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Meadows Pool refurbishment

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I saw that in a FB post.

The original poster said they got a letter informing them about the closure, but they never posted the dates, even when numerous people replied asking for that information

The letter said they could utilize the Wilderness Pool which is the cabin one, not the Wilderness Lodge ones.

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33 minutes ago, mmfancipher said:

I just saw on WDWMagic that the Meadows Pool will be under refurbishment from Jan 30th to Feb 2, 2018.

How much can be done in 4 days?


Depends on what they need to do, and the weather.

That short a time frame, probably not a lot will be done, I doubt any major changes or upgrades.

Probably just maintenance work.

If the just need to clean and resurface it, that should be a day or so, plus drying time.

Draining it shouldn't take long, they could start it that night before after the pool has closed.


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