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  1. Pandora without fastpasses

    We will be at the Fort September 14-17 we have not been to AK since Pandora opened. We will be traveling with friends who may check in on Thursday the 14th or Friday the 15th they want to go AK and may 3 or 4 day tickets if there's an chance of riding the 2 rides without overly long waits. Looks like there will be extra magic hours on Saturday, I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the likely hood of getting to ride both rides first thing in the morning with no fastpasses ( tried to book some but they are not available). Which of the 2 rides should we do first? Should we get there early for magic hour rope drop? Would it be best to just wait till we can find fastpasses at a later date?
  2. Scary Halloween Decorations?

    We say Mickey inflatables with santa hats at the Fort in May this year! So they were either really late or really early! Christmas in October you'll be fine!
  3. Did I miss something?

    I'm hoping they get it fixed soon, we are hoping for a short trip in September and I love me some 900 loop.
  4. River Country

    I cant really tell from the picture but is that the light that is always on back there or a new one?
  5. I think we gave out almost as much liquor to the adult trick or treaters as we did candy.
  6. River Country

    And here all this time I thought they were one in the same! Is this the beginning of the 3000 loop?
  7. If you do decide to hand out candy something I never thought about at home or actually till I joined FF is having an allergy friendly option. We had some throw beads left over from a parade we did so I took those as well as some candy that was gluten, nut, and milk free. Of course this is completely optional and like I said nothing I had thought about before joining here and finding out that there would be little Fiends with allergies trick or treating.
  8. New Disney Lego set?

    I most definitely will need to have that.
  9. Express Transportation to Be Discontinued

    Not sad and not surprised. Instead you can take a Minnie van.
  10. Secret Menu

    Have had something similar but was on a donut not a cinnamon roll, it was different that's all I can really say. Not sure I'd try it again.
  11. We've only ever had beignets at POFQ, but eat at POR a lot. Never have had anything bad there and but really love the salads and can usually get 2 meals or 1 and a snack out of them. We swing in on our way back from a park and pick them up or get them and go watch Yehaa Bob. Will have to try POFQ next trip.
  12. 007 Returns to the Fort

    I'm in! Uhoh the truck and site 1333 don't sound like they are going to have a good outcome.
  13. Did I miss something?

    Wasn't the Fort or at least parts of it built before the MK and other resorts? I thought I remembered reading somewhere, maybe even here that some of the people working on the MK And resorts stayed at the Fort while they were building.
  14. Just want to introduce myself.

    Just wanted to say WELCOME! Usually they keep the Fort sprayed for mosquitoes, we have only had a few times were it was bad at our site and that was after days of heavy rain and standing water. If you get off the beaten path or down by the beach sometimes they can get bad. We have a few of the Thermacell things and they seem to work great for us. I also put up a bug zapper most places we go, not sure how much it helps but if you have one at home and can bring it along.
  15. It's probably just me and it could have been used more but I totally wonder who totally felt they needed to use totally multiple times