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16 hours ago, DaveInTN said:

I curse that Joanna Gaines.  Do you think she might reimburse me for my shiplap bill from when we remodeled the farmhouse?  

Ha!  That's funny.  I'm trying to figure out, where to put it both our house...and the rig :lol:

11 hours ago, h2odivers...Ray said:

Every house we do now has shiplap and grey paint!!!!

See... why don't you live closer?  Then you could come help me, with mine!

11 hours ago, h2odivers...Ray said:


some people live for chocolate I love for cake and cupcakes!

we are going to Waco for a wedding on June 2nd. And my DW and DD really want to go to the Silos and the Table. At least now I have something to look forward to!

Yes!  You have to go to both.  Buy extra cupcakes... trust me, you'll eat them ^_^   

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Next on our trip... Dinosaur Valley State Park.  A small state park, that has some dinosaur tracks (mostly in water).  This was only a couple of hours from Waco.   Before leaving, I had researched several campgrounds for our trip.  DVSP has a campground however, the reviews painted a picture of small sites and narrow roads (I drove through it, the reviews were spot on).  Because our rig is not small and because I was by myself and didn't want to get caught in on of these "Oh crud" moments, I followed the recommendation of another big rig owner and stayed at the Oakdale RV Park.  This campground ended up being a huge win.  Not only was it very big rig friendly, but the city of Oakdale (population of less than 3,000) had recently taken over the CG and installed a large playground, as well as done improvements to the pool and the grounds.  Plus, they took Passport America, so our stay was under $19 for a full hook-up site.  Awesome!!  Additionally, directly across the street was a city park called Big Rocks Park.  The kids LOVED this area.  Basically, it's where the Puluxy River (the same river that runs through DSVP) runs through the town and the town installed a small dam.  It's great because there are large boulders for kids to climb on and with the dam, it slows down the water so people can play in it.  They city even had life vests available to borrow.   This overnight, was definitely a very fun stop.









"Don't worry mama," he says. "I won't get wet." :lol:


Determined to catch, the little minnows... 


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On 5/18/2018 at 10:24 AM, DaveInTN said:

That creek and campground look very nice.  The kind of place my older girls loved back in the day.  I miss those days.  

They go by...too fast.

On 5/18/2018 at 11:12 AM, Grumpy and Grandma said:

Pretty area, we stayed at Tres Rios RV park when we were in Glen Rose.  Actually had a club Rally there.

It was a pretty area; we really enjoyed ourselves.

On 5/18/2018 at 9:55 PM, fladogfan aka Gretchen said:

Waco, it was never on my want to see list until the shiplap gal.  Thanks for the info about the restaurant, looks like those breakfasts would last all day.

I love the braid in your daughter's hair, beautiful.

Yeah...that shiplap gal (and guy) are pretty great and the food was: amazing :P   Thank you, on her hair :wub:

On 5/19/2018 at 12:54 PM, Slapwacky said:

late to the party, but in.

I like your US Map table.  Is that a big sticker or what?  My kids love understanding where we are on the map.

It is!  Got if off Amazon last year.  Our kids too, think it's neat to follow the map as we travel ^_^

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Moving right along... the next two days of travel were pretty uneventful.  The one downside, is it was VERY windy, which makes for an exhausting drive.  It also made for some bland driving in W. Texas as all you could see, was brown/reddish dirt flying around.  On the way to Lake Colorado State Park, we stopped in Abilene at a museum called:  Frontier Texas.  I didn't know about it before the trip, but saw the signs as we were driving and thought it would be a good educational stop on our tour.  I wasn't wrong.  It was awesome.  It was a slow attendance day for them, so the manager was awesome and let us bring in our pup (he's only 11 lbs).  It was pretty warm outside and he hates the crate (I was going to put him in the camper as it was much cooler in there, than in the truck), so it was really nice that they let us bring him in.  The museum is really neat.  If you're ever in the area, I would recommend stopping in. http://www.frontiertexas.com/



