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  1. If it was just Disney or another big land owner sueing I'd think they were trying to be greedy, but from the article it sounds like multiple big land owners in the area are all having the same problem. Or at least the big corporations that a racking in money. Seems fishy. I don't think they should get a tax break really but where would Orange county would have nothing if (in theory because it would never happen) they all closed up and left. If they keep raising taxes and the parks keep raising rates more people will start spending less in other parts of the county or coming at all which in turn would only hurt the county more. Just the way I see it.
  2. Guardians of the Nursing Home fits in with the rest of Florida.
  3. Not my favourite from the pictures, though anymore I prefer my TT. We were chatting with a DVC sales lady at the Poly Sat and asked about tours, she said the DVC desk at the Contemporary had virtual reality glasses that you can use to tour some of the resorts. I'm not sure which ones other than her saying the bungalows at the Poly.
  4. They have also changed the Lapu Lapu, per our waitress they have stopped using the 151 and started putting Malibu in it. Not so good for someone with a coconut allergy. I'm not sure if it's a permanent change or what. But luckily we asked this time so they made it the old way without coconut.
  5. Big menu change from a couple months ago when we last ate at Kona Cafe. Our favorites Pork Tacos and Teriyaki steak are gone [emoji24]. Chef came out and said there was no way they could make the pork tacos, but later when we went to Trader Sam's they had them on the menu. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  6. Um had never heard of Tree Tops Park in Davie FL, so I looked it up. Unless I'm missing something it is only a day use county Park with no camping facilities. I personally haven't been to Alaska (one day I'll get there) but I'm sure there are better places to camp then the fairgrounds. Didn't look through the rest of the list. I'd be interested to know what if any research went into this list or did someone just Google camp in each state and randomly pick places.
  7. That would make me sad if they did close it. The Great Movie Ride, DJD (aka Space Ship Earth), Haunted Mansion, and The Jungle Cruise are my favorite rides that I will do everytime I'm in a park if I have a FP or the standby line isn't to long.
  8. Very interesting, it'll be fun to see them next time and know the back stories.
  9. From the way it sounds and that picture we will be doing the same thing we did with Mine Train and avoiding AK or at least that part of the park till things calm down.
  10. We normally spend the first or second week of December at the Fort, like everyone else has said the temps can range from hot to cold and bounce around a lot. There have been years we've been in shorts and t-shirts the entire trip and years we've bought hats and gloves to stay warm in the parks at night. If the luggage shipping place won't pick up from the Fort I would give FedEx a call. I've had them pickup, box and ship things that we had forgotten in a hotel. I don't remember how it worked but I know I called them they went to the hotel with a box, then printed the label there and shipped it to us. If you could get all your NY stuff in a carry-on and your camping in something you could have shipped home that would save you having to drag the camping stuff to NY. It's a great time of year at the Fort and Disney. There are usually lots of sites already decorated, and the crowds in the parks are usually lower. December 2nd-9th is when the Pop Warner kids will be there, we have never had any problems with them (maybe some random groups cheering sometimes) but from what we've experienced most are well behaved.
  11. Just looked on MADE for our reservation 4/28 it shows check in at 3pm. I plan to do what we have always done, head up whenever we get up and around, check in and hope they have our sites ready.
  12. Glad no one was hurt. Hopefully they will have it fixed and reopen before our trip up NC this summer. We always went through Atlanta instead of around because it seemed faster if you got through at the right time of day.
  13. 500 loop has plenty of room. Some of the inside sites are a little smaller but not bad and well spaced apart. This was our preferred loop for awhile though our last few trips we preferred 900. You may have a harder time with them getting one of the 2 cabins in the 100 loop. I know TCD got one one time, maybe he'll be along with some tips or tricks for getting it. We requested one when our friends stayed one time but could not get one and from the looks of it those cabins sat empty during their stay.
  14. Thank you all, looking into them. Thought I found the perfect campground till I started reading reviews, so on the search again.
  15. The only time we've ever had a problem with our golf cart going missing is when the other half of our group decided they wanted our parking spot and moved my cart farther away. Haha I wouldn't think that you'd have any problem towing the wagon as long as no one is riding in it.