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  1. The biggest thing that is such a shame is the fact that this does not shock me.
  2. We'll be at Fort Wilderness but are planning on watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks on New Years Eve Eve (Eve Squared?) and then heading to Animal Kingdom or Studios New Years Eve. If Animal Kingdom, we'll probably just hit the beach for new Years or if Studios, just stay there. Won't be paying extra for any of these shows, but agree that the Backyard BBQ looks the best. The Atlantic Dance Hall event doesn't look bad for the money, but not really sure what you get in terms of food.
  3. FP+ limit reached???

    I get that too.
  4. Discovery Island little known fact

    How do you think they stock the food truck?
  5. Discovery Island little known fact

    Yes, I forgot about the tortoises. I don't remember anybody riding on them though; but it's been a while. First time I went was in 1975 as a teenager and then I went on my honeymoon in 1984. After that, we would go there frequently until it closed.
  6. It's CM Party Time!

    the parties are great. It is for anybody 10 years and up on their 5 year anniversaries (10, 15, 20, 25, etc). The food is amazing, and reception the cast members get is wonderful. When we would go, they would bring you in on buses and drop you on a red carpet lined with people applauding. Really a special time. My wife's 10 year was at the Contemporary and they had several bands, different rooms with varying types of food, ice pool tables, and more. The parties at Studios were great because they used to set up the dining tables in the middle of the Osborne lights; so you would eat with all of that around you. They had different bands, different food stations and characters all over the place with photographers. The fireworks were great too, especially the ones that would explode into 10, 15, 20, 25 and up to the highest number. We've seen people with 50 years in who came from California. There was some liquor, but not too much, and it never seemed to get out of hand.
  7. Discovery Island little known fact

    Good point about the ability of the Capybaras to swim. I definitely remember them either on the walkways or besides the walk ways. They definitely had free reign as did other animals. As I posted, I remember the aviary, which was huge; but I can't remember specific cages for other animals. I'm sure there were, but the free walking animals must be what sticks in my mind.
  8. Discovery Island little known fact

    The birds were in a walk through area, but other than that, the animals just walked around. I can't remember if there were any animals in cages. Discovery Island was a great place. I still wish it was open when we ride past it on the boat.
  9. Discovery Island little known fact

    Those things were all over Discovery Island.
  10. It's CM Party Time!

    First for Magic Kingdom. My wife's events were at Studios and before that the Contemporary.
  11. The FORT will never be the same

    Yes, they've had some people leave and some of the new people just aren't the same. A couple of weeks ago, I experienced a hostess who was similar to what you described. I asked if Ken was available and the look she gave me could have killed. Josephine seated us at a table with Ken as the server.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy belated Thanksgiving!
  13. Thanks! That looked like it was getting close. Glad to hear it is open.
  14. To start, I totaled my car on I-4, near the 535 exit after getting hit by a semi on the way to work (and then hitting a pickup truck as I spun around at 70MPH). However, this story needs to be taken in context. The most dangerous award is based on fatalities per mile of the entire length of an Interstate. I-4 is the shortest Interstate (except perhaps H-1 in Hawaii). I-4 is also almost entirely routed through areas of high population density. This is not the case for most other interstates. For example, much of I-40, or I-20 travel through areas containing miles of nothing. Same could be said for I-95 through many states. I would be curious to see the fatalities per mile statistic if the Interstate length was limited to I-95 through Philly, Baltimore and DC, or I-75 through Atlanta, etc. Add to that the high number of tourists unfamiliar with the area and you can easily see why I-4 wins. However, I do avoid I-4 like the plague and even though I could save tolls on my drive to work in East Orlando, I choose the toll roads (417 and 408).
  15. Has Anyone Seen This?

    When we were camping there last week we could hear them in the canoes from the 200 loop. We walked the nature trail near the Settlement, but missed the races. The pylons were there but that was it.