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  1. I remember a lot of those scenes. Certainly a much simpler time.
  2. All I can think of is Wilderness Lodge, but that's just a guess.
  3. We saw that too! They seemed to have taken a really generous view of what constituted their campsite! Maybe it was a Premium premium site.
  4. Surprisingly, I don't see much of a drop, at least at lunch. As usual, by 11:30 the line is pretty much around the corner by the register and out the door. We try to get there around 10:30 for an early lunch or after 2:30. The few times I've been by at dinner time it has been crowded, but I would assume there is still some affect from the other restaurants. A friend of mine has attended meetings where they discuss the impact on business in that end of Disney Springs caused by the relocation of the bus stop. The foot traffic that used to go by the Art of Disney and the Christmas store is gone, and that has affected those stores. But Earl of Sandwich still seems to be moving along, and is still popular with guests and cast members as well.
  5. My wife and I eat there about once every week or two. Occasionally we get a sandwich not quite up to par, but overall they are still consistently good. I think you may have hit a bad night.
  6. That is a great point. It will definitely not be the same unless you are there.
  7. Jason, See it in person. We were right in front of the castle. All I can say is "Wow". I can see what you mean about heart, but in person it really grabs you.
  8. We're heading over tonight as well. Hoping the new show at least equals Wishes.
  9. No, didn't see either of the twins. It was PACKED, but everybody was really well behaved and considerate. A few had their kids on their shoulders but not many.
  10. Checked in today and the place was pretty empty. 300 loop is still closed, but plenty of spots in 100 and 200. Wait for Space Mountain today was 30 minutes. Pirates was 20, and Rides like Little Mermaid and Small World were 10. Stayed for the next to last Wishes, and it was a bit more crowded then. I think tomorrow will be crowded for the last Wishes
  11. I was thinking of Narcossee's too.
  12. Don't expect to watch the fireworks from the Grand this year, unless you shell out $120. GF July 4th event
  13. There's always a big difference once you get near Memorial day. We check in tomorrow, so hopefully it won't be too crowded. We normally go Mother's Day weekend and it is usually pretty nice. I don't know how packed it will get this weekend with the beginning of the new fireworks.