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First Thanksgiving at the Fort

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Originally we kept the Friday free as my wife's cousin was meant to be joining us. With one thing and another that didn't happen, so we moved our planned DS trip forward a day to check out the Black Friday sales.


Stores were open early so we got there around 9. Walked past stance on the way from the buses and got dome novelty star wars socks. Then to the lego store.
There was a lot of playing before we even started shopping my daughter was a bit bored but picked out some Minecraft lego on sale.
Didn't spend enough for the Nutcracker set but did quite well.


World of Disney next, it was busy.
My daughter got a bit overwhelmed and struggled to find something she wanted with the money she had left on her gift card. I took both kids out for a pretzel(on sale!) while my wife paid.

For the last couple of trips, we've given my daughter a Disney gift card on the understanding that with the exception of meals she had to use the gift card to buy what she wanted. Mostly its worked well, but she struggled this trip. I think she spent more in the fort stores than we had thought.

In fairness, we had tried to budget using gift cards this trip as well and ended up going over.

The giant Jenga kept them amused while my wife braved the checkout line.

We were almost worn out by that point and realized that we weren't doing much else. I took my daughter to Trend D while my wife looked at dresses.

At that point, I realized I still had to get the magic bands we are giving friends as Christmas gifts. We are doing Disney with them after Christmas. Unless we can get booked at the Fort we are staying off-site, so getting them bands as gifts.

World of Disney didn't have many so checked the park shop app. One of the ones I wanted they had in pin traders, so picked that up.

I'd booked Raglan Road for lunch. The loud music outside put my son off, so it was just my wife and daughter. I'd forgotten to give them the TIW card so ended up popping in and it was quieter inside so maybe next time.

We ended up in cooks of Dublin next door. Ordered a children's fish and chips and adults. Found a table in the back and quite happily looked out if the window at the rain.

I had been wanting to try the fish and chips here for a while and they were good, nicer than the rose and crown in Epcot.

Back to the bus stop after this, reading the Lego catalog while we waited.

My daughter picked out a plush baymax in the end as she needed a cuddle.

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