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  1. We were making our way out of the park last night about 25 minutes before the fireworks started. Cast members were directing people through the outer rings of the hub. They had the normal areas taped off for the viewing areas and the walkways, but there were so many people that it was just gridlock. We ran into a wall of people where the main walkway to tomorrowland intersects with the hub. 20 minutes of bumping, standing, and some mild shoving we were able to make it to the walkway that bypasses main street. My wife started having a panic attack about 15 minutes into it. Some other people were noticeably freaking out too. I don't know what else they could do other than limit the number of people in the park. It is just a total sh!tshow in MK now in front of the castle. I think we may just watch from the beach from now on.
  2. Buses running late?

    May have been the fort. I can't exactly remember
  3. Buses running late?

    We hopped on a bus labeled "magic kingdom" one time only to head out to animal kingdom. It seems the sign didn't change correctly. There was such a revolt by us passangers that the driver diverted to MK.
  4. Ugh cost cutting sux!

    No more bread with honey at Skipper Canteen, also seemed like smaller portion sizes with the noodle soup, no more popcorn at the Territory Lounge.... I'm sure there is more that I missed. The shaninagans at Skipper Canteen made me cancel my second reservation.
  5. Artist Point bone in ribeye for 2

    Oops I meant to post this in the reviews forum
  6. The wife and I went to the lodge the other night and decided to try the big ribeye. I would normally order mine med rare, but my wife can't do med rare. So we ordered medium. I was surprised that it was perfectly medium even though it was close to 2" thick. It was very tender. It wasn't the most flavorful ribeye ever, but it was very good. The cap was perfect. We paired this up with 2 sides....the crispy Brussel sprouts and mac & cheese. Both sides were good, but nothing that you can't make at home if you're a good cook. The bread service was also very good. All in all it was a good dinner, and the 20% off AP discount it made the $120 price bearable. I would do it again but I wont get in the habit of it.
  7. Food and Wine 2017

    The nachos from Greece are tasty. I also like the chicken from Thailand. The spicy curry beef from Thailand wasn't spicy at all.
  8. Food and Wine 2017

    The filet and cheese soup from Canada were on point tonight, as was the braised beef from Belgium, brisket from the America booth or whatever it's called and the hummus fries from Morocco were good. The cheese and bread from Ireland was an acquired taste.
  9. Star Wars: Episode VIII

    This is beyond cool. You're a great dad, Andrew.
  10. Food and Wine 2017

    Thanks for the info on the F&W. I plan having a few of these next weekend.
  11. Tons of gas carts at FW every time we visit.
  12. RIP Jingle Cruise?

    I hear ya. I stopped some time ago for various reasons..., its like herding cats with 3 kids at Disney and trying to take good pics, I wanted to enjoy our trips more without planning photo ops, I simply don't have the time to write them, and the lack of response lastly. With that said I enjoy a TCD report so much I will be willing to subsidize them...maybe
  13. Toad trailer question

    I would get a high quality tongue lock to secure it.
  14. RVing with a hot tub?

    It may have been a hot tub time machine. There's no telling how long they were really there.
  15. RVing with a hot tub?

    It was in the same loop you were in right? I remember seeing it.