased. The bathrooms and showers are older and could use an update, but they are always clean and well stocked with soap and sometimes even shampoo (they have the motel cleaning staff take care of the CG too)
  10. We have also used South of the Border and New Green Acres several times each and liked both. Nice and clean and quiet and right off the highway. And they both have after hours check-in kiosks, which is very handy when looking for just a quick overnight. I haven't heard of Bass Lake though, where is that?
  11. And unless I missed it, there was no mention of Spaceship Earth itself either. I believe SE is the last "unmolested" ride from the "Original Vision" of Future World. I hope they leave it as is.
  12. TCD, I was just about to say the same thing... LOL But I did wade thru it and it had some very good points. I liked this quote: "...We know that Chapek told his team to “dream big” when thinking of ideas. We know he’s promised the changes will make the park “more Disney, timeless, relevant, family-friendly” while also keeping the original vision alive...." Of course that all depends on whose version of the "original vision" he believes in! Epcot used to be an inspiring portrayal of who we are and where we could go: "If We Can Dream It, We Can Do It!" And the most missed ride from that era is "Horizons". If they want to do something "Big" that includes the original vision and inspiring children and adults alike, they will bring back an updated Horizons. What better way to remind people to "Keep Moving Forward"
  13. That's why they call it: "Security Theater" So much of it is for show just so the Politicians can say they are doing "something". Of course the truth is that there are much more effective screening processes, but they have been deemed politically incorrect...
  14. I agree, of course they know. The sad part is that it would take so little on Disney's part to fix this (or most of it anyway) Require groups over a certain number to either use a Group Area, or if they need hookups then rent an ENTIRE loop. (Which I know Disney allows some groups to do already) Of course that would mean Disney might miss out on renting any unused sites, but if the group really wants to stay at the Fort they can rent all of the sites and Disney would make the same amount anyway. The other thing Disney could (and should) do is even simpler: Make it clear that the rules apply to everyone and any group that generates more than two or three complaints from other campers will not be allowed back. I believe the Fort was meant to be a place for individual Families to visit WDW with their kids without breaking the bank. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think that it was ever meant to be a Convention Center....