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  1. Did I miss something?

    It is on the main road and basically runs the length of the 600 loop. The entrance to the 600 loop is on one side of the detour and the exit is on the other side.
  2. Did I miss something?

    Construction picture
  3. Walked through last night. There was one camper in the 600 loop and I couldn't see any in 800 and 900. There may have been some, but they couldn't be seen from the road. https://imgur.com/a/j7ZQt
  4. It still is working well. This is Friday afternoon and the loop is pretty full now. WiFi speed is still good.
  5. I don't know when this started, but our nephew and his family had breakfast at the Crystal Palace yesterday. The were handed something called a honeypot which I think contained all of the signatures printed on it (it was paper). They were told that the characters no longer sign autographs in the restaurant, which was the case. They still enjoyed the meal, but were surprised at the change. They were told people had to wait too long to see the characters because so much time was being spent signing the books while the characters circulated around the restaurant.
  6. Someone just posted on Facebook that they are one of 2 campers in the 800 loop.
  7. Not sure of that. Traffic can get in there and I saw some driving down coming from the Outpost. I saw others coming down Big Pine Trail and then making a left up Fort Wilderness Trail for those loops at the Settlement end. Not sure about 800 and 900 though.
  8. The 100/200 loops are pretty dead. I would say that as of this morning it was about 50% or so between the 100 and 200 loops. Haven't had a chance to look around elsewhere. A few checked in yesterday but it is nice and quiet. Location can make a big difference in the wifi. the only reason I even mention it is because we are in the same site as last time, and inside my camper, I had a very poor signal before, while now it is very strong, again at the same site.
  9. This doesn't qualify as a trip report, so I'm just putting it here. Checked into Fort Wilderness yesterday, although I'm at work today while my wife spends time with her sister and nephew as well as his family. Noticed a couple of things that I figured would be worth noting. We arrived a little earlier than planned, around 11:00. There was a little bit of a wait since only one lane was open. There was a camper checking in, a car and then us. Fortunately, the car decided to turn around and drive the wrong way out, I presume to do the walk in check in. The camper in front finished and we pulled in just as they opened another lane. Check in went very well. The cast member was really friendly and knew what he was doing. They still give out those mosquito wipes. He did state there are no issues, but they just want to be proactive. He said our site was not yet ready and we got the usual "go to the overflow lot and wait for a text message". My thought was, "We'll be waiting for the next hour". Before we even got to the overflow lot we got our text message saying our site was ready. We got one of our favorite sites and setting up went well. I was pleased at how well check in went, even smoother than the last time which was pretty good too. The Wifi at the Fort is VASTLY improved from when we were there in June. The speed is excellent. Some of that may be due to the fact that the 200 loop is only about 60% full. However, inside the camper, the signal strength is much higher than our last trip, and we were in the same site. The speed seems faster than even other times we've been there when the loop was not very full. On the not so good side, the A/C in the 100/200 loop comfort station is down. When we were pulling in yesterday they had quite a few trucks parked in front of the comfort station conveniently blocking a good part of the road. Fortunately I had just enough room to squeeze between a truck and the trash dumpster. When I was leaving for work at 6AM this morning, trucks were already pulling in, so hopefully it will be fixed soon. The ventilation is still running, and getting a shower last night after coming back from Magic Kingdom wasn't too bad. On a sad note, when we returned to our camper last night, there was a Reedy Creek ambulance, a Fort manager, and several other security people in front of the camper two sites down. Apparently a woman in the camper fell and hit her head on a counter or something. They took her out on a stretcher, and she did not appear to be moving much. I think she was alone since her family was over at Universal and Disney was able to contact them. Hopefully she will be alright. The water from all of the rain seems to be draining well. The construction on the main road continues and it is blocked to all through traffic at the 4 way stop coming in, and at the T near the Settlement. Who knows how long that will last, but it looks like a ton of work. We were walking around the 100 loop last night and it looks like they may have another leak on one of the inside sites there as well. There was a good bit of water there that appears to be coming out of the ground. All in all though very pleased so far. The campers seem very friendly and polite yet again, I didn't hear one golf cart horn yesterday and the ones I saw driving were not doing crazy things at all. On a final note, I have no idea what that crane (or some type of tall boom) is doing at River Country. All of the old structures and boardwalks still appear to be there. I only saw it from the boat last evening, so I have nothing to add to what already was posted. If I get a chance, I'll see if I can get a closer look.
  10. Secret Menu

    Saw the Pecos Bill challenge yesterday at Magic Kingdom. Fun to see and looked like a lot of fun for the people getting it.
  11. Nature Trail Reopened

    Sorry to raise your hopes only to bash them on the rocks at the beach.
  12. Nature Trail Reopened

    Yes! It leads you right to Geyser Point.
  13. Offsite Storage

    Florida Discount Self Storage in Clermont is not too far from Disney. They have just built covered RV storage as well as open air storage. Their web site is: Florida Neighborhood Self Storage
  14. Now that it is fully open, my wife and I had lunch at Roaring Forks on Saturday. The new setup works really well, although there is definitely some confusion related where to order your food. We ordered at the cashier, who said you could order either at the cashier or the counter, but cashier is easier. In any case, we had the flatbread with goat cheese, caramelized onions, sausage and pepperoni. It was outstanding; easily on par with flatbreads you would expect from a table service restaurant. At $10.95 it wasn't a bad deal at all.
  15. My wife and I walked the paved trail from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness on Saturday. We noticed the nature trail entrance is no longer blocked off. So on our way back to the Lodge, we turned down there. It is still a nice walk and eventually you come upon the cabins. They really did a nice job in that area and the walk is still enjoyable.