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  1. Oh gosh... I hope that work didn't disrupt anyone trip Both very gross... and very good.
  2. Thank you! Thanks!! I'll post pictures in another week or so... still personalizing it Great tips Doug, thank you! Haha...yes, we too may need the boxes
  3. Picked her up on Saturday...I spent the night at a campground without Tom or the kids, cleaning, stocking and doing some painting (which fiend said they were opening up their rig at a local CG? Thank you for that idea!). Still have a little more to do as I didn't get into the site, and start working, until 6ish. Tom pulled it there, I pulled it home. The truck did not squat at all when hitched up. Hitching/unhitching, much easier than our Propride. I can feel the difference (in weight) when I accelerate to get on the freeway, towing down the road doesn't feel too much different but having the right RIGHT THERE (in your mirrors) is freaking. Turning, I went ridiculously slow and I think that will just take time to feel comfortable with. Increased the trailer brake on the truck as I think it was set too light (set up for the TT). That made a difference. Trying to figure out the self leveling feature...I'm not sure that it works that well, may have to have the dealership look at the after our trip out west. Had new tires installed (from a 10 ply to a 14 ply) before we picked her up on Saturday. Even though the brand the manufacturer put on there, had some pretty decent reviews, I just felt better with a heavier tire with our cross-country trip scheduled. We're taking her out camping this weekend; the kids are soooo excited. I'll try to post pictures, soon!
  4. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„I know, it took me forever to find them againπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  5. Haha...right?
  6. Thanks! We are excited! We do have a large empty parking lot no too far from us, so that is a though. I've heard that a lot (about the pulling), so I think we'll be good there... on straight road at least, haha I'm guessing the rest is just like our other campers, it will take getting used to. I had gotten pretty good at backing up our TT; I'm praying I'm a quick learner on the 5th wheel. We've already gotten permission from our neighbor (her driveway is flat where ours has a step hill) to practice backing in/out... so that should be helpful. When planning my drive out to WA, I knew that I might have the 5th wheel so I reserved all pull-through sites. Haha Tom will fly out and drive home with us, so I wasn't as concerned with those reservations.
  7. So, tomorrow is finally the day. We're picking up our new 5th wheel. Have to admit, I'm a bit nervous about this one. Hitched into the back of our truck, I believe it will only be about 3 feet longer than our bumper pull's so much taller and I'm concerned about the pivot point being different. So... finger crossed and I will be praying TONS. I have 3 local trips planned, before I pack up the kiddos and head to Washington State in June. Hopefully I'm feeling a bit more confident before them. I know to go slow. I know to take wide turn and look for low branches/overpasses. Any other tips... throw them my way! I'll post pictures, soon
  8. Finally found another package (at Camping World...yuck!). Here's what those straps were (cut down to size and then glued on so they wouldn't come off).
  9. I'll agree with you on the Mac-n-Cheese...even for our daughter who LOVES the stuff, she is not a fan. For us though, the rest (except the price) is great. Sorry it wasn't a great fit for your family. Better luck with the next meal!
  10. We've considered that park, for star gazing. Did you like the CG? How far off 75 is it? What about low trees driving in?
  11. Thanks :) Thank you. Thanks!
  12. Thank you for the tip!!
  13. Thank you. We've been PA members before and will be renewing as you can use it for one night at Stone Mtn. Only one night, but we have 4 trips planned for 2017, so the membership will more than pay for itself. We are actually going to Manatee Springs SP in January and are going to take a day trip down to the Crystal River area. Looking forward to that! Now we have to decide what to do in February, over President's day. Considered The Fort, but I think February is pricey. Possibly Tampa/Fort Desoto.
  14. Plexiglass is a great idea...