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    Guests often confuse the weekly beer pong parties on the 3000 loop with private parties at Clementines. It is easy to mistake this, since the 3000 loop is so,close to the beach.

    Keep calm and have a starlight mint
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  1. New Weekend Brunch at Olivia's

    I like Olivias. I would do this.
  2. Pet loops

    That is exactly what we do. If the power goes out for whatever reason, it would take no time at all for the camper to reach lethal temps in the Florida heat, and even if you monitor your trailer with one of the systems available, there is no way I could make it from a park to the trailer in time to save the boys. The money spent on Best Friends is money well spent.
  3. Pet loops

    My two liked the Disney cartoon channel when we were down last October.
  4. Whispering Canyon Cafe no more high jinks?

    Stop by the Outback next time I am in the 3000 loop for cheap eats and free insults. We don't need no stinkin Whispering Canyon.
  5. They have a podcast which I have been listening to for a couple years. They have a business relationship with Cabellas, Jayco and Yogi Bears Jellystone RV parks. I'm not sure she was intentionally referencing our group.
  6. 2 snowflakes have invaded

    Damn you guys. Now I want tots for breakfast.
  7. Golden Oak Outpost - new menu items

    It is nice to see Disney provide some heart healthy options to their quick service menus.
  8. Golden Oak Outpost - new menu items

    A true Larrywannabe would fry up 300 lbs of pork skin 6 months before the trip and divide it up into 8 ounce bags for convenience.
  9. Tire recommendations?

    Not a bad idea to check those manufacture dates. Personally, I never buy a tire that wasn't made in the same year I put it in service. My Marathons were made in February and installed in April the same year.
  10. Tire recommendations?

    Larry disagrees with everything I said. Then he repeated it only with more words.
  11. Tire recommendations?

    I am running Goodyear Marathons now and am happy with them. That being said, I believe Goodyear stopped manufacturing them when they began production of the Endurance line. RV owners are a funny lot. A number of years ago, Carlisles were considered some of the worst tires you could buy for your RV. Now, I have heard many people speak highly of them. Maxxis tires were considered the standard a few years ago, now not so much. I have run Marathons, Powermax, TowMax and whatever else the dealership or manufacturer has put on a trailer without incident. Keep speeds down, don't overload, maintain recommended pressures, use a tire pressure monitoring system and you can't go wrong.
  12. AED

    By the way, nitro, as is true with many meds, does expire, especially after having been opened. If you aren't going to replace your stock, don't bother having it. Expired nitro is worthless. Again, thankfully it is not available without prescription.
  13. AED

    You may, however, consider carrying some low dose aspirin in your camper, which can be administered if you suspect a heart attack and is much safer than nitroglycerin tablets.
  14. AED

    I am thankful the current aed's wont allow a shock to be administered if it isn't necessary. I am equally thankful nitroglycerin tablets aren't available in Wally World next to the vitamins.
  15. Resort hopping

    Disney has an abundance of free toilet paper on carts throughout the resorts.