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  1. I think they'd have to remove the bedroom door, but after should fit. I guess the units are pretty heavy and they don't want to bang stuff up, so it takes some time. Sigh... I thought that as well. I think we'll give it some more thought, simply because it's so expensive. There is a unit on sale locally that (if I can get it for the price I want), I may purchase and hold onto to... then save up for the install cost. Not sure. The reality of it is, let's say I do a load every single trip (which I can't imagine as most of our trips are 2 and 3 night stays...but let's just say that's the case). Roughly, we're talking 23 loads. At $4/load to wash and dry (at a CG laundry mat, which I wouldn't do...I'd just take it home), that's $92. Heck, even if it's $5/load, that's $115/year. Now let's say that I get the w/d combo for the price I want and installed it's $900. That's a good 8-9 years before I even break even. Seeing those numbers makes me realize that the desire to have this feature is a decent waste of money. A convenient and fun feature, no question, but our trips are so short that it just isn't cost effective. Of course...what about RVing is? Haha Hmmm... I think just finding a used, small washer to install would be a better choice. You're right though, it's an option
  2. Our new rig is w/d it has electrical and plumbing. It does not have the vent; that would need to be cut out....if we wanted a dryer.
  3. Yes, definitely more expensive than we anticipated.
  4. We have considered this as well, just didn't know if it would be a pain to install the washer in there
  5. Thank you. Finding a used one is only part of the cost. We actually found a really good used combo unit that we could pick up for $500 however, the install for our washer dryer "prepped" fifth wheel is going to run (they average) 3 to 4 hours on an install. Apparently it's not an easy thing so their charge is right around $500- $600 for the labor charge to cut the vent hole and then install the combo unit (guess this can be a pain to get in). If we were able to take several long trips a year, I could see justifying the cost...but for as little as we'd use it, I just can't, Yes, I would still need a $3 bucket 🙂
  6. 10 of what?
  7. Yes...but the plunger set up in Amazon is cheap and already made 🙂
  8. Curious if anyone has any personal experience with either of these products. Our new rig has space for a w/d combo however... it looks like it would be $1000-$1500 (at a minimum) to install a unit and we simply wouldn't use it enough to warrant the expense however...having a way to wash a few items from time to time would be really nice. We prefer not to use community laundry for the simple reason that we don't like the perfume in so many detergents (messes with our sinuses).
  9. Heartbreaking story... Be careful out there. Watch out for the crazies that pull in front of you, but also make sure that you're not the idiot following too closely. Praying for this family.
  10. Thank you. Thanks!
  11. Thank you. I didn't realize it was that easy. I can do that! Plus.. I bet there's a youtube video of it as well, haha
  12. I see... there's no water running, just the machine pulling the antifreeze through the lines. Gotcha. That makes sense. Thanks
  13. Yes, I've read several good things on Progressive...
  14. Then it stays in there until Spring? Won't there be water with the antifreeze?
  15. Yes, for the seals I sprayed it on the rag and then wiped it on. I imagine you could try a stick with a rag or the edge of a sponge mop from the dollar store.