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  1. 😂
  2. Haha..I want our site to have an elevator 😀
  3. This bugs me. At least they rented out the entire loop, so that was something however... you have to know that their noise spilled over into other campsites that were not part of the group I really think feel that large groups should only be allowed in the group camping area (especially with catering, a movie screen and such). If you want to rent out a loop...that's okay, but no more than 2 tents per site and none of the "stuff" that this group has/does.
  4. Yeah... I had made these reservations, 11 months out.
  5. From our site, it was about a 10 minute drive.
  6. Just got back from a visit to this state park; we really enjoyed ourselves. The park itself has two sections: the side we stayed at is closer to the beach and is all out in the open...the other side (you have to drive from one section to the other) has a lot of foliage. Where we stayed, there was only 20-22 sites; all were nice sized and included a picnic table and fire pit. We were in site #2. I would say we saw more large rigs on this (the open) side compared to the other side. I think it might be easier to pull in, without the bushes. There was a large bathhouse in the middle of our loop and it was very clean. Water pressure was a little low, but the water was nice and hot. It's an easy walk to the beach. The Fort itself is inside the park and there is an additional $2/person fee to walk around it. Very cool and definitely worth the two bucks. They have a small food stand where you can buy lunch or you can bring your own and eat at their tables. A nice playground is within walking distance from the entrance of The Fort (they share a small parking lot). There are a lot of hiking/biking trails; there is also a fishing pier however that is currently closed (storm damage). The camping sites have water/electric. No sewer or cable. There is one dump station on property...lucky for us, it was on the way out of our loop. Bathhouse has one washer and dryer. Oh...and one nice thing they had, was a family bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower. Thought it was great if you're a dad who needs to shower off your daughter or a family with lots of kiddos. Ameila Island itself is very cute; the downtown area is fun to walk around. Our friends toured the museum in town and really enjoyed it. The campground is definitely worth a trip, if you get the chance however...I believe this state park books up quickly. so look early. Site #2. Our camper is almost 32' total length. The last palm tree down by the'll see a "sidewalk". That's the boardwalk out to the beach. From our site, to the beach, maybe a 5 minute walk. Directly across the street from our site... then again, it was across the street from every site as it's in the middle of a small loop This section had two roads to was sand and the other was paved.
  7. We didn't stay here....but we were in the area a couple of months ago, so we swung in and took a few pictures. Sites are pretty close together. We did see a few spot with big rigs (maybe 20% of the property) but for the most part, I would suggest that you only stay here if you are 30' or less (rig...TV could park elsewhere). A better fit would be 25'. That being said, bathhouses looked good and they had a nice playground.
  8. Glad you're here!
  9. Fingers crossed! Hopefully the days open up for him....
  10. Too cute...
  11. The link (on the grocery list/page), actually shows a $10/fee. Wow... Hmmm... that's good to know. We've had a couple of items delivered before, so we'll keep this in mind.
  12. Agreed! We got our trick-or-treating tubs (we were at the Fort in... umm...2014 I think) at Walgreens. Super cute (handles light up and everything) and I want to say they were only $5-$7/each (we bought them before halloween of course
  13. Yep. We too buy light-up stuff at the Dollar Tree for Disney. Much cheaper than the $15+ glow sticks they sell in the park... haha
  14. How cute are they! I'm just a little jealous...Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale. So neat for them!
  15. Very neat!!