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  3. I’ll say it again… Instead of cutting entertainment, employees, etc. cut the prices of their tickets. They’re giving us a subpar product and still charging the same price. It will bring more people to the parks and those people will spend money on meals and merchandise
  4. Instead of cutting shows, employees, etc. why doesn’t disney cut their prices while they are giving us a sub-par experience.
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  6. I expect we'll sadly see a lot of this kind of entertainment eliminated right now.
  7. I see what you did there. 😎 Glad it all worked out in the end.
  8. It was odd indeed. But all worked out in the end. We arrive early and have always received a text while still on I-4 just before the DW exit. So there is definitely some inconsistency between your reservations and ours concerning text messaging. I truly do feel sorry for the Cast Members during these unusual times. Change is the new norm and adaptability is a virtue. Fortunately I feel we’ve both enjoyed DW and The Fort in its glory days and can only imagine what the new norm is going to be. Would like to see them go to site selection upon reservation but I’m sure they have their reasons for not doing that. Interesting times. Enjoy camping during the upcoming holiday season! Any day at The Fort is a good day 😄
  9. 6,700 non-union Disney employees in Central Florida among those being laid off Among the approximately 28,000 Disney employees being laid off are nearly 6,700 non-union workers located in Central Florida. A notice sent to the state Tuesday is the first indication of the impact that Disney’s layoffs will have on Central Florida. The biggest chunk of this layoff is almost 6,500 workers based at Disney World, but there are also layoffs at other Disney locations in Central Florida, including at Disney Vacation Club in Celebration, and at Orlando International Airport. Disney’s notice to the state says the job losses will start Dec. 4. The company said Tuesday it is planning to lay off 28,000 workers in its theme parks division in California and Florida. The company has been squeezed by limits on attendance at its parks and other restrictions due to the pandemic. Officials said Tuesday that two-thirds of the planned layoffs involve part-time workers but they ranged from salaried employees to hourly workers. Disney’s parks closed last spring as the pandemic started spreading in the U.S. The Florida parks reopened this summer, but the California parks have yet to reopen as the company awaits guidance from the state of California. Amy Thomson worked at the Disney reservation call center juggling pandemic-related cancellation calls from guests. Tuesday afternoon, she was one of tens of thousands that received the email from Disney announcing layoffs in the United States. “The email essentially says earlier this year, in response to the pandemic, we were forced to close our businesses around the world. Few of us could have imagined how significantly the pandemic would impact us — both at work and in our daily lives,” Thomson said. “It was extremely shocking. I mean, whenever I first got it and I was talking to some of my other fellow cast members, we had tears in our eyes, some of us were crying because I’m like, we’ve just been sitting here for six months just waiting and waiting.” The Service Trades Council Unions represent 43,000 Cast Members at Walt Disney World, and says they’re disappointed about the layoffs, but that they’re beginning negotiations with the company. The Actors’ Equity Association which represents actors and stage directors at the parks says they’re also talking with Disney. They add, “In Florida, laid off Disney workers can only receive $275 in unemployment benefits, which is unconscionable. The Senate must help these workers.” Orlando Representative Val Demings doubled down on the call for a COVID-19 relief bill, noting anyone in her district that needs help can contact her office.
  10. That's odd. We were at the Fort the week before Labor Day as well. It was our 40th stay there over the last 7 years (I was curious and had to count). We've requested a site for all but our first stay. In those 39 times when we requested a site, we only received a text message once. I wish we would get it more often. This trip we did not get a text as usual and went up to the registration lane. When we got there the cast member told us that we got one of our requested sites. Sometimes we get it and sometimes we don't but it has always been noted.
  11. I think this was worthy of it's own post... For 23 years, Yehaa Bob Jackson rocked the roost with wacky piano playing and singing at the River Roost Lounge in Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. Today, he announced that he will not be returning to his role. A beloved staple at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, it is saddening to hear of his departure. This news comes shortly after the announcement that The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra will also not be returning to the their resort.
  12. Correct-the "number" is still attached to a fax machine but the "assigning procedure" has changed. Our experience the week before Labor Day, when the campground was deserted, was totally different than in the past. "For the first time in forever" our request, sent 10 days in advance, was ONLY attached to our reservation and our preferred site NOT pre-assigned as done previously. We were texted a site that was NOT on our list. We drove up to registration, they had our list on our reservation, and REASSIGNED us to our preferred site. Obviously they got our fax, and maybe it was a matter of timing. But unfortunately our experience was a waste of the registration Cast Members time to reassign us to our AVAILABLE preferred site when we could have just driven directly to the site. The fax machine still works but for us it appears the assigning procedure has changed. Still happy campers, and it all worked out just fine, but felt bad for the Cast Member having to do extra work for something that worked so seamlessly in the past.
  13. It all depends on which way you go. We live in De and just came up from there in August, took 40 out of Tn to 81 then up 81 to Winchester Va then 7 to 340 to 70. Most GPS or map services want to route you thru 66 thru DC I choose to avoid that. Yes there are mountains on 81 but really nothing to worry about, gentle climbs, to me more like rolling hills. Now in November I would keep a watch on the weather, we did it in a car mid November last year with no issues. If you want info on stop over spots let me know.
  14. Grand Floridian Orchestra is going away, and so is Bob @ Riverside.
  15. The company blamed California for exacerbating its financial woes due to its “unwillingness” to lift COVID-19 restrictions that would allow Disneyland, which has remained closed since March, to reopen. Walt Disney World in Florida has been opened with limited capacity since July. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/disney-cut-28-000-parks-205952547.html
  16. Last week
  17. I used the fax number for my brothers site and mine and i got them on my Sept trip.
  18. From what I've read on other sites, people seem to take I-40 across and do fine.
  19. Yes, I used the fax request at the end of August and they had it on our record at check in.
  20. From what I understand the "FAX REQUEST" still works. 407-824-3508
  21. I know this is an old topic, but has anything changed in the time of COVID? We're headed over in December and we normally don't care which site we're at, I wanted to put a request in this time. How would y'all recommend I go about doing that?
  22. We are thinking about a trip to Dollywood from Maryland. Our motorhome is 38ft and we will be towing a car. Do we have to go through the mountains, if so, how precarious is it? Thanks, this would be a trip in November.
  23. Check this site https://glamperlife.com/campfires-in-disneys-fort-wilderness-campground/
  24. Hi all, I apologize for reviving an old topic but I’m trying to hunt down an approved style firepit for FW. My Google searching has only turned up dead links. I’d appreciate any advice and direction on this. Many thanks!
  25. Starting to sound like it's going to be "refurbish all (or at least a bunch) of the things" time for a while. Makes sense to do it while crowds are low and before the 50th next year.
  26. Thanks! Yes, Labor Day weekend filled the place up and people must have stayed the week after Labor Day. BIG difference. 🙂
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