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  1. Anyone flying 12/15?

    Haha... hilarious.
  2. December 2017 Fort Wilderness Recreation Guide

    Has anyone been at the Fort for NYE? Would love to hear about the night...if we go, we would NOT go to the parks that night, but stay at the Fort.
  3. December 2017 Fort Wilderness Recreation Guide

    Any new info out on NYE?
  4. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    Okay... I need to make a run to the dollar store. Don't think they'll have a "S'mores" box, but I bet I could find something that would work. That's a great idea. We just use a big gallon zip bag, but I like this idea much better. Love all the Christmas decorations... such a fun time of year at the Fort (and the resorts!). The BBQ is a favorite for us. Expensive, but super fun.
  5. Season Pass Holders

    I think the OP didn't want to have to carry his license around and the question was, could the band just work as both your AP card and your photo id. We haven't had trouble getting a discount however... we never show the card, until we request our check, so I guess it's fresh on their mind.
  6. In case you can't make it to WDW at Christmas

    We did this... at least part of it. It was cute and exactly how I wanted to see Christmas trees, in my shorts and a tshirt It even "snowed" while we were there... although the kids didn't really appreciate, that the snow tasted a bit like soap
  7. Disabled fishing at the fort.

    Hi Bob! Welcome to the forum! It was so wonderful, meeting you and Tammie... looking forward to seeing y'all again! I'm sorry that you had such a yucky experience. Over the years, I think most of us have found two things about Disney: 1) they are driven by money and 2) most of the time, they actual do try and they do care. With this situation, as we discussed, it sounds like there was a disconnect between the rangers and management. You had received permission from a manager, to use your cart to fish in a particular area, but the rangers (apparently) didn't get the message. I agree with you, if fishing is going to be offered at the Fort, and they allow able bodied persons to fish back behind the 300 loop, then they really should try to find a spot (just one, so they can monitor the traffic there), where golf carts can gain access for individuals to fish. My guess is, guests have violated too often in the past and it's become (potentially) dangerous to have carts back in that area... so that's the reason for the no cart rule. Those with more wisdom than I, will be along soon to comment. I hope there will be a positive resolution, before your next visit. Glad you're "here"!! NaCole
  8. Annual Passholders Holiday Magnet

  9. Discovery Island little known fact

    Did not know that. I grew up in Washington State and only remember going to WDW once before moving to Ga in 2001. The one visit, I believe I was in 8th or 9th grade (so probably around 1984-1985). I remember going to River Country... but I don't think we went to Discovery Island.
  10. Discovery Island little known fact

    Should I be embarrassed to admit... that I had to google this one?! Interesting little creatures.
  11. Annual Passholders Holiday Magnet

    Haha... I too got that email and I told Tom, that I'd have to make a drive over this weekend to pick it up
  12. First Thanksgiving at the Fort

    I too, am sorry for your loss. I hope y'all had a blessed trip. Love how the kiddos were so excited to pack :)
  13. Happy Thanksgiving

    Very nice! One of these years, we'll stay for the week after Thanksgiving. I'm guessing the crowds at the parks will be less as well. Enjoy!!