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  2. They are having people sign up for Boarding groups to ride the ride vs. long waits in line. You must be in a boarding group to ride the ride as of right now. I am sure that will change in the future. Your entire party must be inside the park and then you can use the app to join a boarding group. Then you can even park hop to another park or go back to the Fort while you wait if you wanted to. you ahve up to 2 hours after your group is notified in the app you can come ride. Boarding groups have been running out early. Before 9am and they have expanded the morning hours at DHS through January 2.
  3. Anyone know what the current ride wait time is for Rise of the Resistance? I thought I read about a different type of "sign-up" for ride times on launch day...but could have misunderstood.
  4. The bus service has been getting extremely unreliable. Sad, as it used to be our transportation of choice. Not anymore. I've actually called Guest Services and complained when we are waiting beyond the magical "20 minute"wait times, or times are not listed on the board, and a bus somehow magically appears. When you board be sure to let the bus driver know how long you waited and sometimes they will call in the complaint. Also, if you are heading to a park and are delayed by slow bus service go straight to Guest Services and they will give you time back in the form of Fast Passes for any ride. Don't let these inconveniences slide. Disney management needs to know about these epic bus failures so they can correct the situation.
  5. Last week
  6. That was me with Pandora at the AK. I think it we didn't even walk into that land, until year or year 1/2 after it opened. LOL
  7. I've only seen a few star wars movies, so definitely not a nut myself. Butt just the fact that there are 3 different modes of ride vehicles utilized in the experience makes it pretty appealing to me. I'm amazed it all works together.
  8. I’m not a Star Wars person, and most of it would probably go over my head but it looks amazing.
  9. Looks awesome! i can’t wait to ride it. Thanks for sharing.
  10. With all the $$ spent on technology, salaries, etc, you would think by now Disney could get the transportation running smoother. It's only been about 50 years to work out the bugs. The wait time monitors were a big step in the right direction. A CM with a Walkie Talkie at each stop in contact with transportation central could fix a lot of the issues. Last time we were there, for the most part the buses worked, but when they don't, it's a major failure. We were at the outpost waiting for and internal purple/orange bus. 5 yellow line buses came and went, at one point there were 2 in line and the second left empty. We got the same soon answer you did. EPCOT has to be the worse trying to get a bus back to the Fort. We've waited 40 minutes while numerous/multiple buses to other resorts have come and gone, again some empty.
  11. At least Disney did something. Tough if you flew into town for a short time, but it was nice that they tried to make it right. So... first, some grown adults way too excited for a ride. LOL Second.... I'm not a huge SW person (but I did play "the song" in highschool band, so that still makes me smile), but I will say that Disney set the bar high with this one! The nicest part (I thought) was that it's not just a 2 minute ride. I would stand in line for this one. Not for multiple hours, LOL, but I would wait an hour which is saying a lot as I think we've only been willing to do that, once or twice over the past 10 years. Pretty sure it will be several years before the wait time is an hour though.
  12. Ride looks amazing from here! Hope I can get on....glad to see they are using boarding groups instead of making a Hagrids type of line. I'm particularly excited to "ride" this because its actually a ride! I'm not a fan of the virtual rides like FOP. I like to go somewhere on an attraction. Great clear footage here:
  13. WDWNT Disney Offering Free 1-Day Park Hopper Tickets and Rise of the Resistance FastPasses to Guests Whose Boarding Groups Were Unable to be Accommodated
  14. That's what they are I saw them on the mickey view's YouTube channel days before they flew.
  15. Robin

    Short but sweet!

    After breakfast we talked about what to do first. Today was a bit on the cool side. Warmer than last night but still a little windy. I was definitely wearing pants and a light sweatshirt. My husband said he might do skyliner so I wanted to get him on before he changed his mind. We waited about a bit with another family for a bus going over to the outpost. Once we got to the outpost it was crowded. I looked on the monitor for times we are going to start at Hollywood studios. There was a time for everything but the studios I think just had a line. We waited and waited and waited. I kept checking the monitor but was the same. The family we arrived with also was still waiting. There was a women with three small boys under what looked like the age of 4 also waiting. She definitely had her hands full. We commented that we hope she was meeting someone because I don't know how she managed alone at a park. Now buses would come but not for Studios. A women went onto a bus and asked and was told soon, great answer! There was a Cm standing there I asked him and was told 10 min. I asked about the monitor and told they were having problems another great answer. Just as a bus pulled in the monitor showed 15 min? We waited a total of 45 min to get on the road to the studios. This is why we drive to the parks. Once we arrived we headed right over to the skyliner. I did not give my husband much time to look at it. I knew if he he watched it moving around in the wind he would not go. Up next does he make it on?
  16. Robin

    Short but sweet!

    Glad I'm not alone in my thinking. I also hate to be cold I would rather be hot!
  17. Did the friend say what the drones were made of? I saw a grainy picture of them during the day, and they looked like they were just a skeleton frame and the lights at night filled them in to look solid?
  18. What a disappointment. The TCD twins have a friend who worked on the drones for the media event. Those x wing fighters that the media VIP's got to see are the size of VW Beetles, but there are no plans to fly them for the paying customers to see. This same friend has kept them informed of the scrapped plans for CM and passholder previews. The attraction is not ready for regular operation, but WDW management plowed forward with the December 4 opening date because this was used to fill resort rooms when reservations were down. I feel sorry for all the guests who were suckered in to booking rooms for this weekend. TCD
  19. Did everyone see the dedication ceremony last night with the 2 X-Wing fighters "flying" around? That was the best part, the character actors and speakers were terrible.
  20. Yeah, the media and celebs eventually got to ride after the "delay". Went down again this morning. One interesting thing I saw on a FB post is that in order to ride you have to go into MDE and join a boarding group. Hope they were telling everyone in line about that. There was another FB photo that showed all the boarding groups were filled for today.
  21. The only time I've been in the parks for sunrise was when I did the 24 hours events. It really is cool to see the transition.
  22. Can't say I'm surprised. They took the reviews off their FB page a while back but the negative Google reviews have been piling up and it sounds like at least a few people are owed money they're not likely to ever get back now.
  23. Well some folks got to ride yesterday. I saw some video and it looks pretty darned amazing.
  24. Just announced as a Breaking news story........ "Shut down"
  25. They opened at 7 this morning instead of 8 and the wait time is currently posted as "EVENING"..
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