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  1. Thanks! I actually ordered the Bugs-n-All product, but I will keep S-10 in mind!
  2. Haha... better yet, we're not Avatar fans, so I had to look this up to even know what the ride was Yeah, I'm good with people waiting 400 minutes, that just means more will be in the line and less out in the park with us! Crazy stuff.
  3. Thank you. I'll look that one up. I've read about the dryer sheet thing... another person also suggested a product called Bugs-n-All. See...Tom thought I was silly, to want to buy an industrial roll of Saran Wrap Thank you! Haha...there you go. Maybe we'll just count the bugs from state to state
  4. I'm thinking, maybe just a good wax job?? Does anyone have a good wax on/wax off product that they can recommend. I'm short on time (my bad), so I don't have 10 hours to do the front of the rig...but would like to put on some sort of protection.
  5. Any suggestions on the best way to prep the front of the 5th wheel, before we hit the road on our trip. I'd like to find a method, that makes it easier to wash off the bugs...but that doesn't damage the paint job and/our clear coat. I've read that wiping Pam on the front might help. Thoughts/suggestions?
  6. Awesome!
  7. Sounds wonderful! Have a magical trip!!
  8. That's a fun show. We really enjoyed ourselves last year.
  9. I've found, it's how you express frustration that (sometimes) yields the best results. Simply walking up to the front desk or calling the 800# is (simply put) lazy and typically results in small results. However, if you/we actually take the time to put pen to paper and send a letter (registered or priority mail) to the corporate office, this sets your comments apart. Also, when I write, I remind them of my goal: not to complain, but to keep Disney the magical experience we all love. Their job is NOT an easy one. Look what they have to work with. So many people anymore, show no respect for others or private property. The air of disregard and entitlement through out Disney, is both obvious and pungent. Complaining to the front desk, might get you a free night, but no real changes. Taking the time to express both your passion/appreciation for Walt and his dream, as well as pass along your frustrations, in the form of a written letter might produce actual changes and true results. No guarantees, but for those of us who have been in an upper managment position ask yourself... if you were sitting in that office and you were the one who had the ability to made some actual changes, what would make the greatest impact on you? Hearing from your staff that guests are complaining (I mean, are they really complaining? Are the complaints justified or is it just another adult with the "world owes me" attitude wanting a free night). As I said, I think theirs is a hard job. It's an uphill battle that requires both discipline and encouragement. They have to babysit their staff and the public, more than ever before... I imagine it's exhausting. I don't know... just how I see it
  10. We just purchased a Cougar... but it's too early to really give any feedback. I'll try and reach out to you, in a few months.
  11. Thank you... Where's the little huggy-guy (those silly things all disappeared awhile back), when you need him
  12. Ugh.. these posts make me so sad. We didn't have an annual pass last year, but purchased one this Spring (to start this Fall). We have three trips currently planned including Thanksgiving and New Years. I had also planned on two trips next year, but now I'm not so sure. Sigh...
  13. Sigh...
  14. Thank you. Haha...I think they must travel through Atlanta, on their way down to FL as (here in Atlanta) you have two types of drivers: horrible/dangerous/much too fast OR slow/no hurry/worker obviously paid by-the-hour. A small minority of us, simply obey the rules of the road and drive the speed limit while not cutting off other drivers or running lights