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  1. Closest family beach to WDW

    You can take the Beachline/528 into Canaveral or 192 into Melbourne, and there are several parks and multiple beach accesses between the two. Jetty park does charge for entrance but depending on the time of day you are there you can watch the cruise ships leave port and there are several good restaurants close by. James H Nance park at the end of 192 on Indiatlantic is a nice little park, metered parking, small playground, picnic area and bathrooms. Parking is close to the beach. Between 192 and Patrick's Airforce base there used to be a lot of small beach accesses with parking, haven't checked them out in years though so not sure how many remain.
  2. 不不不不不不不 Finished should never be used in the same statement as I-4. Well not just I-4, I-75 and I-95 are the same way.
  3. SW 2018

    I should hope your diesel never run out of "gas" . (Sorry couldn't help myself) My bosses used to run their trucks down to 0 all the time. It freaked me out, I can't do it, they never seemed to run out though.
  4. SW 2018

    Woohoo, I'm in. Was also hoping for a trip report!
  5. Not really a trip report just a few thoughts on a recent trip

    After a nap we decided to head over to Epcot to see Herman's Hermits. We drove since we had the scooter and were contemplating heading to HS after to see if there was anything special for the May the 4th be with you. Talk about Epcot being packed or at least the parking lot appeared to be but then it was about 6pm on a Friday. By the time we got back to the back of Epcot they were just finishing up the middle show. So we decided to go get in line for the 8pm show. We got in line and at a good spot in the shade, just as they finished the last song you could see a mad dash coming from the theater back into line. The people who pushed in behind us had been to both shows so far that day and planned to come back Saturday, wow I mean it's a fun show but that seems a little much to me. This is where we had an encounter with possibly the worst British people (I know sterotyping is not good) but having several British friends that seem to pride themselves on being able to stand in line/queue these 2 were horrible examples. They were all over the place pushing, moving around, stepping in front of people, they did keep apologizing but still. Finally the show was great, a lot of fun and singing along. Now this trip I did take a lot of pictures and videos, however Sunday when we got home the screen on my phone went black and wouldn't come back on, so lost all the pictures I took. After the show we decided not to stick around for the fireworks but didn't want to go back to the Fort and didn't have time to get to HS. Well what else is there to do besides go see yehaa Bob. We were able to get a table in front of the wall and hung out for about 2 hours or so before heading back to the Fort and off to bed.
  6. Not really a trip report just a few thoughts on a recent trip

    On the way back to the Fort we stopped at Twin Peaks which is on Winter Garden Vineland road almost to S Apopka Vineland rd next door to the Ale House. We were going to go to the Ale house but it was packed (lunch time) so we decided to give Twin Peaks a try. Now I knew enough to know it was something along the lines of a Hooters "Twin Peaks" but other than that knew nothing about the restaurant or what they served. This place had excellent food, I didn't try the wings but had a perfectly cooked piece of salmon. They have scratch kitchen so every is made from scratch per your order want light breading or extra on your fried pickles they'll do it. Not a huge menu, mostly burgers and such, but definitely good. Their claim to fame so to speak is 29簞 drafts and there's a digital sign on the wall tell you what the temperature of the beer coming out of the tap is. I wasn't in a beer drinking mood at the time so didn't really look to see what they had, I know they had 3 house brews the Dirty Blonde, Knotty Brunette, and Dropdead redhead. Now the one downside to this place was it was loud, music and I'm sure when it's full people wise as well. Overall great food, not horrible prices and a good atmosphere if not a little loud. They also offer covered patio dining and a firepit area. After stuffing ourselves it was time to head back to the Fort for a nap.
  7. Not really a trip report just a few thoughts on a recent trip

    I tried ordering online and picking up in the store with camping world but they won't let you do that. I even called their online help number and as soon as I said I didn't have a Good Sams number the guy got very nasty. Oh well, I plan to milk that Good Sams discount for all I can. I want airbags for the truck, new tires for the trailer before we go out of state, I'm sure the list will grow.
  8. Not really a trip report just a few thoughts on a recent trip

