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  1. Have you checked your spam folder? Or go through MDE and make sure all of your stuff is up to date and see if there is communication options.
  2. Not that it really has anything to do with this thread and is in no way an excuse for the manufacturers to put undersized axles on trailers, but how many on here travel with full tanks of water. I know we travel with about a half a tank of water, one for emergencies and two because that's what the manufacturer suggests. We have a rear kitchen with the fresh water tank in the back and most of the storage is in the front. Unless we were dry camping I wouldn't see the need for full tanks. The only time I've filled ours over half full was in case we had to evacuate for storms.
  3. When we got our TT that was one of the first things I wanted to get, because I remember my grandparents having one when I was a kid. So I asked my grandpa about and he said (like nacole) they are great if you are going to be somewhere for awhile but we're a pain to put up and take down for shorter stays and not worth the hassle. So I got one of the easy up canopies and went on Amazon and bought one of the screen enclosures they have for them. Much easier to set up and if it does ever get torn up from a storm much cheaper than an awning and awning screen room to replace.
  4. I've been on stich one time and that was more than enough. The only reason I went on it the one time was because there was no line. Went a couple times when it was alien, and it freaked me out, was much younger.
  5. That sounds good!
  6. The Fort does have regular cable so you should be able to get the game at your site. Or you could always have him go make friends with another group of campers with a nice outside entertainment set up. Haha I'm not sure of where on property or at the Fort he could watch the game but there is a Miller's Ale House about 10 mins away.
  7. But think of the mess when that huge family lined up side by side stops in front of you and just hovers there while looking in their giant endless backpack for their map.
  8. Sorry to hear about the dog trouble. Have fun at the show and that's great you got a spot at Lazy Days!
  9. Wow I didn't think I was ever gonna get through that article wasn't even sure I wanted to. As long as they keep SSE with DJD I'll be happy with anything they do. I agree the what ever those are in the front need to go somewhere else.
  10. Welcome!!! I can't be much help with which sites would be better for bigger rigs, but have you checked out the Fort Fiend app it gives the length and width of each site and most have a picture. What type of site did you book? You can fax a site request in, either with specific sites you want or telling them what you are looking for in a site (not near water, pet loop, and the size of your coach, if you want to be near a comfort station, ECT). Depending on how busy it is they may not be able to get you a specific site but find what that fits your criteria. I can't find the link to the post about site requests from my phone, but I'm sure someone will be along shortly who has it. Hope you enjoy your trip to the Fort.
  11. You're both right, I was looking more at inside the boundaries of water or roads but they always could change or add ways to get to new lands or attractions.
  12. Who was on what when they came up with these........... I kinda get the ham and eggs waffle.
  13. I wouldn't hate to see it go. Rode it once when I was very young didn't like it then and haven't been back on it since. A re theming or a new ride would be nice. They are Disney so they could probably do anything but from aerial views there doesn't seem like much room around the MK for expansion without a lot of reworking. HS they could have expanded out into one of the parking lots and added more parking further out.
  14. Glad you found a place. Most everywhere down here is full of snowbirds this time of year. Have fun at the RV show, if you find a floorplan or trailer you like ask if they have last year's model. We found our trailer at the show but the had the same floorplan, new, but the model year before for a much better deal then the show price. Colors were a little different but I liked them better.
  15. I forgot about the Masonic park and campground, it's about 40 mins south (per Google) from the fairgrounds in Sun City. Have never stayed there but did go and visit the park. It's nice and clean but a no frills campground. No pool, don't recall seeing a playground. When we were there last year they said they get a lot of snowbirds but usually try to keep a few sites open for weekend people. If you can't find anything else give them call, everyone was very friendly. One thing that may or may not matter is that the way most of their sites are set up your awning and door open facing the awning and door of the person next to you. The sites with only 30amp (again when we were there visiting) had good shade the 30/50amp site had very few trees. Right across the street is little Manatee River state park as well. They have camping but I doubt they have any openings.