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  1. Good report. It's nice to hear of improvements. Those pesky squirrels turned my golf cart lights on one night back in April. They apparently flipped the toggle switch while stealing my sunflower seeds.
  2. We strategically did not mention the beach party to our preteen girls. Looks like a good decision.
  3. New event planned for Liberty Square....the Orange County Tea Party dessert party. Visitors get to riot about Disney's overtaxation and throw simulated tea crates into the water. $99 per person
  4. Big fan of California Grill and Artist Point.
  5. I agree 100%. As kid I loved future world. I could not wait to check things out. I wish my kids could experience those things.
  6. Our home campground of Noccalula Falls was their pick for AL. It is a nice place, but it is not the top IMHO.
  7. So..... just like a wife?
  8. That ride is an unbelievable, nearly totally immersive experience, but I would say 45 minutes would be my max. That pretty much applies to any E ticket ride. I just don't care enough to stand in line. Lounging at FW is almost always a better option.
  9. In!
  10. Those pesky laws of thermodynamics...
  11. I have this one. It does a great job. I paid $100 new in the box on a Facebook yardsale group.
  12. They fail to show the exhaust vent in the tent pics, but they do show it in the video. Without the vent in place the space it is in will only rise in temp. I guess the marketing company didn't like the pics of the hose. It seems much more portable without it. Since our toyhauler doesn't have a rear AC I use a portable unit vented through one of the small access doors in the garage area. It really helps to keep the temp down on very hot days.
  13. We have checked in at 10am and 11am recently without any trouble.
  14. Saturday night a class A pusher pulled up in front of our site. It had been assigned to the site next to us which was occupied. A few CM's showed up, they were looking at the parking pass in the window and making calls. Finally, I heard them say to go to the 700 loop instead. Our neighbors were still there when we left on Tuesday.