    Got up Thursday morning and got everything hooked and loaded up. Mom was scheduled to have surgery Monday morning so this was a get her mind off it trip. We ended up leaving the house about 1200 and made it up in good and we were pulling in about 2pm. Had a very nice gentleman check us in and we chose site 860. 860 was the site our friends had last trip and stay shaded most of the day the only thing we forgot was there wasn't much privacy between it and site 862 next to it which is where we had stay. We did drive around a bit to see if any other site caught our eye and was surprised by the number of people there already on a Thursday afternoon. We set up went down and picked up my cell phone and just hung around the the Fort the rest of the afternoon. That evening we took the golf cart down and watched the fireworks from the beach. When we got back to camp I noticed some wires in the the awning rail and a hole where they go into the trailer that I had never seen before, after closer inspection the wire gaurd/molding that slides into the arm to hide and protect the wires was missing. My best guess is it must have slid out going down the road. That reminded me that the CO/LP detector wasn't working right. Well I had no luck finding the awning piece online but did find the CO/LP detector and guess who had the best price, Camping World ugh..... Friday morning I called lippert to try to find the piece for the awning, nice gentleman who knew exactly what I needed, had me take some measurements and here's where I held my breath waiting for the news of how much it would be 3.00 oh that's great, wait shipping is 26.00 haha. He suggested trying to find a dealer that might have one laying around or shipped in. So off to camping world we went. I knew I was going to have to sign up for Good Sams if I wanted to get the Detector at a reasonable price and a few days before the possibility of either a Texas trip or Michigan trip in the fall came up so figured might as well have get it. I really don't understand camping world, you can look online and see something (a sale price usually) but when you go into the store the Members sale price is usually more expensive and if your not a member even more. In my mind I would think they would want to get you into the store with discounts equal to or greater than their online prices. At least for me shopping in the store usually leads to more impulse purchases than shopping on line, plus a great time to push the new products on you. This is exactly what happened had to have a look around and ended up finding a chair on clearance that was comfortable so that was my impulse purchase. When we got to the register told them I wanted Good Sams membership and asked if they would match the online price, with a membership and proof of the online price they would! So now I'm a Good Sams member and kicking myself for not doing it when I bought the toilet. Oh well
  9. Not really a trip report just a few thoughts on a recent trip

    Well this these to be turning into the neverending, no picture having trip report. The day after we arrived home the throne aka toilet that Dometic sent to replace the one that had broken arrived. Standard plastic Dometic toilet, the more I thought about it and dreaded replacing it the more I just wanted to go buy one with the ceramic bowl. That's what I did, drove up to to RV alley (I4 and 75 where lazy days, general RV and camping world are almost within spitting distance) and went on the hunt. Now I had seen camping world had a good price on the one I wanted, but that was the online price. After some looking around general RV came out to be the same price it was going to cost me at camping world to get the throne and a Good Sams membership. Well I really dislike everything camping world so I went with the general RV, this is where I'd be kicking myself in the butt later on. Anyway got it home and all hooked up not a bad job, just always dread messing with toilets. Started talking with some friends about going up and staying at lazy days the weekend of the 4th, then driving to Epcot and seeing Herman's Hermits on Saturday. Well their trailer was at lazy days for a repair and they didn't know if it would be done in time, no problem plenty of room up there we didn't need a reservation. Tuesday rolled around and we decided what the heck we'll see if there are any sites open at the Fort. Sure enough there was Thursday - Sunday, "can I book Friday - Sunday", nope. Ok Thursday it is, wasn't a hard sale and I didn't really push for checking in on Friday. Wouldn't you know my phone quit working after making the reservation so I called Verizon and they were gonna send me a new one through warranty, but it wouldn't come till Thursday. Now are FedEx drivers really don't come at a regular time and I didn't want to sit around the house all day waiting for them so had it shipped to the Fort ( was told when I called to get the correct shipping address there would be a 5.00 charge, when I picked up the package there was no charge). Next update will be checking in Thursday.
  10. Not really a trip report just a few thoughts on a recent trip

    There was definitely a lot of popcorn, probably would have been more but we forgot the bucket one day.
  11. Hersheypark

    The do or did that in Endless Caverns in VA too, my grandma was "that person" who after a few seconds pulled a flashlight out of her pocket. I'll give her credit though, she was highly claustrophobic and only went in to make me happy and it was a very small group maybe 5 of us total. Everyone got a kick out of it. I remember being amazed there were blind shrimp in the pools down there.
  12. You're not going to tow the [email protected] behind the class C?
  13. 1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    I'm in. That's great SW is so accommodating.
  14. Yvonne's friend is at Disney and said she could share her pictures.

    Yes they do, it's a platform in the middle of the boat. It may raise up to roll onto and then lower back down so you can see, I can't remember exactly. The boat ride in the Mexico pavilion has certain boats with a ramp that you can roll right onto.
  15. Not really a trip report just a few thoughts on a recent trip

    Thank you We were there from 4/9-4/15. I'm kinda ashamed to admit I'm not sure I looked ar Fort Fiends much while we were there, didn't realize that y'all were there. Sadly didn't even go looping! And the worst part we had stuff to make drinks in pineapples and Brandy Alexanders and made neither.....