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  1. Yeah those Disney singers sang the happily ever after song immediately following the show.
  2. Quick thoughts.... It's a fun to watch show, a technology marvel, visually stunning, seems too commercial and a bunch of clips smashed together, I didn't follow a story like in wishes, not much emotion for me. Compared to wishes this new one has much more wow factor but short on emotion and an inspirational storyline.
  3. Crowd control and viewing spots is an epic shitshow for this
  4. That's what we're thinking. We're at Skipper's right now. Walked right in without a reservation. Some rain earlier drove some people out. The park isn't very crowded now.
  5. We may brave the crowds tonight for this. If so I'll report back. I'm skeptically optimistic
  6. I picked that little SOB up in the 200 loop. He followed the cart or stayed in the footwell all of the way to Crockett's.
  7. Still pretty sparse here in some loops, the pool is quiet, plenty of cart parking at the settlement. I'm sure it's about to change drastically though. And I just killed a yellow fly 😠
  8. We use Disney transportation almost exclusively for the parks. I prefer to just relax and let them do the driving and get dropped off closer to the front gate. We also will occasionally park hop and I don't want to backtrack to pick up the truck. Sometimes we drive to DS and sometimes we bus. I don't have a preference really. Just depends if we have other stops to make.
  9. This may be a repost, but nevertheless here are some cool pics.
  10. There are several good places to stop in Tifton....Chikfila, Cracker Barrel, etc. Use google maps with satellite view to check out the parking lots if you are worried about parking. Since our rig is about 60' long bumper to bumper, we typically try to stop at a truck stop with a decent fast food restaurant in it. Combining fuel and food stops saves a bunch of time, and I don't have to worry about getting blocked in.
  11. I watched on youtube. I wasn't moved either. Seemed like too long of a commercial to me. I will be watching in person on 5/23 though.
  12. I seem to remember the new homes followed by the new loops. Its a little vague because we never stayed in them, but I think they did upgrade then add the loops.
  13. Dang good TR! Maybe I am missing something, but did you get multiple FP+ at different parks on the same day? If so, that's a new one on me.
  14. My employer just sent this out about a coworker. Please read. On Sunday 4/30/2017, A resident in Rankin County Mississippi was fatally injured, when he came in contact with the electrified portion of a golf cart/trailer assembly The Seven year old male was playing outside, at his residence, with his 5 year old sister. It appears that he had grasped the lower section of a metal trailer, that was attached to the back of a golf cart. He was possibly attempting to retrieve something from the cart, or possibly attempting to unhook the trailer. It was later determined that the golf cart charger had developed an electrical short and had energized the frame of the golf cart and trailer. The metal jacketed charger was mounted under the seat of the cart, next to the batteries and was in direct contact with the cart frame. The charger was plugged into an outside, 115 volt, receptacle. The receptacle serviced the adjacent sewer pump and had a spot available, to receive an additional plug. The receptacle was not a GFCI receptacle but had a receiver hole for a ground prong. The ground prong was missing from the male plug of the charger. Rain had recently wetted the grassy area where the cart and trailer was located. The deceased was bare footed. There was a lightening storm earlier that morning, that caused lights to dim and flicker in the home. It is unknown when the charger developed the short. The 5 year old sibling acquired help from the mother and then neighbors. The mother Realized the presence of the electricity as she removed the child. She immediately administered CPR, for approximately 10 minutes, until Emergency response arrived. Many of us have used or passed by the defects noted and thought, Ill fix that later. This author, can only offer these suggestions . Insure that all receptacles used for outside activities or near a water source, are adequately protected with Ground Fault Circuit interruption. Refrain from attaching golf cart chargers, directly to the frame of a golf cart or other metal objects. Insure plugs are maintained in their original manufactured condition, replace if they have been tampered with. It is the hope and intent, that sharing this information will help prevent an incident like this, from occurring to someone else
  15. So excited for this new stuff.....and dang it is good to be TCD