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  1. Season Pass Holders

    I always just carry my wallet which has photo IDs and my annual pass card in it all the time ( you never know when you might end up at Disney)! I'm used to carrying it so if I didn't have it at Disney I'd be constantly looking for it. If I know someplace has a passholder discount I have it all out and ready at checkout or have it out when I ask for the check, if I'm unsure I ask before they bring the check. I can't ever recall being asked about having an annual pass before a meal or by a server unless I had my MB with the passholder sliders on it, they always ask about dinning plans.
  2. Annual Passholders Holiday Magnet

    I totally agree with her!
  3. Annual Passholders Holiday Magnet

    We've gotten the sliders the last few years but have never got a magnet. I did get a nice empty gift card that I could add money to and keep/gift to someone this year, but that may have been a Christmas thing and not necessarily a passholder thing! 🙄
  4. Happy Thanksgiving Fiends!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Just finished dinner and dessert here, going to do a few dishes then I feel a nap coming on.
  5. Discovery Island little known fact

    Hmmmm Did he happen to mention what drugs he took before seeing these miniature bears? Was it winter, kids in fuzzy sweaters? Racoons? Granted I was a kid last time I was at Discovery Island, but I recall unusual animals or anything following us.
  6. Tampa Bay Fall RV Show

    Sounds like a horrible waste of good butter to me!
  7. A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Great photos as always Gwen. So glad you were able to get away for a few days and so far sounds like you had a blast.
  8. Special Holiday Resort Tours

    I could buy a lot of Christmas decorations for my house and TT for the 518.00 it would cost for 2 of us to go.
  9. 500 loop advice

    538 and 540 were the sites we always preferred when we stayed in the 500 loop. Both back up to the canal and have some space behind them.
  10. I was excited about this till I read the reviews. May still have to go check it out, maybe they have made some improvements. https://m.lowes.com/pd/Disney-Disney-4-99-ft-Freestanding-Licensed-Lamp-Post-with-Constant-Multicolor-LED-Lights/1000292665
  11. Wintering at WDW

    I wonder if they have a work around like maybe that site or say 1 premium site is taken out of the reservation pool all together. Something arranged through Disney or Fort management were it's just a standing reservation.
  12. AJC posted this on the gators at Disney....

    Was it a slow news day? I don't really get why this article was written, I guess just to quote numbers. Disney never denied there were Gators at the time or that they worked with people to trap them. The way article is written bothers me. For one it seems like it's trying to stir the pot. Then it keeps referring to "the park" and the accident last year so anyone who doesn't know any better could assume that those Gators were all pulled out of Seven Seas Lagoon and not the whole 27,000 + acres Disney owns. I guess growing up in Florida you just know they are there. That didn't stop us swimming in the rivers, lake Okeechobee, or any other body of water for that matter. Unless it's a pool (and sometimes in them as well) assume there are alligators in it if it's fresh water in Florida. My grandparents had a house on a lake in the middle of Florida, we swam from their dock, we also got gator permits every year to hunt them, the largest that was ever pulled out of the lake was 12'1" by my grandmother (she beat my grandfather's by the 1"). I do see how people who aren't familiar with Gators in Florida don't think about it the same way and sometimes think of Disney as being in a bubble of sorts where everything is perfect. What the numbers show me is that Disney is more than likely having the Gators actively hunted as opposed to just dealing with nuisance Gators. But the reality is it's a resort built in a swamp in FL, there will always be Gators. *I typed this on my phone, I don't know why my phone decided that Gators needs to be capitalized but I'm to lazy this morning to change them all.
  13. AP renewals?

    Ah I did not know that. To be honest I always knew it was there but never have paid much attention to what it was, if it was open, or who was there. We were waiting in the main guest relations line and my friend said let's check there and see if the can help. So she wandered over then called me over.
  14. AP renewals?

    This year when we went and didn't have to we went to the little free standing building at the MK that is between the ferry dock and where the fort boats dock. I believe it's a guest relations or possibly a ticket booth but was no line compared to the long line at the main guest relations before entering the MK.
  15. Wintering at WDW

    WELCOME! No need to be sorry about not being campers, all are welcome here. I don't know an exact count of how many people winter at the Fort I'm sure it changes every year, depending on the economy and Fort pricing. There are or were at least one who more or less lived at the Fort. As far as CM go I know of several who have "lived" at there for different amounts of time include one of the Fiends, I'm not sure what if any discounts they got. I have a friend who lived there for a while when he first moved to Orlando and was working as a captain at WDW, but that was 6 or 7 years ago and he was only there about 6 months before he moved to another RV park to save some money.