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  1. Ok now I have heard everything. ( for now anyway) Yeasterday on another blog site, it was announced that Disney is looking to solve a problem with fast pass cheaters. Apparently people are using old tickets, I am assuming never expire tickets, to reserve fast passes. Who does that? Sounds like guest will have to show the ticket that was used for admission. If someone is found to be FP cheating, it could cost them their My Disney experience privilege. It would be a CM discretion. It's amazing what people can sit around and think of to buck the system. The ones that suffer are the ones that follow direction. Anyone else heard this?
  2. Thanks for all the great advice. We are thinking going new. Either RV or maybe the house fridge route. Again thanks a ton
  3. Just found out it's the cooling. Replace it for 1300 and 6 hrs labor. Or new Fridge for 2300 and 3 hrs labor. Haven't decided the best route yet.
  4. No more Varanda tables

    Ok now I have heard everything. Just reading my DCL blog when someone made a post about the Dream removing the tables on all the Varandas. The reason, wait for it.....kids were using the tables for step stools to look over the balconies. Two things, will the chairs be next and were the hell are the parents????
  5. Everytime we come here, nothing is the same. Went to the Luau last night for our anniversary like we do every year. They asked us if we checked in at the Polynesian Resort. Huh? Never done that in the last 15 years.
  6. We are here at the Ft and took our usual golf cart tour. We were amazed to see so many Class B's and C's in the 2000 loop. I always thought, or the rules used to be, only tents and pop ups were permitted in loops 1500 and 2000. Is this a way of having a cheaper rate?
  7. Thank you so much. I will give your advice to the boss. I will keep you updated.
  8. It's a Dometic 3652. Electric is running. Light is on. Freezer works somewhat. Fridge part not at all. Flame is working. Been watching videos all day. Could take it to CW. But will be work. We have a FW. Someone told my husband to hit the tank outside to loosen "trash". Right now he has been doing this. We are leaving it off till morning. We will try all over again.
  9. We checked in yesterday after returning from a Disney Cruise. Since we hadn't hooked up yet, I went inside to check in. While waiting,the info guy asked if I had any questions. I asked about the later check in time. He told me they were changing to stay the same as other resorts.
  10. Just returned from a week at sea on the Disney Dream. Now 10 days at the Fort. Unfortunately, we returned to our refrigerator not working and spoilage. We have called the names the Ft gave us, but so far no luck. Any suggestions? It's a inconvenience to not have a working fridge.
  11. New fence at Clemintine beach

    Are the chairs gone permanently?
  12. Beach closings

    Thanks TCD. Great to know the parade is still going on. I guess I should have said, if they close the beach at sunset. Where will people gather to watch the parade?
  13. My son heard that the beaches will be closing at sunset. Wonder what this will do to the Electric light parad?
  14. Speaking of the trams, did they go inside the loops instead of bus stops? The trams were great on those hot Florida mosquitoie nights.
  15. As a matter of fact we saw a golf cart pulling a skate boarder behind. Security pulled them over. Security went one way skate boarder/ gc went the other. Soon as security was out of site skate boarder hanging on again. Did I mention driver looked about 12 or 13. And yes mom (I suppose) was sitting in passenger seat.