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  1. Disney World is Now Offering a Luxury Man Cave for Tired Dads

    $1835 PER night?! I know we've mentioned rates like that before but seriously 😳😳😳 On a much smaller scale, I really wanted a brownie tonight m, but could not find one at the MK. On our way out, I stopped in at Tony's (we've never eaten there) and asked what desserts they had. Found out they had chocolate cake and figured I'd try that, so I asked if I could get it to-go. They weren't sure, asked around, I waited and then the hostess told me they could do it and we're trying to find a to-go box. I said, "Okay, thank you, but I don't even know how much it is". The girl asks, comes back and tells me $35!! "$35?!", I say "is it an entire cake?!". No, she tells me...just a really big piece. Really, $35 for a piece of cake?!!😳 WTF?!!
  2. They Call it Labor Day for a Reason.....

    You got some great pictures!! Hot and humid..that's caused a few tantrums for us this trip, too
  3. Decorating for Christmas

    I've seen a Christmas tree, on the front porch of a cabin before....
  4. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    That's crazy awesome!!
  5. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    Can't get enough of the pictures!! $25/ dump sounds like a decent price for the honey wagon...but the fresh water situation seems like a pain. From the conversations I've had with folks, that's what gets ya as your tanks fill up slower than what your fresh tank empties. Paper plates and military showers (every other day) is what I've been told is the key. Nice that it's colder at night (so no need for the a/c). I can sleep much better bundled under blankets, than I can sweating...😝 Love that your kiddos, are loving the experience ❤
  6. Local restaurant recommendations...

  7. Local restaurant recommendations...

    Thanks! We ended up going to DLuxe Burgers (which I thought was okay, everyone else really liked the burgers), but we may need another option this week...so we'll keep your recommendation in mind!!
  8. Local restaurant recommendations...

    Any feedback on the burger place they added at DTD?
  9. Anyone have any recommendations, for a local restaurant very close to Disney? Party of 14. Trying to find a more affordable option, outside of the park.
  10. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

    So excited to hear about your adventures! One of these years, we might get to this one. Curious to hear about your feedback on how the drycamping (for two weeks!) went and feedback on staying at the festival...were people loud at night?
  11. $5 delivery charge

  12. $5 delivery charge

    Any updates on this? Is it still $5 for an Amazon delivery?
  13. Toad trailer question

    Ha...right?! Good to hear. I asked; they have one. They have one of those, too. I'll pass that along to my parents. I'm not familiar with how the set up works, but I know the turn off at the entry... guess they would just unload the toad there, then pull into the loop and we'd disconnect at the site... push the trailer in and then back the MOHO in.
  14. How Many Milkshakes Can You Drink?

    Said no woman.... ever
  15. How Many Milkshakes Can You Drink?

    Umm...yes!! Then again, you've been warned, they are addicting Haha... buffets, only buffets