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  1. The Magic Kingdom Club also had 10% merchandise discounts.
  2. I love going to Tennessee. We stay in Townsend, but drive up to Pigeon Forge. We'll have to try Dollywood sometime.
  3. I think that is a driving force. If they can get more people to fly in and take the "free" DME, then they succeed in having more gusts captive to Disney World and unable to spend their money off property. I don't see DME changing, but they've surprised me before.
  4. Since the Disney Resort Guests are now paying $25 a night to park their vehicles, they are paying the same as a day guest staying elsewhere. Therefore they really aren't getting "complimentary standard self parking at Disney Theme parks".
  5. My wife and I were just talking about this. Will they charge for vehicles at the cabins? I can see them charging for anything parked in overflow. I can't imagine they would charge for tow vehicles or an vehicles at the campsite. If they do, I'll be cancelling all 6 reservations I have for this year.
  6. Absolutely. I hope this really backfires on them.
  7. Usually, at hotels that charge for parking, they add the charge to your hotel bill when you check in. You get a permit. My guess is they will check overnite to see if there are cars without the permit in the lots and add a warning, and then tow if it continues.
  8. There is a LOT of work being planned for Epcot. Nothing will surprise me at this early stage.
  9. Thanks for posting this! It finally showed up on the Verizon web site. I called, got the plan and am now saving $42 a month with unlimited data, including hotspot. Verizon 55 plus plan
  10. Just walked by and plenty of chairs. They were either cleaned or refinished. They look much better.
  11. Tire recommendations?

    I think you'll be happy with them. Mine have been really good so far (over 2 years).
  12. Dapper Dan Days

    My daughter and son in law participate in Dapper Days often. They seem to enjoy it.
  13. We had a great time. REALLY enjoyed that room. The snacks were a bit pricey though.
  14. Golf cart parking...

    And that seems to be increasing.