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  1. Sigh... ^this^ Probably right.
  2. Well, I gave in..

    That's awesome!! Hopefully we'll bump into you, at the Fort one of these trips
  3. Didn't know that part about resort accessibility until midnight..very interesting.
  4. I don't imagine they'll charge folks who are waiting for their site (they'll probably give out some sort of temp pass)... now as for leaving your vehicle/rig there after you check out, that might happen.
  5. Has anyone seen one of these contraptions yet?

    Yeah... Disney and their musical strollers, is a bit "interesting". One time, we got some extra FPs because a CM had moved our stroller to a completely different parking area (no where near the parking area that we left it in). I guess the CM was new and didn't get the concept of the "musical strollers". Can't say I blame him... I don't really get it, either
  6. Has anyone seen one of these contraptions yet?

    Oh my gosh...that's so bad
  7. For us... Disney's increases over these past few years have become a game changer. Unless Tom starts working more in FL, instead of 3-4 visits per year... we'll drop down to only one. Our current AP expires in November; we have no plans to renew.
  8. Don't even get me started.... 3 families (with usually 3-5 people per family) in one site. One of my biggest pet peeves is this
  9. Such a scary situation. Crazy how the rig jumped the side of the bridge like that... so thankful, no one was hurt.
  10. See... this one really irritates me. Except in your case, where there trip was a blessing... most of the time you're at the hospital for a bad reason and you're already paying hundreds, if not thousands, to be there or to visit someone who is there. I don't know. That one has always upset me. Don't get me wrong, fees in general are super frustrating, but this one is just ugly. In my opinion.
  11. "Incredibles 2" Trailer

    My kiddos, really want to see this one...