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Momof6....aka Marty

Sarah and Marty attempt to conquer the World

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Sarah had mentioned taking me to Disney World for a quick get-away, but I never thought it would happen.  But it did!  My sweet 19yo daughter saved the money she earned working two jobs to take us to WDW for what turned out to be 7 days!


We decided on late April for good weather and low crowds.  We got both! 


Since there were just two of us, we decided it would cheaper to get a room at a value resort, rather than renting a camper and paying for a campsite.  But never fear!  We joined the Wild Womenz Weekend, so there will be Fort pictures as well.


Once we decided on our dates and our awesome travel agent, Jason, had made our reservations, the hyper-planner in me enjoyed making touring plans




And packing lists




Before I knew it, it was time to hit the road.  We stopped at the Florida Welcome Center for food, photos, and free OJ:




We took rt. 417 from Sanford to Orlando to avoid delays on I-4.  Eventually, we saw this:




Pretty soon, we were checked-in to our room at All Star Music.  While I unpacked, Sarah put the finishing touches on our window decorations:




Next, we took a walk to the lobby to add Sarah's charge card to our Magic Bands and ask about a near-by grocery store.  The man at the concierge desk (whose nametag said Ursula) gave us some sketchy directions to a near-by Target.


I took some photos of the lobby.  Check-in:




The concierge desk:




The wall behind the concierge desk:




The hallway between the gift shop and the food court:




A display in that hallway:




Outside the entrance:




So at this point, we decided to leave the bubble and go in search of groceries (and some alcohol for me!).  I appointed Sarah navigator while I drove.  Next thing I know, I am pulling in the parking lot for Animal Kingdom.  Luckily, the park was closing so the booths were unmanned.  We found a place to turn around and get back on the road.  We eventually found Target and bought what we needed, plus plenty we didn't.  


On the way back to the resort, we saw this store and decided we had to stop:




Is it a shop that looks like a wizard, or a wizard disguised as a shop?  We looked around in there and a few other shops, all which had the same stuff Target did for the same prices!  I was glad to get back to the bubble!


We had a nice dinner in the room of BLT sandwiches.  Then we got ready to tackle the Magic Kingdom the next morning.  The plan was to get there for rope drop and stay to park close.  



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First post bragging rights!








In! First page..yes!!



Okay lady you need to email me a link to your trip planning sheets, ya made me drool lol.


That is a sign that I spend way too much time planning my trips. I just played around on Excel.  But if you want, you can pm me your e-mail and I can e-mail it too you.

I've been in that wizard! We bought our MEOMRY GAME (yes, misspelled cards and all) there!


LOL  Sounds about right!

In from SD.



I'm in too!  Great start!



I'm in. I hope no one takes up all of page one.



I am in



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I am in and I just want everyone to know that Sarah is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Marty and her husband have done a great job raising her. I believe all the WW enjoyed our time getting to know Sarah.

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