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    Guests often confuse the weekly beer pong parties on the 3000 loop with private parties at Clementines. It is easy to mistake this, since the 3000 loop is so,close to the beach.

    Keep calm and have a starlight mint
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  1. Discovery Island little known fact

    Feral cats.
  2. I-4 Named the Most Dangerous Highway in America

    There have been some spectacular accidents on highway 1. 101 north of LA is a freakin racetrack.
  3. I-4 Named the Most Dangerous Highway in America

    81 in Pennsylvania used to have that honor. I am glad it has been dethroned. I can think of many other highways that are nearly as bad. The DC beltway, highway 101 in CA, highway 1 in CA just to name a few.
  4. 500 loop advice

    Site 508. There Is a large wooded area behind the site and a good distance to the 400 loop. The site is HUGE. It is about 70 feet long. We had the Outback on it, the truck in front and enough room for another trailer in front of that.
  5. Security Bypass for AP's?

    I noticed in the security areas at the monorails in the hotels that children were allowed to bypass the metal detector. Makes sense, since i have never seen terrorists use kids to carry weapons.
  6. Tire Feedback

    I put General Grabber AT2's on my f150 in the spring and they are going well. I will never understand why 1/2 ton pickups come with family car tires except they give a smoother, quieter ride for the soccer moms.
  7. New 2017 Fort Wilderness Merchandise

    I got the cap when we we there last month. They also have a couple new pins.
  8. Day Trip to White Sands National Monument

    It is, indeed, an interesting area. I spent quite a bit of time in a tent on the missile range near ground zero.
  9. The FORT will never be the same

    I don't know, maybe she is getting second thoughts. I talked to her this morning at breakfast and she said it will be within the next 3 years, but she hasn't decided yet when and when she decides the date, she will announce it, but she said it needs to come from her.
  10. 3000 Loop Update

    We had lunch today with Andy at Olivias at Old Key West. We talked about Sue, we shed a few tears, we had a few laughs. It was a good day.
  11. 3000 Loop Update

    Part of our trips to the 3000 loop include visiting our friends Andy and Sue who moved down here some 15 years ago. Both have worked for Disney since then, although Andy more so,than Sue. Sadly, today Sue passed away. Regrettably, it was before we had a chance to see her. I suppose it is good that we are here to offer Andy some support, but it indeed a sad day at the Outback.
  12. 3000 Loop Update

    At this point in the afternoon, I am trying to figure out the plural of Kungaloosh. Kungaleesh? Kungalooshes? I have now had two, anyway"
  13. 3000 Loop Update

    Pool is open 24/7. As always, suits are optional. Todays critter count, which covers the 4 am potty walk with Murphy as well as my bike ride, is as follows: 1 very large armadillo 2 bunnies 10 deer 2 raccoon 2 turkey
  14. 3000 Loop Update

    And for those Ken fans out there, he is still at Trails End and will be celebrating 41 years with Disney soon.