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  1. Did I miss something?

    Wow, okay...that's what I thought. The main road, crazy. I hope it's repaired soon. Definite eye sore and (possibly) dangerous. Yuck.
  2. Scary Halloween Decorations?

    We were at The Fort for Halloween in 2015; our kiddos were 3.5 and 8 at the time. For our family, some of the decorations were too scary. It's ironic that you define them as something more geared towards Universal as that was our thoughts exactly. Having said that, we were able to find 3 loops, that were right next to one another, with G rated decorations and our kiddos had a blast.
  3. No more autographs at Crystal Palace

    So sad to hear...😞
  4. Did I miss something?

    I'm confused...WHERE is this? Is this the main road? I read 600/800 loop (which are on opposite sides), but the pic is hard to view on my phone. We're hoping to be in the 700 loop in October...???
  5. Offsite Storage

  6. Offsite Storage

    Your experience, was what I pictured if we did this. We're scheduled to be at The Fort: October, November and December...so we had thought about leaving it down there. But then I figured it would take time to drive it over, park and unhitch... plus time to pick it up when we're back in town and we usually arrive very, very late or super early so that sounds like a pain too. The loading of clothes and (especially) food when you get back into town sounds like huge hassle to me. And, as you pointed out, all during your vacation time Plus, for us, we might get lucky and squeeze in a random/spontaneous local weekend trip...that would be tough, without our camper Having said that, it would be nice to drive home without pulling (in our case) a large rig so, we did consider it.
  7. Dog behavior question...

    Thanks Mo. No changes to environment and they hadn't given him any new food or any meds. Mom thinks that Meshach may have been spooked by the sprinklers. Again, he's lived in this house his entire life but... he's a bit neurotic already. They are guessing that maybe he was going potty, when the sprinklers came on and nabbed him. They have a vet visit for Monday (just in case) and are back to potty training 101, to see if they can correct the behavior.
  8. Dog behavior question...

    Thank you.
  9. Dog behavior question...

    Thank you. Posted on a FB forum after posting here and overwhelming advise was a vet visit. That's the plan for now.
  10. High airline prices for Christmas

    Is it any cheaper, if you break it up into two flights? For example - RT OK to GA and RT GA to FL
  11. No more autographs at Crystal Palace

    Oh.. no pictures at Ohana's now too? Goodness... that was so nice. I know they'll take a picture with our phone, but still...
  12. Dog behavior question...

    My folks have a Shih Tzu/Maltese mix, male/neutered. He's 4-5 years old. Sweet dog, but very anxious when it comes to noises (i.e. he has to be drugged for thunder storms). He has never had a potty training issue... until now. Over the past 5 days, he's pottied/pooped in the house 3x. Nothing has changed with respect to my parents or anything in/at the house. Nothing (that they know of) is new outside. They've lived in this house, his entire life. No other behavior issues. They've stared crated him at night and when they leave (they have a doggie door so he use to be out and could use that door whenever he needed to go outside). The last potty accident, was when my mom was outside cutting the grass... she wonders if the mower scared him, but that seems odd as she cuts the grass every week. They have one other dog (Shih Tzu), no changes in her behavior or the two dogs relationship; they get along well. They are at a loss. I suggested maybe a vet visit to make sure he doesn't have some sore of urinary tract infection? I don't know... Any thoughts/suggestions?
  13. 007 Returns to the Fort

    Yeah... it was our youngest (he's 5) who got to choose the breakfast: when I asked him if he wanted bacon or the experience at Ohana's... well, he's still thinking about it
  14. A couple of Fort observations

    Oh gosh... I hope that woman is okay! Nice to hear a good report from The Fort. It's reports like that, that remind us why we love the place
  15. No more autographs at Crystal Palace

    Dang! So glad our son got his signatures last year... our daughter already had her signatures; he would have been so disappointed.