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  1. Well, I gave in..

    I am almost there myself. My son is just about ready to take the training wheels off of his CRF 50. Once that happens we will be loading up the toyhauler.
  2. Well, I gave in..

    That's a sweet little rig. It would be great for national forest and national park campgrounds too.
  3. What was the magic kingdom club?

    We get "discounts" too through work, but they are usually the same or worse than what is posted on Undercover Tourist. I've never used them.
  4. I hate parking fees at any hotel. I feel that I am already paying to stay there why should I pay to park there....just another example of nickel and dime tactics. Nobody should be surprised Disney is pulling this one, after all of the other increases, surge pricing, amenity reductions, etc. It will only change when people stop going. But with all of the new attractions opening I don't see a demand issue in the future.
  5. River Country Again

    That's what this is. Any type of activity is a disturbance to a wetland. I used to do wetland delineation. They will probably bring in an all terrain rig to do the borings and blow counts. They could lay down road base or use mud mats. Wetland delineation is usually done on foot with a hand auger. They will or have already know exactly how many acres of wetland will be destroyed, and they will buy credits in a mitigation bank.
  6. River Country Again

    Other than the loss of the stables and cluster of a parking lot I really like those old plans. I wouldn't mind taking the golf cart up to the settlement and then walking around the resort. We do the same thing now at WL. But that parking lot is horrendous AF.
  7. I may bring my own chairs next time. I have room in the toyhauler, and the backseat of my golf cart folds down to make a storage bed. I wonder how many looks I would get when I unloaded my own chair?
  8. I disapprove of this. Rocking chairs belong on that porch.
  9. Indiana Jones Land?

    They could have a thrill ride based on a doctor who is jailed for murdering his wife. You could be in a car chasing the man with one arm.
  10. New Tires for Tow Vehicle

    Max psi is taken cold. The tire will build psi when heated up. This is normal and engineered into the cold rating. Just don't run cold psi above what your wheel is rated. Aluminum wheels will crack and fail in a spectacular fashion if overloaded/overinflated.
  11. New Tires for Tow Vehicle

    I always prefer a LT tire over a P rated tire. Even if you run the same pressure they seem to tow better IMHO. You definitely can feel a difference in construction when you handle them unmounted. Your rims should be stamped with the max pressure. It may be on the backside or somewhere along the bead area. Take a good look when the old tires are broken down and removed. I would bet it's at least 65 or 80 psi
  12. 1973 Magic Kingdom Home Movies

    My earliest memories of WDW are probably from 1980 or 81. But I do remember a lot of what used to be. Those old metal rental strollers with the blue folding canopy were my preferred means of transport. I sure do miss the white sands beaches all along the lake and in front of the MK. They sure did make the place look good.
  13. I believe the price...... If it's the mass produced, frozen stuff. I've had their flatbread. It wasn't bad but definitely not high dollar food. I actually liked eating there. I'd probably pay that for a buffet
  14. Site 210

    Back when we had a 24' TT I liked site 227. It is at an angle and doesn't have anyone on the door side of the site.
  15. Be Our Guest - New Dinner Menu Summer 2018

    I have never really liked BOG anyway. Been there twice each time it felt super rushed and food not worthy of the price unless the experience is factored in. My kids don't give a rip about seeing the Beast, and I surely don't care. So we are better off going elsewhere. I do see the appeal, though. If we were on a "once in a lifetime" type of trip like someone people take I would probably be clamoring for the ressy. But we are jaded AP holders.