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  1. I keep a updated laminated copy of our dogs rabies certificate in the truck and car. Other than a receipt from the vet that's all we get as proof of shots and only lists rabies. I have never actually been asked for it at any campground or hotel including POFQ after Irma. The 30 mins to get back to the resort is kinda pushing it. I can say they can be very persistent when it comes to calling about a possible problem. I think I've mentioned it on here before, one time we stayed at the Fort we got a call about our trailer making a funny noise. I think our neighbors called the front desk because they knew we had a dog and thought something was wrong with our AC, luckily it turned out to just be the bathroom fan had been left on and was making a horrible noise, not enough to be a bother to anyone but did sound like it could be the AC malfunctioning. We were waiting at the Poly for a lunch reservation at Kona when the front desk called so I decided to go back and check while everyone else stayed. The front desk called several times, sent a CM out to our site who also called several times to make sure I was on my way back. It was hot out so I was panicking trying to rush back by monorail then boat (didn't think to take a cab) then of course the golf cart was at the front of the Fort because we had been at Epcot by bus then went to lunch. Made it back and everything was fine, the CM that had been at the site came back by to check and see if I was there and if everything was ok, he was from maintenance I think. All in all I'm glad they did call and glad our neighbors thought to call. To sum it up if your dogs in a room barking they may not hold you to the 30mins but I'm sure they'll be persistent in getting you back there.
  2. I guess I just don't get what the big deal is. It's one value resort, one moderate and one deluxe resort and then the Fort. If someone doesn't want to stay at a resort where dogs could be seen or be in a room a dog may have been in pick one of the other resorts, simple as that. If someone already has a reservation at a resort that will now be taking pets simply call customer service explain nicely why you don't want to or can't stay in that resort and I'm sure they will do something to get you into another equal resort. It's not like all of Disney is going to be overrun with dogs, it's 4 resorts one of which already allowed pets in half of it. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  3. Decorating for Christmas

    Welcome! Decorate away, there used to be (maybe still is, we weren't there last year so don't know if they were or not) a big group that took up a whole loop of cabins around the first or second weekend in December and would go all out with decorations. They had a contest and a golf cart parade through the Fort. I know the cabins have power outlets on the front to charge golf carts I'm not sure if there are any others outside or not if you're bringing anything that needs power. Heck we even saw windows at Port Orleans French Quarter decorated for Halloween when we were there in September.
  4. I would think they will have certain rooms, and most likely buildings/loops that will be pet friendly. I'm not really familiar with how they Yacht club is set up but it would be very easy at the Fort to have a specific loop for pets, and buildings for pets at Riverside and Art of Animation with dog walks or parks around those buildings. We all know how the pet loops worked out at the Fort but that's a little different. The one thing I don't like about the Fort Wilderness dog park is that it's just one big fenced in area. A lot of places around here including Lazydays has separate big dog and small dog parks. My dog mostly likes all dog but does not like when small unfamiliar dogs get up under her. We had an issue with that at the Fort one time this little dog kept running up under the bigger dogs and snipping at them. To be honest after that we quit going to the dog park there. It was also somewhat the fault of the other dogs owner as well who was sitting at the picnic table just chatting not paying a bit of attention to her dog.
  5. Hitchhiking Ghosts Tiki Mug Making a Comeback!

    Ugh of course they come out the weekend I can't get up there. Maybe if they still have them next weekend.
  6. Personally I like this, we have a well behaved dog, doesn't bark, doesn't go to the bathroom inside, chew or anything, just kind hangs out. She is used to going camping with us and gets very upset if I start to pack a bag and don't pack her things! There have been a lot of times we have wanted to go up for a night or two but haven't been able to get reservations at the Fort or haven't wanted to deal with pulling the trailer up for 1 or 2 nights, this will hopefully allow us to do that. When we stayed at POFQ after Irma there were a good amount of dogs there. Never heard any barking and everyone I saw picked up after their dogs. I did talk to one lady who said she had had her dog there but when some friends got their power back she had taken the dog to them because it didn't like being at the hotel. I hope people don't abuse this but I'm sure they will.
  7. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    I think I would have had to skip dinner. I wonder if they had the first Balloon Fiesta baby?
  8. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    On the contrary that seems to be the problem it didn't go down the drain. Well at least not properly to begin with.
  9. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    Curiosity is peaked, I so want to know the whole story but at the same time I really don't want to know the whole story! My 2 main fears with the TT are something happening to the tires and something happening to the sewer line while I'm dumping the black tank.
  10. $5 delivery charge

    I wonder if the package fee is something that is charged to everyone that gets a package all of the time or like other things you may or may not get charged. For example the pet fee sometimes it's there sometimes it's not.....
  11. $5 delivery charge

    I never really thought of the logistics of them getting and storing mail/packages for guest. I have had things shipped to the Fort before one was a cellphone when mine went goofy the day before we left and another was actually a toilet for the travel trailer (about 4 days into a 2 week stay it had issues that were covered under warranty). Both time were easy if I remember correctly a CM brought my phone to the site, I'm pretty sure I told them at check-in I was expecting a package. The toilet I did ask the Fort front desk if it was ok that it was shipped there and kept in contact with them about it's delivery date, went down and picked it up from the back door where they store packages and stuff. After we stayed at POFQ a few weeks ago I can understand the charge. There was a family of 7 in the lobby with all shapes and sizes of packages they were picking up as they checked in probably 3 packages each ranging from large envelopes to large boxes (about the size of a suitcase. The CM kept bring out packages then the family would look in them and say there should be more. It seemed to be a mess to me and really took 2 CM away from helping other people. I don't know for sure but the family seemed to be from out of the country and looked as though they shipped most of there clothing and toiletries and also maybe didn't exactly remember what they had sent. I was in the lobby for about 20 mins and the family had been there when I came in and I would say probably for awhile before that and we're still there when I left. So for those of us who may get a package on a rare occasion or a couple packages over a long stay the 5.00 fee sucks. But I totally understand why they charge it if that is a regular occurrence.
  12. Local restaurant recommendations...

    Bob Evans has a really good pot roast. Not to mention candied bacon.
  13. Local restaurant recommendations...

    It was delicious, just had the leftovers from the salad for lunch.
  14. The DisCamp Podcast

    I want one!
  15. Ferrytale Wishes

    Take a cocktail and some cupcakes head over to the MK and just before the fireworks jump on one of the ferries or one of the launches to the Poly. Saves you 80.00 a person even if you buy your cupcake at the Contemporary on the way to the MK.