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  2. Entertainment by the Country Bear Jamboree? I hear they can use a new gig. https://www.fortfiends.net/topic/20621-if-this-is-true-they-have-gone-too-far/
  3. I done plenty of planning. I've even stayed up extra late to be able to get to FP+ the second my window opened and still couldn't get a pass to the rides we really wanted. At least with the Disney system I'd have a fighting chance.
  4. With the exception of Universal, who's doing a darned good job keeping pace with WDW. Of course they've also got Harry Potter and have added a boatload of new, big attractions in the last 5-10 years, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.
  5. And the more Mimosas they pound down, the more expensive the trip gets!
  6. Busch and Seaworld (and I'm sure every other amusement park) have increased their passes and admissions prices. But they are usually less to begin with and they don't jump as much. We are still paying a little over $10 a month for our Sea World Platinum pass that is good for every Busch and Sea world park and water park in the country. We've had them for 7 or 8 years and they haven't gone up a penny.
  7. When tennis season is over on Long Island and hot yoga has become boring, what else are the Super Mommies to do but plan their next Disney trip?
  8. Would it make him feel better if you told him that Dolly increased the cost of annual passes as well? They jumped $15, from $114 to $129.
  9. But Disney is pandering to the ultra-planners, those people that stress out when they can't get that 5th character meal (little Suzie will be devastated) and they have every waking and sleeping moment planned from the time they leave home for their trip to the time they get back. Like that episode of The Middle where they had the giant binder dictating when and where they went. If people plan months in advance, they are likely to book expensive extras and Disney wins again! And don't forget, the current FP system seems to send you back and forth across the parks to get to each ride, improving the chances of you seeing something and stopping to purchase it.
  10. Hey, you just reminded me that I was supposed to announce an upcoming event at Mickey's Backyard Massage Parlor and Casino....Throwback Thursdays! Wear your corsets and bring your buggy whips for no cover charge at the door, and half off well drinks.
  11. They did it years ago at the Fort by creating a whole new "season" between October and Christmas that doesn't even exist at other resorts.
  12. Mentioned the increase to DH last night. Unrepeatable words were muttered and then the question "how much is a 10 day ticket?"
  13. I see more and more articles mentioning the feedback that you now have to plan every aspect of your trip months in advance - and that people generally don't like it. Moving to a system like DL would certainly (and thankfully) take that out of the equation.
  14. Glad to hear your trip came together and you'll be returning to the Fort! 🙂
  15. Seems like an archaic and time consuming way of doing business. HEY Disney, toss out your buggy whips and move into the 21st Century!
  16. It’s why I book one and add on as each day opens at this time of the year. I prefer not booking multiples but will if necessary to get what people need.
  17. Hope it works out for you. And that is a big life event change!
  18. So if you are going to go to the Fort for a two week period and are trying to book 499 days out, their current system will only let you book the 2 weeks when the last day hits the 499 day mark. So that means while you are waiting for that last day to clear, the sites can be filled up by people booking shorter stays that fall within the 499 day time frame. I'm trying to figure out if this makes any sense or if its a good or bad way of doing it. So I guess that's why some people have 14 different reservations, one day at a time?
  19. The Fastpass/Maxpass system for DW just like DL could be a step in the right direction. No more advanced reservations and placing all guests on the same level playing field. Good point djsamuel!
  20. I find the new one difficult to follow since the destinations are not presented in a logical order. I also wish there were more US locations besides Monument Valley, but that is beautiful. I do like the projection quality though.
  21. It returned for the month of June. My daughter lives in Vista and was going to stop and see it. Her and her husband went to Galaxy's Edge and didn't have the time, but she is hoping to this weekend.
  22. No confirmed word yet on which loops. Technically we can only book to 10/29 as the 499 days to check out rule still applies. There were some glitches that allowed some bookings to get through though but it seems closed now.
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