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  1. My wife and I were at Disney and someone was sitting with a service dog in training, a legitimate one. My wife started talking with the woman, and they mentioned how an organization for service dogs for the blind is fighting for legitimate certification for service dogs. She said that the phony service dogs are really making it difficult for people who really need them.
  2. I wish they would define the specific areas where the dogs are allowed. The rules mention "public areas" (third item), "public spaces" (item 8), while in item 9 they mention that only service dogs are allowed in "Food and Beverage locations, the Club Lounge, Pool Areas, Fitness Centers and other public Guest areas". I wonder how "other public guest areas" differs from the public areas and public spaces mentioned in the other rules. Will the dogs be allowed to be walked in the lobby of the Yacht Club? A service dog would be one thing, but in other cases, such as my late Golden Lab, dogs may have issues with a lot of people in a closed space. My Lab was an amazing dog, but she would tend to get excited around a lot of people, more out of friendliness than anything else, but she still would not have belonged there. Also, maybe someone can answer this since I don't know at all. Do normal service animal rules and special access require a "license"? I never heard of a licensed service animal, and thought all anybody needed to do was get a vest. I think a license, as long as it was a free or inexpensive license, would be great since it would help protect those who actually need a service animal from those who simply use the term as a means to take their dogs everywhere with them.
  3. VERY OBSERVANT! I didn't even notice the Christmas decorations. We arrived at Disneyland in late September. California Adventure at the time really felt cheap. Actually, this restaurant as well as the California Screamin coaster were among the few redeeming qualities. We need to get back there and see it now. Disneyland however was terrific. Thanks again for the Christmas observation! Doug
  4. YES! That is exactly what it was like. The "situations" were so outlandish they were hilarious.
  5. I was just looking more closely at the pictures. We were there just after 9/11 occurred in 2001. In the bottom left of the attached picture (taken in 2001), you can see three people coming from the store in the background, behind the guy in the red sweatshirt. The smaller person in the front has the same hair my daughter had in 2001, along with the same color jacket, the guy to her left is wearing the same shade of brown jacket I took on that trip, and the woman behind the girl seems to be wearing a red jacket the same color as the one my wife took on the trip. I wonder if we are in that picture.
  6. Yes, it was VERY hokey. That was what made it so fun.
  7. Local restaurant recommendations...

    Lots of restaurants on 192 near Miller's. Texas Roadhouse is good, as are the other options in that same area. Across the street is Olive Garden and Bahama Breeze and a bit east of there is Cracker Barrel, Carrabba's, Outback, and TGI Fridays.
  8. That reminds me of the old Soap Opera Bistro restaurant they used to have at California Adventure shortly after it opened. The interior had different rooms for a different soap opera. Your meal would seem normal at first, in terms of your server; other than the fact your server would have a costume fitting with the room you were in. For example the General Hospital room would have the staff in medical themed costumes. All of a sudden one of the servers would accuse another server of having an affair with her boyfriend (another server). It would end up in a huge argument/drama scene involving most of the wait staff. The food was good too. That restaurant didn't last too long but we thought it was terrific. http://www.yesterland.com/soapopera.html
  9. We will be there from December 15th to January 2nd. Last year we took the boat over to the Magic Kingdom and watched the fireworks from the area outside the park. It was actually very nice.
  10. Star Wars Update

    Implosion!? They could charge extra to see that one.
  11. My daughter stopped by on Saturday. She thought it seemed nice inside. She looked around and didn't spend any money although she was tempted by the pretzels. My wife and I had lunch at Brown Derby Friday but when we finished it looked like it was ready to pour so we headed out instead of trying to see what the lounge looked like. Guess I failed!
  12. Best to leave loop open-ended?

    It is recent. We stay at the Fort several times a year and our stay in August was the first time I saw that the pet bag dispensers are installed in every loop now.
  13. Best to leave loop open-ended?

    Unfortunately, there are no longer non pet loops at Fort Wilderness. All loops are now considered pet loops. I don't have a dog, but normally I don't find them to be an issue. I would state the size of your rig and what you're bringing and then list a loop or two you would prefer.
  14. Fax request form

    That's the number I always use. Last used it in August.
  15. RIP Jingle Cruise?

    Road Jungle Cruise today. The ride overall looks good. Just prior to the backside of water, the area looks noticeably different. You can see where several very large trees were cut down, only the stumps remain. That one area looks to have received pretty heavy tree damage, and it must have taken quite a while to clean up. Other than that, looks good.