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  1. First thank you. Second... okay... but isn't that where the springs come into play? If the engine is the same, in the F350 (one-ton) as our F250 (3/4 ton), then all we're looking at, is what the rear axle can carry. Am I understanding that correctly? If this is the case, I believe Ford uses the same rear axle.. but beefier springs to handle more payload, which brings us back to installing Timbren Springs.
  2. Then why not modify the rear end of what we've got? We've read about air bags, but talking with a few shops, they all said airbags were not the way to go, but to (instead) install Timbren springs. That and a different (rated) tire. Unless we went with a 2017 Ford or a dually, tow capacity does not change much from the 2011 F250.
  3. Tom and I discussed that. We have never dry camped. We've stopped over to park at CB a few times... but even then, we didn't use water HOWEVER... I would like the option, if we came across some BLM land in the SE that we liked. I also want a generator. I want the option, to get out there and having a cargo capacity of under 900# just seems silly. I mean, we have bikes so you'd need to add on 4 bikes and a bike rack; I imagine that would probably close to 200# right there (we have cheap/heavy bikes). That means we'd have less than 700# and even if we didn't have a generator or water... if we're out for a 2 week trip, we'll have a good amount of clothing and food. Plus, lawn chairs, hoses, bbq grill...etc. Oh, and I don't know if GD's dry weight included the battery or full propane tanks. So, again, 900# just seems super silly to me.
  4. For those of you, with Ford wisdom, please help me/us understand. With considering a 5th wheel, we've also considered changing trucks. Currently we have a 2011 F250; Tom has looked at F350's and even an dually. He really doesn't want a dually as it will be his daily driver and his commute is an hour each way. From what we can tell, Ford's engines are the same in both the 250 and 350. The difference is suspension and (with a dually) an extra set of tires. Does this sound right?
  5. Yep. That was our thought, exactly. Crazy. Makes NO sense.
  6. We've been interested in those as well.... however, they look like a hassle to put up/take down. I guess it might be worth it, if you're camping somewhere for a week or two...but because we only do that one or twice a year (most of our trips are 2-4 nights), it hasn't been worth the investment.
  7. Wow... okay, thank you for passing that information along. The price is high on the unit and we definitely would want changes (I mean, why in the world would they have a 5th wheel with less than a 900# cargo capacity??!). Well, Tom will be "happy" as he prefers the Coachman, haha
  8. Good to know about that CB, we almost stayed there in November, but I decided that I wanted power, so we continued on to Casey Jones. We typically stay at the CB in Gainesville and have never had an issue, but CB is not as well lit as a Walmart or truck I can see a definite value in those. Ironically, I had this same conversation with another RV owner earlier this week; he had experience vandalism to his unit, at an overnight stop 😡
  9. We saw that at Lazydays in November. It is an interesting unit. I didn't realize that the bed raised up though... that makes more sense for the basement space. Grand Design will not change anything, if you order a unit? The 5th wheel I like (IF we could agree on price), I'd want larger axles and chairs instead of a booth at the table....
  10. Question on cargo of the Grand Design units had a ridiculous rating...900#s for a 5th wheel!! Why is that? I'm thinking it's the type of axle that they used??
  11. It was a good show. Definitely a lot to see. There were a few rigs (million dollar plus buses) that peaked our interest....but those were shown by appointing only, so we only saw a peak through the windshield 😊 Our focus was mid-bunk fifth wheels and smaller toy haulers. We only have bikes, so no true need for a toy hauler except that we could transform the garage area into a room for the kids and that option provides them with the most space to grow. The biggest challenge we have with our kiddos, is we have different genders that are 5 years apart; so we are trying to do our best to predict and circumvent future conflicts. Grand Design has some nice looking rigs, but they are above our budget. Coachmen and Forest River had a couple that we liked. Mid bunk units provide us with a nice living room and lots of windows (which we LOVE), but the bunk space for the kids naught be a tough fit. We're not in a rush to buy the search continues 🙂
  12. Thank you 🙂
  13. Thank you. We're not going back tomorrow. Decided we saw what we needed to and the kids want to hang out and play. Is the rain suppose to hit Saturday night or Sunday? Sure hoping it goes a different way, heavy rain in a camper is so loud and driving in heavy rain us even worse 😕
  14. Oh my gosh...hilarious 😄 Love it!!