That night, we stayed in Colorado City, TX; this campground was bit eerie as it's in the middle of nowhere and we were one of 4 campers in the entire place (probably 80 sites).  It was odd.  But, it was quiet and I didn't have to unhitch so... it worked.  It was also pretty cheap ($22 for 50amp and water):


The next day, we finished our windy drive through W. Texas:


That night we made it into Roswell, NM where we stayed at Bottomless Lake State Park.  This is a nice state park.  I wish I had taken better pictures.  It was very affordable ($18 for 30amp and water...with a brand new dump station).  We had a large pull-through site.  I can see this campground being very popular during the summer months as the water was pretty and the state had set up nice bathhouses, a good swimming area with concession (closed during our visit) and a nice playground.  It was still really windy, so that hindered our visit...but the wind finally let up around 8p which allowed for a nice walk.  The stars here are amazing here!  Next stop.... White Sands National Monument!! 





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I'm really enjoying this trip through your pictures. I've never been to that part of the country. I think I'd have a hard time staying awake driving through West Texas though. And that eerie campground...  I think I'd be sleeping with one eye open. 

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On 5/22/2018 at 8:55 AM, Seals said:

I'm really enjoying this trip through your pictures. I've never been to that part of the country. I think I'd have a hard time staying awake driving through West Texas though. And that eerie campground...  I think I'd be sleeping with one eye open. 

Haha... the campground wasn't too bad.  I did feel better, once rig #4 (a family in a 5th wheel) pulled in a handful of sites down from us :P

6 hours ago, fladogfan aka Gretchen said:

Nacole, you are making me want to head to Texas.

Too funny.   I've driven through Texas a few times now and while not a place I would ever want to live... it does have some neat places to visit.

4 hours ago, Beckers said:

It looks so pretty out there!!

You just wait...it only gets better!!

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What started the planning for this trip, was Zion National Park.  Zion then the desire to see a few other National Parks in that area, to eat in Waco and...White Sands National Monument.  That's where we're at in the TR:  White Sands.

We leave Bottomless Lakes SP early and start the drive over (it's only a couple of hours).  As we come down out of the pass, I see this:


I remember saying aloud, "That can't be it?!".  I couldn't believe just how HUGE it was.  From this distance, it almost looked like clouds sitting down low...it was crazy!  We pulled into the visitor center's parking lot, about an hour later, and ran into this gal.  I LOVED her!!  How awesome (crazy busy, but still awesome) must this trip have been:


After meeting her, we went inside and bought two sleds (you can bring your own, but we didn't have any).  I want to say they were $20/each and they would buy them back for $5 if you didn't want to keep them (we kept ours).   I can't begin to explain just how amazing this place is.  It's huge, beautiful and unbelievable.  You were able to drive right onto the sand (the sand covers the road).  I towed the rig in, with no problems.  The sand was compact and not difficult to drive over.  Heck, better than a lot of interstates out there :unsure:  There was plenty of parking; no concerns about getting stuck.  We spent 3-4 hours there, but that was with me dragging the kids out...they could have stayed for hours longer.  Our son didn't understand why we had our "home on wheels" but we weren't staying for the night.  Haha.   Had they allowed overnight parking, we would have stayed!  While they don't allow you to park overnight, they do allow you to have a picnic...they even have tables and sun/wind protection.  The experience was amazing.  Our daughter kept saying, "it's like snow...but warm!!" :lol:





Our stop for that night, was around 2 hours away:  Leasburg Dam SP.  Another great state park.  Highly recommend this one.  Wonderful pull-through site with 50 amp and water for $18. Dump station was in great shape and in a convenient location.  It had a very nice bathhouse and playground.  The sunset... AMAZING.  New Mexico really is, The Land of Enchantment.




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OK that's it looks like next year is another big trip out west, really wish the wife would retire waiting for school to end is cramping my camping!!!!!:ROFLMAO-1:

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