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  1. We normally spend the first or second week of December at the Fort, like everyone else has said the temps can range from hot to cold and bounce around a lot. There have been years we've been in shorts and t-shirts the entire trip and years we've bought hats and gloves to stay warm in the parks at night. If the luggage shipping place won't pick up from the Fort I would give FedEx a call. I've had them pickup, box and ship things that we had forgotten in a hotel. I don't remember how it worked but I know I called them they went to the hotel with a box, then printed the label there and shipped it to us. If you could get all your NY stuff in a carry-on and your camping in something you could have shipped home that would save you having to drag the camping stuff to NY. It's a great time of year at the Fort and Disney. There are usually lots of sites already decorated, and the crowds in the parks are usually lower. December 2nd-9th is when the Pop Warner kids will be there, we have never had any problems with them (maybe some random groups cheering sometimes) but from what we've experienced most are well behaved.
  2. Just looked on MADE for our reservation 4/28 it shows check in at 3pm. I plan to do what we have always done, head up whenever we get up and around, check in and hope they have our sites ready.
  3. Glad no one was hurt. Hopefully they will have it fixed and reopen before our trip up NC this summer. We always went through Atlanta instead of around because it seemed faster if you got through at the right time of day.
  4. 500 loop has plenty of room. Some of the inside sites are a little smaller but not bad and well spaced apart. This was our preferred loop for awhile though our last few trips we preferred 900. You may have a harder time with them getting one of the 2 cabins in the 100 loop. I know TCD got one one time, maybe he'll be along with some tips or tricks for getting it. We requested one when our friends stayed one time but could not get one and from the looks of it those cabins sat empty during their stay.
  5. Thank you all, looking into them. Thought I found the perfect campground till I started reading reviews, so on the search again.
  6. The only time we've ever had a problem with our golf cart going missing is when the other half of our group decided they wanted our parking spot and moved my cart farther away. Haha I wouldn't think that you'd have any problem towing the wagon as long as no one is riding in it.
  7. Help, I'm overwhelmed with search results for campgrounds in NC or north GA! My aunt and uncle are coming down for a few months over the summer. We are thinking of taking them camping for a week, when given the choice between beach/keys or mountains they chose mountains. We used to go up to Franklin NC and love that area and the things to do around there, but this will be our first time taking the TT. So I jumped on Google, search campgrounds and was yep there are a lot of them. Hoping for some recommendations from Fiends on places in the area or where to avoid. My perfect campground: (besides relocating the Fort) Clean Pet friendly Full hookups Day trip distance to Franklin, Cherokee, Dillard, Helen. Privacy, or at least not on top of each other with no trees. Preferably on a river, or some water, but not necessary. We aren't scared off by small family run campgrounds or state/national parks.
  8. Welcome!! I agree with the Publix on 535. That's the one we go to, much easier I think then the one on 192. I also agree with TCD that it sounds like a long day. You could try to check-in in the morning before going to the park. If they have a spot available they will usually let you have it or will text you your site number when it's ready. That way after the park you can go right to your site without having to deal with check-in, or if there is one open in the morning go ahead and park the truck at it and possibly even drop the camper. Use Disney transportation to get to the park. That way you can have the AC running and everything in the camper ready to go when you get back, then tackle the tents.
  9. That's cool, wonder if it was specially done for someone or up for sale.
  10. Welcome! Enjoy your trip, I'm sure it will be a blast.
  11. Congratulations Gwen. Do the purchase permits expire, just curious?
  12. I like the food truck, can't wait to check it out in person. It's nice that they will be able to move it around for different times of day and events.
  13. I wouldn't think it would make much difference for people going into the MK parking lots. It would make it faster/easier for people going to the resorts to not have to stop at the gates.
  14. We've only had 2 things delivered to the Fort and that was before there was a charge. One was a cell phone because mine broke the night before we left and the other was a toilet that broke while we were at the Fort and was covered under warranty. I would have gladly paid 5.00 for both of those. The cell I just had shipped to the Fort, but when it came to the toilet I did actually go to the front desk and ask them if it was OK to have it shipped there as it was going to be a bigger package.