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  2. https://www.businessinsider.com/travelers-are-spending-millions-on-luxury-rvs-this-year-2020-7
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  4. You could purchase regular tickets through Jason, then upgrade upon arrival.
  5. I totally/completely have no desire to return at this point. I do have a hotel reservation booked for Oct, but if our kids can't join us, (because they had not booked yet, and may not be able to book) AND they are in a state with a 2-week quarantine when entering FL. Also, we can't buy tickets at this time, so most likely will cancel. The no park hopping and reservation system really stinks. My plan was to go early in the morning and hit the attractions I wanted to see at rope drop (at Studios, AK, and MK), then late afternoon, troll food booths at Epcot. We are purely, hunt and peck type travelers, and casual do what we feel like type travelers, I did like FastPass + because I could book a couple things in the later afternoon and we would be guaranteed to ride a few things without long waits, but this book your park months in advance not knowing if we'll feel like actually going to that park that day, or if the weather cooperates just won't work for us anymore. Also, I've finally convinced hubby to go cross-country with me in the [email protected] I have three weeks planned next march for less than even a week at Disney.
  6. Also check out campgroundreviews.com The folks that have placed reviews there, seem to rate it pretty highly. I am thinking about staying there for a night on a trip out west. There are also recent guest pictures on the campground reviews site. https://www.campgroundreviews.com/regions/oklahoma/oklahoma-city/twin-fountains-rv-park-6131
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  8. We stayed at a camping resort called Farmers Gene near Shawno Wi. Once we arrived I ran in to check us in. Now when I called I was told we would be by the pool would that be ok. First mistake should of asked more questions. I said sure as we have no bathroom in are pop and thought this would mean close to the restrooms. I signed some papers was given a gate card and shown on the map where to go. I was a little surprised that no other info was given. Not even a map. We drive down to are site past the pool and we had some trouble finding are spot. Did not know that they are marked on the trees and go even and odd. That would of been helpful. It is looking really crowded and a women came over to me trying to sell me tye dye items. I politely declined. She also informed that it was Blue Grass weekend. Now I did see that on the website for themed weekends but I was thinking it would be canceled like everything else. Second mistake not asking if it was canceled. Now this women did tell me that this was going to be a mini fest because the the real one was canceled. Third mistake not going in the office to ask about this. I do know that they have a strict no refund policy and only offer credits. We got a late start and it's getting late we set up and I go off to find the bathrooms. I will end it here in suspense will I find a bathroom what will it be like?
  9. Hi we are looking at staying at Twin Fountains Rv park in Oklahoma city. Has any one been here? The website looks nice but sometimes looks are well you know. If not here where else is good in the area? We have some business to do in the are and would be looking at only 2 days. Thanks!
  10. I can see that different people have differing ways of doing things. Being local with a pass, it's not a big deal not going to the parks at all or just a little when we camp. Last couple times we went to the Fort, we hung out a lot more than our adult kids who went resort hopping and hitting parks. It's hard getting up from a comfortable chair in a shady spot, with a cooler full of adult beverages nearby, to go running around a crowded park in 90 degree heat! But people coming from out of town on a once every few years trip, I can see them wanting to do as much as possible in the time they have at WDW. Good luck in a search for a viable mask solution. I've seen posts that Disney is not allowing bandannas or gaiters as masks.
  11. true but I am looking at a 2 day drive each way, cost of a rental camper, cost of a rental cart, and not being able to go to DS or resort hop since I havent found a mask that lets me breathe for more than 5-7 minutes with out my asthma kicking off badly. And that is trying to wear a mask up here while it was still May never mind in the Florida heat of July. We just couldnt find enough value in the trip at this time. I have another new masking coming (in about 4 weeks) but it is a very different design and I am hoping it will be the one that lets me go out again. While there are provisions for people with medical needs in CT to not wear one, in my area the chances of a physical, verbal, or Facebook attack for going out with out one are too high for me. I havent left the house except to go to ACE Hardware where they know me and have my back if needed for more than 2 months now.
  12. See, we're just the opposite (but yes local). We've gone for the 4th of July week on two different trips and never went to the parks (Silver blackout dates), Found it relaxing just hanging out, resort hopping (now blocked), and going to DS and off site shopping. Not going to the parks, lets you feel like you're getting your $$ worth out of your site!
  13. I dont think they actually limited the capacity of the Fort. I think a lot of people cancelled and summer is a slower period on top of it. I know we cancelled our week mid July as I still havent found a mask that works for me and we dont have a ticket for Silvia yet. So as much as we love the Fort sitting at the campsite for a week in July just wasnt appealing. I have not heard of anyone who had a reservation during the time period the Fort was going to be open who was cancelled by Disney.
  14. With the recent spike I can see some people canceling. Also a 50% limit would still overload the pools since nobody would be going to the parks as they would if all was normal.
  15. I know they are taking baby steps and trying to limit exposure, but the Fort is a different animal than the rest of their resorts. They could've tried 50% capacity and seen what happened. From the FB posts, I guess a lot of people must've either cancelled themselves or been cancelled by Disney since everyone is reporting it's like a ghost town.
  16. I'm surprised they didn't. They didn't have to fill the place, but even if they'd opened it up to 50% capacity it doesn't seem like it would be too tough to manage the # of people. Around here the state campgrounds are only filling every other site. Some have put their usual activities on hold and have closed their common spaces like arcades, etc. I know of one that's not allowing tenters in so that they don't have to deal with how to keep the bath houses clean throughout the day. It's a family run place without a lot of staff. NH is still only allowing reservations to NH residents and MA is still not allowing visitors. But speaking of visitors... I wonder how the Fort will handle the non-campers that typically show up this time of year to use the pool? I expect they're being extra strict about not allowing people in without a reservation?
  17. I really doubt we will see 2020 open back up before August 1 and if and when it does I think it will be limited. I do not have anything from Disney saying this. This is just me personal opinion.
  18. It's a shame they didn't allow new limited bookings at the Fort, especially for the 4th weekend. Lots of posts that most loops are closed, empty or very few campers. We would've made the long trek from Tampa just so we could've posted to you all what's happening.
  19. Keep an eye on this thread from Jason (super sponsor, travel agent and "The Man") - he's been doing a great job keeping us all updated on the latest info re: bookings, tickets, etc. straight from the Mouse's mouth...
  20. Its been pretty well published that they are not accepting any at the moment. Hopefully it gets back to regular soon once they see how the parks react to the changes. I bet a week or so.
  21. finally got thru on the phone to make a rsvp for 3 nites in aug mid week and was advised that no new res. are being accepted in any open resort until 2021. this sux.
  22. Do you have the brand and model so you can search for the manuals?
  23. It sounds like the audio feed from the TV to the head unit. Given the age of everything I suspect the TV only provides a left and right audio signal to the head unit. You might look to see if the TV has a digital audio output of some type (coax RCA, fiber optic or HDMI) and that the head unit can accept a digital audio input. If both can handle then the owners manuals should be able to tell you how to hook it all up. This should allow a surround sound signal assuming the TV station is sending one.
  24. Bingo. They have been raking in billions in profits year after year despite their substandard IT. So why should they care? Now they are screwing DVC members and passholders in favor of a quick cash grab from the NBA. It’s strictly business. Nothing personal. TCD
  25. Multi billion $$ company, using spare change for their reservation, web presence, networking infrastructure. You would think after all these years and complaints they would learn, but I guess people come back again and again no matter how they get treated by the Mouse...
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