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  1. Spring Break 2018

    You're too kind. I am just a poorly educated sharecropper.
  2. Spring Break 2018

    I left mine because we had 3 trips in 3 months. The money that I saved in fuel went a long way to pay for the rent. Plus I saved 2,200 miles worth of wear and tear.....and 2,200 miles worth of running 80mph not 65. The bathroom is not a big deal for us. We usually only stop once or twice. Our last 2 trips have been 1 stop trips. We fill up the fuel and bellies, empty the bladders and hammer down.
  3. Spring Break 2018

    We used Top Notch also
  4. Spring Break 2018

    I did that this year too. I left ours in Clermont in March, used it in April, then in June we took it back home.
  5. Spring Break 2018

    Yep, we have put 5 trips and about 30 days on our AP's this year. I will squeeze half of the next trip on spring break before they renew. The cost is not bad at all when you look at how many days we used them. Plus as of right now the Fort is my favorite place to relax under the awning. I really do wish it were closer though, but after 5 trips this year the drive doesn't seem as long as it used to be.
  6. Spring Break 2018

    I picked up a few days for Spring Break 2018.....$175 a night for premium...that stings a little.
  7. Season Pass Holders

    Never had an issue getting our discount. I normally tell the server upfront and put my AP card in with my credit card. Very rarely has my ID been checked.
  8. Discovery Island little known fact

    My youngest daughter got a guinea pig the other day. I told her if it we decided not to keep it that I was going to eat it. They are widely eaten in south America. I wanted to named it Stir Fry.
  9. FP+ limit reached???

    I have an AP and have made more than 7 days worth of FP. Strange
  10. FP+ limit reached???

    I am at a loss. Our trips are usually 9 days or shorter.
  11. FP+ limit reached???

    Are the last days greater than 60 days out?
  12. Annual Passholders Holiday Magnet

    We have never received any of those except the bands. I did pick up the sliders at DS customer service. My inlaws gave us a magnet since they received two. I have held AP twice with a few years in between.
  13. Annual Passholders Holiday Magnet

    We were a few days early I may be able to get the inlaws to pick one up.
  14. So we were on the resort boat today, and I was listening to this man talk to the captain about Discovery Island. He said that he visited many years ago, and they had many "unusual" animals on the island. He described these animals that were "miniature bears" that would follow you along the walkways. The boat captain just said "hmmm". It was all I could do to not laugh at this tool.
  15. Golf cart transportation

    That's fairly badass.