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  1. Good point. I really enjoyed that video that is floating around somewhere about how EPCOT came to be. Especially the part where the Imagineers took the two competing models, one of a World's Fair, and one of a Futuristic Theme Park and just slid them together to make one giant park. LOL Definitely not what Walt was originally thinking in the 60's. But I would say that the EPCOT of the 80's, at least the Future World half of it, was a natural extension of Walt's original Carousel of Progress (another ride that badly needs an update..) and I think he would have been right at home with the theming and overall CAN DO attitude it had. That idea that we were just getting started and there was no limit to what we could do if we just put our minds to it.
  2. I remember those bikes, all those exhibits in Wonders of Life were great. I also remember the metal bars that were different temperatures but when you grabbed them at the same time your hands would feel the opposite, cold when they were really hot (or was it hot when they were really cold? LOL) It is sad. What was once a park with a common theme and bursting with optimism for the future is now just a patchwork that no one seems to really care about. Be careful what you wish for...... the current Disney Management has no use for Imagination, they want THRILLS SPEED ADRENALINE MOVIE CHARACTERS, and oh yeah, IMMEDIATE RETURN ON INVESTMENT!!! They are just as likely to raze the entire pavilion for a new roller coaster as they are to refurbish and update something they never understood in the first place.... I wonder what ol' Walt would say about the run-down and dated look of EPCOT and much of WDW in general, never mind what he'd say about the constant hand in your pocket looking to monetize every second of a families stay at his name-sake Park.
  3. I've also seen the movie a couple of times and seen bits of it here and there on cable many times. And I agree with you I can't remember any of the pronunciation. The movie itself is basically a re-make of "Dances with Wolves" with the same heavy-handed messages, but like "The Day After Tomorrow" and "2012" (two of my guilty pleasure movies) the special effects are the highlight of the movie and what make it sort-of worth watching..... I also can't believe the speakers at the Fort weren't working on that night. In fact it always seems hit or miss that they work. I guess with the super low prices we pay for a site they just can't afford to fix them....... I was a Navy brat so we had SOS quite often, but in our case it was for Dinner and it was made with Ground Beef. I always loved it that way and it was never too salty. I have also had the chipped beef version and it always seems too salty..... go figure. Here's the kind we had growing up on the Navy Base: http://www.food.com/recipe/sausage-or-beef-s-o-s-stuff-on-a-shingle-152508
  4. As Dave said: Nice job behind the wheel. It could have and almost should have been far worse.
  5. Exactly. You need to be an Imagineer. Milk and Cheerios meet Mr. Computer Screen..... Agreed! And BTW, whose great idea was it to have the only two rides in an entire new "Land" be in the same building?? Are they running out of space to put rides? Are they keeping other space open for future rides in Avatarland? Or is it just more cost-cutting?
  6. That could be the Motto of our entire society these days not just Disney. Whether it's throwaway sites and pool freeloaders at the Fort, or our so-called Leaders who look in the camera and say they didn't "intend" to break the law and besides, I'm a (insert favorite victim-status here) so I shouldn't be expected to follow the same laws as you little people.... Our entire society from top to bottom has become one big double standard: Those who follow the rules and those that don't but are allowed, sometimes even encouraged, to get away with it.
  7. I get that. It wasn't for everybody. But I thought it was wondrous and illuminating (there's my two new dictionary words of the day.... LOL) I couldn't wait to see what new exhibits were going to be in Innoventions, or was it Communicore back then? I remember calling home from a giant car-sized cell-phone and being inside a tornado. I was fascinated by how a car was designed and built, How my body fought off infections, and where energy came from. How hydroponics might work on other planets, and how singing vegetables made lunch seem more interesting. How photographs were made, how submarines could go so deep in the ocean (and what they saw when they got there.... hint, it wasn't Nemo.... ;-) But the best stuff of all was when they showed that our "Journey into Imagination" had just begun. It truly was "Future World". At each turn there was an effort to amaze, engage, and inspire. There was a sense of optimism that "If We Can Dream It, We Can Do It" that is sadly missing now. And I was amazed. I know it wasn't the thrill rides of the other parks, but when the lights go down in "Energy" and the entire auditorium breaks up and starts moving (WOW, I still remember that first time it did that) and when on "Horizons" you get to pick what future you want to see, or when your ship is miniaturized and is flying through a "Body Wars", that's when I felt as though I had been on the ultimate thrill ride. That feeling of amazement and optimism stayed with me a lot longer than the brief smile from a roller coaster. It was a time when "Future World" lived up to it's name and for me as a kid it left an indelible impression.
