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  1. River Country

    When we used to do road trips and stay in hotels we almost always had a cooler along with sandwich meat and snacks to eat on the road but also at the hotel. I think it all comes down to how thrifty the people are or want to be. I'm sure some that camp at the Fort eat all their meals out sorta it's vacation why cook, while others might not buy anything from Disney to eat or drink. It's also probably the same for the hotels although I'm sure the hotels have far more that eat out. Also people with cars are probably more likely to go off property to eat if they are at a hotel or campground.
  2. That's the one thing I dislike about cruises is the amount they charge to park at the ports. I don't like places that add on all kinds of fees. I don't want to have to read through all the fine print to find out how much it's going to cost me. Just give me the total and I'll know that anything I charge to my room will be extra. I've seen places around here charge resort fees, parking, and cleaning fees and by the time you check out your bill is the same if not more than another nights stay. Its the same way at some campgrounds too having to pay for wifi, or one place near here charges 5.00 extra a night if you're going to run your AC or heater, it's Florida there's maybe a hand full of days that people aren't going to run one or the other. This is just a money grab by Disney, it's not like they have a shortage of parking at most of the resorts. Maybe the resorts around the MK do?
  3. I run ours on electric but turn the gas on when we someone is going to shower. Haven't had an issue with running out of hot water, though I don't take hot showers. Might need to give it time to recover between showers.
  4. 800 or 900 loop?

    We personally like the 900 loop, that being said we've never stayed in 1100. If you're all set up I wouldn't move, but that's just because I'd rather enjoy the Fort and Disney rather then having to spend part of my day moving sites. Not sure changing loops will make much of a difference as far as kids being around goes. Maybe go take a walk through the loops and see if you like them better, I'd call or go to the front desk first and see if any sites are or will be open and available for you to move to.
  5. 2 snowflakes have invaded

    I have a friend with a true gluten allergy (celiac disease) we have never had problems finding things for her to eat and actually she loves Disney for how accommodating they are. We always tell them of her allergy and a chef has always come out to speak with her. We have had them ask if it was an allergy or a diet choice. I'm assuming that's so they can be more careful about cooking in oil or preparing the food in something the may have contained gluten. So far she's never had a problem with anything from Disney. I do wonder how many times the chefs get called out by people on the new fad diet or what not who don't have legitimate allergies to things. I know there are certain things that I just can't eat and even the taste of them will ruin a meal for me, I read the menu and if I'm unsure I will ask if it has them in it. But never list them as an allergy or ask to speak to the chef.
  6. Dapper Dan Days

    I'm sure everyone else is as well.....
  7. Site Size Wheelchair Access

    I feel better now knowing we aren't the only ones who do this! Haha
  8. New baby hippo at AK

    I want hippopotamus for Christmas only a hippopotamus will do......... I like hippos this will get me back to animal kingdom sooner than later.
  9. travel to wilderness lodge

    You can take one of the small boats from the marina to Wilderness Lodge, drive the truck, or go by bus. You're not able to go by golf cart. Going by boat I think is the nicest way to get there.
  10. Dapper Dan Days

    April 28th at the MK and 29th at Epcot. We never seem to make it except for one year and forgot it was that weekend till we were in the parks. One of these times we'll actually get to participate, can't wait.
  11. Over 55 Verizon Customers

    I called Verizon to check into this plan last night. The funny part was the lady told me there was no such plan, I told her I thought it was only Florida and she looked again and said sure enough it was. Unfortunately since we have 3 phones on our bill we aren't eligible for it even though one phone is an flip phone. The only other requirements were paperless billing and auto pay.
  12. School Me on Premium Sites

    We used to be 500 people, then 700, now we like 900. We usually try to stay in one of those loops have been in 1000 before and it was ok, but that was just a one night trip.
  13. Still unprecedented long waits for Flight of Passage

    Haven't been to AK since Pandora opened. I really want to like AK but it's just not one of my favorites.
  14. Tifton/Valdosta

    http://i75rvpark.com We have never stayed here but when looking into a trip we are planning I saw it and thought it might make for a good overnight stop. Know nothing else about the area