  8. There is no excuse. And it's doubly ironic considering that Disney was the company that first showed that it could be done and done right. And EPCOT is Exhibit A in this discussion. What was originally built as an inspiring "Thinking Man's Theme Park" has drifted into a hodge podge of semi-closed buildings and the remaining attractions are slowly being replaced with more Roller Coasters, more product placements, more movie tie-ins, and more gift shops. Replacing "Horizons" with a thrill ride that belonged in Tomorrowland was one of the first signs that EPCOT as we once knew it was going to be going bye-bye. I would gladly pay 3 times the current ticket price to bring my 7 year old to the EPCOT of the late 80's early 90's. It was fun, uplifting, educational guide to the best of humanity. Now it's just a sad reminder of how neglected it has been by a Company that used to have room for dreams not just dollars.....
  9. Couldn't have said it any better...... FWIW, there was a woman posting on the Fort FB page earlier who had lived full time at the Fort for 4 years and she said it had it's ups and downs but overall it was still magical for her and she is looking forward to doing it again. :-)
  10. Number One is called "Phantom Sites" and has been discussed here and has even been promoted by one or more TA's as a relatively cheap way for their clients to Rent property Off-site, but still get all of the benefits of staying On-site. The 10 people-per-site at the Fort is what makes this so attractive for them. As to how much of a problem this is has been debated here and on FB but there seems to be no question that it happens. Number Two is a variation of Phantom Sites also used by off-site groups but instead of never using it, they will descend on the Fort to park, cookout, use the pool, campfire/movie, boats to the MK, etc etc but never have any intention of staying the night. Sometimes those sites are also used by Groups that are staying overnight at the Fort, but they use one site for group meals and extra parking, but sleep on their other sites. All of this could be easily solved if Disney wanted to. The problem is that they seem to not care how the site is used or even if the site is used at all as long as someone is paying for it.
  11. Where's Stacy when we need her?
  12. I agree, pretty sure we have also seen her in Japan. I much prefer that performance to this one but maybe it's better in person? Haven't you gotten the heavy-handed message enough times to fully embrace it yet? Man is bad. Nature is good. (Even though Nature regularly destroys life and landscape on a scale far greater than Man has ever done...) Once you learn to repeat the Pravda, I promise you life will be far easier
  13. Many here have had the same experience, some multiple times. And it's almost always the same story: Large groups of mostly unrelated people. It's not just one kind of group either, I have seen bad behaviour from Church Groups, Boy Scout Groups, and others. This issue would go away if the Fort would just require everyone to obey the same rules and if there is a problem your group isn't allowed back. Even better would be to require large groups to rent a group site (isn't that what they are for??). Instead, Disney allows them to rent multiple single sites (making it even harder for families to get one) and then treat them as if it was their own private party area. Until Disney decides to finally enforce the rules evenly regardless of the size of your group (size of the checkbook in other words...) these issues will keep on happening and family campers will pay the price..... literally and figuratively
  14. It is sad..... We also only watch DisJr and DisXD, and the kids shows on PBS. DisneyJr is the only channel we can leave on w/o worrying even about the commercials, but he is outgrowing it fast and now wants to watch the "older" shows. I remember sneaking over to my friends house who had the premium PG and R channels on cable so we could watch the stuff we weren't supposed to see. Now, all you have to do to see the same (or worse, sometimes much worse) is flip on the TV to just about any channel on there. It's become a real race to the bottom the last few years.
  15. "...Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders - the most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" - but only slightly less well-known is this: "Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line"! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha.........thump..."